History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 412

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Zhou Guan’s problem is easy to solve. This week, Ye Wen probably knows it. Besides, he has taken care of Liu Muyan’s family for so many years, and his relationship with Shushan Sect is not bad. Now he comes to Immortal World together. People.

In addition, he is very good at Blade Technique, and it is not in vain in these several decades. Blade Technique has long practiced a very high realm, and because he is from the military, he has a very strong killing spirit. Such a talent But quite a boost.

In the future, Shushan Sect will sit on the sidelines and will most likely face the attack of Mount Olympus. A person with such a military background will definitely help.

Zhou Guan wants to cultivate Shushan Sect cultivation technique, he only needs to give him those Blade Techniques, and then let him cultivate himself. The trouble is only what internal strength should be taught to him.

A series of internal strengths of Shushan Sect Inner Sect passed on to him not to talk about whether the rules are appropriate or not, but to think about this character cultivation and cultivation technique is quite difficult.

Ye Wen thinks about it, it seems that the most suitable for him is his lineage’s Innate Purple Qi or Xu Xian cultivation, and then Limitless Pure Yang Merit who gave up due to injury.

But Zhou Guanfei is the body of pure Yang, then Limitless Pure Yang Merit he can’t practice the highest realm, then the rest is Innate Purple Qi.

But Zhou Zhou is not a formal Shushan discipline, it is too inappropriate to teach him Innate Purple Qi!

Don’t look at Ye Wen’s current cultivation Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, and Shushan Sect’s high-end cultivation technique is determined to be innate, but Innate Purple Qi can coexist with these two cultivation arts, and it can be used as the core foundation of the cultivation technique.

Even today, the effect of Innate Purple Qi is still irreplaceable—Ye Wen’s battle method without Innate Purple Qi’s horrible recovery ability, you can squeeze yourself out.

Fortunately, this question is not in a hurry, he can slowly find a suitable cultivation technique for Zhou Guanlian. Anyway, Shushan Sect has nothing else, so there are more cultivation techniques!

As for that Court Eunuch Liu Fushun…

“What are the cultivation techniques suitable for Court Eunuch?”

The first flash in Ye Wen’s head was the famous and invincible Divine Art Sunflower Treasure Scripture. This is said to be the cultivation technique created by Court Eunuch of a large inner court. It was once regarded as the first martial among Jin Yong martial arts by countless people arts.

Of course, Ye Wen has always been skeptical about this. The period of who let Sunflower Treasure Scripture run through the rivers and lakes is a so unconvincing background. Although Sunflower Treasure Scripture at that time was just a piece of that’s all, but some can suck The cultivation technique of human skill is also fragmented, at most 2 fragments of martial arts, and the fragmentation is much more powerful than a collection.

“Or… give Ya a Great Star Absorption Law?”

Ye Wen suddenly felt that this idea was quite creative. A Court Eunuch practiced Great Star Absorption Law. What a joyful thing that was! It’s better to change the name by the way, just call Ren Woxing!

As for the shortcomings of the Great Star Absorption Law? In the hands of Ye Wen now, there are many ways to solve it. You can solve it with no difficulty without mentioning the extreme Yin Yang method of change, even if it is cultivation to the Purple Dawn Divine Merit of Great Success Realm, The same can solve this trouble-although I do not know whether the original Violet Mist Technique has this ability, but the Violet Mist Technique trained by Ye Wen can indeed do this.

After all, the trouble with the Great Star Absorption Law is all kinds of True Qi conflicts and uncontrollability, and Violet Mist Technique can be used with no difficulty to manipulate True Qi at the extreme, and it also has the ability to resolve different kinds of True Qi.

“Great Star Absorption Law with Violet Mist Technique seems not to be impossible!”

Although Ye Wen has no secrets of the Great Star Absorption Law, he can invent it by himself. When the crisis started, he temporarily simulated the Great Star Absorption Law according to a few words of the Great Star Absorption Law.

“Ai, the more I think, the better I feel, but this cultivation technique seems to be misrepresented by immortal dao as a wicked person?”

Happy thinking, I almost forgot that even the secular rivers and lakes are quite taboo about things that grab people’s skills. Isn’t this more exclusive in Immortal World?

The rivers and lakes of the world have only taken you a few years of skill and survived for more than ten years! However, the cultivator in Immortal World abounded from 100 to 1000 years, and maybe one propped himself up without paying attention to himself.

