Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3879

To “Why didn’t you see the newly promoted seventh level of your rose dynasty civilization? She should be called Moraya, right?” In the Conference Hall, before the discussion of business started, Locke jokingly asked Carli, the seventh level reader. Star.

Moraya, the newly promoted seventh level of the Rose Dynasty civilization, broke through very suddenly. A hundred years ago, it was also the three major extinguishing souls under Locke’s seat, the Gorgon and the corpse Tyrant Dragon. The Rose Dynasty just broke through Level 6. An abnormal change came from the Civilization War Zone.

Level 6 Peak Moraya suddenly completed a breakthrough and promotion during the war. The powerful seven-level biological coercion not only instantly overwhelmed the resistance forces of the underworld civilization on the entire battlefield, but also the nearby Legion of the Rose Dynasty civilization. Under the resonance of the thought power of the seventh-level practitioners, the promotion was completed in batches.

This is a rare major event in the Rose Dynasty civilization in the past few thousand years. The breakthrough of a newly promoted seventh-level thinker is very relaxed for the current situation surrounded by the strong neighbors of the Rose Dynasty civilization.

As for the very lucky Legion, the overall promotion with the convenience of Sovereign’s promotion is also considered to be the icing on the cake.

With two seventh-level practitioners sitting here, the waist of the rose dynasty civilization can finally be straightened.

Faced with Locke’s joking statement, Calista, the seventh-level reader, implicitly stated, “Shortly after the breakthrough, Moraya has returned to the star domain to consolidate her background, and the next civil war should not participate .”

In addition to explaining the current situation of Moraya, Calista asked Locke without a trace, “I heard that Lilith of the wizard civilization is about to break through the Sovereign realm. I wonder if this invasion of the Underworld Mother Plane will happen. Participate yourself?”

“Lilith’s current energy is mainly in her magic experiments. Civilization wars have little effect on her breakthrough.” Locke waved his hand and said, almost indicating that Lilith would not participate in this time, which is extremely dangerous. Coefficient of the invasion of the underworld mother plane.

In fact, in the final battle of the Star Domain in the underworld, the Sovereign-level creatures of many civilized forces added up, and there was an extra seven-level thought card than when the ancient crocodile king Piacenza was besieged in the fantasy sea. Just this one.

Nine-to-two is still an overwhelming advantage.

No matter how powerful the Rule suppression on the plane of the underworld is, and no matter how many Guardian rules Ingrichebao can play, the outcome of this war will not change.

The only thing that worries Locke and other seventh-level Sovereigns is that the loss of Legion from the invaders of the underworld Star Domain female plane will exceed everyone’s expectations.

This is also the reason why the rose dynasty civilization was called to pull the war chariot.

Regardless of the fact that the Rose Dynasty Civilization only sent two million elite mechas and legions, but it is attached to the anti-Light God clan alliance of the Rose Dynasty Civilization. This time they arrived on the underworld and participated in various wars. The ectopic Legion has exceeded ten million.

This is the best cannon fodder. In order to reduce the loss of its own civilization Legion, the wizard world and immortal domain have given a lot of war benefits to the Rose Dynasty civilization and the anti-Light God alliance.

It can also be seen from this aspect that after thousands of years of fierce civil warfare, not only is the wizard world gradually incapable, but even the great influences of the immortal domain with profound background have gradually suffered. live.

The forces of Buddhism, Section Cult, Monster Race, etc. add up. In the wars of Wizard Star Domain, Brain Eater Star Domain, and Underworld Star Domain in the past few thousand years, more than tens of millions of dead bodies have fallen.

There are a few Saint Taoist families who have great business and can’t bear such a loss.

So, after the underworld Star Domain war is over, not only the wizard world needs a long period of recuperation, but even the immortal domain civilization has to cease and recover for thousands of years.

Resources and war gains are not the same as civilized strength, and one bite cannot be a Big Fatty.

The immortal domains that have obtained massive war benefits and resource wealth from Wizard Star Domain, Brain Eater Star Domain, and Underworld Star Domain also need a certain amount of time to convert these resource wealth into civilized strength.

I don’t know how many young, talented people will emerge from the Great Saint Dao court of the immortal domain civilization after this battle after the war and the impact of Foreign Domain resource wealth.

How many of them can be promoted to Heavenly Immortal, Mysterious Immortal or even Golden Immortal?

How many can touch Quasi-Saint, even the height of Saint Level!

In Locke Starport, the discussion meeting of Sovereign-level creatures did not last long.

The underworld plane is there, and there are not too many invasion techniques to study.

In short, all influence will attack with all its strength, and it will also kill the resistance of the underworld plane.

It was also the second month after all influence, which totaled hundreds of millions of large-scale Legions, gathered outside the underworld plane, and the fierce large-scale invasion war officially started.

Nearly two hundred space fortresses launched their main artillery attacks on the plane barriers of the underworld, and among them, many wizard world Level 4 and above magicians cooperated with the space fortress main artillery to release spells comparable to forbidden spell level. Demise of the world’s energy beam.

The ultra-long-range strike of the wizard world army is not the only picture in this large-scale invasion war.

The Rose Dynasty civilization, which also has good technological strength, has several bloated battleships and mecha groups, and after the space fortress group of the wizard world, releases various attack methods strikes the barriers of the underworld.

The energy beam that can almost illuminate the nearby Star Realm, which greatly affects the plane of the underworld that has been in a dark environment all year round.

However, with the arrival of these energy beams and regular strikes, Locke and other Sovereign-level creatures discovered that in addition to the unusually strong plane barriers, there is also something with good effects in the underworld plane in the sky. Special array.

“It seems to be a Dark Element that draws on the plane of the underworld, and condenses a curtain-like shelter in the sky in the underworld.”

“From the current performance, the defensive of this curtain is not weak, and it can almost be regarded as another level barrier of the weakened version.” Beside Locke, Level 6 elementalist Sharafa said.

The unique source of light makes Sarafa very resistant to the dark energy of the plane of the underworld in the sky, which also allows her to quickly analyze many characteristics of the dark curtain.

A white ball of light appeared around Sarah, it was the Light of Wisdom left by Douglas before returning to the wizard world.

Not long after Light of Wisdom hovered around the two of them, another crimson light ball flew out of Star Harbor and quickly got together with Light of Wisdom, which was the source of Locke’s fire.

“According to the pre-war discussion, the Rose Dynasty Civilization and the Expeditionary Army were the first Legion forces to initiate a positive impact on the plane of the underworld. Do you have any insights?” Locke ignored the two little fellows who were playing next to him. , But asked Sarah Fa.

“For this kind of energy curtain, it is best for the light elementalist Legion or immortal domain Buddhism Legion of our wizard world to take the lead. However, since it has been decided that the evangelism and the rose dynasty civilization should take the lead, I have no opinion.” Sha Rafa said slyly.

In addition to a Level 6 optical elementalist, she is also the Alliance Leader of the Mamet Union Alliance, so in this case, she can easily make the ‘most correct’ choice.

“Well, for this large-scale world war on the plane of the underworld, Legion, which I prepared for a hundred years of destruction, can also appear.” Locke nodded and said.

Immediately he snapped his fingers. After the major Legions of the boundless wizard world, a group of Destroyed Titan giants of nearly one million, Legion, slowly appeared.


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