Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3771

For the Mesopotamian civilization fleet, Krupp Star Domain is not a good place for them to let go of their hands and feet to start a decisive battle.

If the battlefield environment here is really that good, it is estimated that Mesopotamia civilization will not abandon the Star Spirit Race and sit and watch the Protoss civilization collapse.

In the previous war, a neutron starship crashed and the tripartite civilization Legion was driven out of the wizard civilization parent Star Domain, which marked the transfer of the dominant position of this civilization battle from tripartite civilization to wizard world.

If you have to choose, Mesopotami civilization is more willing to change the front to their parent Star Domain. Before that, those Spiritual Body had built a large number of fortifications and fortifications in Mesopotami Star Domain. war fortress.

It is no exaggeration to say that in terms of perseverance and difficulty, Mesopotami civilization, one of the technological civilizations, should be the most difficult one among the tripartite civilizations.

Talking about the difficulty of attacking the technological civilization of the other side, you can refer to the case of the Light God clan attacking the Gallente Federation that year.

At that time, the Light God tribe had already taken two medium-sized Star Domains under the Gallente Federation in one go, but in the end they were stopped by the Gallente Federation in the third Star Domain battlefield. The starry sky was full of metal wrecks and The ruins of the fortress just confirmed the motto of every inch of the mountain and every inch of blood.

Countless fortifications have been built in the Star Domain of Mesopotamia civilization, and the construction of such war fortress and defensive fortresses has not stopped until now.

Under such a premise, how can Mesopotamia civilization die in the Krupp Star Domain and the Gallente Federation?

It can only be said that the inductive force field and space technology of the Gallente Federation exceed the Mesopotami civilization by more than one point.

The red light flashed, and all the enemies were terrified. The Spiritual Body of the Mesopotamia civilization, very intimately enjoyed the most direct feelings of the former opponents of the Gallente Federation.

Even if they are both large-scale technological civilizations, there is bound to be a huge gap between their strength and civilization.

From the beginning of the Gallente Federation has developed a Conqueror-class super Titan ship comparable to the eighth-class battle strength, it means that they are a long way from the ordinary large-scale technological civilization.

The faint Power of Space fluctuations lingered on this void battlefield, and dozens of huge blue and white folding gates appeared behind the Mesopotami Civilization Army.

After receiving the Star Spirit Race for so long, with the scientific and technological strength of the Mesopotamia civilization, the core mystery of the folding gate has naturally been solved.

In fact, in addition to those complicated space technology knowledge, the portability and easy triggering of the Star Spirit Race folding door are more derived from the core energy of the Xi crystal.

“Those spiritual bodies want to run away, connect me with General Kadiga Gaius and General Catalina Alcatel.” Locke said.

Not long after, two holographic projections appeared in front of Locke.

Judging from the background images presented by these two holographic projections, the two federal five-star generals should be commanding operations in two flagships of the boundless Gallente federal fleet.

The Mesopotamia civilization wants to escape, but the Gallente Federation is not ready to let go of this excellent opportunity.

Compared with Mesopotamia Star Domain, which has strong fortifications, it is obvious that this sudden encounter is more in line with the interests of the Gallente Federation.

And the federal radar has discovered that there is a violent energy source deep in the Mesopotami civilization. If nothing else, that violent energy source should be the core weapon of the Mesopotami civilization-the neutron starship.

More importantly, the Gallente Federation can borrow the power of Locke and the wizard world in the war in the Krupp Star Domain.

If the Netherworld River Old Ancestor also came to help, in a four-to-one situation, they are more than 70% sure to leave or destroy the neutron starship.

Before Locke could speak, the five-star Admiral Kadiga Gaius immediately made a request for the Wizard World army to participate in the battle.

However, the Spiritual Body of Mesopotamia are obviously not idiots waiting to be killed. From Locke’s arrival on this battlefield to the present, but in a short time, Mesopotami has opened many time and space nodes and leaped doors. The army of Dami civilization has begun to evacuate in an orderly manner.

Judging from the scale of the Legion in the sky, the army of Mesopotamia civilization, they are bound to be impossible to withdraw.

But if you want to remove the most elite part of Legion, it should not be a problem, such as the neutron starship that is about to squeeze in front of the space-time node.

For Locke, it is obviously impossible to gather the wizard world army in such a short time.

Because almost all of the wizard world Legion is scattered all over Krupp Star Domain now, either they are chasing down the Star Spirit Race, or they are searching for Krupp Star Domain wealth.

During the period when the entire Star Domain was slightly chaotic due to the collapse of the Star Spirit Race, Locke was also impossible to twist the Wizard World army into a single rope in a short time.

Locke’s answer has not been issued yet. When it was discovered that the Mesopotamian civilization had begun to retreat in an orderly manner, the five-star generals Kadiga Gaius and Catalina Alcatel continuously issued Each order made Locke seem a little cold.

A beam of surging energy suddenly shot out from a battleship of the Gallente Federation!

It seemed to be a signal for war. When the artillery beam of this Gallente federal battleship hit the Energy Shield of the Mesopotamian fleet, a fierce starry sky bombardment occurred.

“Damn!” Rao is that Locke, as a seven-level master, has absolutely no interest in being at the center of the firepower of the two sides during the battle of the fleet of billions.

The main gun beam Locke of a fleet can be ignored directly, and the fires of dozens or hundreds of battleships cannot pose any threat to Locke.

When thousands or tens of thousands of fleets gather fire on him, Locke probably has to open a layer of Battle Qi shield to resist.

And if it reaches the Void Fleet Group on the scale of 100 million, then Locke must consume the Soul of Domination.

Many ants killed elephants. Locke took Lisa and Sarafa with him and retreated instantly. It was not a shameful act.

You don’t look at the B20 Guardian planet with a miniature plane level. It didn’t support it for ten minutes, and it turned into a dust in countless energy beams and elemental shocks.

The Illobas-class war fleet of the Gallente Federation is qualified to fight against seventh-class creatures.

But what you need to know is that there is more than one Olopas-class war fleet appearing on the frontline battlefield.

Two Olobas-class war fleets, more than a dozen federal Level 1 war fleets, more than 50 federal second-class war fleets, plus countless ordinary fleet groups, by the way, there are three amazingly large The Stellar Rank war fortress and a dozen Planetary Grade war fortress.

It is no exaggeration to say that, let alone Locke alone, even the Netherworld River Old Ancestor is here at this time. The first thing they have to do is to withdraw from this horrible energy light curtain.