Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3768

After knowing the ending of the Star Spirit Race mother plane, Locke also asked if there were any remaining Protoss remnants.

With the lessons learned from the insect race’s escape to Star Realm, as well as the experience provided by previous plane wars, Locke certainly knows that we must eliminate the roots.

“The overwhelming majority of the formed stars Spirit Race routs Legion have been wiped out by us, and the few stars Spirit Race troops are still confined to the fearless struggle within the encirclement we set.” Master Sarafa said.

“However, any encirclement is impossible and impervious to the wind. If the Spirit Race of a very small scale or even a single spaceship breaks down, it is possible to escape in chaos during the previous destruction of the planet El. “

“Apart from this, those Mesopotamian civilized fleets that have withdrawn to the edge of Krupp’s Star Domain may also contain a small number of Star Spirit Race troops.” Sharafa replied.

Sharafa’s answer, let Locke nodded.

It is indeed possible to do this, and the civilization of the wizard world has reached its limit.

And as long as the established star Spirit Race Legion does not escape, there will only be some small fishes and shrimps. The wizard world civilization represented by Locke will not take seriously.

You must know that Star Spirit Race is not equivalent to insect race.

Insect race, with the support of massive resources, may have the opportunity to return in a swirl of dust.

However, Protoss civilization only relies on resources, but it is impossible to reproduce Peak.

The development of upper-level science and technology often requires the support of lower-level academics. It is unceremonious to say that the Protoss civilization is destroyed by this battle, even if the number of remaining Star Spirit Race fighters can reach more than 10,000, what they can do And the threat to the wizard world is minimal.

Not to mention, the loss of the tidal crystal vein as the core energy of Star Spirit Race has basically pushed this medium-sized world civilization with great development potential into the abyss of Nine Nether.

If the leader of the remnant star Spirit Race still has a better mind, then his next direction of leading the race will not be to find revenge for the wizard civilization, but to live as far as possible in this boundless Star Realm.

You must know that Star Realm is not peaceful, and the dangers implied under the surface calm are countless.

Even the four-level powerhouse in the ethnic group may not have one star Spirit Race. The road ahead is quite long and tortuous.

After listening to Sarafa’s narrative, Locke nodded.

“Don’t let any creatures of Spirit Race level 4 or above escape. If the Mesopotamian civilization wants to help them, let the fleet of the Gallente Federation take action in advance.”

“By the way, the sixth-level star Spirit Race powerhouse Zeratul hasn’t caught it yet?” Locke asked.

“Not yet, but the area where he is hiding has been roughly locked.” Sarafa replied, and handed a crystal ball containing the Krupp Star Domain war sand table and Star Domain map to Locke.

Looking down at the crystal ball, Locke said, “I’ll go and see. The fleet on the federal side will send them to the War Zone of Mesopotamia civilization according to the original plan.”

Krupp Star Domain γ555 area, here is the only remaining pure land of Star Spirit Race, because looking at the entire Krupp Star Domain, only the area occupied by γ555 star Spirit Race is still about 70%.

However, the remaining pure land of this star Spirit Race will not last for too long. With the continuous attack of the wizard world army, the living space of the star Spirit Race suffers a huge backlog. The star Spirit Race in the γ555 area occupies the area. Once approached 60%.

Although it is the only remaining pure land of Star Spirit Race, the environment in the γ555 area is really a bit harsh.

There are only seven planes with complete rules in this area, of which three are Low Plane and four are miniature planes.

Like a torch shining in the dark, the planes of these seven Protoss civilizations are simply living targets for the wizard world to attack.

Countless army of insect race Legion and Knight and magician rushed to these seven planes. Up to now, four planes have fallen.

The real scope of Star Spirit Race is actually the endless Star Realm void in the γ555 area.

Since this piece of Star Domain is rich in meteorite belts and many debris areas, it provides a good cover and protection for the Star Spirit Race hiding here from the collapse of the army.

This is really a very ironic thing. Those Protoss planes with plane barriers cannot provide the Star Spirit Race with a sense of security. On the contrary, these meteorite belts with harsh environments and sheltered food can give the Star Spirit Race a crash. The army took a breather.

When Locke arrived in the γ555 area of ​​Krupp Star Domain, a new round of extermination had already begun.

Among the sixth-level creatures under Locke’s command, in addition to Super Saiyan Kakarot and the Fountain of Destruction, Dark Knight Volta, Grid and Sister and Brother Rael are all here.

There is really no hope for Star Spirit Race. No matter how Zeratul can fight and how secretive its assassination is, it is absolutely impossible to escape from such inescapable nets.

Locke, who arrived in the γ555 area, did not merge with his Legion and the sixth-level creatures, but inspired a pair of fiercely burning destruction wings to fly deep into the area.

With Locke’s strength, it is naturally easy to move freely in this war-torn Star Domain, and fly to the depths of γ555Star Domain, also to solve Zeratul once and for all.

This is an ash-gray meteorite belt that is not very special from the outside. The light transmitted by stars far away makes 2/3 of this meteorite belt bathed in sunlight.

A large number of Star Spirit Race Defensive Array line ruins and stumps and broken arms appeared on this meteorite belt. If you look back, a battle just ended here almost three months ago.

Locke, who arrived in this meteorite belt, did not go deeper. Perhaps others would judge that Zeratul and the remaining elites of Spirit Race of other stars are still fighting in the depths of the γ555Star Domain, but Locke found a slight difference in this meteorite belt. Unusual space fluctuation.

More than 20,000 years in the desperate world, Locke has developed an extremely keen sense of elemental power.

The battle that just ended not long ago did make this meteorite belt elemental power a little messy. Some of the Power of Space can conceal the general level 5 or level 6 powerhouse, but it absolutely can’t hide it from Locke, who has been promoted to level 7.

Time began to freeze in this meteorite belt. Since the other party is always reluctant to come out, Locke doesn’t mind spending a while with him.

After a long time, seeing that Locke had no intention of leaving this meteorite belt, Zeratul, who knew that he had been discovered by the other party, finally walked out of a dark space.

The wizard alliance’s assessment of Zeratul’s strength and abilities is indeed correct. This guy already has the means to hide himself in the subspace.

Subspace is another space separated from the normal Star Realm space. There are also many studies and applications of subspace in the wizard world, but so far it has only stored item that’s all in subspace.

The ability to frequently switch between the main space and the subspace with flesh and blood like Zeratul, even wizard world magicians will also find it novel.