History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 415

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Although it is said that the Nine Provinces tripod is also a magic weapon handed down from the ancient times, at that time, the fairy and so on were still squatting on Earth, so it is not ruled out that some people collected the cultivation technique in the Nine Provinces tripod, and there was no possibility of taking it later.

It’s just that the interpretation of Binghu Hangong is still in the past. This cultivation technique has no peculiarities other than coldness, but what about Phoenix Nirvana? Isn’t that Phoenix Race’s special cultivation technique?

This question troubled Ye Wen for a while, but he didn’t go into it, because he felt that it was difficult to find an answer to this matter. It was better to think about more meaningful things than to get to the bottom.

such as……

Will there be anyone who is proficient in the cold and cold skills in Immortal World?

Although Li Xuan’s Ice Soul Cold Power seems to be nothing in Ye Wen now, but if Li Xuan has surpassed the threshold and become Earth Immortal, will Ice Soul Cold Power’s formidable power be improved accordingly? In other words, there is a follow-up part of Bingpo Hangong, but Dingzhong world is lost, just like the Bingbi Han body.

After all, in the Nine Provinces tripod, because of the limitations of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, the ice cold body can not perform as well as the ice cold performance. The result was abandoned by the Senior of Mountainly Mountain Sect’s Senior. The cultivation technique behind Han Gong was abandoned because no one could practice for a long time.

“Brother Li!”


“I don’t know Your sect’s ice cold skills… How many layers are there? How many layers did Brother Li practice?”

Li Xuan didn’t know what Ye Wen thought, but after glancing at him curiously, he casually talked about the situation of Bingpi Hangong: “There are 5-Layer, as early as when I met Ye Sect Master, This Li has already trained that ice cold to the 5th floor Peak!”

“After all these years, hasn’t there been any further breakthrough?” Ye Wen only had 5-Layer when he heard it. The more he felt his guess was reliable, after all, which of the famous cultivation techniques is only trifling 5-Layer? 7-Layer 8-Layer is not too much, and there are many more than a dozen 20th-layers. If you really encounter any perverts, you can directly come to the original 100-layer cultivation technique, and practice slowly!

Originally it was just casual chat, but at this time Li Xuan seemed to realize something, and the expression became severe: “Ye Sect Master said this, this Li really has a feeling these days, this cultivation technique seems to have signs of breakthrough. But this feeling is clueless, and I thought it was smashing void!”

In the past few days, Li Xuan only feels that he seems to have a breakthrough, but he really hasn’t noticed his own cultivation technique. He only thinks that he has a breakthrough.

After hearing him say it, Ye Wen secretly thought: “Sure enough!” At the same time, I remembered what the Red Sun Divine Fire merit was also Heavenly Mountain Sect. At that time, the Red Sun God said that he could not practice to the end. Great Accomplishment is because of the body Can’t bear the terrifying scorching energy, is it possible that Chiyang Divine Fire also has a set of things like Chiyang inflammation body, which must be cultivated by both?

When I think about it, this may be the case. Maybe it is because the Chi Yang Fire is more domineering, so this will happen if you don’t practice the secret art of that body.

“Oh, in this way, there is another copy of Chiyang Divine Fire!”

The more I think, the more strange this is, and it seems that it does not match up with some of the things that Dingzhong circulates!

Previously, he heard that Chiyang Divine Fire and Bing Po Han Gong are two cultivation techniques separated from one cultivation technique, but the kung fu of that genre cannot always be separated?

After asking her questions gently, Li Xuan didn’t feel anything wrong, but just said: “This is Ye Sect Master. I don’t know. The secret art is not limited to the strength of both sides. Chill or fire can be achieved. Because this Li is cultivated with cold, it is called a cold body!

“Oh, so that’s how it is!”

Feelings are because this cultivation technique does not picky eaters, and both cultivation arts share this set of secret art. But in this case, after Li Xuan’s body becomes more arrogant, then Xuan Bing Lihuo Gong is not possible to practice?

“This… it’s possible!” Li Xuan always feels that he’s got a little worse during these days of cultivation. It’s because the ice skill is separated from the Xuanbing Ligong, so the cultivation technique itself is somewhat Incomplete, so that I can’t cultivate to smashing void realm?

