History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 410

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Ning Ruxue doesn’t know what Ye Wen is talking about, but she can ask directly what she doesn’t know. Anyway, Ye Wen won’t hide her.

“cultivation technique !”

“cultivation technique ?”

Ning Ruxue was taken aback for a moment, and this time I really understood it: “Senior Brother said that Sect Leader Li will also create a Body Refining Cultivation Art similar to Yuan Ling’s body formula?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, he thinks this kind of thing is almost inevitable!

Taking Li Xuan’s arrogance as absolute impossible to accept Ye Wen’s gift, if he hurries to deliver Yuan Ling’s essence to Li Xuan’s hands, it may cause the proud and arrogant former Tianshan Sect Master to leave Shushan directly, then But it is completely inconsistent with the original intention of bringing it to Immortal World.

He hoped that Li Xuan would stay in Shushan, and the worst thing was to rebuild his Heavenly Mountain Sect near Shushan, when the time comes 2 It is also possible to take care of it.

Of course, it would be best if I could become Shushan Sect’s offering, but it seems unlikely. Ye Wen always feels that Li Xuan will not stay long in Shushan, and may soon leave.

“Maybe, when he created the appropriate cultivation technique and crossed the threshold of Earth Immortal, he will leave. After all, he is not a person who can bear a long life as a person!”

Ning Ruxue didn’t speak, but just added water to Ye Wen’s tea cup. As for Li Xuan’s affairs, she found that she couldn’t plug in too much. For this Sect Master in front of Tianshan, they didn’t have much friendship, she didn’t understand. How could his Senior Brother understand Li Xuan’s character like this?

Asking his own questions out of wonder, Ye Wen burst out laughing: “He has a character like this in many comics, movies, or novels. The tragedy is that there is absolutely no work Most of them are popular supporting actors who use this kind of person as the protagonist!”

Ning Ruxue is a bit strange: “Since it will be so popular, it must be a very flattering character, why not have a protagonist like this?”

“Because it’s too awkward… It’s okay to be a supporting role. If the protagonist is also awkward, I don’t know how many readers or audience will be mad!” The answer given by Ye Wen made Ning Ruxue a little speechless, but I thought about it if it was true In this way, people who may watch it will indeed feel very depressed.

In the following days, Ye Wen had never seen Li Xuan again, but heard of the returns of the disciplines, the courtyard where Li Xuan lived in these days became more and more cold, and now it is only midsummer, and all the plants in the courtyard have withered. As if entering the late autumn.

These days seem to be more serious, with frost condensing faintly. A discipline standing outside Li Xuan’s courtyard was awake after being asleep at night, and his eyebrows and hair were covered with frost.

“In this case, it is not good for them to live here!”

Ye Wen doesn’t have any taboos, and he doesn’t feel that as the master, he went straight to the guests and said, “You’re giving me trouble!” It was a bad thing. I went directly to Li Xuan and said, “Cultivation words” , It’s better to find a place, don’t cultivate at your residence!”

Li Xuan was not angry, just ordered nodded, and then followed Ye Wen from the inner courtyard to the mountainside, and then stood on a cliff, watching Ye Wen’s fingers along the small mountain roads floating around Shu Mountain: ” Which hills do you think are appropriate?”

Li Xuan looked at it, and at the end one of the fingers was not big, but it was a relatively flat hill road: “That one!”

Ye Wen clicked nodded, closed his eyes and focused his luck, Li Xuan only felt Ye Wen’s body exuded an imposing manner, and then the whole imposing manner was condensed. This person seemed to disappear out of thin air.

This kind of feeling is very strange, obviously this person is standing in front of you, but you can’t feel him. This is very uncomfortable for the martial artist who believes in his own feelings. Li Xuan, who is not convinced, observes God and finally finds Ye vaguely. Wen seems to be integrated with the entire Shushan, and it is difficult to separate each other.

This moment gave him the feeling that it was not Ye Wen in front of him, but only a part of Shushan that’s all! Of course, there is another feeling that Shushan is only part of Ye Wen. It’s just that this feeling is too scary, Li Xuan can’t believe this is the truth for the time being.

