History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 407

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“You can?”

Ye Wen did not expect that the solution that made him quite a headache was in his own mountain. Cui Jun even knew this technique. He thought that Cui Jun was better at those refiner pills concocting and the like!

Cui Jun ordered nodded: “Actually, this Magical Powers is a spell, but it is not the case. Various sects have different means to achieve this purpose. For example, Heaven’s Mystery Sect of this school uses Formation!”


Ye Wen didn’t expect there are so many talks in it, but there are many kinds of grain-based spells.

“Setting a spell in the place where the grain is grown can increase the growth rate of the grain by 3 to 5 times. If you can set up a compound formation and at the same time cooperate with some better materials to make a magic weapon, then you can reach a cooked one month, and It can be planted normally for ten and two months a year!”

The year of Immortal World is also ten or two months. According to the change of Spring, Summer, and Autumn winter season, you can roughly determine which period you are in, but for Immortals, this does not mean much to them. Those who carefully calculate their time are some younger disciplines. When they are above Earth Immortal or even Celestial Immortal, this time is just a bunch of numbers that’s all.

Even Ye Wen doesn’t care much about the ebbing of time, but his disciplines also care about, and this food problem also cares. Cui Jun’s proposed array can be cooked ten or two times a year, which makes him very interested. However, the Senior later made it clear: “With the current situation of Your sect, even if it was shot by me personally, I am afraid that I cannot set up a cooked array once a month, at most 2-3 times a year that’s all!”


Cui Jun was too disappointed to see Ye Wen not at all. He didn’t know if he had enough temperament or said he didn’t care.

“Because Your sect does not have those rare materials… even some ordinary materials are not available, if your sect really wants to develop arrays, refiners and pill concocting, it is best to buy some basic materials as soon as possible, otherwise even It’s a relatively elementary study that will slow you down because you don’t have anything to practice!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, knowing that these things must also be mentioned, but there are some of them, most of them are searched from Kunlun Faction and the South China Sea Immortal Palace, although not many, but should be able to withstand for a while, just not Know the quality of these materials.

Take out the things, pile up Cui Jun’s house, and ask the Senior of Heaven’s Mystery Sect to help them. The result is basically satisfactory to Ye Wen.

Although these materials are not so high-end, they are enough to make some basic entry medicine pill magic weapons. Now Shushan Sect learns these 2 skills but only a few things. The consumption is relatively low. It is estimated that it can support ten. In the coming year, Shushan Sect will have to find a way to get some baby by himself after ten years.

“In the next ten years, at least a batch of discipline cultivation can be transferred to Earth Immortal? When the time comes can let them go down the mountain to find some materials!”

These things are not anxious for the time being, because there is enough buffer time, it is not possible that Ye Wen can take a few magic weapons and take them to Heaven’s Mystery Sect for sale in exchange for some materials. Although some of Kunlun Faction’s magic weapons are not Peak, they are also sufficient. Part of Earth Immortal’s needs.

Now think about it, Kunlun Faction is really a good person, not only helped him solve some basic magical problems, but also gave so many things, so that Shushan Sect has a foundation for development in Immortal World, otherwise at first is so much trivial Things are enough to make Ye Wen busily fall apart. Perhaps for at least ten years, Shushan Sect will not be able to embark on the development track.

And how many of Shushan Sect’s current group can last ten years? Maybe when Shushan Sect can develop, these disciplines are all returned to the earth. He has tried his best to move the disciplines and even the entire Shushan to Immortal World. Isn’t it a useless work?

Please ask Cui Jun to arrange the formulation of the field garden on the mountain of Shushan Sect. Ye Wen estimated that even if only 4 crops of grain can be cooked in a year, it is enough for the consumption of Shushan Sect, and because of the Heaven and Earth of Immortal World Origin Qi is sufficient, resulting in fertile soil, and its own grain output is higher than the lower bound. In addition, the consumption of Shushan Sect will be less and less in the future, so it is not necessary to get the high-level Formulation of 2 crops a year.

After being busy with these things, Ye Wen was finally able to go back to rest. Since he brought Shushan Sect to Immortal World, he had been busy running around all day long before he had a rest, so he didn’t know now that he should live Where is it?

Fortunately, although the inner courtyard of Shushan has been expanded a lot, the basic framework has not changed. He just went straight to the core place, and soon saw the courtyard where he lived.

Ning Ruxue stood there, like many wives waiting for her husband to return, standing at the door and looking at him far away: “Are you back?”

“Well, come back!” Striding to the entrance of the courtyard, Ye Wen helped Ning Ruxue manage the slightly messy hair that was blown by the mountain: “How can I stand here? Are you waiting for me?”

“Just come out and blow that’s all!” Ning Ruxue murmured, and then it seemed to inadvertently say: “The courtyard was reorganized, and Senior Brother stayed in that room!”