In fact, Li Xuan is really right. Xuan Bing Li Huo is originally an integrated cultivation technique, but almost no senior of Heavenly Mountain Sect can practice this cultivation technique, so we split the cultivation technique into 2 sets. .

Although they looked at the time, the two sets of cultivation techniques they took apart were perfect, but the hidden dangers existed. At the beginning, there was no impact, but the more you practiced, the more obvious this flaw was. When someone could cultivate one of the cultivation techniques to a certain realm, they would inevitably touch a bottleneck.

For example, Li Xuan, he has never been able to reach smashing void. Except for Dingzhong’s vitality limit, it is because of this bottleneck that his progress over several decades can almost be said to be insignificant. If you change a cultivation technique, even if it depends on the time pile The skill is almost the same as realm, but Li Xuan has always been so bad.

Xuan Bing Li Huo Gong, when actually practiced, will easily cross the threshold of Earth Immortal, of course, the premise is that the secret art of the cultivator must be cultivated, because without the help of the secret art, the body of the cultivator I’m afraid I can’t stand Bing Huo 2 and coexist in one.

So this is a real cultivation technique that can be immortalized, and the elders of Heavenly Mountain Sect have been demolished by 7 and 8.

Of course, you can’t blame them on this matter. The Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi of Dingzhong World is really limited. Even the cultivation technique after the split is enough for people to practice the Great Accomplishment for a lifetime, and Xuan Bing is off fire. If you want to practice it, if you are in Dingzhong World, unless this person can have a lifespan of 200 years to 300 years, otherwise it is also a ponder.

Either he found something heavenly material earthly treasure, such as the cold fruit in the hot springs of Tianshan-unfortunately no one has found it in Tianshan for so long, but was eaten by Xu Xian who came as a guest.

As for what Xuan Bing Lihuo Gonggong, this is a cultivation technique that can only be achieved by some tricks, but that type of that Xuanbing Lihuo Gong that’s all, it is far inferior to the authentic Xuanbing Lihuo Gong.

That can reduce the strength of people’s inner strength, and it is very difficult to play a role when meeting a true expert. For example, Ye Wen can dissolve it by virtue of True Qi’s uniqueness. And many martial artists with profound skills can also solve this problem with a strong cultivation base.

To put it bluntly, it is a thing to bully the weak. It can easily crush opponents who are weaker than yourself, and when it encounters enemies of the same level or higher, simply does nothing.

At first Li Xuan had a clear and thorough view, and did not go to cultivation that Xuan Bing Lihuo Gonggong, just concentrate on cultivating Bingbi Hangong! But now, he finds that he doesn’t cultivate the Chiyang Divine Fire skill seems to be no good, and in order to make up for the shortcomings in the cultivation technique, he must make the Chiyang Divine Fire merit cultivation base catch up with the ice in the shortest time The degree of psychic skill, and then we have to work hard to integrate the two cultivation techniques.

With the cultivation goal, Li Xuan could not see the silhouette in the next time, hiding all day long in his own hill cultivation, and at this time he has body protection of the cold body, the firepower of Divine Fire in Chiyang Li Xuan cannot be hurt, so his cultivation base is rapid progress.

By the way, he also began to try to quench the fleshy body with fire, and finally reached a cold and heat balance, and then let the two forces merge from the outside.

It’s a pity that the white bear suffered during this day, but it was happily spreading out in the snow, but didn’t want to wake up one day and wake up, the surroundings became hot, and the snow in can be seen everywhere suddenly disappeared. There was a crack on the ground, and it even blew terrifying heat.

Comrade Bai Xiong was almost roasted in his sleep, crying and ran away from the hill, and then jumped back to the top of Shu Mountain, and then watched his own almost roasted bear paws burst into tears.

Kitty Garfield laughed while covering her mouth…

Ye Wen came over and took a look, and then he helped Bai Xiong to treat it for a while, but he didn’t manage it anyway. Anyway, this bear is very clever. It is estimated that he can’t die. Rest and conditioning can recover. But he didn’t notice that after following the Shushan Sect, the bear seemed to be getting smarter, and the lifespan became longer and longer. I don’t know if Garfield secretly took himself as a snack medicine pill.

