History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 413

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I silently prayed for the child, hoping that Huayi wouldn’t really treat a good living person as a toy and toss it around, but he was already sure that this child, called Lingzhu, could never grow into a child again. A man who can to support both heaven and earth.

“Well…Immortal World will have another pseudo-girlish cultivator in the future…”

This is almost certain, because many of the tricks in Heavenly Demon Art are created entirely for women, and even many of the actions are quite fascinating. Think about the tricks used by a man in Lingzhu.

After scratching his head, Ye Wen felt that it was better not to think too deeply about some things. He chatted with Huayi for a while and went straight back to his room. He wanted to find or think about whether it was suitable for Liu Fushun and Zhou Guan. Cultivation technique.

After turning in the middle of the night, he was finally asked to find a suitable cultivation technique. It was still summon in the Changbai Immortal Realm. At that time, he only had a copy of the summon, because he and everyone at the time had suitable cultivation techniques for a short time. It will not be replaced, Ye Wen only used summon just to avoid wasting this summon opportunity.

The cultivation technique that summon obtained that time has been thrown into the ring, and even he himself will soon forget that there is such a cheat in his hand.

In fact, the formidable power of this cultivation technique is not bad, and it is quite well-known, but this cheat has a characteristic, so it will make Ye Wen almost forget it.

If he hadn’t suddenly thought of Sunflower Treasure Scripture, he might never remember such a cheat in his hand.

This cheat book is the Qingjian Scroll, which together with Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror and Innate Qiankun Gong produced a series of works, is a well-known kung fu in the series of works. Its characteristic is… must be Court Eunuch to practice. .

After training, he was green and had several points of fairy energy, but it was too very ruthless in the move-but this is not a problem for Ye Wen, since he has already done it with others Now, it is natural to die! Very ruthless point is nothing at worst.

This kung fu was originally good, but because of the limitation of Court Eunuch to cultivate, Ye Wen was not interested in it, and even threw it into the ring without looking at it.

At this time, I turned it out and probably looked at it. I saw that there were only a few tricks on this secret volume, and the green energy practiced by the Qing Jian secret volume was not a blue fairy spirit, but a ghost qi!

The highest level of Qing Jian Mi is to invite Yan Luoyin to the upper body, but the ring version is obviously more powerful. According to this cheat book, people who have reached this level basically have a little God’s Force— —Ye Wen’s understanding means that at this level, even if you cross the threshold of becoming an immortal and achieve Earth Immortal status; if you continue to cultivate to achieve Great Accomplishment, you can achieve the body of Yin Shen.

Ye Wen doesn’t know the strength of Yinshen. Maybe this cultivation technique can make people cultivate to the strength of Celestial Immortal?

Of course, Shushan Sect many cultivation techniques can make people cultivate to the strength of Celestial Immortal, as long as you can reach that level! Therefore, Ye Wen will not be too greedy for this cultivation technique, not to mention that the restrictions make him very calm, he feels that he is absolutely impossible to abandon the current sexual life and cultivate this blue book.

“Putting it that way, this thing is still useful, and now comes in handy!”

Anyway, it is useless to keep, plus Liu Fushun is quite loyal to Wei Hong, and Wei Hong is also Shushan Sect disciple, so Liu Fushun is also Shushan himself. It is also a very helpful thing for Shushan Sect to cultivate well. There is no need to hide in Ye Wen. He directly copied a copy of Qing Jian’s secret volume and prepared to hand it to Wei Hong until tomorrow, and then asked Wei Hong to give Qing Fu’s secret volume to Liu Fushun cultivation.

He is not afraid that Wei Hong will feel jealous after watching this cultivation technique. After all, Wei Hong’s strength is not bad. He has refined the Purple Dawn Divine Merit several decades. He has already eaten this cultivation technique thoroughly, and now he is here again. In this Immortal World, you only need to harden your body, and then you can impact the Earth Immortal.

