Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3765

Standing outside the planet of the Fortress of Light, Lisa watched one after another giant insect beasts flying out of the planet of Fortress of Light, wrapped in a huge amount of tidal crystal ore.

The wizard alliance system is an alliance that tends to be equal and fair, so even if Lisa’s father is the seventh-level master of the alliance, it is not good to immediately assign the occupation of the Star Domain to the insect race.

The ownership of the Krupp Star Domain, where the Star Spirit Civilization is located, will at least be discussed after this civilization war has come to an end.

Prior to this, what Xingkong insect race can do is to make a profit as much as possible.

For Xi Crystal, the Knights and magicians of the wizard world have not had much interest. This kind of inert energy crystallization does not have much stage in the development of the wizard civilization.

It is also alien civilizations like Star Spirit Race and insect race, which regard tidal crystals as treasures, so when a large number of insect race Legion starts to search for tidal crystals in Krupp Star Domain, overwhelming majority wizard World Legion will choose to turn a blind eye.

Who made this star insect race belong to Locke, and the two blade queens of insect race, one is Locke’s wife and the other is Locke’s daughter.

Mechanical Energy Star Domain.

This is a relatively remote and deserted medium-sized Star Domain in the Star Domain under the rule of the anti-Light God tribe alliance.

In Locke’s past dealings with the anti-Light God clan alliance, he did not have any intersection with this side of the Star Domain, and he did not know much about the Star Domain.

Therefore, when going to the wizard Star Domain battlefield through the anti-Light God clan alliance, Locke suggested to take this path.

Of course, the Gallente Federation will agree to Locke’s proposal. Another reason is that Star Domain is an anti-Light God family alliance, and one of the few medium-sized world civilizations that can provide energy for the Gallente Federal Fleet And the existence of supplies.

This is also a medium-sized world civilization that has embarked on the field of science and technology creation, but compared to the frequent battleship fortress of the Gallente Federation, the mechanical energy civilization is more like a path of combining itself with machinery.

What appeared at Locke at this time was a mechanical unit with a number of approximately 20,000. These mechanical units were still human in appearance, but most of them had transformed their bodies to the point of exaggeration.

The nature of the artificial humans in the Norman Federation is entirely a metal creation, while the mechanics of the mechanical energy civilization are more like themselves based on the transformation of technology and metal fields.

Locke originally thought that a medium-sized world civilization like Mechanical Energy Civilization must be a loyal supporter of the Gallente Federation, especially when the Gallente Federal Fleet Group proposed to replenish the Mechanical Energy Star Domain, the mechanical energy civilization will behave. The very respectful and enthusiastic.

However, as the follow-up conversation and understanding deepened, Locke surprisingly discovered that the boss of the mechanical energy civilization is not the Gallente Federation, but the Rose Dynasty civilization as the second brother of the anti-Light God clan alliance.

Indeed, if you look closely, you can find that there is still a huge gap between the technological route of Mechanical Energy Civilization and the Gallente Federation.

On the contrary, from the elite mechanical units, Locke saw a bit of a shadow of the mecha unit of the Rose Dynasty civilization.

Struggle and development will not be lacking at any time and any place. When the Gallente Federation has gradually improved its voice within the anti-Light God alliance, the Rose Dynasty civilization has not waited to die.

As for why the Mechanical Energy Civilization has shown so much enthusiasm in serving the Gallente Federal Fleet.

On the one hand, the Gallente Federation, as a huge monster, is not an object that the machine energy civilization can disobey.

On the other hand, the Gallente Federation is supplying materials and energy in Mechanical Energy Civilization, and it is not for nothing. They also paid federal currency to Mechanical Energy Civilization.

Federal currency has always been a hard currency within the anti-Light God alliance. Due to the wider influence of civilization radiation, the currency of the Gallente Federation is more attractive than the currency of the Sect Master country of the mechanical energy civilization. like.

“I remember that the Rose Dynasty civilization had only one medium-sized world civilization as a vassal, and the other party’s name seems to be Xianmao civilization. Now there is another machine energy civilization.”

“It seems that the wizard civilization has been turbulent in recent years so much that I didn’t even notice the information.” Flying in the Star Realm, Locke couldn’t help but sigh.

At this time, flying side by side with Locke in Star Realm is also the five-star general Kadiga Gaius of the Gallente Federation.

The federal general also heard Locke’s sigh. I don’t know if it is to spread more information to Locke, or have other intentions. Kadiga Gaius said with a slight smile, “It’s not just mechanical energy civilization,” In recent years, the Rose Dynasty civilization has been very close to the superstar civilization and the tide-calling civilization.”

“Apart from this, some other large and small low-level and mini-plane civilizations within the Alliance also have frequent contact with the Rose Dynasty civilization.” Kadiga Gaius said.

Although he is a soldier, it does not mean that Kadiga Gaius does not understand the federal politics and diplomatic structure. He just doesn’t like the federal politician’s style and face that’s all, which is important for the future development of Kadiga. Gaius is still very concerned.

Superstar civilization and Chaochao civilization are both medium-sized world civilizations in the anti-Light God clan alliance. Although these two medium-sized world civilizations are not as close to the Rose Dynasty civilization as the weapon civilization and the evil marsh civilization, they are close In recent years, there was also a tendency to move closer to the civilization of the Rose Dynasty.

Regarding the internal political structure of the anti-Light God clan alliance, it cannot be explained clearly in one or two sentences. The things involved are very complicated.

For example, the superstar civilization invested in the embrace of the Rose Dynasty civilization is dissatisfied with the pouring of goods from the Gallente Federation and the year-by-year infiltration of the superstar civilization in all walks of life.

The direct inducement of the Chaochao civilization to turn to the Rose Dynasty civilization is that the collapse of the Krypton civilization has made the Chaochao civilization feel a great crisis.

There are also various reasons for the apostasy and position changes of those large and small low-level and micro-plane civilizations.

If you have to use a single word to summarize it, it is-interest.

Whether it is military interests, economic interests, or political interests, the eternal topic in Star Realm is interest.

A mechanical force of 20,000 people appeared around Locke and Kadiga Gaius. I don’t know whether this small mechanical force is guarding Locke or Locke. force.

However, in addition to its appearance, this mechanic force still brings another piece of useful information to Locke.

The Rose Dynasty civilization finally let go of its reservations. In the face of the profiteering nature of the civilization war, the message from the Rose Dynasty civilization stated that in addition to the agreed economic and resource transaction cooperation with the wizard world, they also want to send troops to participate directly In this invasion of the mother Star Domain against the tripartite civilization.