History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 411

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Li Xiaoyao’s’Jiandou’ brand was given to Zhang Ling as a snack. Anyway, this kind of thing is not very interested in Ye Wen. Compared to these things, he would rather eat boiled peanuts.

“I don’t know if Xiaoyao can make Coke and so on!”

The sudden flash of thought made him feel a little unreliable. If medicine pill and jelly bean are a bit similar, then what must be done to get close to Coke? Soup medicine? Who wants to make that kind of soup?

Coming out of the cabinet, Ye Wen fiddled with this seemingly ordinary long sword. This long sword is exactly similar to the Shushan Sect disciples’ saber, except for the standard long sword, except that Shushan 2 is engraved on it. Beyond the words, I can never see anything special.

However, Ye Wen can feel that there is a vague one after another in the long sword, which seems to be like a meridian, which can make his True Qi flow more smoothly on the long sword.

After shipping Innate Purple Qi, Ye Wen found that one after another very slim light appeared on the long sword, which should be the effect of his True Qi flowing on the long sword.

“Zhang Ling said that he and Zheng Ying have just learned something introductory. They just engraved talisman on ordinary weapons. These contexts should be engraved talisman, so that an ordinary long sword initially possesses the ability of magic weapon, and There is a big difference in making a real magic weapon!”

It turned out that when the magic weapon was at its initial level, it was as it is now. Talisman was engraved on the formed object, and the effect produced was different according to the talisman.

For example, the long sword in the hands of Ye Wen now, the above talisman is to enable the long sword to better use the user’s True Qi, and make the long sword an extension to use, so as to exert a more powerful ability.

“More sharp and stronger!”

But this magic weapon is not to say that there is no disadvantage! The talisman carved on the surface is very easy to damage first, let’s not talk about it. The sharper and stronger is also based on the user holding a long sword and running True Qi.

If the person who uses it is not suitable for True Qi, then the long sword is not as strong as it was originally-it is strange that the engraved on it can be stronger than the original.

In short, this long sword is not a magic weapon at all, it is still just a vulgar weapon blade, this level of things in Immortal World is simply not used by ordinary people: ordinary mortals are not used, and cultivators do not look at such crude and indiscriminate s things.

If Shushan Sect uses this magic weapon, I am afraid that the whole Immortal World will be ridiculed when he goes out, and he can no longer lift his head. No matter who can’t accept it, he is pointed at the backbone and said: “Look, it’s garbage. Baby Shushan Sect in the middle!”

Maybe some people may not care, but Ye Wen is definitely not one of them. He can’t bear others to look at his hard-working Sect with contempt, and he thinks that the magic weapon is either not used, and it must be used if it is used!

But don’t worry now, Zhang Ling has learned a lot of talisman at present, and has begun to contact how to integrate talisman into the object within the body, and even began to try to learn to integrate the talisman while casting the magic weapon.

This is also the most conventional magic weapon manufacturing method. At the time of its release, the array talisman in the magic weapon has been almost completely completed!

Of course, what is created in this way is just a common magic weapon. Immortal World is everywhere. Basically, there are a few cultivators that can move around. It is not uncommon.

It is difficult to create a magic weapon. How to fuse a complex array into it at the same time as casting, and at the same time it is the stage that stimulates the formulation.

For example, the 9 Heavenly Demon Transforming Blood Divine Sword, just talking about the sword itself, in fact, at the time of casting, this Demon Sword has no defects in appearance, but it does not mean that it is everyone when it is cast. A peerless retreat.

The reason for all this is that the complicated Formation simply in the sword has not been stimulated, that is to say it has not been activated! This method of starting differs depending on the Formulation. Some only require the cultivator to warm up the Flying Sword for a period of time to start the Formulation.

Or find a special place to use the geographical advantage to urge it, apart from this, there are many ways, all kinds of strange things, there are many natural sacrifices of living people, that 9 Heavenly Demon Transforming Blood Divine Sword is example.

So to put it simply, the manufacturing of Flying Sword magic weapon is to merge into a more complex and exquisite situation in a fixed time, and then find a suitable starting method and urge the Formation to activate, so that a magic weapon can be calculated.

The magic weapon is also divided into fixed formidable power and different types of formidable power according to different users. Among them, the fixed category is best made.

It is generally recognized that the most difficult to produce is how much strength the user can play accordingly. This kind of magic weapon is almost considered to be an inexplicable existence, and currently no one in Immortal World can. Made this magic weapon.

Even Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s best Forging Master, at present, is at most a magic weapon that can form formidable power and can exert most of the power of the fairy. Although it is very powerful, it has its limits at the end, not the kind of almost Supreme limit. Exists, just because at present everyone thinks that the formidable power of such magic weapons is scary enough, and it is meaningless to be strong-can’t you destroy Immortal World? So no one pursues that kind of thing.

At present, what Zhang Ling can tinker with is some fixed formidable power, and the formidable power is a very weak magic weapon. This kind of thing may be of some use to the current Shushan Sect. After all, the strength of the disciplines is very weak. These magic weapons only need a small amount of True Qi to mobilize, and then exert a good strength-for those disciplines.