Zheng Ningshen observed, the glare of the corner of his eyes suddenly saw the hill he selected slowly move here, and at the same time, I did not know that the mountain itself was not strong enough, or said that the hill was flying. There will always be some stones falling down, and then scattered about dozens of one meter square stones, but these stones did not fall directly below, but swirled and floated around the hill.

After the hill was about dozens of meters away from the mountain, it stopped, and the stones scattered around it suddenly stopped, followed by a row of blocks that arranged a passageway, which just contacted the hill and the place in front of 2 people. cliff.

The stones are not closely connected, and there is a gap of about one meter between each two blocks, plus the suspension above the sky, such a bridge, I am afraid that few people dare to walk.

However, Li Xuan knew that this was the way he would walk in the future, and Ye Wen would arrange it in such a way that he believed that his skill would not cause him to fall completely while walking this way.

“This hill will be used for Brother Li cultivation. As for this stone bridge…When Brother Li after successfully cultivating it, this thing will not be used!”

Li Xuan already knows that as long as he cultivates to the level of Earth Immortal, he can fly with light! Even if you don’t fly by light, the skill at that time is just a jump. The distance of these dozens of meters is completely negligible, so in any case, as long as cultivated to Earth Immortal, this stone bridge is useless.

If the cultivation is not available…it is also useless, when the time comes he is not in the world, so this hill will naturally not be used by him.

“Many thanks Ye Sect Master!”

cup one fist in the other hand and Ye Wen Thank you, Li Xuan is very satisfied with this arrangement.

“However, eating and so on requires you to come out by yourself. After all, there is no suitable recipe to send you meals! As for the water, I remember there is a water source on that hill.”

Ye Wen has considered these details very thoughtfully, and Li Xuan also admires them, and also understands how Ye Wen has built a small Sect into a great Sect on the rivers and lakes. It is nothing more than considering these details. The comparison is detailed that’s all.

Compared with his own way of opening and closing, Ye Wen is more suitable for developing Sect.

Li Xuan has been arranged, and the three people in Heavenly Mountain Sect don’t have to worry about it. At present, it is Li Xuan who can affect Shushan Sect disciple. His two apprentices do not have this skill, and they continue to stay in their original residence. Anyway.

After these things were arranged, Ye Wen turned to Medicine Pill Pavilion when he had nothing to do. Huang Yun has now started to learn Dao of Alchemy with the two’Masters’ from Heaven’s Mystery Sect. All of them are just some simple medicine pill. The medicine ingredients needed are also very ordinary. For the time being, there is no need to spend the “savings” drawn by Ye Wen’s hard work. In addition, Huang Yun also has a certain dispensing foundation, and the learning is fairly fast.

In comparison, Li Xiaoyao, who came to help, is a little unreliable. This kid refining a medicine pill every 3 to 5 and then eating ka beng ka beng like a peanut, chewing peanuts, it seems to be done. It’s not that medicine pill is snacks-he didn’t know that Li Xiaoyao came here with this in mind.

After taking a Li Xiaoyao refined medicine pill, Ye Wen ate half of it lightly: “Ah? Why is it so strange?”

Li Xiaoyao was taken aback for a moment, then looked at the medicine pill that Ye Wen had eaten, and after thinking about it for a moment, he replied: “It was a furnace made the day before yesterday, and it was a failure!”

“Oh? Failed?”

Ye Wen’s impression that the failed medicine pill seems to be worthless, it is normal to discard or destroy it directly, but nothing remains!

“Well, it tastes weird, without making chocolate, Claire said it’s not delicious…”


Enthusiastically, Li Xiaoyao handed over another one: “Master, try this!”

Ye Wen took it and dropped it into his mouth, ka beng ka beng kept talking, and a cool breath filled his mouth: “This is…”

“Well, mint flavor, the recipe is ready to spread to the whole school, let the disciplines chew one after each day, and keep a fresh breath!”