Ye Wen didn’t go to see it either. He lived in this yard for nearly ten years, and he is very familiar with the grass and trees here, such as the old tree in the corner, but now the tree is getting taller and thicker. At this time, the branch stretched out, and the dense branches and leaves almost covered half of the courtyard.

It was originally in the Ning Ruxue’s room. The land in front of the window was full of daisies. After seeing it, Ye Wen suddenly remembered that the flower was planted by Huayi, and he specifically asked himself what flower he wanted to plant. I casually talked about this daisy, and I didn’t understand what it meant at the time. The 2 women also planted the flowers happily, and then took care of the flowers carefully.


Ning Ruxue noticed Ye Wen’s gaze, his face turned red, then fiercely whitened him, and finally took a sip: “Now I know that you were thinking about these things at that time!”


With a smirk for a while, Ye Wen, covering up the past, took Ning Ruxue and walked straight in. Now that he has become a husband and wife, Ning Ruxue is naturally impossible to continue to live alone in another room, and it is serious to pull directly back to the main room.

As for Huayi, although Ye Wen wanted to drag her into the main room, she did not agree. Fortunately, there were 2 bedrooms in the main room, one of which was given to Huayi.

The other two bedrooms in the courtyard are now empty, but one of them is packed up and is ready to be used as a study room for Ye Wen. The other one has not yet thought about what to do, and it may be changed to a practice room. It is used by individuals to practice exercises, so that they will not send some of the highest-ranking people to rush to practice exercises with the juniors.

These things will be handled slowly in the later days. Ye Wen took Ning Ruxue back to the bedroom. After a simple wash, she went straight to the kang, and then watched Ning Ruxue chuckled all the time.

“What a laugh? You haven’t taken a good rest these days. You’re running around and you haven’t hurried to sleep!”

“Yes, yes! This is asleep!”

In fact, Ye Wen is not tired at all. After all, he is also the cultivation base of Earth Immortal Peak. He has long been a human, but what can he do if he hasn’t rested for a few days? But Shimei is also concerned about herself. It’s not easy to beat people’s good intentions, close your eyes obediently, and then quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up on the second day, it was not yet dawn. At this time, it was midsummer in Immortal World, and the place where Shushan Sect was located was not a cold zone. Even in autumn, it would continue to heat for quite a while. Thanks to Shushan Sect’s high mountain, it is cool and pleasant.

It’s just that it’s too high. It’s too early in the morning. The sun has risen completely. The hour is just in the morning. Ye Wen hugged Zhengxiang’s sister who was sleeping in her arms, and began to think about the cultivation technique in her head. problem.

“Vermilion Bird said that what the school lacks is the step of body refinement. It didn’t free up its hand to solve this problem, but now it is necessary to get this problem solved as soon as possible!”

Thinking of this, I didn’t want to continue to lie in the warm blanket, enjoy the warm fragrance of warmth and warm jade, get up on the couch lightly, and wash away before striding out of my small courtyard.

But he was stupid as soon as he came out. He has been running around these days, and he has no idea which yard he lives in. Although the small courtyards around him are basically his disciplines, it is not easy to hear the news one by one. It would be too much to lose points and lose your identity!

Fortunately, as Sect Master, he is currently the highest-ranking person of Shushan Sect. He doesn’t need to do everything by himself. He went out of the yard 4 to see next, and there are many disciplines of night watch. Call one casually and call him to call Chris.


“That’s the one who looks very different!”

“Ah… May I ask Sect Ancestral Master, are you talking about the black bald head or the long, particularly white hair with yellowish hair?”

“Just the white guy with a little yellow hair!”

The disciple knew Chris, but he couldn’t remember which of those people’s names, because the name seemed to him to be so convoluted and unremarkable. Although he remembered these people, he couldn’t match his name. No. So I had to ask Ye Wen carefully before turning around and leaving.

Ye Wen thought about it and thought that Chris would probably not be there in a while, so he went straight back to the room and brewed a pot of tea for himself. Didn’t expect that when he came out with the teapot, Chris was already in the hospital Waiting for him.


“En? Why did you come so early?”

“Hehe, it’s already up, doing morning exercises!”

Chris has always been diligent. In Changbai Immortal Realm, he is always the earliest one, so he is also particularly loved by Ye Wen. Not only did he impart the wave punch and uranium light wave punch to him, but he also began to impart his own He was taught a few stern schools, such as Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms.

The trick of Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms is not to change surprises, but to take the path of suppressing people. This is more consistent with Seven Colored Battle Qi in some places, so Chris can also make a few of Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. Come in formidable power. But to really understand Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Chris has to work hard for several decades-this is caused by cultural and ideological differences, not Chris’s perception.

Ye Wen sat down directly at the stone table, and greeted Chris to sit down and poured 2 cups of tea: “There is no coffee anymore, you might get used to these things in the future!”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it!”

2 people casually pulled 2 gossips, and soon Ye Wen turned things to the topic: “Chris, how much do you know about Absolute Domain?”

