Hero’s Master Is The Demon King Chapter 837


“You can’t get there.”

After a long silence, Teresa suddenly said, at this moment, Demon King was lying quietly on the side. He may be exhausted, although not physically, he has been fighting for an unknown amount of time. In the infinite universe, the mystery and emptiness of time are magnified to the extreme. There is no sunrise and sunset, no day and night, only unchanging scenery, and loneliness in the dark.

Richard finally understood why those gods wanted to create life and why they wanted to create some intelligent species similar to them.

Fortunately, he did not have time to feel such loneliness. When he jumped out of the world, he was immediately welcomed by the angels.

“If that place does not exist, it is true.”

He finally spoke. When he opened his eyes, Teresa seemed to be aware of something. She noticed that the other person’s eyes had changed, and golden rings appeared in the black pupils.

“That is by no means a place I made up, but a place that actually exists. As far as I know, it is the core of the universe, where the Supreme Order God is.”

“So you haven’t been to that place either?”

Demon King immediately noticed that De Lisa was nodded.

“No one can go in that place.”

At this point, Demon King showed suspicious eyes and asked: “I just want to know one thing, do you know where that place is?”

“It doesn’t make sense where it is.”

“How can it be meaningless, if I don’t even know where it is, then how can I get to that place.”

“You should now know how big this World is. Even if you can cross the Star River, for the universe, you are just walking in place. It is boundless. Even the God of Order has no way to detect it. Its size, and it is still expanding at an incredible speed. And this expansion speed is preventing us from reaching the center of the universe. Even if you know where it is, you can’t get there.”

De Lisa’s words made Demon King’s heart sink. He knew it was true. When he became a disaster god and saw this endless planet, he was immediately lost in it, and when he turned his head, There is no way to find the planet he is familiar with from the densely packed stars.

This is an adventure that cannot be turned back or stopped. Even if he stands still, he is still moving relative to this universe.

He can only keep going forward, keep going forward, or reach his destination, or just keep going forward forever.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling a chill on his back. Richard sat up and glanced at the angel beside him.

She has completely changed her appearance, more beautiful and solemn than before, and feels sacred and untouchable.

“What did you see.”

Demon King looked at her blinded eyes and asked.

Teresa was silent for a moment, then returned: “Death, your death.”


Demon King laughed.

“Then I must have died laughing, Teresa, tell me, what is your plan, since we can’t reach the so-called capital of the gods, then what can we do to achieve our goal?” [19459002 ]

However, Teresa did not smile. She said: “The only way is to force the God of Order out. We, created orderly things, can travel through the vast Star River through such channels. , These powers all come from the god of order, that is to say, if it wants to come out of the god’s capital, it also needs to pass through similar passages. When the time comes, I will quietly connect the passages so that we can Arrived in the capital of the gods.”

“Do you think such a existence will make such a low-level mistake? Maybe it has long known that you are out of the control of order.”

Demon King said.

Teresa smiled politely and said: “The magic mister Wang, if the god is really omnipotent, then we would not speak here like this. Even if such a god may exist, it is probably watching us like an ant. .”

“This sentence came out of a Saintess’s mouth, it is really a bit weird, having said that, why did you choose this path.”

However, Demon King did not get her answer, and the latter closed his mouth and became silent.

Maybe she knew that lying would only be seen through by the other party, but Demon King didn’t want to know so much. He had only one purpose, and that was to fill the regret in his heart.

“Forget it, I don’t really want to know anyway.”

Demon King stretched, he almost rested, his body condition returned to Peak, he stood up and stretched his body.

“Then what should I do to elicit the god of order? I think the trouble I’ve caused should be no small, but it doesn’t seem to treat this as the same thing.”

“There is no doubt that you are already the greatest enemy of order, but before it comes out, there is not only one existence like you. Before you cause serious damage to order, the god of order will not Appeared.”

hearing this, Demon King immediately understood what she meant, and said: “You want me to slaughter those life planets?”

“This is the fastest and easiest way. If they can’t be stopped, the God of Order must go out himself. For you, this is something that can be done with no difficulty, isn’t it? Mister Wang .”

Teresa said indifferently, as if it were just a small matter.

“Of course, Demon King is the one who does all the bad things, and Saintess is the one who collects fame and fortune. This assignment of tasks is really reasonable.”

Demon King sneered.

Teresa was expressionless, and no one knew what kind of expression her blinded eyes showed.

“I know this is a difficult thing to make a decision, and I also know that you have a kind heart, I will not force you. If you are cruel, then I will respect your decision, I can Continue to pretend to be one of them. You can hide in the darkness and wait for the day when the god of order wants to take a walk, then we can continue to plan as long as you are willing to wait.”

There seemed to be thorns in her words, and Demon King felt very uncomfortable.

“There are countless creatures that died in my hands. I don’t care about fame, nor call the lives of those people.”

Suddenly, he turned around, showing terrifying eyes.

“But slaughtering the weak will not make me happy. This is the behavior of a coward. Even if I succeed, I have no face to face her.”

“Do you want to choose to wait?”

Teresa asked nervously.

However, the corner of Demon King’s mouth rose up and said: “No, I choose the third way. You said, as long as it causes serious damage to the current order, will it come out to face it?”

hearing this, De Lisa nodded.

“It will not stand idly by, this is the meaning of its existence, what are you going to do?”

“Then I need to say, I choose a more direct method, can’t you just kill all of you Order Guardians?”


Teresa showed an expression of disbelief, she absolutely didn’t expect, the other party was so crazy that they chose to do this kind of lowest probability and most dangerous thing.

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