After coming out of Medicine Pill Pavilion, Ye Wen felt that he was a bit powerless, not physically or Li Xiaoyao gave him the 2 medicine pill. He just felt a little speechless: “Maybe let Xiaoyao go to Medicine Pill Pavilion is a mistake s Choice?”

I raised my hand and looked at a porcelain bottle that was held in the palm of my hand. It was filled with a bottle of medicine pill. It is said that it was made by Li Xiaoyao in the past few days, most of them were mint flavor, and a few were lemon flavor. It is Li Xiaoyao who has learned all the results of so many days with the two Masters of Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

Putting it away, Ye Wen went to the Zhige Pavilion, which will be Shushan Sect’s future weapon magic production department, which is an important place. Ye Wen values ​​it more than Medicine Pill Pavilion.

After all, medicine pill is the best thing, and I can make it without it! If this is not possible, exchange more with Heaven’s Mystery Sect. Use the Shushan Sect to do something more common medicine pill.

I walked all the way, and occasionally saw some young disciplines of my school. Ye Wen saw the disciplines respectfully salute themselves and felt a special sense of accomplishment. Especially these disciplines looked at their eyes full of admiration. smug.

Because the various parts such as the Pavilion of Pavilion, Medicine Pill Pavilion and Book Collection Pavilion are quite far away, Ye Wen will turn these 3 places once, which is equivalent to revolving his Sect in its entirety, at this time from Medicine Pill Pavilion to the Pavilion Pavilion, this has made Shushan Sect visit for most of the time. In addition to revisiting the memories of the past, I also familiarized myself with many places where I expanded after leaving.

The Zhiqi Pavilion is located in a newly opened area. After Ye Wen determined that the Zhiqi Pavilion would be the place where the magic weapon will be produced, it has re-planned the area. At present, this area is obviously under construction. Many facilities are either demolished or rebuilt. According to Ye Wen’s design, the Zhige Pavilion will become an independent large courtyard in the future, and it must be strictly guarded.

Stepping into a courtyard that already has a prototype, Zheng Ying is directing the disciples to install electric lights.

“Ah? The electric light?”

“Master!” Seeing Ye Wen coming, Zheng Ying hurriedly came to pay with Ye Wen respect, and his gift, Ye Wen only found that Cui Jun was here at this time, looking up to see how Zheng Ying directed the discipline Install the electric light.

“Cui Senior is here too?”

At this time, Cui Jun didn’t seem to notice that Ye Wen was coming. While holding a large drawing in his hand, he looked at the real object with his head held up. He seemed to be comparing, and sometimes he was puzzled. Look.

“Yes, Choi Senior is here these days!”

Zheng Ying said things roughly to Ye Wen, and he realized that Cui Jun was very interested in a lot of knowledge that Zheng Ying knew. Even when he ran, he directly asked Zheng Ying to build a car for him, and then he looked good. See how to make this thing suitable for people in Immortal World.

A few words of Zheng Ying are very helpless, because even if he can actually draw the drawings, I am afraid that he will not be able to make a car, because many things are simply not made in the current environment.

Speaking of your own difficulties, this bottle gourd fairy didn’t take it seriously, patting her chest and saying, “What’s the matter? As long as you draw the picture, I will solve those problems for you!”

It’s just that Zheng Ying’s words also made this bottle gourd fairy understand that making a car and so on is not that simple, plus he still needs to make some modifications to it, so it’s better to follow the normal way-start with the design , Solve the problem on the paper and then carry out the physical manufacturing.

“what about now?”

Ye Wen pointed to the electric lamp that was just installed: “Could it be that I started to study the use and promotion of this bulb?”

Zheng Ying laughed: “Old Senior said that this bulb will be promoted to Immortal World, saying that at present Immortal World will either use very ordinary oil lamps, candlelights, or what special heavenly material earthly treasure is used to cherish jade stone for lighting, which is not only difficult Promotion, and the lighting effect is not so good, far less convenient than the electric lamp!”

