History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 414

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After swallowing a boiled egg and drinking a bowl of lean egg porridge with preserved eggs, Huayi was very excited and said: “We have eaten all the preserved eggs at home, and will not eat this thing in the future!”

“What’s so exciting about?”

Ye Wen is very strange, this should be a very sad thing, right? In the future, there will be one less delicious food on Shushan.

Pointing at Li Xiaoyao without thinking of Huayi: “In this way, Xiaoyao has another task!”

Ye Wen realized that it was like this! And Li Xiaoyao was very happy to say that he would improve the boiled eggs to become preserved eggs, and then ensure that the medicinal properties will not be lost when cooking porridge. Instead, it will be easier to digest and absorb because of the fusion with rice porridge.

“Xiaoyao… you should study medicine pill, not food!”

Although he really wanted to talk to Xiaoyao with such a long-term focus, when he heard Li Xiaoyao’s sentence: “Anyway, it’s all food, no difference!” He felt very powerless and gave up this idea.

After eating that’s all meals, the disciples also dispersed to do their own things. Wei Hong took Liu Fushun to Book Collection Pavilion to start a day’s teaching work, and then after the teaching was over, Wei Hong would guide Liu Fushun’s cultivation of Qingjian dense volumes.

Liu Fushun, as the general manager of the internal affairs, served as Wei Weihong, but he also knew some skills, but he was very superficial and not profound. Now that he has such a proven cultivation technique, without the guidance of more powerful people, let him practice what he is afraid of. There is not much success until death.

At the same time, in order to ensure that Liu Fushun can successfully complete the Qingjian Scroll, Wei Hong gave Liu Fushun his own’boiled egg’. The old Court Eunuch who moved was crying and eating breakfast every day, making everyone very speechless. This old Court Eunuch doesn’t eat with them, so he doesn’t have to watch such an 8-point dog blood plot every day.

After such a period of time, I don’t know whether it was Wei Hong’s teaching, or whether the boiled egg did play a role. Liu Fushun finally put the Qing Jian secret volume into the door, and then he will see where he can go. One step away! In this regard, Wei Hong can’t help much even if he wants to help. At most, he takes care of him, lest this close person be eager to cultivate cultivation deviation.

Compared with Liu Fushun, Zhou Guan, who has a very good foundation, is much simpler. Ye Wen asked Zhou Zhou to learn Zhou Family 100’s Zhuang Xin Jing, and after understanding each feature of Zhou Guan cultivation technique in detail It is very decisive to choose Absolute Domain for Zhou Guan to cultivate.

The Zhou Family 100 War Heart Sutra is regarded as the Sect’s Exclusive mind method passed by the Zhou steward clan. This mind method has strong endurance and explosive power. It uses formidable power to fight on the battle front. However, there are extremely high requirements for the physical fitness of the practitioners. This fierce look is similar to the Dongfang Family’s Azure Dragon Yin Po has several points of similarities.

It’s just that Zhou Family’s 100 Battle Heart Sutra is more suitable on the battlefield. What special effects are not at all, which is very different from Azure Dragon’s sound of dragon’s roar when it is cast.

At the same time, the Zhou Family’s half-moon style and the Blade Technique are also very good Blade Technique. Ye Wen was also full of praise after seeing it, especially he found that the formidable power of these two Blade Techniques is not only the case. The skill of the tube can be further improved, these two Blade Technique can also play a more powerful formidable power.

To put it bluntly, this is a set of people-oriented Blade Technique. Blade Technique itself does not have a fixed upper limit of formidable power, and how much power it can exert depends on the language.

And when the half-moon-style cast was unfolded, one after another blade light was like the crescent moon that hung over 9 days. It was really beautiful and practical.

At the same time, the weapon that Zhou Guan used to use was a straight knife, commonly known as the Tang Sword on Earth, which was also the predecessor of the Japanese Sword or the original (of course, with the development, the Japanese Sword and the Tang Sword gradually became There is a clear difference), this weapon Ye Wen still has several handles, all drawn from the Immortal Palace in the South China Sea.