But Ye Wen is not going to let her make this kind of stuff in large quantities, wasting time not to mention, it is also easy for the group of guys to form a bad habit of relying on foreign object. After all, Shushan Sect depends on the body to eat, because there is no What immortal technique can let the discipline learn, if they rely too much on the magic weapon and neglect their exercise, then there is only one dead word when they encounter strong hands.

Compared to this, Ye Wen hopes that Zhang Ling will create a magic weapon based on the user’s own strength to determine how much formidable power can be exerted. Then the most huge might be a little worse-most of these magic weapons are Because the user’s strength is not enough to fully urge the magic weapon’s formidable power, but Ye Wen’s current idea is to set a threshold, something similar to the authority, only if you have a certain level of strength, you can use this advanced ability to get more advanced capabilities.

Although at first glance, there is no difference between these two situations, it is actually quite different.

First of all, the magical formidable power that Zhang Ling currently manufactures is not strong, and the magical powers of such formidable power in Immortal World have almost no restrictions. It is really a magic weapon that can not be fully urged by users. The good thing, the formidable power they play is amazing, and naturally needs a stronger strength to urge.

Low-level magic… almost no such restrictions. Because formidable power is limited, the difficulty of mobilization is almost negligible, so the more ordinary or even lower-level magic weapon, the cultivator only needs to be familiar with it, you can use all the formidable power.

In layman’s terms, it means that a situation is passively restricted, not because the magic weapon itself has this design! The other is to actively limit, or to limit.

After listening to the general situation of the magic weapon, Ye Wen has already calculated these things in the heart. Now, after half a day, I already have a plan in my heart, that is, the magic weapons of Shushan Sect must all have such restrictions. Let disciples have the motivation to struggle, lest someone be cultivated to a certain degree, because after getting a magic weapon, they can fight with Senior Brother who has been arduously cultivated for a long time, and lose the motivation to move forward, it is not beautiful.

After a while, I turned to Book Collection Pavilion.

He didn’t plan to come to Book Collection Pavilion, but since he went to those two places, if he didn’t come here and learned by the discipline, he wouldn’t have any ideas in his heart, so it’s better to take a look.

In fact, there is really nothing to do with this Book Collection Pavilion. A few disciplines who still need to learn to read and write have already finished today’s class. Wei Hong and Nangong Huang are sitting there chatting and the Court Eunuch Liu Fushun is looking down The eyebrows are waiting, and they look exactly like when they were first seen in the Imperial Palace.


“Shi Bo!”

Ye Wen did not at all notify anyone before coming, but he has already transferred in the pie for almost a day today. It is estimated that these two people have got the news, knowing that he will come, even the tea is ready.

“Oh? Still hot?”

“The disciple estimated that the Master could arrive almost this time, so I just prepared tea!” Wei Hong saw Ye Wen and waved at him, knowing that he didn’t have to be too respectful – in fact, he didn’t pay much respect, after all, he did several decades The emperor was respected by others.

Ye Wen un’ed, sat down directly, looked at the room like a classroom, and smelled the rich ink that almost never disappeared: “The environment here is pretty good!”

“It’s just that it won’t be long before I am afraid it will be empty here!”

Nangong Huang said that at present, Shushan Sect is not planning to recruit new disciplines. It may not take long for those currently studying disciplines to graduate. Who will come to study at that time?

Ye Wen did not worry about this, haha ​​laughed: “Aren’t there still Lingshan and Changqing?”

“How old are they 2? It’s still early!” Nangong Huang smiled and took the head, asking those 2 little things to learn words, at least it would take 3 4 years, or 5-6 years.

Ye Wen doesn’t care: “Isn’t Huang Yun’s two sons about the same age? Should I study with you?”

“Huang Family’s two children just learn from their father? Do you still teach us specifically?”

“What’s the matter? Our Shushan Sect discipline, the book collection and painting are all in charge of Book Collection Pavilion. Why don’t you need to teach it? Could it be that you want to be lazy?” Ye Wen founded Book Collection Pavilion. The internal discipline provides a place for reading and literacy. If someone teaches it, it is not used, so why did you create the Book Collection Pavilion? Just find your own Master and teach yourself!

Therefore, as long as those who need to learn, send it to the Book Collection Pavilion, one can let everyone enhance some friendships while studying, and it is also necessary to teach them martial arts or other skill masters can focus on teaching those professional skills, and Not distracted.

I talked with my two disciplines for a while, because there are no outsiders, so it is quite unscrupulous to talk. Although Nangong Huang is not his own discipline, but Nangong Huang, who is under Xu Xian, is not an honest person. If he was not injured in his early years, Coupled with the fact that he is not young now, it may be more troublesome than that of Li Xiaoyao.

“By the way, Xiaoyao Junior Brother seems to be very close to that Claire, but I don’t know when it will be a good thing!” The most talked about is naturally the people and things in the school. These days the disciples that Ye Wen later received I gradually became familiar with the original Shushan disciples, and the most concerned about it is that Li Xiaoyao’s relationship with Claire seems to have that meaning. Everyone is very curious-there is such a foreign woman on the whole Shushan.