By the way, I went to the valley, and Zhang Gui now has a much easier life than he was back then. I spent a whole day sitting in the valley, walking around from time to time, practicing and punching and so on.

In addition, the punches he plays are ordinary, the most profound one is a set of Soft Palm, which is almost the martial arts of Shushan Sect everyone, so no one will care, a few of the recipes to help After just a few glances, they dispersed.

Ye Wen glanced a few times, but was surprised to find that this Gui practiced Soft Palm to Profound Realm. Based on the appearance of his eyes, you can know the whole Shushan up and down. If you only talk about Soft Palm Kung Fu, I am afraid No one is Zhang Gui’s opponent! Even if Ye Wen shot it in person, I’m afraid it might not be possible to compare Zhang Gui with this method.

At the same time, the Great Ancestor Long Fist was also made wonderful by Zhang Gui, which was a very ordinary skill, but the formal power was not ordinary. Ye Wen estimated that the Shuer Sect Outer Disciple nowadays, I am afraid that no one can take Zhang Gui Punch. Even if he only used the strength of those disciplines.

“Sect Master !”

After a set of punches, Zhang Gui noticed that Ye Wen was standing next to him, and it seemed that he had come for a while! As for why he didn’t find Ye Wen coming, he didn’t find it strange, because he knew that his skill compared to Ye Wen was really heaven and earth’s difference to separate, simply there was no room for comparison.

“If you weren’t allowed to do the job of taking the Xiange Pavilion, I really want you to teach and teach the junior disciples!” Ye Wen’s words are not just casual, just look at Zhang Gui’s 2 sets of Kung Fu’s accomplishments, He really wants this one to give a lesson to ignorant disciplines who regard basic skills as useless.

4 Looked down and found that this valley is still calm and normal. Although several houses have been built, it is still not very popular. The thought turned around and immediately said: “Anyway, these days there is nothing, you will start tomorrow Just go to Martial Training Stage and teach the disciplines. Staying here all day is not a problem!”

Anyway, no one will come out of Dingzhong in recent days, not to mention that he is still on the mountain, at worst when it feels different, it is just a trip in person!


Zhang Gui did not refuse, anyway, in his view, this was all the things Sect Master had ordered, and he obediently and honestly did it!

Ye Wen looked at it again and finally asked, “Oh, what about Lingzhu?”

Zhang Gui heard Ye Wen asking about the Lingzhu, and finally a smile appeared on her face: “Ms. Hua put Lingzhu under her door a few days ago, and now Lingzhu went with Madam Hua!”


Ye Wen was a little curious when he heard that, he didn’t know how Huayi would teach the Lingzhu, so he started to look for Huayi in 4 places after he came out of the valley, and finally knew that Huayi took Lingzhu to a small exercise room The practice went, so he ran straight away.

Once there, Ye Wen was stupid!

I saw that in the exercise room, Huayi stood there, staring at Lingzhu with arms coldly, and Lingzhu was there with a hard face… dancing!

And wearing 7 colorful fans, the complicated streamers on his body will draw a very beautiful trajectory with each of his movements, and at the same time… no lethality!


Walking to Huayi, Ye Wen blinked and carefully watched Lingzhu’s movements. Finally, he finally determined that Lingzhu’s practice is indeed ordinary dance, not with powerful lethality and charm.的天魔舞 (martial arts in Heavenly Demon Art).

“This seems to be just ordinary dance?”

“Yes!” Huayi didn’t think it was strange, but looked at Ye Wen wonderingly.

Pointing at the Lingzhu: “Aren’t you talking about teaching martial arts?”

“These are just the foundation that’s all, then Heavenly Demon Art profound is very incomparable. If there is not enough foundation, even if the practice session is held, it will not be able to exert all the formidable power!” It seems that Ye Wen does not understand, and specifically gave an example: “Like ordinary martial arts, always start with basic boxing, and this dance is the same!”

