Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3877

To This is a Low Plane full of rich death elements. The infinite and terrifying storm of destruction circulates and rages on the plane in the sky, and the chaotic Rule Power fills the entire plane.

What is more striking is that the center of the plane is close to the core of the earth, and an amazing ash-gray energy beam penetrates Heaven and Earth.

“Didn’t expect the cost of the White Bone Tyrant Dragon King to be promoted to Level 6 is more expensive than that of Gegron, and it would take an entire Low Plane to sacrifice.” Outside the plane, watching the Death Attribute plane below slowly stepped into destruction. Locke of the process, can’t help but say solemnly.

The soaring energy beam located at the core of the earth is a regular natural phenomenon caused by the fifth-level Peak Tyrant Dragon in the super-evolutionary state.

The unparalleled dual attribute energy of death and destruction, under the influence of Rule Power, is continuously blessed on the bone Tyrant Dragon king, and the size of the bone Tyrant Dragon king skyrocketed at the speed visible by naked eye.

Countless sharp bone barbs are draped on the surface of the bone Tyrant Dragon king’s body, and the round rule patterns are endlessly surrounding the bone Tyrant Dragon king, seeming to be doing the final blessing and life qualitative change.

Judging from the intensity and energy dynamics of Rule Power alone, the promotion of the white bone Tyrant Dragon to Level 6 surpassed the mutation Niu Ge Gelong by more than one.

This not only proves that the Tyrant Dragon King has a higher potential than Ge Gelong, it also shows that the Tyrant Dragon King is more suitable for Locke’s Power of Destruction inheritance than Ge Gelong, and it is also to destroy the extinguishing soul to make the best use of Locke. The existence of Power of Destruction.

“ao!” A dragon roar roared from the ash-gray energy beam, and then a pitch black beam followed the energy beam and moved towards the center of the earth.

The center of the earth was hit hard by external forces, and the Low Plane collapsed faster and faster.

Countless low-level bone creatures born on this plane didn’t even know what happened, and they were annihilated into silk in large-scale settlements and endless storms of terror.

The emergence of strong destruction factors inside and outside the plane makes Locke, Gegron and other creatures who are also Power of Destruction feel a little comfortable.

Speaking of which, Power of Destruction’s way of promotion is much worse than walk the heavens-defying road of immortal domain.

The immortal domain cultivator does not damage the will of the plane at most. Unless it is an advanced Saint, under normal circumstances, no matter how severe Thunder Tribulation is, it will not have much impact on the life and death of the plane.

Locke’s Destruction Dao is always about destroying a world. Of course, Locke can also slowly improve the Power of Destruction through normal cultivation.

But I am used to drawing strength from the destruction of the world and millions of creatures, how can I easily return to the original slow process of improvement.

It is easy to change from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality, and the path of cultivation is almost the same.

It is worth mentioning that Locke is not only because of Annihilated Origin, he also has the law of emotions.

Relying on the control of the law of emotions, Locke did not lose himself in the endless destruction.

This is a blessing. If Locke really becomes a ruinous tyrant, then his road will be narrowed in the future.

tentatively does not mention whether the wizard world is willing to accept such a Knight full of desire for destruction and killing. Even the immortal domain, the anti-Light God clan alliance and other civilized forces, I am afraid they will stay away from Locke.

To suppress the faint desire for destruction in his heart, Locke silently recites the Purifying Heart Curse.

Speaking of which, this heart-clearing mantra was still the mantra taught to Locke by Gongsun Xuance during the world of despair.

After such a long time, and Locke has also been promoted to level 7, he has a better understanding of the law and energy. This pure heart mantra has also improved a lot with Locke’s perception of the emotional rules.

However, the source of the Qingxin Mantra came from Gongsun Xuance, which also made Locke think of his dear friend whenever he used the Qingxin Mantra to resolve his desire for destruction.

sighed, some of the thoughts in his mind were dissipated, Locke paid attention to the promotion process of the white bone Tyrant Dragon king for a while, and then turned his head to say to the blood dragon entrenched on the horns of Gegeron, “Gegeron and Tyrant Dragon Both have been promoted to Level 6, how long have you been?”

Beside Locke, Ge Gelong lay on the steel platform on top of the space fortress.

Due to the destruction of the Death Attribute plane below, the surrounding environment and elemental energy atmosphere make Ge Gelong extremely comfortable.

This guy is not as keen on fighting as Kakarot, nor does he have his own tribe that needs shelter like the gods of elves and the gods of light. In addition, his temperament is also a tired and lazy person, making the overwhelming majority always Sleeping in deep sleep.

If it weren’t for Locke’s orders from time to time, it might not be able to sleep for a thousand years, which is exaggerated than the Level 6 spirit tortoise under Nuwa Saint.

In fact, the personalities of Ge Gelong and Xuejiao Xiaohong are not suitable for inheriting Locke’s Power of Destruction.

But this is the end of the matter, and these guys have greatly improved their strength and Life Level during the Civilization War by virtue of the Power of Destruction.

And gradually Power of Destruction has become one of their original source power, now it is too late even if they want to get rid of the title of extinguishing soul.

In response to Locke’s question, the bloody Jiao Xiaohong, who was entrenched in the horn of Ge Gelong’s horn, stuck out his tongue.

With its fifth-level late-stage strength, it is not considered a weak person from the perspective of the entire civilized battlefield, but it is a bit worse than the level 6 of Ge Gelong and the white bone Tyrant Dragon king.

It’s a pity that Xuejiao Xiaohong’s adaptability to Power of Destruction is indeed not high. Perhaps it will have to wait for the end of this civilization war before it can accumulate enough information to be promoted to Level 6.

Of course, the battle on the underworld plane of the large-scale world will be the opportunity for its cultivation Power of Destruction creatures.

Even Locke intends to make a fortune in the invasion war on the underworld. Creatures such as the mutant Niu Ge Gelong and the bloody Xiaohong naturally cannot give up the opportunity.

After all, I missed this time. The next time I want to encounter a large-scale battle of invasion and destruction, I don’t know how many years it will be.

After hearing the answer of Xuejiao Xiaohong, Locke couldn’t help but shook the head with regret.

Looking at the destruction of the Death Attribute plane below, Locke couldn’t help being muttered. “Do I have to find some other gods who are more suitable for Destruction Dao? Or just form a team to destroy Legion…”

Locke’s idea has not yet been known to other high-level powerhouses in wizard world and immortal domain.

In fact, Locke’s current strength and his power to destroy Divine Spark are enough to forcibly endow a group of creatures with destructive power.

It’s just that there are advantages and disadvantages to doing this.

The advantage is that Locke can directly obtain a batch of Legion with a lot of battle strength and at least elite subordinates above level 5.

The downside is that Locke has to pay part of his Annihilated Origin, and even his Sovereign soul has to consume a little.

But if we can gather such a ruined Legion, through the current fierce civilized war, the part of Annihilated Origin he has paid will soon be earned back.

“Which Legion should I choose for destructive transformation? Wizard World Legion is definitely not good, so there is only…” Locke’s eyes grew deeper, as if he had thought of something.