History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 409

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The method of Yuan Ling’s body tactics actually not at all consumes too much energy of Ye Wen, perhaps because he is getting deeper in the cultivation base nowadays, and studying Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror all day long, gradually understanding of the cultivation technique is becoming more and more The deeper, you can gradually see the most essential through the appearance of something.

Of course, he still couldn’t see the too profound cultivation technique, but it didn’t prevent him from making some guesses.

The outer sect training technique of innate Qiangong is undoubtedly a very advanced cultivation secret art. It is said that after practicing Kun Wuji, even if you don’t understand the outer sect skill of Qiangong 7 of innate Qiangong, you can also rely on the powerful fleshy The body suppresses Fiendgod and becomes an extremely tyrannical existence.

As the entry part of the Qiankun cotton body, it is also quite tyranny. If there is not enough cultivation base, simply even the entry is not allowed. Shushan Sect now has a lot of disciplines, but it can really cultivate the Qiankun cotton body. There are really few. .

According to the detailed observation by Ye Wen, if you want to cultivate the Qiankun cotton body, you must have at least the cultivation base of Earth Immortal, and then you can cultivate the Diamond Body when you reach the Earth Immortal Peak.

As long as Qiankun Diamond Body is close to Great Accomplishment, it can almost become Celestial Immortal… As for Wuji? Ye Wen doesn’t know if he can achieve Golden Immortal by practicing Promise, but if he can’t think about it, he can’t make much difference.

It can be said that with the innate and external cultivation technique, Shushan Sect, there is no need to worry about the cultivation technique. The current martial arts structure of Shushan Sect can just become a very complete tree structure. The only thing wrong is the secret art of the low-end secret body.

Yuan Ling’s body formula was born.

According to the idea of ​​Ye Wen, this cultivation technique does not need to allow the trainer to cultivate a strong Inner sect True Qi like ordinary internal strength. All it needs to do is to use the strong True Qi cultivated by cultivator cultivation to continue to raise Fleshy body makes fleshy body tyrannical.

Not only to meet the standards of Immortal World cultivator, but also stronger! After all, his Shushan Sect eats by the body, because the medicine pill and so on itself are much weaker than those of Immortal World. If the Fleshy body that originally relied on survival is almost the same as the ordinary cultivator, then Shushan Sect What stands at Immortal World?

In addition, Ye Wen itself is quite tyrannical because of many fortuitous encounters, and the fleshy body is tempered, so he is also more accustomed to this style of play. It is foreseeable that as his discipline, everyone’s battle method will also be infinitely close to him. , Then you need a strong fleshy body as the basis.

Moreover, to become Earth Immortal, Fleshy Body must also maintain a certain intensity! On Earth, many cultivators can’t cross the threshold of Earth Immortal, which may have the reason for Fleshy body.

As for the selection of Liu Mengli at at first, one is that this grandson really needs his personal guidance, and the other is that her cultivation base is relatively low. This cultivation technique will be able to develop in a balanced manner later this morning.

Of course, it’s not too late for others. After a week of determining Liu Mengli’s cultivation, Ye Wen began to teach the sect secret art to several of his own disciplines, and then let them teach to their own disciplines, and teach in turn. Go down.

“Do Outer Disciple need cultivation?”

After Guo Jing’s cultivation finished this sect secret art, his physical feeling was not obvious, because he was the best body among the group of people in Shushan Sect, so he could not show any specificity in a short time.

Nangong Huang and Wei Hong, who are not in good health, can feel the obvious natural phenomenon at the beginning. Only after being cultivated for a few days, they feel that their mental strength is much stronger.

At this time, I heard Guo Jing asking, and I was also curious as to why my Master would set this newly created Body Refining Cultivation Art. Can Inner Disciple be used for cultivation, or Direct Disciple can be used for cultivation?

I don’t want Ye Wen to be generous. I waved it directly: “Outer Disciple can also be used for cultivation. In the future, this elemental spirit will be used as an entry cultivation technique for this school. As long as you can learn the recipe of All True Heart Law, you can get all you can. teach!”

He has thought about it for a long time. The sooner this cultivating tactic is, the better the cultivation is. The cultivation technique emphasizes that it is slowly tempered and slowly cultivated, not the kind of instant improvement in a very short time. The domineering cultivation technique of human body quality, then the length of cultivation time will become the biggest factor to determine the effect.