Ye Wen felt that there was cold sweat on his forehead: “You can’t just teach him the usual moves? Why do you have to teach him the Demon Dance?” While talking, I saw Lingzhu’s pleading looked towards himself, it was estimated to be He himself can’t stand such treatment anymore.

But why did he surrender to the teacher when he was excited about it, and now Huayi is a master of 8-year-old master. Why can’t the master tell the disciples to follow suit? So he can only hope that Ye Wen, who is his Master Husband, can plead for him.

It’s a pity that Ye Wen was quick to sell, and she had already sold Lingzhu. How to teach Lingzhu is all a matter of Chinese clothing. It was not Ye Wen’s turn to intervene, so it could only show that love could not help-very simply turned his head and didn’t look , Only when I didn’t see it.

“It’s so fun!”

Hua Yi did not have the slightest evasion. He told the real reason in front of his discipline. Ye Wen dared to swear to the lamp. At that moment, he clearly saw a black line on Lingzhu’s face.

Haha laughed a few times, and Ye Wen fled directly from the training room, then expressed sadness for the poor Lingzhu for 2 seconds and walked straight away.

Back in the courtyard where he lives, he found that Ning Ruxue was closed again. Ning Ruxue has only come out once since the retreat a few days ago, but Shimei said at the time that the progress of cultivation did not meet expectations. After coming out to rest for a while, she got into the practice room again, so Ye Wen has not seen it in these few days. she was.

“Sister and sister retreat, Huayi is busy teaching the discipline, and all the disciplines are busy cultivating that Yuanling’s succinct formula, but I’m left with nothing to do?”

After turning around and out of the yard, hearing the laughed sound from Xu Xian’s yard not far away, Ye Wen immediately realized: “There is another one doing nothing!”

When I walked to the Xu Xian courtyard, I didn’t need to go to see it, and I saw Xu Xian standing in the courtyard and talking to Huang Rongrong. From time to time, there was a burst of laughter, and then Huang Rongrong’s face was embarrassed.

Seeing this, Ye Wen immediately understood that Xu Xian was flirting with his wife again, and yelled into it. Xu Xian waved directly after seeing it, and he was not going to go in again.

“What’s the matter with Senior Brother?” After explaining to Huang Rongrong, Xu Xian happily ran over.

“Accompany me down the mountain!”

“Go down the mountain?” Xu Xian blinked, not knowing where Ye Wen was going, could he go out? However, the current situation of Shushan Sect seems not suitable for Sect Master to leave?

“Don’t go far, just go around 4 times, look around and see if there is anything worth bringing back!”

Xu Xian realized that it was Senior Brother who wanted to go down with himself to explore the situation around Shushan. It was also a good thing to think about this matter. After all, Shushan Sect would be located here for a few hundred years to a thousand years later. How can that be done by touching it clearly?

“I am not allowed to have any fellow cultivation fellows in this mountainous area, and if so, I will go to visit!”

Ye Wen has long heard that in this Immortal World, there are not only the Great Sect gates, but also many Loose Cultivators that start cultivation by finding a place on their own. There are even some remote mountain ranges including monster cultivator. These are in Immortal World It’s nothing rare, and even some Loose Cultivator or monster cultivator are still very powerful, even the Great Sect is not willing to offend easily.

Today, Shushan Sect is just beginning to develop and belongs to the weak side. If there is such a strong neighbor in this area, it is best to find out the situation first. If the other side is good-tempered and upright, it is also a good relationship. Good thing! If you are a bad neighbor, you have to think about something as soon as possible.

But in any case, it is better than the other party to come to the door first, at least you can first take the initiative!

Coming out of the inner courtyard, Ye Wen gave a rough idea of ​​his thoughts. Xu Xian was nodded as well, and also understood the reason why Ye Wen called him a helper!

After all, Ye Wen’s cultivation base is only Earth Immortal. If he really encounters an unreasonable one, he may not be able to take it steadily, call Xu Xian, don’t say anything else… At least when there is any situation Also a lot of ventilation reports!

“It shouldn’t be so bad luck?”

“Be careful, it’s always better!”

2 people came to the vestibule and went straight out of the gate. Then they drove Jianguang and rushed to the sky, then Jianguang turned and flew to the north. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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