History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 408

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There is little suspense in Chris’s choice. As a cultivator, if you are not even enterprising, then what’s the point of living this cultivator?

In fact, he always wanted to hit a higher level, even if he knew that there would be such problems after cultivation to Black Battle Qi. At the same time, his cultivation base was difficult to improve greatly, but Chris still hoped to be able to do it as soon as possible. Reach the Black Battle Qi cultivation base.

It has nothing to do with it, it just wants to impact higher level that’s all.

Now Ye Wen has given him a chance, not only can he hit a higher level, but also gives him a broader future-even if cultivated to Black Battle Qi, he can also hit a higher level, his own cultivation base does not Limited. In this case, what other reasons did he refuse?

Although Ye Wen talked about a lot of dangers, Chris found that those dangers are not dangerous, and the worst result is that the cultivation base is exhausted, but this is nothing for him!

What’s more, cultivation is always dangerous. Even step-by-step cultivation may have cultivation deviation, so he could give up such an opportunity to improve himself because of one possibility.

“I am willing to try cultivation Absolute Domain!”

Ye Wen just ordered nodded after hearing Chris’ answer, not at all said. It seems that Chris’s choice had long been expected, so he was not surprised at all.

“So, starting today, wait for that’s all breakfast and you will follow me to cultivate!”

“Yes, Master!”

There was nothing to say at breakfast, but this time Ye Wen specifically urged his disciplines to eat in the small dining room in the inner courtyard.

Looking at the 2 large tables of discipline of grand disciples, Ye Wen felt very happy. When he was excited, he even forgot to move his chopsticks. 2 The table looked at him daring not to use chopsticks. Let several people swallow saliva from time to time.

“Senior Brother ……”

Ning Ruxue looked at Ye Wen and looked at everyone excitedly. Ning Ruxue had to reach out and pinch Ye Wen underneath. That’s why he came back to his senses: “Everyone is waiting for you to chop. !”

“Oh, right!” Ye Wen suddenly realized that this was in Shushan. Although everyone respected themselves when Changbai Immortal Realm, but some habits did not care, everyone did not have to wait for Ye Wen after taking the seat. The first chopsticks, people just start eating when they are there.


“Let’s eat!”

Ye Wen took a bite of the dish and put it in his mouth, then chewed slowly, his eyes slowly from Zhou Zhiruo to Guo Jing to Wei Hong, and then looked towards Liu Mengli, long eyebrows and the others, until it was swept again, everyone’s breakfast The food is almost finished, but Ye Wen hasn’t moved a few bites yet.

“More and more people!”

With a low sigh, Ning Ruxue heard a different feeling in his heart when he heard it next to him.

In those days, Shushan Sect was just an unremarkable downhill at the foot of the mountain. Even if someone saw Shushan Sect’s plaque, they wouldn’t stay on them any more. After taking a glance, they would turn around and leave. Strong Sect.

Later, they also called the Shushan School to lose their Sect plaque and station to their competitors. At that time, the anger and depression in their hearts still remembered 2 Chu, but that was a long time ago.

Ning Ruxue watched firsthand how Shushan Sect gradually developed from scratch to what it is today, and is also admired for his Senior Brother. Although Shushan Sect first arrived at Immortal Realm, many problems have made everyone a bit Ning Ruxue always believes that as long as Senior Brother is there, then all problems will not be a problem.

Reach out and gently hold Ye Wen’s palm, and then give Ye Wen a bit of a dish: “Eat first, if you don’t eat, the disciples don’t dare to leave!”


Ye Wen drank the bowl of rice porridge in front of him, then put the tableware and said softly, “Meng Li, don’t leave later!”

“Yes, Ancestor Master!”

Everyone knows that Liu Mengli is the apprentice of Ye Wen, and until now are all out, and they are relying on their own cultivation. These days, it is only Wei Hong who has been mentored as Martial Uncle, but it is only that’s on internal strength. all.