Ye Wen doesn’t even need to teach him other cultivation techniques-at present Wei Hong is a deliberate study of Purple Dawn Divine Merit! Even the follow-up cultivation technique Innate Purple Qi did not practice.

So this disciple who had been an emperor was very perseverant and persevering. At least Ye Wen didn’t feel that he could hold a copy of Purple Dawn Divine Merit to cultivate the cultivation technique to such a degree!

Of course, this is also related to Wei Hong’s non-cultivation of external strength and his concentration on internal strength, but it can withstand the boring and boring, and it can be seen that this person is not ordinary.

Zhou Guan’s question…Ye Wen thought about it, thinking it was Absolute Domain or Seven Colored Battle Qi! Of course, he can also summon a secret book for Zhou Guan, but he really doesn’t feel the need to conduct a summon for Zhou Guan. Moreover, the current summon opportunities are more and more rare, and he does not know that this ring has changed. What surprises are waiting for him, he is still waiting for the test!

Thinking of this, he remembered that he had not used the ring for a while, and he wondered if he could use it this time?

Looking at the unoccupied room, Ning Ruxue is still practicing in the practice room. It is estimated that he will not be able to return tonight. Huayi ran to guide the Lingzhu and would not be able to return in a while.

I have already thought about the questions of the two people. Idle at this time is also idle. Would you like to try summon again?

Do it when you think about it, Ye Wen sitting there, very casually sent Inner Strength to the ring. At this time, he was very comfortable with skill manipulation. He didn’t need to pose at all. Even summon while drinking tea was okay, but he still avoided others.

As soon as Inner Strength passed, Ye Wen heard the familiar prompt sound, and he was very happy: “It’s done, you can summon again!”

At the same time, I secretly estimated that the time since the last summon is only a few months now, which is a little faster than the previous half-yearly time. I don’t know whether it is because of my skill improvement or some other reason. But for him, this is a good thing after all.

It’s just that Ye Wen was melancholy. Although this time ring began to absorb his Inner Strength, it didn’t prompt to detect the Inner Strength attribute and so on as before. This situation is almost the same as it was at the beginning, completely random. Give cheats.

“Did it evolve once, but the ability has receded?”

The heart is very melancholy, and Ye Wen does not know whether it should be happy or uneasy! When he was thinking about whether to stop delivering Inner Strength, he found his thoughts together, and the ring seemed to be immediately aware, and stopped decisively.

Then Ye Wen suddenly had another thing in his hand, this feeling has been very familiar in this several decades, every time the summon is like this, draw his Inner Strength almost, and then come up with a cheat in hand No matter what posture he poses, the cheats will stay in his palm steadily.

However, this time, the summon was ended without taking time out of Inner Strength. This situation makes Ye Wen very concerned.

“Is it possible that the delivery of Inner Strength becomes controllable?” Ye Wen glanced at the ring on his hand: “In this case, is the cheats given lower than when it was summon?”

Looking around, Ye Wen was immediately shocked there! All because his hand is not a book of cheats at all, but a piece of folded paper.

This paper folded neat and tidy square-shaped feels exactly similar to those cheat books, so he didn’t go to read it. At this time, he knew he was wrong.

Opening the paper in wonder, Ye Wen found that the paper was only a full sheet, and the texture did not know what was done. Even if it was folded like this, there was no wrinkle left. But he tried to fold it back again, as if there were fixed marks there, so he folded it back easily.

“I don’t know what the material is. If you can study it, it is estimated to be a magic weapon!”

After Experiment 2, that’s all, Ye Wen opened the paper, and finally presented a magnificent drawing in front of him. It’s not that Ye Wen knows what is going on with the magic weapon drawings, but because the paper is opened, Ye Wen sees the most conspicuous title on it, written in bold and black font: Purple Yingjian (Shanzhai) )design diagram.

“I’m going! Got the magic weapon’s drawings?”

