Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3767

Therefore, everyone feels that they have made a profit in this multi-civilized melee.

The tripartite civilized battlefield and the demon hell battlefield are two vast battlefields that do not interfere with each other and are completely independent.

The Light God clan, the protagonist of one of the civilized battlefields, does not think that they will miss this time.

Because in addition to hundreds of millions of angels Legion and many main gods descending on the battlefield of the devil and hell, the three eighth-level main gods of the Light God clan will also appear very rarely!

Locke, for the time being, I don’t know that the Light God family will take such a big action against the Demon World and Hell this time. I have never been to Locke in the Demon World and Hell until now. I also want to wait until the war on the three sides of civilization is almost over. Take a trip to the devil world and hell.

There is an opportunity for Locke to transform the power of emotions in the Demon Realm, and the Seven Deadly Sins of the Demon Realm has a long history. Even Locke is very curious about how powerful the combination can be compared to the Supreme Treasure’s Seven Deadly Sins suit. .

As for the hell side, I heard that the fallen lord of hell, Satan, was originally an expert in using Destruction Strength.

Locke has already received a lot of benefits from the seventh-level master demon ancestor Luo Hu. I am curious whether there is anything left behind after the fall of the eighth-level hell lord Satan.

And with such a demon who knows the basics of hell, Locke’s journey to hell in the future may be smoother than that of the demon world.

Ten years later.

The edge of the wizard Star Domain.

The confluence of the two Olobas-class war fleets makes the Gallente Federation fleet behind Locke more magnificent and larger.

Although the five-star general Catalina Hortat is a woman, she is more decisive in acting style than Kadiga Gaius.

Unwilling to wait for even a moment of rest, Catalina Alcatel directly asked the Gallente Confederate soldiers to refer to the Star Domain of Mesopotamia civilization.

Catalina Alcatel’s impatience is also understandable. After all, it is not the Olopas-class war fleet she led before, nor is it a simple tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of battleships.

If the simplest types of transport ships, supply ships, and small spaceships relying on large battleships are counted, the number of ships of this Gallente Federation may have broken through 100 million.

So many ships and the supply of federal soldiers inside the ships cost money, and the cost during the war is still an astronomical figure.

How can Catalina Alcatel tolerate wasted time, not to mention the risk of missed battle opportunities.

As early as during the negotiations on the Star Domain of the Gallente Federation, Locke made an appointment with the senior officials of the Gallente Federation. The main direction of the Gallente army’s attack was the Star Domain battlefield of the Mesopotami civilization.

Also a large-scale technological civilization, the Gallente Federation can only harvest the resources they are most interested in when they are on the battlefield of the Mesopotami civilization.

“According to the intelligence collected by our wizard world, the Star Domain, the mother of Mesopotamia civilization, is located deeper behind the Krup Star Domain where the Protoss civilization is located.”

“Let’s go, let’s go to Krupp Star Domain first, and by the way, let the Gallente Federation examine the latest achievements of our civilization in the wizard world.” Locke grinned, said with a smile.

When Locke and the Gallente Federal Army Grandiose arrived at Crupp Star Domain through the time and space nodes outside the Norman Federation, Crupp Star Domain’s war has entered the final stage.

When Locke left the wizard world that year, the Krupp Star Domain war had not yet started.

Now that I just returned from the anti-Light God tribe alliance, the war on Krupp Star Domain has come to an end.

The progress of the war is so fast, it is much easier than when the wizard world civilization conquered other medium world civilizations.

On the other hand, this also shows that the civilization of the wizard world has become stronger than ever.

After arriving at Krupp Star Domain, Locke did not have much energy to continue to socialize with the senior officials of the Gallente Federation.

Sarafa master who came to take over Locke will replace Locke to maintain communication with the Gallente Federation. Apart from this, Sarafa also gave Locke a brief introduction to the Krupp Star Domain battle.

“The sixth-level light archon Atanis died, the sixth-level galaxy archon Aldaris was killed, the star Spirit Race storm battleship crashed, and the current level six battle strength of the star Spirit Race only has one card. Carlot severely damaged the escaped Zeratul.” Master Sarafa introduced to Locke.

“Where are the Mesopotamian fleets? This time I brought a whole fleet of the Gallente Federation, and they will help us clean up the Mesopotamian Spiritual Body. Locke said, pointing to the endless steel fleet behind him.

“Those Spiritual Body need to be cunning much more. After Volta led the Dragon Knight to destroy a fleet comparable to the sixth-level battle strength, the fleets of Mesopotami civilization retreated together. Out of the main battlefield.”

“We were able to destroy the vitality of the Star Spirit Race and detonate Planet El so quickly, thanks to the inaction of the Spiritual Body of the Mesopotamia civilization.” Sharafa shook his head and said.

The relationship between civilization and civilization is so cruel. On the surface, Mesopotamia civilization promises to protect the Star Spirit Race comprehensively, but when it comes to the battlefield, those Spiritual Body may not necessarily sacrifice themselves for the Star Spirit Race .

The ending of Star Spirit Race is somewhat like the civilization of the wizard alliance that was thrown out by the wizard world as cannon fodder in the front row.

“Planet Al was detonated?” Locke was surprised.

As the parent plane of the Star Spirit Race, the planet Al must also have the level of a medium-sized plane.

A medium-sized plane like this must have a lot of heritage and value.

“Those stars Spirit Race Legion rely on the mother plane to guard against death. If we send Legion to land and attack, our final loss will not be small.”

“After high-level discussions within the wizard alliance, the decision was finally made to erase Planet El directly, this is also to highlight the fate of the betrayers.” Sharapa said.

Indeed, for today’s wizard world civilization, it is sometimes easier to erase a medium-sized plane than to occupy a medium-sized plane.

Unlike the wizard world, the Protoss civilization can only hide under the barriers of the mother plane without seven-level creatures, relying on strong fortifications to defend.

In this kind of perseverance of scientific and technological civilization, Innate already has a great advantage.

This is also one of the reasons why the wizard world civilization finally directly erased the planet El.

Regarding the process of erasing the planet Spirit Race, the parent plane of Al, Locke can roughly guess the details without asking.

Dozens or hundreds of forbidden spell-level magic smashed down, with the beams of the main guns of hundreds of space fortresses, no matter how strong the plane barrier and Energy Shield of the Star Spirit Race are, it is impossible to completely protect their planes. Umbilical.

Maybe the Star Spirit Race also wants to rush out of the mother plane, but the end of doing so can only be to give food to the army of Wizard World who is waiting for it.

And Locke even guessed that the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, as a seven-level lifeform, must have played a significant role in the battle for the destruction of the planet El.

Those immortal domain witches don’t know if they continue to condense the Pangu illusory shadow and sprinkle a handful of soil on the tomb of Star Spirit Race.