Moreover, Claire’s character is also very different from their impression of girl, it seems a bit carefree, and sometimes more fierce than men, you can roll up your sleeves and single out with a word, where is the girl’s appearance?

Although women who walk in rivers and lakes are not good at it, such characters are still rare, and people naturally pay more attention to it.

Nangong Huang is also average. In the early years, he has an excellent relationship with Li Xiaoyao. It can be said to be an iron buddy who fights and drinks with imitate the dog and steal chicken. Now that the buddy and a woman are ambiguous, they will naturally express their concern.

Ye Wen thought for a while and found that in his unconsciously, Li Xiaoyao and Claire were getting closer and closer. I thought that Claire had a little brotherhood plot. Basically, she would follow wherever Chris went, and she didn’t know when to start. It became Li Xiaoyao wherever she went…

It seems a bit wrong. It should be that Li Xiaoyao will go where she goes, but Claire no longer runs around with her brother, giving Li Xiaoyao a walk alone, doesn’t it also explain a lot of problems?

More importantly, this guy Li Xiaoyao used the most shameless ultimate trick: to grab the woman’s stomach! To please Claire, it’s no wonder that the two are walking so close now. It is estimated that when Claire wakes up, she will find that she is inseparable from Li Xiaoyao’s spatula!

“Let them take things as they please, and solve them by themselves. Let’s take a look at the excitement!” Ye Wen took a sip of tea: “It’s Huang’er, when are you going to solve your lifelong major event?”

Nangong Huang had originally seen Ye Wen say that, only when the topic was over, and was drinking tea, but unexpectedly Ye Wen came suddenly such a sentence, choked that he almost destroyed the calligraphy that Wei Hong had just written. .

“Senior Brother, be careful, I am very satisfied with this word!”

Wei Hong removed the word as if it were a rare baby, and then handed it to Liu Fushun, but his appearance was obviously a pretense gesture.

Nangong Huang was able to slow down after half the weather: “Shi Bomo wants to crack a joke, my nephew and I are all people of this age!” In fact, Nangong Huang did not think about this problem, but he was injured in his early years, always Merry and suave, but the whole diseased seedling, fell on the couch all day long when it was serious, maybe it’s Breathe one’s last.

In this case, even if someone tells him to make peace with him, he dare not agree to it, for fear of mistaken life for the girl! After all, he had almost no possibility of this injury himself, just hanged it in one breath that’s all.

I didn’t expect that my life was big enough. Later, First Senior Brother Yue Ning became Innate Purple Qi. Even though it was not as profound and powerful as Ye Wen, it also relieved Nangong Huang’s injury to some extent, which allowed him to survive. This age!

At that time, Nangong Huang was actually not very old. It was middle-aged, and it was normal to marry a wife. However, at that time, Nangong Huang was suffering from illness all the year round, and he was already old, and after so many years, this matter has also been ignored. This has never been married.

After reaching this age, I just felt like this. It was better to teach a few good apprentices at that time, so that Shushan Sect could continue to prosper for a long time.

“How old are you? Can I have an uncle and I’m still old?” Ye Wen doesn’t care, saying without thinking: “There is an uncle, there are many spirit pill and marvelous medicine, your body will soon be able to After adjusting it, you only need to diligently repair the spiritual essence of the Yuan, which is enough to restore your body to strength! Then diligently practice hard, cross the Immortal Sect threshold, and reshape the fleshy body. At that time, you want to restore your youth. Look is not difficult!”

In order to increase the persuasive power, Ye Wen also gave an example: “Look at my uncle, since I entered the realm of Earth Immortal, the appearance has remained the same for several decades! Your maid is too much pretend directly, where is it like a An old woman close to 100 years old?”

“Cough cough…” It was not easy to talk about your teacher’s affairs in private. Nangong Huang just had an embarrassing cough. The 2 sounds should be answered: “However, Master and Master and the teacher and sister, they crossed the path when they were young. Threshold, so only…”

“It’s not the case. A cultivator told me when I was in Earth. Fleshy body will be tempered once I become Earth Immortal. As long as I can resist the past, I can reshape my appearance and I can completely restore your body to What he looked like when he was young!”


To be honest, this kind of thing is not only Nangong Huang’s heart, but also Wei Hong’s heart!

What is cultivation seeking? Isn’t it just for longevity? Wei Hong has already enjoyed all the high position and great wealth in the world, and he has also sat in the human emperor of several decades. The only regret is that he cannot live forever.

Now Ye Wen tells him that not only can he live forever! You can also recover your youth!

“Good quality, dear!”

Ye Wen remembered that he didn’t have time and disciplines to elaborate on the benefits of Earth Immortal, but just told them that they could live longer than Earth Immortal by at least a few 100 to 1000 years old, but the appearance problem was forgotten to say. .

After introducing the situation in detail, I saw Wei Hong thinking suddenly: “In fact, there is something in the discipline that I want to talk to the Master, but I don’t know if the Master will refuse to answer!”

“What is it?”

Wei Hong pointed to Liu Fushun, who respectfully and respectfully waited by his finger: “disciple wants to pass on his martial arts to him and Zhou Guan, but this matter does not dare to make a claim without the permission of the Master!”

“Oh…this thing!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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