Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3769

When Zeratul walked out of the subspace, Locke carefully discovered that there were still a large number of Star Spirit Race survivors guarded by Zeratul in that subspace.

The number is roughly around 20,000, and there is no battleship airship. It seems to be a pure star Spirit Race warrior survivor.

The appearance of a seventh-level knight master made Zeratul no confidence to continue fighting, not to mention that Zeratul was also in the midst of being severely damaged by Kakarot and the fountain of destruction before. Seriously injured state.

This should be the first time Locke has looked at Zeratul very carefully. The sixth-level powerhouse that has embarked on the path of assassination like this should be lurking in the dark for the whole life, rather than living in the sun.

If you have to judge a sixth-level powerhouse that is most likely to be a breakthrough wizard that has been blocked by civilization and escaped from a different Star Domain, Locke will definitely choose Zeratul.

Because even if the Netherworld River Old Ancestor swept from the side, this vast Krupp Star Domain battlefield always has a blockade blind zone that the Netherworld River Old Ancestor cannot take care of. This is the only opportunity for Zeratul.

But Zeratul did not escape alone. Looking at the group of Protoss remnants hidden in the subspace by Zeratul, it is not difficult for Locke to guess what choice this sixth-level creature made.

Zeratul appeared in the light. The first impression for Locke was an old man with a dog around his waist.

Very strange, the other party turned out to be an old man.

Calculated by age and lifespan, Zeratul, the most famous dark temple warrior of the Protoss civilization, is indeed comparable in age to Douglas, May and the others of the wizard world.

Having lived for so many years, even if Zeratul is a Level 6 creature and has touched the threshold of Level 6 Peak Realm, he can’t stop the erosion of the years and become the old man in the Star Spirit Race.

It’s just that Zeratul’s halo is too dazzling, and it is hidden in the dark all year round to guarantee and protect the Protoss civilization, so that the overwhelming majority star Spirit Race and alien creatures ignore each other’s age.

“You seem to be older and weaker than I remember, let alone me, even if the sixth-level Dark Knight Volta appears here, I am afraid you are not his opponent.” Looking at the front of him, he was squatting. Waist, and wrapped in a layer of special black clothed Star Spirit Race powerhouse, Locke slowly said.

Although Zeratul’s body is rickety and his breath is extremely weak, the opponent’s eyes are still piercing.

“If it is a head-on confrontation, I am indeed not the opponent of that Dragon Knight. But if I do not reveal my position, I am 60% sure that I can beat him, and 30% sure that I can kill him in exchange for life.” Zeratul stared at Locke and said.

Until now, Zeratul knew that he and his clansman had no chance.

Not to mention the current situation, even if Zeratul’s state is restored to Peak at this time, he is also impossible to beat Locke.

Zelatu’s answer was nodded to Locke’s satisfaction. This is why Locke admired Zelatu so much. He did not speak big words.

If Dragon Knight Volta appears here, if Zeratul is not found hidden in this meteorite belt, Volta will most likely be defeated, and it is more likely to be killed by Zeratul. Replace.

But in this world there is not that many if, the reason why Locke came to the γ555 area is that he is worried that the only remaining level 6 creatures of the Star Spirit Race will cause any damage to the wizard world army.

“I heard that you severely injured the sixth-level magician Nigel in the previous battle, and also injured my woman Kerrigan.” Locke said.

Faced with Locke’s words, Zeratul did not reply.

Being able to severely injure Nigel and the Queen of Blades Kerrigan in the Wanjun is a proof of Zeratul’s strength.

Especially for the latter, under the premise that Locke has left Level 6 creatures such as Kakarot and the Fountain of Destruction, Zeratul can still succeed, and this ability is already extremely prominent.

“I can give you a chance.” Locke said suddenly.

“If you are willing to sign a master-servant contract with me, I might consider giving you a chance to survive.” Locke looked at Zeratul’s eyes and said.

In the face of the dominance-level coercion that Locke suddenly released, Zeratul’s figure became even more rickety.

But this time, Zeratul did not rush to answer, but after thinking about it for a long time, he asked, “Can Locke Knight leave a creature for my clansman?”

Zeratul’s rhetorical question also conveyed a will.

That is, if Locke is willing to nodded the Spirit Race, then Zeratul is willing to sign a contract with Locke, even the most stringent master-servant contract.

It’s a pity that Locke is not easy to be coerced by others.

It was Locke who was willing to stay with Zeratul for his life. He was not asking Zeratul to make any conditions with him here.

Facing Zeratul’s rhetorical question, Locke’s expression gradually became cold and emotionless. He replied “wizard civilization will not allow the existence of traitors.”

The meaning of Locke is also very obvious. He will only save Zeratul’s life. As for those Protoss survivors, naturally they have to kill to the last one!

Locke’s cold tone also officially marked the end of this conversation.

A pitch black energy blade exuding dim cold light appeared at the position of Zeratul’s arm. Locke, who was very sensitive to energy breath, discovered that this extremely short and unremarkable energy blade actually possessed a low-level world-class artifact. level.

A battle is inevitable, and the fierce flames of destruction suddenly ignited in Locke’s palm.

Although some regrets Zeratul’s choice, the will and dignity of the wizard’s civilization cannot be violated.

The moment Zeratul turned into an afterimage and moved his hands, Locke also moved.

He does not use Power of Space as frequently as Zeratul, but suppresses Zeratul’s shots purely with speed.

This is a battle that is destined to not be too dynamic, and Zeratul’s strength is not worthy of Locke’s full shot.

Even the Destroyer Transformation was not turned on, and a pair of blood eyes revealed the cold Locke, which would give Zeratul a decent death.

When I sensed the fluctuation of the battle in this meteorite belt and dispatched a large army, the battle between Locke and Zeratul was over.

Zeratul, who exists as a myth among the Protoss clan, tried his best to stab his shadow dagger into Locke’s breastplate that’s all.

Even Ten Grade 2 did not use to destroy the black lotus. Only the partial bone armor of the body blocked Zeratul’s final blow.

When Zelatu’s body was burned to ashes by Locke’s destruction, Locke pulled out the dark black energy dagger stuck in his breastplate.

This is a world-class secret treasure of good quality. It can easily Tearing Space, and it seems that there is still room for growth.

After throwing this dagger to his second daughter Lisa, Locke led him to the insect race army instructed “Destroy all the Protoss remnants hiding in that subspace!”

The gluttonous feast of killing and death continues to be staged near this meteorite belt. The vicious insect race army is looking for all the living creatures that can fill their belly.


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