Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3774

This is a vast Star Domain full of negative energy and violent aura elements. This is the Underworld Star Domain.

In fact, as early as the end of the defense battle of the Wizard Civilization Mother Star Domain, the wizard world army had been in a spurt of energy back to the edge of the Star Domain of the underworld.

However, with the convening of the Fifth Wizard Alliance Conference and the re-selection of the main target, the invasion and attack on the underworld civilization was temporarily put on hold.

Today, on the edge of the Star Domain in the underworld, there are roughly three million Knights and magician Legions, and nearly 20 million low-level slave biological cannon fodder Legion.

Such a number of combat Legion is no longer a small number, and on the opposite side of the wizard world army, there are tens of millions of creatures in the underworld.

Facts have proved that it is indeed not a wise choice to launch an invasion and attack on the three-party civilization mother Star Domain at the same time, and looking at the several major Star Domain battlefields, it is indeed that the brain-eater civilization is a soft persimmon that is easier to pinch.

When Locke arrived in the Star Domain of the underworld, the six-level space magician Einstein, the sixth-level Knight Sacco, the sixth-level sword saint Karel and the others who were stationed here all appeared to greet him in person.

“How about it, have there been any changes in the underworld in the past ten years?” Entering a space fortress belonging to the desert kingdom of Jahana, Locke asked the three six-level powerhouses that appeared in front of him .

As a wizard world powerhouse stationed in the Star Domain of the underworld for a long time, Karel and the others naturally have the best knowledge of the development of civilization in the underworld.

Since the defeat and withdrawal of the wizard Star Domain, the underworld civilization that returned to the parent Star Domain should be the lowest-profile of the tripartite civilizations.

This may also be related to the fact that the underworld civilization has lost a seventh-level creature, the ancestor, and because the underworld civilization is the first large-scale world civilization that fought against the wizard world, the loss of the underworld civilization on the battlefield of the wizard Star Domain is also a tripartite civilization. The largest family in China.

The low-key performance in the underworld did not make the wizard world powerhouse such as Locke take it lightly.

Now the large-scale invasion war between the wizard world and the fairyland coalition forces against the brain-eater civilization mother Star Domain has not yet been fully launched. At the moment, there are more alien Legions who are bewitched by the wizard civilization’s employment, frequently in the brain-eater Star Domain creates turmoil.

It is foreseeable that when the wizard world civilization begins to crush the realm and cooperate with Xianyu and Wanquan world to press into the hinterland of the brain-eater civilization mother Star Domain, the underworld side as an offensive and defensive alliance will inevitably take action.

“On the side of the Mesopotami civilization, the Gallente Federation has taken over. Even not long ago, the Gallente Federation Fleet Group had an extremely fierce encounter with the Mesopotami Civilization Fleet Group War.”

“So on the side of Mesopotamia civilization, we don’t need to worry for the time being.” Locke said to several wizard world level 6 Knights and magicians in front of him.

“Originally I thought the Underworld War Zone would be a hidden danger when we invaded the Brain Eater Star Domain, and even in the wizard alliance internal meeting, it was proposed that after the Brain Eater Star Domain war had reached a certain stage, the army should be transferred to attack the underworld. .”

“However, the next entry of the Rose Dynasty civilization will help us alleviate the pressure on the War Zone of the Underworld.” Locke said.

The arrival speed of Legion, the civilization of the Rose Dynasty, must be slower than that of the Gallente Federal Fleet Group, but no matter how slow it is, it will not be too slow.

Probably before the arrival of the second wave support fleet of the Gallente Federation, the mecha of the rose dynasty civilization and the legendary Legion were also in place.

For the Wizard World Legion led by Karel, Nicolas and the others who are currently in the Star Domain battlefield in the underworld, their first task is to confront the underworld and insist on the arrival of the civilization army of the Rose Dynasty.

And due to the full entry of the Rose Dynasty civilization Legion, in the next war to invade the Star Domain, the mother of the three civilizations, the Wizard World, the Gallente Federation and the Rose Dynasty civilization will also reach an oral agreement to attack at the same time.

After listening to the seventh-level Knight dominating the deployment of Locke, Karel, Sacco, and the others all expressed their understanding.

In fact, in this underworld Star Domain battlefield, the wizard world sixth-level powerhouse that is really in charge and responsible for the mobilization of Legion is the Sea Abyss Knight Nicolas of the Knight Alliance of Erie.

The magician Einstein and sword saint Karel of the six-level space department surpass Saco in the level of strength by a lot, but they are not their strong points in commanding Legion operations and dispatching all aspects.

The deployment made by Locke during this period will also be heard by Knight Sacco.

There is also an episode during this period, that is the discipline of the sixth-level space system magician Einstein master, and Fifth Level Peak space system magician Thales Canxing also listened to Locke’s deployment in this space fortress.

Once upon a time, Thales Canxing was still a wizard world genius with the same name as Locke. However, now, the former peer powerhouse has become a target that Thales Canxing needs to look up to.

It is Locke’s daughter, Beve, who has the same name as Thales Canxing in recent years. They are all recognized as the top ten young, talented people of the wizard civilization during the Star Domain war, the mother of the wizard civilization.

Thales Canxing is only one step away from the sixth level, which makes Locke look at each other when he is leading the War Section Department meeting in the space fortress.

Locke has not been in the Underworld Star Domain for a long time, and then he may rush to the Brain Eater Star Domain non-stop, as the supreme commander of the wizard civilization army on the brain Eater Star Domain battlefield.

Same level 7 creatures, level 7 wizard Douglas is much more relaxed and comfortable than Locke in this civil war.

This old man is currently staying in the wizard world with his lover Mrs. Mei. On the surface, he is sitting in the back, and he has dealt with the various problems of the wizard plane in recent years of wars, and assisted Guardian in eliminating hidden dangers and so on.

Actually, I was taking a break from the busy schedule. While talking about a twilight love with Mrs. Mei, he neglected sleep and forget about food and studied the various Star Domain resources and core technologies captured in the previous civil wars.

It can only be said that injury also has benefits.

After this battle, Douglas was finally able to rest and put the burden of wizard civilization on the shoulders of the younger generation of powerhouses such as Locke.

In addition to communicating with the high-level powerhouse of the wizard world in the War Zone of the Netherworld, Locke also made a special trip to find a seven-level creature of death who sits in the War Zone of the Netherworld.

Although the god of death did not join the wizard alliance, but there is this incense sentiment of Lilith, who is the successor of the will, this seventh-level master who has always been alone still agrees to sit in the War Zone of the underworld, in case the seven-level underworld god of the underworld Counterattack.

After visiting the god of death, Locke looked into the depths of the Star Domain of the underworld. Locke, who didn’t know what to think of, then turned to the Tearing Space and left with his Kakarot, the Fountain of Destruction and other horses.

In the depths of the underworld army.

I finally sensed that Locke, a tyrannical seventh-level creature, left, and several life-level creatures of the underworld hurriedly sent relevant news back to the underworld.