At the moment, it is supposed that Ye Wen is going to teach it by himself. Zhou Zhiruo’s generation is not that bad, but the discipline of Liu Mengli’s peers seems to be envious. I don’t know when I will have this opportunity. teach.

After dinner, the people dispersed, and Ye Wen led Liu Mengli and Chris straight to a secluded place in the mountainside. This is the place where Ye Wen likes to stay and watch the scene. The boulder is still here, everything There was little change as when I left.

But at this time standing on the boulder down, the picturesque beauty is much more beautiful than the original Pingzhou territory, which is far from comparable.

With emotion, Ye Wen turned his head and said to Chris first: “Absolute Domain’s cultivation method, I think you already know it, I won’t say much! Now I just tell you, use your own Purple Battle Qi to urge This method, pay attention to control the amount of Battle Qi, suppress the amount of use, not too much, step by step to urge it slowly, remember not to be too impatient!”

Chris nodded and sat cross-legged on the ground, closing his eyes and urging Absolute Domain! Ye Wen looked around for a moment, and saw that Chris was gradually evaporating the purple smoke, and the smoke was becoming thicker and thicker, even covering up Chris’s face. His brow was wrinkled, and he walked behind him and reached out his hand. Chris’s spirit lightly.

Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror’s strength was exhibited, suppressing Chris within the body’s Battle Qi, but it was not completely suppressed, just like setting a wall on a river channel, but leaving a small mouth to let the river water Can flow more smoothly, so that the smoke on Chris’s body gradually thinned out, and finally only a light purple was left, not as exaggerated as before.

Ye Wen ordered nodded, which is just right, and can guarantee that Chris can cultivate Absolute Domain, but will not burst too strong energy at once, so that the power of Absolute Domain rises spontaneously, causing Seven Colored Battle Qi Rebound.

And this cultivation is also safer, at least not because of a sudden increase in power, or the power of another system will cause a violent conflict. At this time, even if there is any problem, it can be controlled at a minimum cost.

“It seems that Chris’ Seven Colored Battle Qi has already reached the level of promotion to the Black Battle Qi, but it has been suppressed! Now there is a tendency to be out of control!”

Ye Wen has always emphasized the control of his own power. In his words, it is an uncontrolled power. Even if it is powerful, it is useless. How much power can be exerted is a cultivator.

Because of his philosophy, Shushan Sect’s disciplines are very focused on controlling his own strength. Chris is so diligent. In addition to the different energy in the body at the beginning, the strength has been improved quickly, and he has always been paying attention. Own control of Battle Qi.

But didn’t expect to practice at this time, Chris can’t suppress his Battle Qi. It can be seen how much his current strength has improved. If it wasn’t for Ye Wen who began to teach him Absolute Domain, maybe Chris wouldn’t take long Will passively advance to Black Battle Qi.

As for now…Because Absolute Domain needs to consume energy to improve its strength, and at the same time, the most Early-Stage hardened body also needs to consume a lot of energy. The overflowing purple Battle Qi of Krishna is likely to be Absolute Domain consumes everything to refine his body.

To put it simply, Chris’s Battle Qi may be reduced to a certain extent, but his body will be stronger than before. Even if Chris is ruthless, it is very likely that Absolute Domain will be directly cultivated to the top level. His Purple Battle Qi may consume more than half, but after his body is more strengthened, he can completely re-cultivate Battle Qi to the original realm in a short time.

Then with no difficulty, I entered the Black Battle Qi and there were no side effects. To put it bluntly, you have to give up first, and then you will get it! Although Ye Wen can think of this level, he will not make any comments. He hopes that Chris will choose the cultivation method himself, and he can also observe Chris further.

Seeing that the situation of the discipline stabilized, Ye Wen turned his eyes to Liu Mengli.

Liu Muyan’s daughter is now only about 20, and it is also a big girl in the Nine Provinces world. Wei Hong said that if he did not bring them to Immortal World himself, he had already started to discuss with Zhou Guan whether he would find a suitable one for Liu Mengli. Husband’s house.

