Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3697

There are very little absolute things on this world, such as the Herami Guardian, nor means that she is really never left Titan World.

Herla If you want to leave Titan World, it is very simple, she will take Guardian!

There is no binding and embarrassment of Guardian rules, and the Star Realm is large, and Herla will then want to go.

, but unfortunately, this world should have no guardian will take the initiative to unload.

Because of the first element of Guardian, it is only true love for the mother, and willing to dedicate a liferform for the mother’s life to become Guardian!

and today, Locke is coming to leaving Hrawed.

“Immediately remove Guardian, I will take you away!” Locke’s tone is unquestioned to say Hera.

At the beginning, Hulai thought this is a joke opened by Locke, but immediately, see the seven-level dominant, the meaning of the dignity, there is no change in the change, and Hera’s face is instantly.

Their complain that Locke hasn’t come to see her carefully, instant disappear without a trace.

At this moment, Hera is a burst of coloration first, and then firmly shakes his head, “No, I have to stay in Titan World.”

Hera can become Guardian, it is important that the seven-level Wizard Douglas brought the faint threat and mandatory requirements for Titan WORLD.

If there is no mistake, the mother of the earth is actively disintegrating, and the Titan World Guardian’s first choice should be agriculture and harvest Goddess Dem.

is because there is a direct intervention of Wizard World, Titan World Guardian, eventually, is finally tied to Wizard World.

This is the result of pure interests and power, and it is definitely not the idea of ​​the Titan World Place will itself.

But with how many years have passed, God Hecheng is trying to do his best in Guardian, and under the leader of Hera, Titan WORLD will gradually go to strong and prosperous.

Only the number of Taitan Shen and the six-level Titan gods in Level 4, at this time, the overall strength of Titan WORLD is always invaded by Wizard World, it is strongly three times!

Hera’s merits and so many years of silent dedication, undoubtedly prove that she is the most suitable for Guardian.

The same location If it is handed over to agriculture and harvest GodDess Dem, I am afraid I don’t see the Bhrah, which can be done.

and for so many years of Guardian career, Hella has already gained this mission to his heart.

If you want to make a move from Titan World, I am afraid that Herra cannot promise anyway.

After all, the selection of the Olympus God is led to Wizard World. Hera is also a manifestation of Titan World, which is also a manifestation of Titan World.

Hera WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST HESitation rejection, in the expectations of Locke.

After so many years of contact, Locke has long known that Hera is a strong person who has just just in the outside. She will easily change her ideas because of others.

is only a more tough male who encounters Locke, and Heragang’s strong personality will be bent, but the amplitude is also very limited.

If you are hard to make Hera bent, the result of the last cause is that both parties are completely unhappy.

As the leader of Wizard World Civilization, seven-level dominates, Locke naturally is not interested, there is no time, here and heralded.

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