With a shudder, Ye Wen threw this unreliable idea into the corner, thinking about what kind of effort should be given to Liu Fushun and Zhou Guan.

In his thinking, the chopsticks, which had been moving slowly, were a little slower. The Huayi next to him asked, “Are you worried about Ru Xue?”

Ning Ruxue didn’t come to dinner tonight because she is cultivating the Diamond Body in the practice room. It is said that she has made great progress and is ready to rush through the checkpoints. If she succeeds, the cultivation base can raise a level.

Ye Wen froze for a moment, and then realized that he was distracted: “Oh, thinking about something!”

“Don’t think too much when you eat, wait for that’s all to eat!” Ye Wen helped Ye Wen with a chicken wing, Huayi knew that Ye Wen likes to eat this, so she eats chicken every time Both Ning Ruxue and Ye Wen will leave the chicken wings to Ye Wen. Nowadays, a large table people eat together, and they even chop the chopsticks to help Ye Wen grab it early.

Ye Wen laughed and threw the matter aside. As a result, Claire and Li Xiaoyao were talking next to each other, and asked a question that made everyone at the table embarrass.

“Xiaoyao, if you were to choose between the bun and me, which one would you choose?”

Ye Wen turned his head and saw that the meat buns on the table had been eaten up. Li Xiaoyao saw that Claire still had one, and then stretched out his chopsticks to clamp the meat buns, causing Claire to ask such a sentence.

“Eh…” Li Xiaoyao looked down at the meat buns in the bowl. The rich aroma continued to seduce him, almost making him unable to hold it.

Turning his head, his eyes stayed on Claire’s two meat buns, and he always felt that he was also coveted there, and he couldn’t make a choice for a while.

“Hello! Do you have to think about this kind of problem for so long?” Ye Wen looked at Li Xiaoyao’s sad face and felt very speechless: “What expression do you have? Do you need such a hard choice? And, you Where are you looking? Soulless!”

Everyone watched Li Xiaoyao look at the meat buns in the bowl for a while, and then Claire (?) finally said painfully: “This choice is too painful, kill me!”

There was a burst of laughter. The meal was full of excitement. In short, Claire was the only one who was dissatisfied, because she tragically found herself in Li Xiaoyao’s heart and couldn’t compare with a meat bun, which made her very depressed!

“Forget it!”

“Eating death is the happiest thing in this world!” Li Xiaoyao, who still act recklessly, bowed his head and chewed on the chicken legs, and was very happy to eat. As a result, angry Claire sent the sky with Iron Fist containing love and justice.



“Senior Brother Guo, when did you give this trick to my younger sister?” Chris wiped the cold sweat, and he didn’t know when his younger sister learned this trick.

Guo Jing wondered: “I haven’t taught her! But when I practiced under the waterfall in the mountainside two days ago, I happened to be seen by Lingmei!”


“I didn’t see it before, she has such a perception!”

Everyone started talking about it when they were full, and Ye Wen asked Huayi about Lingzhu.

“The child’s gifted exception is all out of the ordinary, but it is strange that Innate Physique memory has a Profound Yin Qi!”

Hua Yi’s explanation made Ye Wen understand why the Lingzhu can be practiced as Heavenly Demon Art. In the final analysis, it is the reason of physique, so it seems that it is not Heavenly Demon Art that can really allow men to practice.

However, that Profound Yin Qi…

“Isn’t that just like you?”


Hua Yi didn’t have a smile on her face. Xu thought of herself. Because of this Profound Yin Physique, she was favored by Shen Yuqing and brought back to the school to be raised as a cauldron, but she didn’t know it and regarded it as With my most beloved person, didn’t expect everything is just a flower in the mirror, moon reflected in the water, and it becomes a piece of debris that can’t be recovered after a touch.

Ye Wen also knew that he was wrong, and stretched out his hand to embrace Huayi’s shoulder and comforted him: “It’s all gone, let’s look at it a bit!”


While watching the noisy disciplines, 2 people gradually recovered their moods, especially with Li Xiaoyao as a living treasure. Do not want to make people happy, Hua Yi looked at it for a while and said: “Xiaoyao this temperament… It’s really enviable!”


Seeing that Huayi recovered, 2 people talked about the Lingzhu while walking to the courtyard where they lived.