Because Kunlun Faction Sect Master had recovered a lot of people from the island countries, he had a lot of these kinds of things, but no one in the pie used it, only gave Zhang Ling a copycat 1000 copies of Sakura. There is a suitable user.

However, Ye Wen was not in a hurry to give Zhou Guan the magic weapon. After all, Zhou Guan hadn’t done anything since he entered Shushan. It’s too ridiculous to give him the magic weapon directly. It is inevitable that other disciplines are dissatisfied, so Just wait for Zhou Gong to make a credit, and then give him a magic weapon.

Standing on the empty square, Li Xiaoyao and Claire were watching. Chris and Wei Hong both cultivated Absolute Domain. Chris was Seven Colored Battle Qi. After training to a certain realm, he minored in Absolute Domain, and Zhou It is from scratch.

Chris has enough foundation. Cultivation is naturally very fast. In addition, he has been with Zheng Ying and Zhang Ling for a long time. He also knows this cultivation technique very well, so he can guide Zhou Guan’s cultivation.

Ye Wen stood aside, just in case 10000 that’s all! After all, Chris himself has many problems that may be exposed at any time, and he can take care of it here, but from the past few days, he can know that he does not need to be so careful in the future. Although Chris is a man, he is thinking. Quite fine, coupled with not reckless temperament, it is estimated that there will be no moths.

If he changed Claire or Tommy, he would not be sure!

It is for this reason that until Chris determines that he can cultivate both forces at the same time and fuse together, he will not let those two people cultivate as well.

As for Zheng Ying and Zhang Ling? The current priority of the two of them is to learn how to make magic weapons. Ye Wen has even started to prepare a relatively simple design of magic weapon, and then he will give them hands-on training-provided that he can finish all the courses of magic weapon production. Only in this way can we take things out reasonably and arrogantly express: But it was only made by me when I was bored!

Claire looked at the two trainers and suddenly asked boringly, “Oh, by the way, I heard that Zhou Guan is an official, and how big is it?”

“This…” Li Xiaoyao was also confused for these, and he did not know what happened to Zhou Guan in the Imperial Court. In the end, he could only turn his attention to Ye Wen.

Ye Wen knows it. Normally, he chats with Wei Hong, but he also heard these things: “Before Zhou Guan resigned, it was the commander of the forbidden army!”

“What position is that?” Claire still couldn’t figure out what these names meant.

Ye Wen thought about it, and finally gave a rough comparison: “Roughly equivalent to the commander-in-chief of the Garrison Military Region!”

Claire sucks, she still understands this very modern term for those who don’t understand the ancient official positions. The highest commander in a military area is a general military officer! didn’t expect this old man who didn’t look very eye-catching, so big.

“In addition, Wei Guan gave him the title of a second lieutenant after Zhou Guan resigned from his home!” This thing was only known when chatting, when Wei Hong also used this to crack a joke with Zhou Guan. At that time, Ye Wen realized that the position of lieutenant in the Nine Provinces world is no longer a real power position. Most of them are used as posthumous titles after the retirement of the meritorious veteran, but it is just a nickname that’s all-at most it is a little more retirement Jin Hao goes to pension.

“What do you mean?”

“Equivalent to chasing the title of a marshal!” The ancient rank of second lieutenant, at the time of its Peak, was a high-ranking officer in charge of all the soldiers and horses in the world, only because his power was too large, and was later slowly cut off his rights, waiting for the guard The whole world has become a complete false title.

But the title of Marshal is still quite bluffing. Claire can’t underestimate this unremarkable old man at this time, which is also related to her growing environment, plus she works in the police department as an adult. Naturally more sensitive.

Changed Li Xiaoyao? He doesn’t care if you are a marshal or an emperor, anyway, you are your own family! what? Not? Then it depends on whether it is an enemy, or if it is an enemy, it is a shovel to shoot dead, no matter what your identity is!

