History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 406

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Of course, Ye Wen wouldn’t ask Zheng Ying to tinker with any battleships. That’s not to mention how troublesome it is to build. It’s probably a very limited role, unless Heaven’s Mystery Sect, a battleship capable of battleship, is formidable Power is improved by N grades-but in that case, I am afraid to consider whether this World can withstand it.

In short, Zheng Ying of Shushan Sect has a strong hands-on ability. He knows how to manufacture most of the electrical appliances and machinery on Earth. If Heaven’s Mystery Sect is really willing to cooperate with Shushan Sect to transform some of them, Then, if it becomes something that Immortals can use and is willing to use, then Shushan Sect finally has a stable source of property.

For now, the things that are more suitable for fairies are weapons and mobility tools. Especially for many people, young cultivators below Earth Immortal have a lot of unchanged because they can’t fly long distances. If they get a car on, They would be very happy to come.

No matter how strong these people are, no one will be willing to keep walking. With the easier and more convenient tools, no one would like to use that troublesome way.

Laziness is a human nature. Although the cultivators have gradually divorced from the category of humans, they still came from human cultivation.

Of course, there are many problems to be solved, such as the engine and energy issues, as for metals? Can those who can refine the tyrannical magic weapon come up with something that can replace the aluminum alloy plate?

It really doesn’t work. Cui Jun can still pull it out for use. At least this old fogey is more familiar with these things, and he has a higher status in his own school. He can use the power of Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

After thinking about it for a while, Ye Wen gradually fell asleep. After he got up on 2nd day, Cui Jun had arranged 4 recipes. Several people even packed the packages. As soon as Ye Wen got together, he set off. .

“Cui Senior, why bother?”

Cui Jun looked excited: “Ye Sect Master, you don’t know. Since I went to Earth for several decades, I was very interested in the equipment made by mortals. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in the world for too long. I didn’t get much, so the idea in my heart has never been realized.”

“Now it’s God’s will to ask me to meet Ye Sect Master!”

Feelings, Cui Jun had long been thinking of those things, but he didn’t understand the structure. Although he brought some things back, it was the most inefficient way for a person to groan and explore. The idea became real.

Now with Ye Wen, a person who knows (?), I believe that many of his ideas can be realized.

“By the way, when I saw Earth, there was something called TV that allowed people beyond a thousand li to see the picture and hear the sound. At that time, I thought this thing could be used to talk with people beyond a thousand li. , Both of them are sitting at home, they don’t even need to waste mana, they can chat to relieve boredom, it’s so good, but many of them don’t understand, so always…”

Ye Wen was surprised, and then said: “This kind of thing Earth already exists, called the phone!”

“Phone? That thing seems to only be able to talk? And it’s troublesome to connect a line…”

As soon as Cui Jun said, Ye Wen knew that when the old man went there were no mobile phones or video phones. Ye Wen had to roughly explain the development of the phone later. Cui Jun A moment of excitement.

“Well, if we can solve the signal problem, can we spread the phone to Immortal World?”

Ye Wen was shocked, but he had a lot of ideas, but he didn’t really think about this call, but think about it, this thing is the most attractive to the fairy, right? It is definitely a profiteering industry if it really spreads.

“This…waiting back to Shushan. My name is Zheng Ying and Senior. I have a better understanding of these electronic devices!”

Cui Jun nodded: “Very good!” Then he urged Ye Wen to set off, and even his few disciplines were too lazy to introduce him, dragging Ye Wen away from Heaven’s Mystery Sect and heading straight to the west.

The several disciplines brought by Cui Jun are all disciplines that can cross the border of Earth Immortal. Although they can fly, the speed is not very fast. Cui Jun is very anxious at this time. How can he tolerate such a slow speed? So with a ruth, he immediately urged mana to double the big bottle gourd sitting down, a group of people sat on the bottle gourd, and then went to Shushan with a fairly fast speed.

Ye Wen stood on the bottle gourd and looked at it. After feeling it in my heart, I felt that the speed might not be as fast as the plane, but the plane was much more comfortable than this thing.

“Do you want to study the plane yourself?”

Along the way, Ye Wen did not know how many thoughts had changed. Anyway, it seems to him now that Shushan Sect needs the “funds” for future development. At least these messy 7 8 bad things are enough to guarantee Shushan Sect Future income.

However, after returning to Shushan, Ye Wen had no intention of continuing to pay attention to these things except calling Zheng Ying and throwing them to Cui Jun, because there were other more anxious things for him to solve.

This thing is to quickly upgrade the strength of Shushan Sect disciple to above Earth Immortal, otherwise Ye Wen’s headache now is not a headache like medicine pill, magic weapon, etc., but how to solve the food problem of these 100 people.

There are now a few 100 people on the top of Shu Mountain, but only a few people can break through the valley. Among which is included Li Xuan, 3 meals a day should be eaten normally.

In addition, Shushan is now floating in the air, and only a few people can go down the mountain. The martial cultivator has a big appetite. If it was not when Shushan soared, it carried a lot of food itself, and the chickens, ducks, pigs, and so on captive on the mountain. After that, plus the expansion of the vegetable garden on the top of Shu Mountain, it is not small at this time, and it can basically meet the needs of the discipline in the school.