In addition, this cultivation technique is actually not particularly found. Shushan Sect’s real found Body Refining Cultivation Art is still the body Refining Cultivation Art of innate merits.

If it is not that these disciplines have not yet met their own requirements, they may be directly taught to them, so there is no need to be too stingy about an entry level other cultivation technique.

As for whether it will leak the cultivation technique as a result? Ye Wen is not worried, this cultivation technique is really useless in Immortal World.

Although the Fleshy body can be tempered, and the effect is stronger than most Sect’s introductory cultivation techniques, but it does not produce True Qi itself, it is purely expendable secret art, so in those Sect Disciple, this simply is completely useless Something, their cultivation technique itself has the effect of smelting fleshy body, and for them, those effects are enough, and need not be so strong.

In the eyes of the higher-level cultivator, Yuan Ling’s body formula is too low-end, and at the same time, cultivators who are interested in improving fleshy body strength and approaching the Slaughter Path line can’t look down on this sect secret art, so Ye Wen is not at all worried that this cultivation technique will be stolen by others-this is a secret art created entirely for Shushan Sect disciple and the characteristics of this cultivation technique. It is useless for others to take it.

In this way, according to the latest adjustments, Shushan Sect’s Outer Disciple at first will have to pass on Basic Internal Strength. Generally, after a while of cultivation, I found a basic sense of gas. After warming up inner Qi, I will learn All True Heart Law.

In the past, the average person needs one or two months. If aptitude is good, it may take 2 to 3 days to complete this step; if the aptitude is poor, it may be uncertain, maybe half a year or even a year.

All True Heart Law will be the lifetime cultivation technique of these Outer Disciple cultivations, unless you become an Inner Disciple’s discipline to become an inner Disciple’s discipline. However, in this case, internal strength is rarely rewarded, usually outside sect kung fu.

Now that I’m in Immortal World, the time of the 1st Step is reduced again. Maybe it’s a good aptitude to teach him, and then I can directly cultivate All True Heart Law and Yuan Ling’s body formula.

Two cultivation arts will be cultivated at the same time, and no one can leave one alone and practice only one—Ye Wen has also considered what would happen if there were disciples who were too impatient. But if you think about it, Sect’s Grand Competition will undoubtedly be the suffering day of this discipline.

Because Shushan Sect’s Sect’s Grand Competition is similar to the year-end exam, all disciplines will go up and compare with the same sect, plus Shushan Sect only has martial arts moves without spell, and the internal strength cultivation base of 2 people is not strong enough to pass the old As far as the degree of flatness, then the fleshy body’s arrogance or not will become a key factor in the victory.

“As long as your head is normal and you don’t want to be tyrannical, it is estimated that you will not abandon Yuan Ling’s essence!”

Of course, it is not ruled out that some people are clever and clever, but such a discipline Ye Wen is too lazy to discipline, even if he does not comply with the cultivation technique regulations of his teacher, what else can such a discipline have?

“The road has been paved for them, and it is their business to walk or not, there is no need to think too much!”

When he heard Nanghuang Huang asked about exactly similar concerns as he had previously thought, Ye Wen said freely: “The disciplinary number is 100, impossible one after another. According to the teaching, this can be considered a test. !”

Nangong Huang ordered nodded and said that he understood, and then, along with the senior and junior brothers, passed on the Yuanling’s quintessential tactics.

This is quite a huge project, because in addition to a few people in Shushan Sect, most of the disciplines are cultivated to All True Heart Law or even a higher level of cultivation technique, which means that this elemental spirit is almost manual. In this book, Shushan Sect does not have such strong printing ability, so the only way to choose is for everyone to go back and copy a copy, and then hand over the original to other senior and junior brothers, and continue to copy by themselves-there are several recipes to copy a few copies.

Afterwards, it is given to the disciples, and the disciples are passed down according to law. This is the end until everyone has a cheat book.

The senior and junior brothers all looked towards Guo Jing with extremely sympathetic eyes, and felt that this Senior Brother (Junior Brother) was really miserable. There were so many disciplines. This time it was enough for him to be tired.