“It was said that after he went to Earth that year, he thought about getting this electric lamp to be promoted in Immortal World. It was just the rush of the time, and he didn’t have time to fully understand his relevant knowledge. Later, he couldn’t solve the problem of power supply. There was no progress!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded and thought that this Old Senior’s idea was really good. This lamp does not need to consume any fairy magic, and the electricity itself is also a very good energy source. If you can understand it, Heaven’s Mystery Sect can earn a lot by only providing various sects to the electric lamps.

More importantly, in this Immortal World, the materials for making light bulbs are actually not rare, and various sects can be easily obtained in a variety of doors.

There are many similar technology products, as long as it can solve the problem of power energy, perhaps this Immortal World will immediately undergo Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes.

“Cultivation technology?”

Thinking of this, Ye Wen asked curiously: “The source of electricity for this bulb, or a generator?”

Zheng Ying ordered nodded: “These disciplines observed 4 times these days and found that our Shushan is located at high altitude and the wind is strong. Wind power generation can meet the demand! And there is a big lake behind the mountain, there is a river waterfall on the lake, and the big lake itself. There are openings to make the water flow directly into the lake below. Under these conditions, there are several places suitable for installing hydropower equipment. If our Shushan Sect is well used, it will take a few years for the discipline to use the electric light, A series of equipment including refrigerators!”

Considering that this World has no TV station or Internet, he didn’t say anything like a TV computer, but this is his real idea.

I’m used to the days when these things accompany me, but now I can’t use them. How depressed is that? Zheng Ying has the urge to cry whenever he sees the piles of game discs in his room.

Ye Wen didn’t know that this recipe is as inconsistent as Li Xiaoyao. While expressing his ambitions, he was thinking about how to entertain himself in private.

Only if you choose the right one for this discipline, only the one with this idea can sit in the cabinet and create various magic weapons for Shushan Sect.

“Actually… you can try to use immortal technique to make energy!”

Zheng Ying said with a bitter smile: “Master doesn’t know, the lightning method from immortal technique condense is extremely solid pure energy. Although pure and can produce enough powerful power, the problem is that it is difficult to control, and if no one goes The operation will be very unstable-Master, we can’t let people stand there day and night to generate electricity for us?”

Thinking about it in my head, I feel that this is indeed not reliable. The biggest feature of science and technology products is convenience. Not only is it convenient to use, but also convenient, but now it is a bit distorted, so this method must not be used.

But this number is definitely right. The next thing to be solved is how to make the energy generated by the spell be stable and reasonable and continue to be used by people. Only if this problem is solved, what immortal technique car, immortal technique powered aircraft is feasible Thought, otherwise it is nothing but a castle in the sky that’s all.

In fact, Ye Wen is not the only one who has this idea. Cui Jun also has a similar idea. At this time, he is studying the electric lamp while estimating the energy required by the electric lamp and how to make the energy of the immortal technique safe. Is used by these little things.

A lightning method was used, but it was just a palm-sized ball lightning. The energy contained in it was enough for such an electric lamp to light up to the end of its lifespan. How can such a terrifying energy be used safely?

More importantly, he can’t make a humanoid charging device? Therefore, the equipment itself must have a certain role in absorbing energy.

“Putting it that way, Spirit Gathering Array is essential!”

I kept thinking, turning around and writing and drawing on a piece of paper. Ye Wen looked around for a moment, then turned around and summoned Zhang Ling to the side.

Zheng Ying is now engaged in research on tossing electricity, and it is estimated that asking him is also a white question, so some things still have to ask Zhang Ling: “You and Zheng Ying, can you study the basic method of control?”

The Teacher that he has worked hard to get, don’t it be so deserted? And without learning these things, how will Shushan Sect develop on its own in the future?

Fortunately, Zhang Ling’s reply made him relax: “Well, those 2 teacher-teaching things are not too difficult to understand, as long as you think a little bit, it’s easy to learn, and now I and Zheng Ying both know how to use ordinary long swords How to engrave talisman, this is the simplest magic weapon!”

“Well, study hard!” Ye Wen ordered nodded and pulled out a porcelain bottle: “Reward yours!”


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