“But if you want to continue like this, it will not take long for us to have no grain in the mountains. Are all the 100 people hungry?”

Li Xiaoyao led Ye Wen around Shushan Sect’s grain depot, vegetable garden and livestock pen, and told Shushan Sect the current situation with Ye Wen.

“These days, Sister Niang, Martial Uncle, and those of us who can not eat have already cut off the food, but even so, it has only slightly delayed the speed of consumption. After all, there are too many disciplines on the mountain, so go on. If that’s the case, I am afraid that the white bear is the next food object!”

When he said this, Li Xiaoyao’s eyes suddenly glanced aside, and there was a trace of murderous aura in his eyes, but this trace of murderous aura seemed to reveal: “Finally, there is bear paw eating again!” Such a taste.

I don’t know if it happened or not. The white bear who came to Immortal World with Ye Wen was shivered all over, then shook his head at Ye Wen for a while, and then made a very funny action-he licked his own Big bear palms, and then immediately make nausea, as if eating something particularly unpleasant.


Ye Wen said with a heart that the bear was getting smarter, and then said to Li Xiaoyao: “Is there a solution?”

Li Xiaoyao hooked the head: “There is no solution yet!”

Ye Wen suffocated after listening to it, secretly thought: “Living people are about to be suffocated by urine, and I don’t know how Celestial Court and other Sects solved the food problem! At least I didn’t see these sects for food problems. And had a headache.”

He did not know that in those sects, the Great Sect of the gate naturally had its own means to cope with such problems, and the small households had just 2 or 3 kittens, even if they could only live by hunting, naturally there was no need to worry about food .

Li Xiaoyao saw the Master’s headache and said, “Why not take some things to sell in the town, and exchange some money to buy some food?”

Zhou Zhiruo and the others are also nearby at this time. Hearing Li Xiaoyao’s suggestion is also reliable. At least for now, Shushan Sect can only rely on purchasing grain to solve the problem of eating.

It is said that since Ye Wen gradually built Shushan Sect into shape, the industry of Shushan Sect has become a complete blood supply system, and then the villages at the foot of Shushan are all Shushan Sect tenant farmers, and they have gone away in Ye Wen. In the past few decades, there has been little worry about food, and even when the harvest year came to a close, Shushan Sect’s food was too much to eat and had to be transported to other places for sale.

Of course, for several years, Zhou Zhiruo instructed to donate food to the Imperial Court, which was considered an indirect help for Wei Hong, because at that time, the Imperial Court used troops at the 4th place, and the partial student Wei Hong refused to levy more taxes, so the food in the Imperial Court was quite tension.

Although Shushan Sect’s food can’t solve much of the problem, it can at least stabilize the Pingzhou war situation, so that he can take a little breath.

Wei Hong is quite remembered. Since Shushan Sect really treated him as his own family, he would not treat Shushan Sect badly. Because of this reason, he has now given him the opportunity to soar Immortal World.

At this time, Ye Wen had a headache and Wei Hong bowed: “Master, since Celestial Court intends to let our Shushan Sect sit in West Xinjiang, how much will it be a bit? Even if it cannot be supported on the surface, this food should be for them. Not a hassle!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, which is also a method, but he doesn’t like this. Always supporting Yang Jian, Shushan Sect has almost become a chess piece in the hands of others. He hopes for a mutually beneficial cooperation rather than this kind of survival under complete control.

Wei Hong came to Ye Wen and whispered in a voice that only two of them could hear: “Master, those who seek major event must bear it for a while, as long as we pass this difficulty in Shushan, we will naturally have us in the future When it rises!”

“Save for the teacher!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded and agreed to the suggestion. As for who went to Yang Jian to ask for food, Ye Wen decided to go out on his own and at the same time let Guan Luyan and Guan Shuying accompany him. After all, he just had to go to Guan Yu ,Take the person who knows the layout arrangement to Shushan, 2 things happened to be together.

Li Xiaoyao originally wanted to go down the mountain to do the job of buying food, but Ye Wen finally invited someone who taught pill concocting and control. Li Xiaoyao, as the deputy director of Medicine Pill Pavilion, naturally could not just leave casually, Ye Wen sent him away Learn how to pill concocting away.

As for the purchase of food, Ye Wen arranged for Xu Xian to go, considering that this is the border of the West, and there are frequent frictions with the West, so Chris and Tommy and the others were not sent out, obediently and honestly were left Practice on the mountain.

Immediately following Ye Wen, he took Guan Luyan and Guan Shuying away from Shushan and flew north. The place where Guan Yu was stationed was just north of Shushan. It was not far away, so I just rushed into the sky and did not fly long before. Saw it.

Compared to the fortress where Yang Jian is stationed, it seems to be smaller here, but the city wall is taller and looks more solid. Although there are not many people on guard, Ye Wen can vaguely feel that the defense here It is loose outside and tight inside.

Don’t look at how many soldiers and horses are defending, but if there is an attack, a very terrible battle strength can immediately erupt-most of the battle strength is hidden in the dark, and anyone who can’t see the situation is attacking in vain, it is simply asking for help. eat.