Li Xiaoyao even snickered to rejoice: “Fortunately, I don’t have a discipline, and I don’t need cultivation to do this!”

He has already started cultivation of innate Qiankun skills, but he has not practiced the moves, only the internal and external cultivation techniques. He expressed his interest in Qiankun 7 and he is more in favor of cultivation Myriad Swords Art of his Master, and even made a big wish. It is bound to create the legendary ultimate Sword God.

“Sword God?”

Li Xiaoyao lifted his chest and raised his fist, “Yes, Master!”

“That’s the trick of the Great Grandpa behind that one move?” Ye Wen looked like a lack of interest: “Your taste is really weird!”

“…” Li Xiaoyao remembered that Sword God’s Flying Sword was very domineering, but the shape of the Great Grandpa was really not very pleasing to the eye. He began to consider whether to transform a giant in his own way, or simply get it A beautiful Sword God image? “This… can be changed!”

“Change to become a teacher? That’s not bad!” Ye Wen never thought about it in this respect. Xu is too much in the cottage, forgetting that he can reform and innovate himself!

However, this shameless remark made everyone speechless, but Li Xiaoyao felt that he would create Sword God in the future, maybe he could only use the appearance of the Master. If he used other people’s appearance, would the Master be dissatisfied, and then Pack yourself up?

After thinking about it, I feel that this probability is infinitely close to 100%, so Li Xiaoyao no longer mentions Sword God himself, but focuses on Myriad Swords Art for more than ten years, and has not relaxed at all.

These conversations were nothing more than tea and dinner. After many recipes got Ye Wen’s Yuanling’s quintessence, they all went back to transcribe them. Then for some reason, Guo Jing finally got them. Many disciplines said they could help, but Guo Jing was very puzzled. Asked: “What are you doing for me?”

“Ah? You have to copy so many copies, when will you write it yourself?”

“When did I say I would copy it myself?”

Guo Jing looked strange, didn’t understand why they said this, and then went straight back to his yard with the original.

After everyone glanced at each other, they didn’t understand how Guo Jing would solve the secrets of their own pile of recipes. Could they simply hand over the secrets to the disciples and then let them copy them?

“It’s a way to do this!” Wei Hong didn’t have a recipe, but just copied it himself, so he didn’t feel too tired, and he didn’t need to use his brain.

Nangong Huang actually used the same method, because although his health improved, he was still a little weak. The two princes did the transcript.

Everyone said for a while, they were very curious about what Guo Jing would do, and they ran together to see the excitement. When they arrived at Guo Jing’s residence, everyone laughed dumbly.

I saw Guo Jing clean up the hall, put a square table underneath, and then sat on his head, reading aloud with the cheats in hand, and sitting underneath the few recipes, holding a brush, and respectfully reading what Guo Jing said The mantra was copied on the paper. At a glance, it was like going to a school, with the Teacher on the top, and the diligent students on the bottom—these students seemed to be too old, and all were gray-haired.


“Am I really smarter than Senior Brother? Why am I suddenly not confident…”

“do not talk……”

After seeing this situation, everyone turned and fled, and their faces were full of shame. In the next few days, they couldn’t even see them alone. Ye Wen inquired about it, and said that they were cultivating in their house, not even the gate. Out!

Due to the demonstrations of the elders, Shushan Sect entered the period of the vigorous Body Cultivation in the following days. In one moment, there were quite a lot of ‘1000 mountain birds flying away and 10000 trail people disappearing in the entire Shushan Mountain! ‘The mood.

Ye Wen stood in the courtyard, a cool wind blew, rolled up a piece of fallen leaves and flew in front of him, and looked around for 4 times, but he couldn’t see half a silhouette.


Ning Ruxue came to Ye Wen in a few steps, and said to Ye Wen: “All the disciplines have just started cultivating the spiritual tactics, so they are all busy cultivation. In the past few days, maybe nothing can be done!”

In fact, to say that Shushan Sect has no activity, it is also impossible. There are many servants and maidservants on the mountain.

It’s just that Shushan Sect is very broad after the development of several decades. Ye Wen is standing in a relatively deep and secluded place. Ordinary disciplinary handyman and so on will not come here, so it will appear so deserted.