In fact, if it’s not a difference in seniority, Zhou Guan’s grandson is a good choice. Unfortunately, because of this seniority, I dare not dare to make such an idea. If it’s just Zhou Steward’s and Liu Family’s seniority, it’s okay. The problem is that Wei Hong there. If Zhou Guan’s grandson is married to Liu Mengli, then Wei Hong, who is Liu’s uncle and nephew, sees Zhou Guan…

If you don’t know it, that’s all, but Zhou Zhou is the insider, so he dare not step on this deep water, or find someone who does not know anything.

But now I don’t need to have a headache for this kind of thing. I have already arrived at Immortal World to pursue immortal dao. It’s okay not to marry all my life. Besides, Shushan Sect can be regarded as Liu Mengli’s hometown. There is no need to feel awkward living in a foreigner’s home. Ye Wen, the grandfather, is also taking care of her, so Liu Mengli has settled down in Shushan.

It’s just that her cultivation base is too bad. If she hasn’t made progress over time, she will feel unhappy. Fortunately, Ye Wen called her over here today. It means to guide her martial arts.

“These days, I went out and turned around and learned about a flaw in our Shushan Sect cultivation technique! This problem, but there is a way to solve it, is that you need Meng Li to help you!”

“Ancestor Master ordered that the discipline will follow suit!”

“En!” Ye Wen nodded, then pointed to the ground and sat down first.

Liu Mengli didn’t shy away from it. Although it was just a piece of loess and there was nothing on it, but Ancestor Master sat down. How could she not sit down?

After sitting down straight, I heard Ye Wen say: “Let’s transport Violet Mist Technique first, just like you do exercises in normally.”

Liu Mengli did what she said, and Ye Wen saw that her Violet Mist Technique started to work. Purple Qi appeared on her face and hands, and she knew that she had already started to perform normal exercises. Innate Purple Qi, followed by Liu Mengli’s Tan Zhongxue, entered the Meridian within his body.

With his cultivation base, even if he wants to deliver True Qi, he does not necessarily need to touch the other party, as long as the other party is alert, even if it is a few meters apart, he can do it.

“Be happy, no matter what happens, don’t be afraid! Remember to take advantage of it and don’t force it!”

Liu Mengli didn’t answer, she was in the middle of the exercise, and she couldn’t speak. She just felt a ray of warm energy entering from Tan Zhong’s acupoint, and then after 2 turns between her heart and lungs, she started to follow the trend, in the dantian Another 2 turns, and finally walked with his own Qixia True Qi.

At first, this vigour just followed his own True Qi. Liu Mengli saw that there was no change, and even began to raise his own Zixia True Qi, which greatly improved the effect of his cultivation, and then ignored it, so closed his eyes. One mind cultivation.

But after 3 turns, the Innate Purple Qi suddenly changed direction and took her a little True Qi to another meridian. Liu Mengli only felt a little pain in her meridian and almost shouted.

It was at this time that Ye Wen’s voice was heard: “Meditate, don’t panic! Continue to practice and concentrate on practice!”

Liu Mengli endured the pain and did not dare to say anything, according to the instructions of Ye Wen’s single-minded cultivation Violet Mist Technique, and then made preparations for greater pain.

But the strange thing is that after the True Qi walked a few times in some meridians, there was no pain. At the same time, most of the meridians performed by True Qi surrounded their internal organs, and even reached 4 limbs. At the end, she didn’t cultivate these meridians at this time, so I found that the True Qi line was very obscure.

Liu Mengli opened her eyes when she did Perfection, and saw Ye Wen sitting there with her eyes closed and frowning. She seemed to be thinking about something. She didn’t dare to bother. She just sat there boringly and looked around, looking at Ye Wen from time to time. Or look at Chris on the side.

It took a long time for Ye Wen to have eyes opened, and his wrinkled brows were also loosened, and said to Liu Mengli: “I said the formula, you try it!”