Ye Wen blinked, making sure that he really had no dazzling eyes, and that his ring did give himself a drawing of a magic weapon. To know that he is the most troublesome of these things now, he also thought about how he should work hard to make’money’ in the future, and then The gang of guys who are good at the system cabinet practice their hands, so that they have the ability to design and manufacture the magic weapon of the standard formidable power by themselves within 100 years. A lot of research is done to study the design method of magic weapon. As a result, my lovely ring is given such a gift.

“With this drawing, I don’t know how much time and materials to save!”

If you study slowly from scratch, even if Shushan Sect now has a few shanzhai version of the inferior purple Ying sword, Zheng Ying will go back and disassemble it to study. It is estimated that it takes time to study thoroughly and restore its design concept. I don’t know how many.

But with this drawing, it is different, because almost every step of the drawing is written in detail. As long as a recipe that understands the magic weapon is as shown in the drawing, as long as no mistakes are made, then a standard The cottage version of the purple Ying sword can be made.

Although Ye Wen is still not very satisfied with the word 2 in the cottage, but after looking at the detailed introduction on the drawings, he also found that this cottage version is much better than the purple swords in his hand. Although it is a cottage, but formidable power It’s not bad either, although Ye Wen is not good at judging what formidable power is the magic weapon in Immortal World, and what level this copycat version of the purple sword is made, but he can compare with the magic weapon seen on Earth .

It is found that as long as it can be successfully manufactured as shown in the drawings and meets the standards described on the drawings, then this purple Ying sword is definitely a good thing on Earth. Although various sects are not likely to be robbed, even those few Great Sect, only a few older generations or Sect Masters are equipped with this Flying Sword.

“Good things!”

Ye Wen looked at the drawings, and the divine light in his eyes was even more fierce. He didn’t even hold the drawings hua hua drooling. If someone breaks in at this time, I’m afraid that Ye Da Sect Master is looking at some kinds of albums!

Seeing the rise, Ye Wen suddenly remembered that he didn’t consume all the skills simply. If all the skills are consumed, then what can summon produce?

“Maybe I can summon out the real purple sword?”

Although this may not be big, it does not prevent Ye Wen from looking forward to it, and even if the summon does not produce the purple Ying sword, what else is good.

It’s a pity that when Ye Wen restarted summon happily, the icy “cooling…” made him speechless: “You are a ring! It’s a magic weapon, not a computer! Cool your sister!”

But the ring is obviously not intelligent. Regardless of how Ye Wen in the heart scolds, the ring still stays quietly on Ye Wen’s finger and does not send a slight response, only when Ye Wen tries to deliver Inner Strength. Will once again let him hear the icy cold, without any emotion of’cooling…’

“Go! It seems that if you want summon magic and so on, you have to wait a while!”

However, although Ye Wen was a little unhappy, he still couldn’t hide his excitement, but after a while, he calmed down and remembered that his Sect’s cabinet was only just established, even if it was Earth’s magic weapon technology. None of them have researched and understood that the best Zhang Ling and Zheng Ying in the faction are just just entered. Now, even if they give them the real purple Yingjian design drawings, it is estimated that they cannot make them.

“Maybe, I don’t have to be so anxious, I should summon out a series of magic weapons from low to high first? Let’s practice the skills of these two disciplines before I talk about it?”

Ye Wen, who calmed down, began to think seriously about how to take advantage of this extra advantage. Later, when he made a magic weapon in Shushan Sect, he didn’t need to think about what kind of magic weapon he should build. He just looked at what the ring gave, and then It is enough for Shushan Sect to choose which one to build.

What’s more, Shushan Sect itself does not rely on magic weapons to eat, and many of the things it may create will be sold out, when the time comes can also exchange more materials to allow disciplines to practice!

“In this way, you can enter a virtuous circle! While building, sell in exchange for a large amount of materials, and then continue to build for yourself while taking care of the sold parts!”