It turned out that Lingzhu became Heavenly Demon Art with the trace of Xuanyin True Qi within the body, but Heavenly Demon Art is after all a woman practicing martial arts, and even if Lingzhu is like a woman again, he is a decent, no serious Defective pure men!

Therefore, after Heavenly Demon Art was completed, after the Qi of True Qi started to follow the established route, the physical differences and the masculinity possessed by the man within the body made Heavenly Demon Art affected, and Qi Qi of True Qi started 4 In chaos, cultivation deviation is almost inevitable.

He lost his life without being on the spot, and thanks to Zhang Gui’s unintentional repair of Longevity Secret Art, this helped Lingzhu stabilize!

But after all, it is not a long-term plan. Although Zhang Gui’s Longevity Secret Art is well-trained, he has also practiced with no brains, confused, and simply does not know what is going on, and can only passively deal with spirit bamboo within The Qi of the body, True Qi, the result is that Zhang Gui’s Longevity Secret Art True Qi becomes more and more refined.

And under the test of Tian Qi True Qi, he gradually mastered the method of Yin and Yang changes.

The True Qi of Lingzhu is also more and more powerful under the suppression of Longevity Secret Art, and finally it can’t even be suppressed by Zhang Gui. Looking at the strange generation that is about to die, Ye Wen appears at this time, keeping Lingzhu Life.

Only for the issue of Heavenly Demon Art, he was helpless, so he had to consult the only Chinese suit in this door cultivated Heavenly Demon Art.

Huayi has refined Heavenly Demon Art for several decades. Those who are already familiar with Heavenly Demon Art can no longer be familiar! At this time, the Chinese clothing not only practiced Heavenly Demon Art to the highest level, but also began to change Heavenly Demon Art to the direction of Hong Kong martial arts. Nowadays, don’t look at Chinese clothing when it mainly depends on Five Colored Divine Light, but even if she only uses Heavenly Demon Art, ordinary cultivator can not take a few moves.

The Heavenly Demon Qi field attached to Heavenly Demon Art can almost cover half of the Shu Mountain under the full urging of Huayi-but the effect can be ignored!

“Is there any solution?”

Hua Yi turned his head and looked at Ye Wen: “Actually, this problem still needs to be solved?”

“Oh?” Ye Wen didn’t understand what else he had here? At that time, he looked at it, and he was helpless about the problem of the spirit bamboo. Although Heavenly Demon Art is also regarded as the authentic cultivation technique of Taoism, the path taken is completely different from his cultivation. Even if the different routes to the same destination in the world are different, the way to go Differently, who can figure out what kind of problems others have on their way and how to solve them?

Hua Yidao: “The most fundamental problem is relying on Heavenly Demon Art True Qi, which was built by Profound Yin Qi, to conflict with the yang contained in him. As long as this problem is solved, everything else can be solved!”

“Don’t you say that the body of the man also caused a lot of trouble?” After asking the question, Ye Wen immediately understood that he was an idiot. Although the difference between the body and the body of the man is not small, the main thing is the meridian acupuncture during cultivation. There is no difference between men and women.

Of course, if it is a cultivation technique that requires special organs to cultivate, it is another matter!

As long as Lingzhu can control his True Qi well, even the male body can ensure the normal operation of Tianqi True Qi, so the root is still in the Yin-Yang Energy conflict.

From this point of view, it is not necessary for Lingzhu to abandon the work or go to the Oriental Sunflower to learn Phoenix Nirvana work-although this idea is known that Phoenix Nirvana work is actually to help Phoenix Race solve the family planning problem (the other direction of family planning) After it was created, it was abandoned before it was practiced for humans.

So the method that Ye Wen thought of was to let Lingzhu disperse the power, and then give him a different cultivation technique to let him cultivate. But after listening to Huayi’s words, I realized that it is not difficult to solve the problem of Lingzhu, just to balance Yin-Yang Two Qi that’s all.

“By the way, that Lingzhu can be practiced as Heavenly Demon Art, which shows that the aptitude perception is not bad, how can you go with Zhang Gui as a scrubbing kid?

Huayi is also very puzzled about this. To say the requirements of aptitude perception, there are not many people who can make Shushan Sect better and better than this spirit bamboo. At least Shushan Sect still has some cultivation techniques. Even if aptitude perception is almost, but as long as A step-by-step practice will always produce martial arts that have some achievements.