Watching it for a while, and instructing things about cultivation next week, Ye Wen left the practice area and started to move around 4 times a day, but instead of hanging around in front of this time, he turned to mountainside instead.

Although Shushan Sect has developed more and more buildings after the development of several decades, and the scope of the building group is getting wider and wider, but because of the original design, the mountainside still retains the original appearance, not at all covering the house to this Piece place.

Of course, with the original development momentum of Shushan Sect, the inner courtyard may soon be re-planned, demolished and further moved to mountainside, but because of the return of Ye Wen and subsequent actions, these things no longer need to be done-Shushan Sect basically won’t recruit disciplines any more. In the future, it may be that the youngster with a good heart or aptitude will only be taken up the mountain. Maybe there will not be a few people in several decades or 100 years, and today’s Shushan Sect is still empty. In many places, it is enough to arrange a few hundred people to live, and naturally no major projects need to be done.

Ye Wen is quite satisfied with this situation, and it is more in his favor to retain the original appearance of Shushan more. After all, this is the way to cultivate.

“If the reconstruction of Shushan is similar to the space fortress… Domineering is domineering, but it is a little bit less fairy!”

Ye Wen remembered a rare dream yesterday. Ye Wen in the dream stood on the Shu Mountain that had been completely transformed into a mechanical structure. Haha laughed and stood up against the wind.

Shushan flew forward madly, and then ignored the crowds of people who came to block the Celestial Court, and then Ye Wen waved his hand, and the entire Shushan turned into a huge robot, and the arms formed a part. After a huge main gun, and then a brilliant brilliance, nothing existed.

Ye Wen woke up wondering why he dreamed of this kind of thing, could it be that he was wondering when he was thinking about making things himself? I was puzzled at the same time, but I didn’t think at all how good it was to happen.

First of all, let’s not say if Celestial Court will really not survive after a shot, just go down like this, it is estimated that Shushan Sect should not stay in Immortal World, hurry up and go to the universe to escape in spaceship! Then leave a terrifying legend for future generations to chant-and swear.

Hu Si thought for a moment, Ye Wen saw the home-stayed Garfield Youzai wandering there, the small tail that was not long was tilted high, and the round little head was also the old boss-maybe It is related to the appearance of this little thing. It is still a little kitty. You have to look up to see everything, so you have developed this habit.


After a cry, little kitty turned her head towards towards Ye Wen, raised her front paws and waved, and meowed, it was a hello!


Although Ye Wen has seen this screen more than once, I always find it awkward!

“Where did that lazy bear go?”

When the kitten heard the owner asking where his friend was, he pointed away with his front paw that had not been laid down, and then “Meow!” was a reply.

In the direction of Garfield’s finger, Ye Wen looked over and found that the little kitty pointed to the floating mountain that Li Xuan had arranged a while ago.

But at that time, the hill had already lost its previous appearance. There were still a lot of plants and flowers on the hill, but it was already gone.

The hill is covered with a thick layer of white snow, and at the same time exudes a chill. The whole hill seems to become a snow ridge, and even a few floating stones as bridges are piled up on the white snow. .

Ye Wen looked dumb, didn’t expect that Li Xuan practiced such a big movement, even though the hill is just a hill, but the area and volume are not small, and there is even a fairly wide plain area-otherwise there is no Legal person is not? This hill was thrown into the sea as a good holiday island. Didn’t expect Li Xuan’s practice to make the environment of the whole hill change so completely.

At this time, it was only autumn in Immortal World, but the island was as cold as 3 9 winters. In other words, a cold place that is colder than 3 9! This kind of place is not suitable for human life. Although this scene reminds Ye Wen of the long white Immortal Realm that has lived for a long time, he does not have much to say about the environment there.

And in such a place, there is a life that seems very happy.

The unfathomable mystery came to Immortal World with Ye Wen and the others, because suddenly he came to a too warm environment, which made him completely unable to adapt. It was lazily all day long, but even so I will feel uncomfortable when I see the snow now, but I am happy to see it in the snow, and I’m so happy in the snow, from time to time I still roll and so on in the snow, without the majesty and domineering of the giant bear. .