“In this case, the failure rate needs to be controlled!”

Turning his eyes to the record of success rate on the drawing, Ye Wen found that a very arrogant word was written in the last corner of the drawing: If you strictly follow the steps of this chart, the success rate can reach 100%!

Ye Wen is overjoyed, if Shushan Sect can perfectly convert all the materials into magic weapons, one magic weapon can be used for enough materials for Shushan Sect to create several magic weapons of the same type. In this case, it is simply profiteering.

But Ye Wen then noticed that this sentence is not so easy to achieve! First of all, many details on this drawing are strictly regulated, and even strict to the level of milliseconds and milligrams. As long as there is a slight deviation, it may lead to failure. Under such strict requirements, the disciplines will not make mistakes at all, almost impossible thing.

Not to mention that it is humans who refine the magic weapon, even if it is a machine, it cannot be so accurate, so the last sentence on this drawing is very pretending, but it is theoretically possible that’s all.

Thinking of this, Ye Wen calmed down again and compared it carefully. I felt that Shushan Sect is still very profitable-other Sect manufacturing magic weapons, I am afraid that there will not be such a detailed process, even if it is a familiar familiar magic weapon. It is only a general impression that at most it is how many parts of the XX material, and the accuracy is accurate to the milligram level. Therefore, the failure rate of the people in the faction manufacturing is far greater than that of the Shushan Sect with the design drawing.

“In short, this design is an advantage, and it is also a thing that cannot be easily shown. It seems that if you want to pass it on, you have to think about it from the beginning…”

Thinking about it, Ye Wen found that if he didn’t know how to make a magic weapon, even if he really wanted to take it out, and then claimed that it was designed by himself, no one would believe it. After all, he had to follow those special requests. The teacher who came to learn some basic magic manufacturing methods.

“Ah… life is bitter!”

But Ye Wen didn’t know that his hard life had just begun that’s all, because it didn’t take long for me to formally learn the magic weapon making, and after Ye Wen was full enough to try the summon, the ring was very powerful and the summon succeeded again. .

At this time, Ye Wen used a little Inner Strength, so the paper appeared was very small. At first, Ye Wen thought it was a small magic weapon or simply some entry level of internal strength.

But when he took a closer look, his eyes were spent directly, because he found that there were a lot of numbers in milligrams and the name of the medicine ingredients.

“Fuck, medicine recipe?”

Ye Wen looked at the ring on his right hand, and then looked at the medicine recipe that he placed on his left hand. There was a word of silence: “Is this ring not only the summon magic drawing, but also the summon Immortal Pill medicine recipe? “

After taking a closer look at the medicine recipe, he discovered that the medicine recipe has a name that is familiar to him and speechless: boiled eggs!

That’s right, it’s just boiled eggs, and I don’t know if it’s deliberately spoofing. A medicine ingredient in the medicine recipe is actually an egg, and it is especially clear that it must be an egg laid by an old hen.

Then use a lot of medicine ingredients to cook the eggs, then this medicine pill is even practiced! And its role is to allow an ordinary person to have a preliminary sense of gas and step into the ranks of cultivation, commonly known as Foundation Establishment!

The name of boiled egg, simply is a homophonic of Foundation Establishment Pill, and then used a very spoof way to get this medicine pill out.

To be honest, this medicine pill doesn’t have much effect on Shushan Sect. This is to use medicine pill for a discipline that is in a special situation or eager to get started. In Immortal World, it is a thing that no one on the street is willing to ask for-even the entry is not good. What kind of immortal do you still cultivate? Go home and play by yourself!

Therefore, although Ye Wen got the Foundation Establishment Pill recipe, he already knew some of Immortal World’s common sense in his spare time. He simply put away this medicine recipe, but he didn’t have it.

However, after being inadvertently seen by Li Xiaoyao, boiled eggs became one of Shushan Sect’s breakfast dishes. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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