Liu Mengli didn’t know what Ye Wen was doing, but had to say respectfully, and then waited for Ye Wen to read the mantra, and then practiced slowly according to Ye Wen’s method of doing exercises.


After only a while, Liu Mengli discovered that this mantra seemed a bit different from internal strength, similar to Violet Mist Technique has several points of. Even if this recipe does not go through dantian and more important points, it will not form a unique True Qi, but only mobilizes the True Qi in the meridian to spread around the body.

“This… kind of like a recipe for distracting work!”

Feeling that every time you use this mantra, Liu Mengli will find that her inner Qi has dissipated, so that she has unconsciously started Violet Mist Technique to restore True Qi.

As a result, she unknowingly used two sets of formulas at the same time, and the strange thing is that these two sets of formulas did not conflict.

Violet Mist Technique is just cultivation as usual, running and growing in your own meridian, but it is different from how much it has grown in the past. Zixia True Qi will always have a hint of True Qi in the middle of the journey during the journey. Dissipated, and finally dispersed into all parts of the body and then no longer found. Liu Mengli couldn’t think of where to go for these True Qi for a long time. After a few weeks and days after cultivated, she found out that the True Qi she cultivated was better than normal There is much less, but it is almost the same as in the Nine Provinces world.


“Did you find it?” Ye Wen looked towards Liu Mengli with a smile, and seemed to have met this situation long ago.

“Yes!” Liu Mengli didn’t know why this happened, but she didn’t think that Ancestor Master would deliberately harm her-really wanted to harm her, just shoot it to death with a palm, why bother?

Ye Wen knew that Liu Mengli couldn’t understand it, and explained it simply: “In fact, this is a sect secret art just created. This sect secret art can be used with any kind of mentality in this door, and its function is only one. !”


Liu Mengli is very curious. It seems that it is just constantly consuming True Qi. What benefits does secret art do? Why let Ancestor Master personally teach himself carefully, what is this rare Divine Art?

“Refined fleshy body!”

Ye Wen’s answer made Liu Mengli even more puzzled. In desperation, Ye Wen had to explain the importance of cultivating the Fleshy body within the realm to Liu Mengli.

“If in the original world, the martial artist was only human even before cultivation to smashing void, then this secret art combined with cultivation to smashing void realm would really be out of the category of man, even if this person still There is no smashing void!”

It seems to emphasize that Ye Wen took a few stones in his hand: “The experts in the previous world wanted to crush these stones. The way they used it was to call out the internal energy, and then make the fleshy body With the help of Naijin, instantly increase to a strength to crush it!”

“And for the experts who are cultivated with the help of this secret art, they don’t need to be so troublesome, they just need to squeeze it…” Ye Wen held it in his hand, and didn’t use True Qi at all, and then spread his palm. The few stones had turned into dust: “You can do it!”

“Is there any benefit in this way?”

Liu Mengli knew that this would be stronger, but why did he emphasize the body so much?

“Because you want to become an immortal, the strength of your body must reach a level-if you don’t, you will most likely collapse the fleshy body when you cross that threshold.

But the current cultivation technique of this school can’t let everyone achieve this standard through general cultivation! If you cultivate to the realm when you are young and strong, you may be able to cross the threshold. If you are only preparing for smashing void at the age of Martial Uncle, then the probability of failure…”

Speaking of which, Liu Mengli has all understood! Ye Wen will emphasize the cultivation of the flesh, just to enable the Shushan disciplines to cross the threshold of Earth Immortal more safely.

“What’s more, the fleshy body is strong, so that the formidable power of martial arts can be better played. For the faction without the help of magic weapons and all kinds of strange spells, this will be the main thing that determines the rise and fall of this faction!”

Originally, Ye Wen just wanted the Fleshy body of the disciplines to reach the universal standards of Immortal World, but now he figured it out! Either don’t do it, do it the best! So he very simply changed the Qiankun cotton body a few times, and came up with this slightly inferior cultivation technique: Yuan Ling’s Quintessence! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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