“It looks… like a dog…”

Ye Wen is very speechless about this unscrupulous white bear, but he is very interested in Li Xuan who can change the environment of the whole hill.

“Is it possible that Li Xuan has succeeded? Or is it close to success?”

Such a big movement, if Li Xuan didn’t make a fuss in the end, then Ye Wen would despise him fiercely, but Li Xuan did not give him this opportunity, while he was still guessing, the chill on the hill Suddenly, at that moment Ye Wen had the illusion that he had been frozen for a moment, and then paused for a moment. Then, a more chilly blast broke out on the floating mountain, and the snow blowing from the hill will almost This a side World has turned into a winter, and such an exaggerated scene immediately made Ye Wen realize: Li Xuan, success!

I saw a silhouette jumping from the hill, bringing up a crystal clear and near-transparent ice crystal cold air, and under the reflection of the sun, shining rays of light, then turning in the air, fluttering lightly to Ye Wen.

In the blink of an eye, a silhouette slowly fell from the air, and Li Xuan appeared in front of Ye Wen again.

Ye Wen looked up and found that Li Xuan was still the same Li Xuan. The ravines on the forehead, the countless wrinkles and the hair as pale as snow all indicated that Li Xuan not at all crossed the threshold of Earth Immortal.

But Li Xuan is not the Li Xuan who has just arrived at Immortal World. Although Li Xuan’s body is still old at this time, the old body is gleaming with crystal brilliance, it looks like a crystal clear and near-transparent ice cubes.

Only at this point can you know that Li Xuan succeeded, he found a method to refine the fleshy body, and he has also initially practiced it. At least the current Li Xuan body is much stronger than before, and he is strong. You can also mobilize all your skills without worrying about your body being unable to bear it.

“Congratulations to Sect Leader Li!”

Ye Wen sees that Li Xuan can really create such a cultivation technique, and he really admires it! After all, Li Xuan is different from Ye Wen. Ye Wen has Qiankun as a blueprint. All he has to do is delete and modify from the ready-made cultivation technique-not complicated and stronger, but simplified. .

Li Xuan, however, created a new cultivation technique formula out of thin air, not only to be able to meet the requirements of Ye Wen, but also to meet his own cultivation technique characteristics, so it is quite difficult!

In fact, if Li Xuan retired for two or three years, Ye Wen didn’t find it strange. I didn’t expect Li Xuan to succeed so quickly. Is it only a few months?

“How genius is this World?”

Unexpectedly, Li Xuan shook the head, and then said: “Actually, I discovered it by accident. The genius in the door itself has secret art for refining the fleshy body, but that part of the formula was abandoned by the elders. ! Now I just pick up those things that were abandoned, that’s all!”

Ye Wen was stunned, didn’t expect that there was also this layer of change, and I couldn’t help but wondered a little bit, but it was related to the faction of the faction, and it was not easy to ask questions.

Fortunately, Li Xuan did not hide his meaning, but simply said: “This is also what I learned from the volume of this door after I removed the position of Sect Master. The volume said that in fact the cold spirit itself is Equipped with a set of ice-cold body training tips, but the elders of the past generations found it too difficult to distract from two cultivation arts. It is likely that neither of the two courses can be practiced at the found place, so they abandoned it and concentrated on cultivation. !”

“In addition to the fact that the ice-cold body does not seem to have any peculiarities even if it is practiced, so this cultivation technique is lost. I am also lucky to find some piecemeal formulas from a large number of files. These days are just those Piecemeal recipes make up that’s all!”

Although what he said is easy, Ye Wen still thinks Li Xuan is powerful, just a bunch of scattered formulas he can also practice kung fu? If you give him a full set of formulas, is he an Earth Immortal now?

However, after listening to this matter, he was curious: Is the ice-cold cold skill the same as Phoenix Nirvana, which is the Xianjia cultivation technique? But how did these two martial arts spread to Dingzhong? (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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