Ye Wen complied didn’t say anything, anyway, he had seen even more bleak scenes, and he didn’t care about it. He turned to his courtyard and Li Xuan had arrived.

“Sect Leader Li!”

“Do not call me Sect Leader Li, then this Li of Sect Master has been passed down!” After Li Xuan arrived at this Immortal World, he worked hard every day to increase his cultivation, but let his body recover a lot.

But it can be seen that if there is no way to deal with it, it is almost difficult for his body to return to its heyday.

“Then called Brother Li?”

Li Xuan ordered nodded, but was directly called by this name! In fact, according to the age of Li Xuan, Mo said that it is called Brother Li, which means that it is Uncle. It’s just that Ye Wen is the respect of a school after all, plus the achievements on the rivers and lakes are much higher than Li Xuan, I really want to call him Uncle, Li Xuan will not agree.

Ye Wen is also not interested in finding an elder for himself, saying that Brother Li is also based on etiquette. After two people said a few words, they went straight to the topic: “Can Brother Li’s body improve?”

Li Xuan didn’t answer, but just lifted his palm up and stopped in the air, so he hung about 30% of the clock, and there was no shaking. Ye Wen knew that Li Xuan’s body had recovered a lot.

But after only 3 minutes he took his hands back, obviously his body is still not good!

“Actually, this physical problem…”

Li Xuan waved his hand: “I heard that Ye Sect Master recently created a new method, which was distributed to the discipline in Sect, so that they can practice hard… While refining internal strength, let the body It can also reach a considerable height. In addition to the strength, the success rate will also increase greatly when smashing void! Is that correct?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded: “Yes!”

Then I briefly talked about the situation of this Immortal World, and the various sects in each door will pay more and more attention to physical problems. Li Xuan did not speak after listening, but just bowed his head to drink tea, and his eyes seemed to have no focus, obviously The former Tianshan Sect Master is thinking about things.

After a bunch of talks, Ye Wen never mentioned his sect secret art anymore, but instead gave out some of his own ideas. For example, if they want to gain a foothold in Immortal World, they cannot neglect the root and pursue the tip, dedicated to chasing the unfamiliar immortal spells and magic weapons that are extremely difficult to obtain.

Instead, they should give full play to their own advantages, and further strengthen their advantages, so that they have a foundation to gain a foothold in this Immortal World.

“What is our advantage? It is used to melee combat, combined with those tricks that can play a stronger formidable power in Immortal World, and its formidable power is definitely no less than those of the Xianjia spells and magic weapons!”

Ye Wen is convinced of this, because he came here in the last world! Even more how, in this realm, there is no lack of close-up experts, it can be seen that the close-up melee flow is absolutely feasible in Immortal World.

Li Xuan listened for a moment, and also ordered nodded, expressing his approval of Ye Wen’s remarks. Ning Ruxue was on the sidelines. Only when Li Xuan would speak soon, hoped that Ye Wen would be able to teach him the spirit of the soul, After all, Li Xuan’s body is really not good, but internal strength profound is very incomparable, as long as there is Yuan Ling’s body formula to help, the body can be recovered quickly.

He also doesn’t need to make his body stronger, as long as he can restore the level of the year, he has the confidence to pass the threshold of smashing void and achieve Earth Immortal status!

When achieving Earth Immortal, his body will appear to be tempered once, which can completely restore his body weight to Peak, and then he can slowly cultivate.

In that way, Shushan Sect will get a strong support-with Li Xuan’s aptitude, as long as it can pass this threshold, its future can be fully expected, and Li Xuan can also get a long-term life essence, continue to pursue the path of becoming stronger , 2 Both are happy, not happy?

But things were not as expected by Ning Ruxue. From the beginning to the end, the two people did not mention the Yuan Lingxi body formula. After listening to Li Xuan for a while, cup one fist in the other hand told Ye Wen: “many thanks Ye Sect Master Mention, today’s grace, there will be rewards in the future!”

“Brother Li is welcome!”

Then the two put down the teacups and ended the conversation without even saying goodbye and so on the polite words. Li Xuan went straight to the yard where he lived, and Ye Wen looked up at the increasingly lush tree in a daze.

In a question mark, I heard Ye Wen whisper: “I don’t know how long it will take for Li Xuan to succeed!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) Referrals and monthly votes, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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