Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3773

In addition to the Fountain of Destruction, Kakarot, Locke’s top horse, was also taken by Locke.

After so many hours of battle and grind, and Kakarot himself did not stop getting stronger when Locke was trapped in a desperate world.

Now Kakarot is a sixth-level late-stage strength in an ordinary state, and once the Super Saiyan is turned on for the third time, he can easily reach the half-step Peak Desperate level.

And if it is supplemented by Saiyan fit earrings, after gaining the strength of another super Saiyan, Kakarot almost has Peak desperate battle strength.

What is even more exaggerated is that Kakarot’s growth rate is obviously so fast, and his realm and strength have reached such a high level, but he has not seen the growth limit of this guy in the slightest.

This is a real monster. Even Locke doesn’t know how far Kakarot will grow if he is allowed to grow up.

In addition to the two sixth-level Peak battle strengths, the Fountain of Destruction and Kakarot, the Magic Rael was also brought to him by Locke.

It’s just that neither Kakarot nor Rael likes to talk and ask Locke, so after holding back for a while, the Fountain of Destruction first asked where they were going next.

Regarding the question of the Fountain of Destruction, Locke was not in a hurry to answer, but in the process of constantly rushing to the Tearing Space, he turned his head and looked at the magical Rael, who was quietly following him.

Tens of thousands of years of getting along with each other have made Locke very familiar with Rare. From the expression state of Rare, Locke read a little other meaning.

“Should you already know it?” Locke said suddenly to Rare.

The Fountain of Destruction and Kakarot naturally didn’t know what Locke’s thoughtless words were, but after a moment of silence, the magical Rael slowly nodded.

“When did you know about it?” Locke continued to ask.

What Locke is referring to is naturally that hell civilization is being invaded by the Light God clan.

Regardless of how the fantasy demon Rael is also a purebred hell demon, Rael is impossible indifferent when the female plane is invaded.

“I already knew when you left the wizard Star Domain. Basically every pure-blood demon has a shallow or deep bond with the will of hell, and the stronger the demon, the deeper the connection with the will of hell. “Replied Phantom Riel.

The will of hell is undoubtedly the most special plane will in the civilization known to Locke in Star Realm.

Words such as tyranny, repetition, cruelty, madness, etc., are no longer sufficient to describe the quality of hell will.

Even those demon princes with a Life Level as high as seven or more, are constantly thinking about getting rid of the control and influence of the will of hell, which is enough to see that the will of hell is completely different from the will of other planes.

Of course, if it is a normal will of the plane, it will not be able to specifically promote the endless bloody battle of the creatures in the civilization, and select the strongest individual by the way of raising Gu.

In short, the will of hell is not a competent will of the plane.

Although the Hell Civilization is due to the endless bloody battle and the continuous expansion of Hell, the overall strength is more than 95% of Star Realm’s other civilizations.

But what Locke can clearly judge is that the creatures of hell civilization are not happy, or the native species in hell are actually not happy.

It is not a good time to discuss the meaning of the word ‘happiness’ in this section.

But what Locke wants to say is that in the face of the destruction of the hell civilization that is now suffering from the world, the magic demon Rael can choose to ignore it.

The help and call from the will of hell, let it continue to exist, that is, Magic Rael can completely regard her as in one ear and out the other.

And more importantly, if the magical Rael has to choose to return to the hell civilization with her younger brother to resist the invasion, I am afraid that Locke can provide only limited help.

“What are you going to do?” Locke asked.

Tens of thousands of years of getting along with each other, as well as the contributions made by the sister and brother of Mirage Rael during the Wizard Civilization Mother Star Domain War, are enough to make up for the bitter hatred between Locke and Mirage Rael.

Or in other words, at this time, Locke and Magic Rare should be friends, and they are the closest friends.

No matter what decision Riel makes, Locke will choose to support it, and will help as much as possible.

Facing Locke’s question, Magic Rael did not hesitate for too long.

Perhaps the magic demon Ruier had already made a decision, but it’s all that’s all before she fulfilled it.

This rather neurotic woman is more persistent than the overwhelming majority male powerhouse in terms of decisiveness.

Locke can forcibly tie the magical Riel to her side, but Locke doesn’t want to do this.

“Now that the Light God clan has only hit the 700 floors of the Infinite Hell, even if the light masters make their best efforts, if they want to reach the 200 floor of the hell, it will not happen in hundreds of thousands of years.” [19459002 ]

“I will return to hell with the younger brother, but it won’t be unhurried at this time.” Rael the magical replied slowly.

A large-scale world civilization that has been famous for a long time as a party, and it is still mostly notorious. Even if the hell civilization is against the powerful Light God clan, it may not be completely powerless.

Illusory Demon Rael is right. Now the angel army of the Light God clan has just hit the 700+ floors of Infinite Hell, which is still on the periphery of the hell civilization.

In addition to the demon Legion battle strength Wushuang possessed by the hell civilization itself, it is also suffering from the demon world referred to by the Light God clan angel army, which has largely eased the pressure of a wave of hell civilization.

What Rael wants to help Locke is to return to hell after a while. Although this woman is not good at words, after so many years of getting along with Locke, it is impossible to have any feelings with Locke.

Not to mention, Locke is the son of destruction predicted by Riel, and the future King of Hell.

Locke has some regrets about the choice of Phantom Riel, but more expresses the gratification left by Phantom Riel.

“You have formally signed a rule contract with me. You are my possession. You can’t fall in the war of hell, you know.” Locke looked at the magical demon Riel and counted every word.

If it is an ordinary female creature, in the face of Locke’s domineering remarks, the emotions will have several points of fluctuations.

But it is a pity that this is the magic demon Rael. In the almost facial expression, Rael blinked his cyan-green eyes and replied “Okay.”

Waved his hand, Locke did not continue to talk to the magical Rael, but took a few people and flew straight to the War Zone of the underworld civilization.


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