Because he had already been commanded by Guan Yu, Ye Wen and the others were unobstructed all the way. As a soldier led the way to the center of the fortress, the command post of the fortress, a very spacious hall.

“General Guan!”

“Ye Sect Master!”

Not at all others in the hall, except for Guan Family, only Ye Wen, and because of such a layer of relationship between the two people, strictly speaking is not considered an outsider.

Guan Yu had heard that Ye Wen had arrived, and arranged a banquet specially. After a few words of greeting, the two went straight to the table to drink, and even chatted.

As for the people arranged by Yang Jian, no one mentioned this matter, because this matter is just the same thing. When Ye Wen leaves, he will directly lead the person, and Guan Yu will not be hindered. This time and this year He refused to return the 2th county of Jingzhou, which was 4 yards. There was no need to force a cultivator in formation.

What’s more, Shushan Sect is now his own family, and he also has descendants in that Shushan Sect. Guan Yu still has to take care of it a lot 2.

After chatting about trivia, Guan Yu then asked about the situation of Guan Luyan. After learning that Guan Luyan was only the Honorary Disciple of Ye Wen, he frowned, but heard that Guan Luyan was only a few decades old. When he entered Ye Wen’s door, his brows were loosened again.

At the same time, Ye Wen also talked about the situation of Earth Cultivation World. Guan Yu’s dissatisfaction completely disappeared, but he was very satisfied with Guan Luyan.

“In such an environment on Earth, you can still enter this way with a few decades old, and come to Immortal World, but it really does not disgrace our Guan Weiwei! It’s just your name…”

In the Han Dynasty, the single name was expensive, and Guan Luyan’s name was 2 words, which made Guan Yu quite unhappy, even if he knew that the custom of single name was long gone, but how many in his heart was also one pimple. If you are willing to change your name for your children and grandchildren, but feel that you are a bit unreliable in doing so, that’s all this idea, but talked about other things.

“By the way, General Guan came to Celestial Court for a long time, and I don’t know what Immortal Sect in Immortal World can know?” Ye Wen remembered the troubles faced by his Sect. Food problems.

The methods used in Nine Provinces Ding world and those on Earth sects are not known to be suitable for this World. If it is feasible, it will save him a lot of worry.

In Nine Provinces Ding World, Shushan Sect is closely connected with people, and even became a local landlord. This method he feels is not very reliable at present. Sect in Immortal World seems to have little contact with ordinary people.

But the method of various sects on Earth can be referred to, that is, to set up a secular Sect under Shushan Sect, and then Shushan Sect itself is hidden in secret, and all transactions, including the discipline, are supplied and processed by the sects in this secular world. The method is quite in line with the situation of Immortal World. The trouble is that Ye Wen does not know in this world. What is the situation of the secular world Sect, if there is no such existence, what will he do? is it possible that simply support a force to be a prince in the dunya?

“Ah? It’s a way!”

Guan Yu didn’t know that Ye Wen thought about the possibility of dominating the world. Hearing Guan Luyan explained that Shushan Sect had just arrived at Immortal World and was completely unclear about the situation, but now he is facing a crisis of insufficient food. So I would like to ask how the factions deal with this problem, so I can learn more.

“Food!” Guan Yu stroked his long beard, his eyes narrowed: “In fact, in Immortal World, the land is fertile and the population is not very large, so this food has not been a problem. Those Immortal Path Sect Pies, either buying nearby, or simply raising a group of tenant farms themselves, can guarantee the development of their own Sect.”

“However, where Your sect is located, it is far away from people, it is a little more troublesome, and it seems that it can only be planted in the pie!” Guan Yu thinks about it, and there is no good way: “But I heard that Celestial Court soldiers and horses need Grain and grass are all nurtured by the Immortal Spell Technique. I think there is a spell that can solve the food problem, but Guanmou does not understand!”

Ye Wen froze for a moment, and then realized that this is a fairy family. That fairy family’s methods are more wonderful than they had encountered. The methods are also more complicated, and spell is definitely not just for battle!

This Immortal World exists. I don’t know how many years, and I don’t know how many Old Monsters have lived for 1000 years. No one can guarantee that these guys will make strange weird spells when they are bored, even if it is really possible. The method of allowing food to mature in a day will definitely not be a strange thing.

“Neglect the root and pursue the tip!”

Ye Wen smiled bitterly: “I only thought about those ordinary methods, but I forgot about this, but I don’t know who actually understands this kind of spell, so I went back and asked Cui Jun!”

Saying goodbye to Guan Yu, taking the Formation’expert’ that Yang Jian assigned to Shushan Sect in advance, Ye Wen went straight back to Shushan. Guan Luyan and Guan Shuying didn’t come back. They were left by Guan Yu and said they would personally teach and teach them, and let them return to Shushan in a few days, so when they went there were 3 people, and when they came back there were only 2 people.

After returning to Shushan, the person’s residence was arranged. Ye Wen went straight to Cui Jun and asked about the spell in that place, but Cui Jun surprised Ye Wen when she opened her mouth.

“That spell? I will!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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