Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3772

Dealing with the technologically-civilized fleet group must not fight alone. It is simply courting death.

Really suitable for the war with technological civilization, it has to be supplemented by massive amounts of the bottom creature Legion, and the quantity is used to fight the quantity.

Although in the field of cluster effect and coverage attack, the advantages of technological civilization are still so blessed by heaven, but at least with the assistance of a large number of underlying creatures Legion, those gods above level 4 and even master level creatures above level 7 When fighting the endless technological civilization and steel battleship, that kind of weak feeling will not be born.

In fact, carefully observe the scientific and technological civilization fleet in the encirclement and killing wars against higher creatures. It is not difficult to find that the countless fleets of scientific and technological civilization are like desperate worlds facing the terrifying number of creatures above the fourth level. When dominating, the servants and the servants are the same.

The isolation of the weak Life Level and the energy shield makes it impossible for the technologically civilized battleship drivers to truly feel the terror force and life fluctuations they face with the powerful lifeform.

Since the imperceptible is strong enough for the other party, naturally there will be no fear, fear, etc. to breed.

On the contrary, it is those high-level creatures of Star Realm who don’t know much about science and technology. They suddenly encounter countless steel fleets. From the cold metal shells of those steel fleets and the energy-gathering beam of destruction, they will feel To fear and fear.

After evacuating from the central area where the fleets of both sides were on fire, when Locke appeared again, he was already in the outskirts of the battlefield.

Although there are more than a dozen battleship beams suddenly passing here from time to time, at least it has not threatened the safety of Locke.

A faint milk-white magical shield appeared around Locke and the others. This is the light elemental shield released by Sarafa.

At this point, there is no need for Locke to take shelter. Only Sarah’s light magic is enough to eliminate the threat.

“These guys from the Gallente Federation are really impatient. It seems that they really want the core technology of the neutron starship of the Mesopotami civilization.” Looking at the vast Star that is undergoing fierce confrontation not far away Domain, Locke couldn’t help sighing.

When the delegation he led before was negotiating with the Gallente Federal high-level officials, although they also talked about the details of the transaction of important instruments and parts in the wreckage of the neutron star ship.

But what the wizard world possesses is after all the wreckage of a neutron starship that has crashed, many of which have been permanently lost.

Apart from this, and more importantly, the wizard world civilization is not necessarily willing to trade all the knowledge contained in the wreckage of the neutron starship to the Gallente Federation.

It is true that everyone is a cooperative ally, but there is also a competitive relationship between Wizard World and the Gallente Federation.

Compared to worrying about whether there will be a “shortage” phenomenon in the subsequent transactions and technology transfer of the wizard civilization, or there is deliberate concealment, the Gallente Federation is obviously more keen to capture a neutron star on its own Ship.

In this case, in the follow-up cooperation between the Gallente Federation and Wizard World, it will also take some initiative.

And in the process of invading the Star Domain of Mesopotamia civilization, there was less assistance.

The uninterrupted energy beams against the booming sound and the “hong long long” battleship explosion sound, then became the mainstream of this starry sky.

Due to the interruption of communication, Locke did not bother to get in touch with the two federal five-star generals.

It is unrealistic to transfer all the wizard world army to nearby Star Domain to participate in the battle. Apart from worrying about the escape of the Protoss survivors, the difficulty of transferring all the Legion in such a short time is quite high.

With the retreat speed of the Mesopotami Civilization Fleet, I am afraid that they will be able to complete the entire evacuation from the Krupp Star Domain without half a month’s time.

In addition to those spiritual bodies who have a special relationship with Legion behind, this retreat cycle may even be shortened to one week.

“Call in nearby Legions that can participate in the war as much as possible. Although these federal Legions are so impatient, they are in partnership with us in the end.”

“Moreover, the earlier complete recovery of Krupp Star Domain and the dispatch of Mesopotamian civilization mother Star Domain will also benefit our wizard world.” Locke turned his head and said to Sarafa.

One instruction was passed along Sarafa’s crystal ball to every corner of Krupp’s Star Domain battlefield.

Due to the low energy level of war mobilization, within a few days, this piece of War Zone only gathered two or three million wizard worlds to fight Legion intermittently.

In addition, the nearly four hundred Ten Thousand Insect clan cannon fodder led by Lisa can barely stop the Gallente Federation and reach a coordinated operation with the Gallente Federation.

Facts have proved that the Gallente Federation really thinks too much.

In just one week before and after, the Mesopotamian civilization army mostly completed the collective Space Jump from Krupp Star Domain.

Those Mesopotamian civilization battleships that stayed behind the Star Domain of Krupp, in addition to the general elite, the battleship performance and overall battle strength are also weak.

The elimination of such a Mesopotami civilization technological battleship group is of course beneficial to the Gallente Federation, but the benefits are not that big.

But thinking about it again, I just wanted to win a neutron starship comparable to the seventh-level battle strength in a week. This is a fantasy story no matter how you look at it.

Of course, the Gallente Federation’s abacus has failed, and there is also a factor in the decisive gecko’s tail docking in Mesopotamia civilization.

If this sudden and fierce war continues, as the Gallente Federation gradually shows its heritage and the strength of Legion, it will also be assisted by the other main force of the wizard world, Legion, this Mesopota The ending of the Mi civilization fleet group is really hard to say.

A neutron starship has crashed on the battlefield of the wizard civilization, causing the overall strength of the Mesopotami civilization to drop by a bit.

If another neutron star fleet is destroyed, then Mesopotamia civilization can also consider the motion to escape to Star Realm in advance, just like the Star Spirit Race.

When the war on Krupp Star Domain came to an end a week later, Locke first went to meet the two federal five-star generals. After having a general communication on the next war cooperation, Locke returned. Leave Krupp Star Domain temporarily.

Since being promoted to the seventh-level Knight Master, Locke has obviously been busier than before.

In the past, he was just a little Knight who needed to obey high-level orders and drift with the crowd in the battle of civilization.

However, now that he shoulders the burden of the revival of the wizard’s civilization, he needs to perform his duties in many areas.

And because of Douglas’s poor health, he, the seventh-level Knight, needs to do a lot of things instead of Douglas.

“Where are we going next?” asked with excitement in the fountain of destruction that had just ended a hearty alien Star Domain invasion of the battlefield with the wizard civilization and returned to Locke’s side.