Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3878

To “Hong long!” A few months later, with a huge explosion, a low-level Death World on the white corpse plane was completely reduced to history.

Also in this explosion and destruction, Locke’s Mount Tyrant Dragon King officially completed the super-evolution and entered Level 6.

This is the first Level 6 Digimon. I believe that when the white-bone Tyrant Dragon returns to the digital world, with the rule fetters triggered by his Life Level and the digital world, the digital world will move towards a medium-sized dimension.

It is no longer appropriate to call him the Tyrant Dragon King of the White Bone, because every Digimon’s promotion is a transformation of its life and its source power.

And after this promotion, the image of the white bone Tyrant Dragon king is the difference between Heaven and Earth compared to before.

In addition to adding a bit of tyranny and coldness, the black flames of destruction gushing from the crevices of the bones make the Tyrant Dragon king of white bones look like Demon God.

Therefore, after Locke’s consideration and the thoughts of the boned Tyrant Dragon king himself, the “dead Tyrant Dragon God” will be its new title.

After the promotion was over, Locke stretched out his right hand and took the wrecked Tyrant Dragon back into the Death Formation specially made by Lilith for herself.

The Death Formation is a large slap disc with an ash-gray grid. The Tyrant Dragon, the wreckage, is contained in it for portability.

As Tyrant Dragon, the wreckage god, was promoted to Level 6, and his achievements in Power of Destruction reached a height that ordinary creatures could hardly reach, Paradise Lost would no longer be suitable for it to live in.

If you want to forcibly live in the rich paradise lost in Life Aura, in addition to the Tyrant Dragon god himself, he will feel that he is not aware of it. The rich death and Power of Destruction leaked out of his body will also bring to Locke’s paradise lost. All the disadvantages.

Unlike the Tyrant Dragon god wrecked, although the mutant Niu Ge Gelong has also been promoted to Level 6 to destroy the extinguishing soul, this silly cow can converge his Power of Destruction in his body, and he is also against the paradise lost. Rich life factor not only does not reject, but also likes it very much.

This also proves from the side that Tyrant Dragon is indeed more suitable for inheriting his Power of Destruction than Ge Gelong.

Lilith helped herself refine the Death Formation. Naturally, as a Level 6 Peak dark summoner, she is better at refining this kind of props.

Of course, apart from this there is another factor. Locke gave Lilith to Lilith the two-point Sovereign corpse that had strong Law of Darkness source power. Whether it is used for research or directly swallowed, it will be good for Lilith to enter the Sovereign realm in the future.

It is no wonder that Lilith is busy, making a special trip to refining a death Formation for Locke.

Locke, who was assisted by Tyrant Dragon, the wreckage god, soon set off a bloody wave on the remaining battlefield of the Star Domain in the underworld.

The wizard civilization has been low-key on the underworld Star Domain battlefield for a long time. This time it re-voiced before the invasion of the mother plane of the underworld civilization. It is also to correct the position of the wizard world during this civilization war and divide the underworld plane in the future. Foreshadowing.

Locke’s wreckage Tyrant Dragon, mutant Niugelung, Super Saiyan Kakarot, God of Light, mutant reptile creature Ge Ge and other Level 6 creatures frequently shot, and then also warned against other civilizations Participants played a lot of excitement.

For example, Nuwa Saint, who has always been low-key, sent a number of Level 6 Monster Gods under his command this time, ordering them to lead the Monster Race army to speed up the war.

There are also some Phoenix Clan creatures represented by Azure Phoenix, who assisted in this process, and gained momentum for the soldiers of Nuwa Saint and Monster Race.

The Netherworld River Old Ancestor, who was also deeply damaged during the Fantasy Sea War, was also overlooked this time and sent Level 6 Asura fighters such as Asura King, Shiva, and Brahma to participate in the war.

Of course, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor was limited by the lack of strength of his Asura army, so the only thing that happened was thunder and little rain.

Other small and medium forces, such as the Witch tribe, who did not have Saint asylum, did not gain as much profit as other civilized forces and Saint courts during the invasion during this final period.

These witches and other foreign races participating in the underworld Star Domain war are also sober. The arrival of such chaos will inevitably herald the end of the underworld Star Domain war!

One hundred years later.

It was originally expected that there would still be more than a hundred years before the world around the occupied underworld planes could be cleared out. Under the powerful offensive of the multi-civilization Legion, it was defeated early.

Underworld Guardian Ingrichebao has spent a lot of thought before guarding the core planes of the Star Domain of the underworld, and left high-power Transmission Formation and other defensive warfare weapons on many planes. Rely on.

But I’m afraid that even Ingrichebao himself didn’t expect that when many civilizations invaded Legion and made up his mind to launch an all-out attack, the arrangements he made were so fragile.

Or, it’s not that Ingrichebao’s preparations were poor, but that his opponents were too strong.

No matter how genius and enchanting Ingrichebao is, how could he expect that the civilization of the underworld would be destroyed thousands of years later when the Wizard Star Domain war was great thousands of years ago.

Including the plane of the underworld, when the civilization of the underworld had only the surrounding seven Low Planes as the last faces, the main combatants in this large-scale Star Domain invasion finally gathered outside the plane of the underworld again.

Buddhism Army, Interpretation Army, Section Cult Legion, Wizard World Army, Wanquan World Family Legion, Rose Dynasty Civilization Mech and Thought Legion, Legion, Monster Race Legion and other all kinds of alliances against Light God Legion or interstellar mercenaries of small forces of of gather here.

Such a large number of Legion squeezed out of the plane of the underworld, it really blocked the last hope of escape for the underworld creatures.

It is also the arrival of the invasion of the Underworld, bringing together representatives of all civilized forces.

In addition to sending a team of nearly two million mechas and Legion, the Seventh-level Mentor Calista also appeared in the underworld and was invited by Locke to meet at Starport.

Wearing a pale-yellow skirt and armor, when Calista, the seventh-level reader of the Rose Dynasty Civilization, entered the core Conference Hall of Locke Starport, she found that besides herself, seven people had gathered in the Starport Conference Hall. Sovereign, one of the most eye-catching is that there is only one eighth-level creature-immortal domain Saint Lao Tzu.

Although the true strength of the wizard world and immortal domain coalition forces have been known for a long time, it is the first time for Calista to face so many foreign Sovereigns closely.

In addition to the friendly nodded to Locke, who was sitting in the center, Calista, the seventh-level reader, also made eye contact with the two Buddhist Saints for a while.

Finally, the Sovereign-level creature that entered the Xinggang Conference Hall is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor of the immortal domain.

This red-haired, red-brow, blood-sea Saint failed to recover from his injuries, so he joined the war a hundred years ago.

Although the Asura family of the blood sea captured many planes of the underworld, they suffered a lot as a result.

According to Locke’s knowledge, not long ago, a Level 6 creature in the underworld self-destruct at close range, which caused great trauma to the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.