Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3696

Is Locke really not affected by the light of the Lord Heavenly Retribution?

how possible!

The Lord’s Full Streg atTack is naturally caused by corresponding results. Only the Lord of Glorious, is ignored that Locke is destroyed by Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus to provide to your own Defensive Power, his body’s body strength.

Desperate World has a tens of thousands of years, enough to make Locke’s body strength reach a unimaginable level.

and this Star Battlefield, truly aware of the strength of the Lockeman, I am afraid there is only one stone ancient giant.

Because of the Lord’s Lord’s arrival, the Locke has not been played with the exquisite strength and passive evolution of the stone with the stone ancient giant.

Never experience the glorious owner of the meat with Locke, I can’t imagine the strength of Locke.

For example, she thought that she had a seven-point damage to Locke, and the real injury of Locke was only three points.

The edge of the battlefield.

Locke and the Others WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation The retreat of escapes, causing the biggest impact, which is the two seven-level principle of the Lord of Yanyang and the Lord of the Morning.

How to say it, this should be the Lord of Yanyang and the Lord of the Morning Daw, the escape of the escape, and the Saturi three Ruler Level Lifeform.

From the three guys from Locke, Shiuria, Phoenice, Yanyang’s Lord and The Others SIMPLY does not feel the so-called dominance and gas.

I want to come into contact with the Ruler Level Lifeform, which has the ‘personality’, the Lord of Yanyang has to be traced back to nearly 20,000 years, in a war against Demon Realm.

At that time, the desire of the desire of the Demon Realm seven columns, also in the battlefield, such as Locke and the Others, the twist of WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation was running.

The master of desire is not Locke and the Others so luck. He also didn’t have Locke and the Others so fast, and finally the final is the master of Yanyang and Hui Yao. Jointed to kill.

When the Lord of Yanyang and the Lord of the Morning Daw arrived at the Lord of the Glory, the three Ruker Level Lifeform, etc., the three Ruler Level Lifeform, which has disappeared in the star SEA.

Locke is withdrawn, the Wizard World, Star Domain, who is invested by Shiuri Giants and Phoenice to the Brain, and the Bunner’s Star Domain.

Angels who led the army angels did not arrive at the frontline battlefield, and the Lord and the Others of the glory should not take it.

The escape of the opponent, let the Lord of the glory are full of resentment.

After a dissatisfaction after the first thing, the Lord of Guanghui did not push the resentment of the heart and the main two of Yanyang.

Because the Lord of Glorious, it is clear, just rely on her a person’s power, I am afraid how to have a Locke who has the same multi-shaped secret treasure.

and even if she finally spelled a Both Side Suffer with Locke, I was afraid that I have been hidden in Star Domain’s stone ancient giants and Phoenice, which will become uncontrollable.

TOOK a Deep Breath, the Lord of Glow, “What is the angel the army now?”

Yan Yang’s Lord “Hui Yao’s main led part of the angel Legion has been from Diablo STAR Domain, and the army angel Sorian is led another part of the angel Legion from Titan Star Domain.”

Smell, Glorious main expression is dignified, her gaze has not left the deep place of Star Domain fled from Locke.

Outside of the sulfur sulfur.

Due to the Legion of the Western Islands led by Locke, the advantage of nearly rolling all the class Battle Stregth.

There is Titan Divine Race inside and outside the inside and outside, so the face of the human civilization is soaked.

When Locke flew back to Azun sulfur, the battle within the rich LOW Plane has tends to end.

To know that Locke has been left back, the time spent in the process is not available for two years.

That is to say, the Western Islands Army is only spent two years, in order to defeat the sulfur, the eternal army army in the nearby positions.

said this is a war of ‘Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood’, and it is not too much.

If there is no accident, the Wizard World civilization represented by the Western Islands, next will open the war that thoroughly retries Titan Star Domain, and returns the medium-sized World of Titan World.

However, every time ‘accident’ occurs, it is always so causing to prevent it.

The sudden pressure of the Light GOD family, giving Locke and Wizard World a lot of pressure.

Single Single Single WORLD Civilization is enough for Wizard World, including many Wizard World Powerhouse, including Locke, has not yet turned on the head of the Light GOD.

Take the enemy three, it is a battle and dinner courage of Wizard World Civilization, and if it is in an enemy three, then the top civilization Light God family, then Wizard World is simply too long to live too long. .

Don’t do a high-level meeting discussion, just with the withdrawal from the front line battlefield, he has a rough idea, which is the only thing that Wizard World Civilization is currently doing.

“Try to avoid the Light GOD Angel Legion, the main arm is directly advanced to Titan World, I have to go to Titan World.” Locke returned to the intendsely of Star Port, quickly promulgated his order to every Level 4 Above Powerhouse Ears.


after seven months, Titan World.

There is a full effort of the Western Islands, and the weakness of the edible brain, is only seven months, and Locke has already visited Titan World.

Titan WORLD is a medium-sized plane, and since it has born over multiple six creatures, it has enabled the plane solidifies and the rule Stability to reach the extreme.

With the seven-level dominance of Locke, it is not what is the will of Titan World’s places.

“Your power is too depressed, I can feel the Titan World is under great pressure.” When Locke turned to Tam WORLD, as the God of Titan World Guardian, Herafi to Locke, tone It is quite complained.

Locke is really worrying, counting his years, who is desperate World, he has never visited Titan WORLD before and after.

It is also difficult for Hraw to see the first look of Locke, which will show such a strong grievance and dissatisfaction.

Titan WORLD is now the pressure is just a small thing. If this is the medium-sized place, it is really uncomfortable, and Hera’s performance is absolutely not just the case.

The complaints in the tone are just a normal performance of a deep grievance.

Hera is not like Christine, like Angelina and The Others, you can always go to him by your side when you want to locate.

Because of the relationship between Guardian’s position, Hera Today’s basic impossible leaving Titan World, can only be taken automatically by Locke.