But Heavenly Demon Art, this martial arts is is Demon Sect Supreme Collection-Huayi has read the original book, even if it is the Yinkui school itself, there are very few people who can practice this skill. I don’t mention the discipline, character and so on, aptitude perception and even appearance are rare in the world.

But even so, these people are extremely difficult when cultivating Heavenly Demon Art, it can be seen that this skill is difficult to practice! Lingzhu can actually rely on a torn cheat book with the body Yin Yin to practice this with a male body. This kind of aptitude can be said to be against the sky.

But why is such an excellent discipline abandoned by Shushan Sect? If it is properly trained, Shushan Sect will not be allowed to send someone like Ye Wen to lead Shushan Sect to climb to Peak again.

Ye Wen couldn’t understand this question originally. He wondered whether Zhou Zhiruo, Guo Jing and Nangong Huang were blind together? Or is this child excluded?

It’s not right to think about it, because this recipe was sent to Zhang Gui by Zhou Zhiruo personally-if it is really excluded, maybe even Zhang Gui can’t see it? After all, Zhou Zhiruo knew that Zhang Gui had a fortuitous encounter in Shishuige, and martial arts were not bad!

Therefore, Ye Wen had long suspected that Xu had any special reason. Zhou Zhiruo and the others could not teach it, so he had to send it to Zhang Gui. He couldn’t figure out the reason, but now he understood it.

To put it bluntly, the problem is still with Yin-Yang Two Qi.

In fact, everyone within the body has Yin-Yang Two Qi, within the body Five Elements and 2 qi imbalances, it is a physical problem! Even the cultivator does not dare to easily destroy this balance within his body.

The situation of Lingzhu is different from that of ordinary person. The Yin Qi in his body is not the normal Yin Qi in Yin-Yang Two Qi, but it is also a rare Profound Yin Qi in women, plus Pure Yang in men. Qi, this caused conflict.

“Balance Yin-Yang Two Qi…you mean…”

Ye Wen has a lot of cultivation techniques in hand, and when it comes to balancing Yin-Yang Two Qi, then the best effect is naturally Primal Chaos Divine Art! Of course, Huayi definitely does not know that Ye Wen understands Primal Chaos Divine Art, but his Innate Purple Qi has merged the method of yin and yang changes in Primal Chaos Divine Art.

In fact, the full name of Ye Wen’s Innate Purple Qi should be Innate Tai Extreme Yin Yang Purple Qi, but he disliked the name and it was not good to hear and talked about it, so he kept the original name! What’s more, congenital and metaphysical Tai Chi polarizes yin and yang, everything is in it, and there is no need to emphasize and emphasize again.

Huayi only knew that Ye Wen’s Innate Purple Qi had the method of yin and yang changes. The suggestion was also for Ye Wen to pass the balance of yin and yang to Lingzhu.

However, Ye Wen listens now, but feels that he can pass on the Tai Chi alone. When the time comes, the spirit comes together with Heavenly Demon Art and Primal Chaos Divine Art. This strength is also quite impressive!

If it is Full Mastery, then Shushan Sect can have another Divine Art!

“What’s it called? Taichi Heavenly Demon Art?”

Ye Wen nodded with a smile, I think this name is quite good, but there is still a question, why is he teaching Lingzhu the child’s own quiz?

Although Primal Chaos Divine Art is not included in the Shushan Sect cultivation technique, it only retains the yin and yang changes and merged into the innate Purple Qi, but it is also a tyrannical cultivation technique. Kung Fu, taken alone is no worse than Innate Purple Qi.

Hua Yi gave him a good answer: “I see that the kid has aptitude, and he is considering whether to take him in!”

She has been with Ye Wen all these years, almost like a little maid, everything is done for Ye Wen, at this time it is rare to want to do something by herself.

“Moreover, it is very rare for a boy child to practice Heavenly Demon Art. It seems that no one has even written those online novels on Earth. Now it can be taught by hand. It is very interesting!”

Ye Wen has a black line in his head, and always feels that this is the truth, but he chose to shut up very wisely, but nodded should keep echoing.

At this time, looking at Huayi’s enthusiasm, Ye Wen suddenly felt that the child named Lingzhu… might as well be happy to die, because what awaited him may be a more tragic future than hell. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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