“Absolute Domain?” Chris was a little surprised, coupled with his extremely fast head, his thoughts turned, and he roughly guessed his Master’s idea.

But he is not a reckless person, after all, it is just his own guess that’s all, so according to Ye Wen’s words: “The Absolute Domain cultivated by Zheng Ying and Zhang Ling is similar to Seven Colored Battle Qi or has several points of, and It can be said that formidable power and Seven Colored Battle Qi are indistinguishable, but there is still a victory in terms of dominance!”

If the trainers of Seven Colored Battle Qi still need some suitable tricks to play Battle Qi’s formidable power, then Absolute Domain can even ignore the tricks to some extent, and it can be ignored only by the tempered body Most of the tricks, even the simplest one-for-one stroke-for-strike fight, can’t cause irreparable injury to those who use cultivation Absolute Domain.

This is the advantage of Absolute Domain, which even makes Chris envious. It is a pity that he has cultivated Seven Colored Battle Qi only when he has already cultivated Absolute Domain, but now, there seems to be hope?

Ye Wen took a sip of tea and asked tentatively: “Now your strength has basically reached the Peak of Seven Colored Battle Qi. Although there is a higher level of Black Battle Qi behind you, you also know that this Black Battle Qi There is a huge side effect, that is, when the tyrannical Battle Qi fills the whole body, it will affect the fragile brain, and maybe a fool will become a fool!”

Chris also knows the problem, so in these years he suppresses the promotion of Battle Qi, while using the method taught to him by Ye Wen, he uses purple Battle Qi to adapt his brain to the tyranny of Battle Qi.

He estimated that as long as the brain can withstand Purple Battle Qi, even if Black Battle Qi will appear violent, it will not cause too much damage to the brain.

This is also the solution that Ye Wen at first thought. The trouble with this method is that it takes a long time, and then it needs Ye Wen to protect Chris’s brain with an Innate Purple Qi, lest this discipline should be used inattentively. After he got started, he turned himself into a fool before practicing Black Battle Qi.

But now, he decided to change the method, such as Absolute Domain to solve the trouble of Seven Colored Battle Qi.

After Absolute Domain cultivation is up, it will continue to refine the practitioner’s body, including muscles, meridian, skeleton and even organs, and the brain is naturally one of them.

Black Battle Qi will have an impact on the brain. The biggest reason is that Black Battle Qi is too violent, and the brain can’t bear this violent Battle Qi, it will naturally fall into madness. And what if the brain can bear it? Naturally, there is no problem.

“This idea is just a vision for the teacher. If it is successful, your strength may take a qualitative leap. At least as far as Shushan is concerned, there are very few who can be stronger than you!”

After Ye Wen said these words, he then raised the hidden dangers: “But this method is not without hidden dangers. After all, it is just an idea for the teacher. The consequences will be unpredictable! The best result is naturally yours. Seven Colored Battle Qi can stabilize, while cultivation success Absolute Domain, physical fitness is continuously refined, after reaching a limit, your Battle Qi can also follow the trend to reach the Black Battle Qi stage without any side effects! The important thing is that your cultivation base will not be limited to the field of Seven Colored Battle Qi, and you can gain more strength in the future.”

“But that’s just the most ideal posture, a little worse is that a certain power in Seven Colored Battle Qi or Absolute Domain can’t cultivate success, or that cultivation success is completely swallowed by one of the systems, another power, In this way, you may still only retain one of the forces, and there is not much change in your current situation. At most, it is a waste of time that’s all!”

“The worst thing is that the two forces conflict and cannot coexist, and the two forces devour each other, and no one can help each other.

Chris also knows the seriousness of this matter, which may be related to his future and his life. He has to ask in detail: “Will it die?”

Ye Wen pats this discipline that was included in the door because of some accidents: “No, there is a teacher, you will never die!” Even if the worst happens, Ye Wen is confident to keep Chris’s life, so the worst The situation is that Chris’s cultivation base has been scrapped.

“If it’s the worst case, you don’t have to worry, we have a lot of medicine pill in Shushan Sect now, enough to cure your injury! Then you can re-cultivate, this time you may not be able to cultivate cultivation Seven Colored Battle Qi, you can choose the cultivation technique yourself!”

Fortunately, he also followed the discipline of his several decades. Ye Wen felt that Chris could enjoy such treatment. Even if he wanted to learn Innate Purple Qi or congenital merits, he could still teach him.

If it were not for Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror that no one else could practice except himself, he actually wanted to pass on Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror long ago, but unfortunately this cultivation technique requires Tian Jing to cultivate.

However, as Ye Wen now understands Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror more and more, there is gradually a little clear comprehension, that is, Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror does not necessarily have to use Tianjing to cultivate, if he can thoroughly understand this cultivation technique, maybe he You can write the cultivation mantra based on your understanding of this cultivation technique. In that case, people in Shushan Sect can use the mantra he wrote to cultivate without using Tianjing.

It’s just that these things may take a long time to accomplish. Now he still works on solving the current problems.

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