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Shushan is located in a place similar to a basin. To be honest, this terrain reminds Ye Wen of the place where Earth is on Shushan, which is also a basin.

A basin in the middle is surrounded by high mountains and hills. It is really a place where it is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and it is also a place of isolation from the world.

But in Immortal World, it’s not so much. For those cultivators who can fly around, the height of the mountain can’t help, but it is a very good choice to stop those mortals. At least Shushan Institute The chosen place can ensure that the disciplines of Shushan Sect will not be harassed by people in the world.

In addition, this area is not as extensive as that of the Shu area. The area is not large. The basin may be exaggerated, but the valley is not suitable.

In short, this place, if Ye Wen really wants, it may be able to circle around this place in a short time.

To the north, there is a high mountain that directly reaches the sky. The snow is above it. Ye Wen just looked at it for a while, and felt that there might be no people on it. At the same time, the mountain is steep, and ordinary people can not climb this mountain.

After a closer inspection with Xu Xian, I found that this mountain range is not only steep on the side of Shushan, but also on the other side. This feeling is like setting up a city wall on the north side of Shushan. It seems ordinary. person would like to enter the basin where Shushan is located from this side.

According to normal circumstances, no one should live in this environment, but Ye Wen is now afraid that there is a cultivator living on it, or that there are any fairies here to cultivate, so I used the glass pupil and looked carefully. .

His pair of Divine Pupil has become more and more handy as the cultivation has grown over time, and now when not in use, there is not much difference between the eyes of reluctant and ordinary people, although if you look carefully, you will still find There are 7 colorful glazes circulating in it, but no one will carefully observe the pupils of others?

At the same time, Ye Wen is still using the 9 Heavenly Demon Transforming Blood Divine Sword without purification to practice the manipulation of the double pupils. He estimates that when he decontaminates the Demon Sword completely, the Divine Pupil will be completely Whatever he uses, whatever he wants to use, the various Magical Powers included in it can also improve Ye Wen's strength to a new level.

By then, it is estimated that he can successfully cross the threshold in front of him, and step into the Heavenly Immortal Realm world?

"Well...but thinking about Earth Immortal Celestial Immortal and so on doesn't make much sense, at least Yuan Hong can't beat me as Celestial Immortal!"

Ye Wen is still quite proud of this. It's like a person who is just a hobby car driver who wins a professional racer while racing. Anyone who changes is happy.

"How about Senior Brother?"

Xu Xian couldn't help much, just watched Ye Wen's eyes shine for a while, and then looked around for 4 times before returning his eyes to the original state: "What could you find with the searchlights?"

Ye Wen shook the head: "No, there is no cultivator, and you can't even find the vitality! I had expected the heavenly material earthly treasure in such desertted places, but now I don't have to worry about it!"

Xu Xian knows that Senior Brother is not just looking for people, he is looking for babies! He didn't know that Ye Wen was stimulated in Yang Jian's big account a while ago, and he didn't even recognize the good things produced at his doorstep. It was too shameful.

"However, there is no guarantee that there are any special minerals. After all, the production of magic weapons also requires good metal ores!"

There are many kinds of metals mentioned in the design drawing of the purple Ying sword. Of course, it does not mean that all the must have been collected. It also mentions which metal is the best, which metal is the second, and which must be used. ! This division reminds Ye Wen of the reference list when buying a car on Earth: Advanced, Standard and Simplified!

However, with Ye Wen's character, he hopes to manufacture according to the highest standards. After all, it is a magic weapon. This thing is life-saving and cannot be stingy.

Then the 2 people pressed Jianguang again, turned around at the foot of the mountain, and there was no gain at all. Then they turned to the east. This direction is the most gentle place in the four directions, and almost two extremes to the north.

The north is completely impassable, unless flying over from the sky, and the east of Shushan is only one suitable direction for entry and exit. Although it is also a mountain for many ordinary people, the terrain is steep, and it is difficult for humans to set foot, but it can still be walked.

This direction may become the only way for an ordinary person to find Shushan. Ye Wen will face the gate of Shushan in this direction, and it is not without this consideration.

Thinking of him, Shushan Sect will become famous in the future, so there will be some ordinary people who hear the reputation of Shushan, so there must be no fewer people looking for immortals, Ye Wen must give these people a hope!

That’s right, he just thought of pretending to be an expert, and let those ordinary people come to him for Shushan Sect, when the time comes to stage a scene of singing and crying fairy tale journey, or some other dog blood story!

And this road that almost cannot be traversed is a test. If he can walk through this road and find the location of Shushan, then he does not mind giving these people a chance to visit Shushan Sect.

With Shushan Sect becoming a Xianjia Sect, Ye Wen does not need to think too much about the inheritance of Sect, because he can live for a long time. If the cultivation base keeps improving, he may even have the opportunity to become Undying and Inextinguishable—— Heavenly Immortal Realm is infinitely close to Undying and Inextinguishable, and if it becomes Golden Immortal, the lifespan is really endless.

Of course, even if it becomes Golden Immortal, it may still be killed! It's not that killing doesn't kill, it's just that you won't get sick or die naturally. Just become Golden Immortal, how many people can kill that terrifying skill? Even if you can't beat it, most of you can run away to save your life, so in a way, it is indeed the existence of Undying and Inextinguishable.

There is no need to consider successors, and the lifespan of the disciplines will be very long. Shushan Sect does not want to develop into an armed army, so there is no need to increase the number of disciplines endlessly.

To put it simply, Shushan Sect will become tougher in the future, and it is even possible that after 100 years, the outer sect will no longer exist, because the discipline that can cultivate for hundreds of years will basically become the inheritance of Shushan Sect. Disciple, I have found my seniority in the school. If I haven’t cultivated so many years to the satisfaction of Ye Wen, then this discipline will not have much lifespan even if it is not expelled from the teacher.

After all, if the cultivation base is not good, it means that lifespan is short. Over time, if the aptitude is not good or if you don’t work hard enough, you will disappear from Shushan. The recipes on the mountain will be the elite of Shushan Sect, and the elite Shushan will not be worshipped by anyone. Under the introduction, there is nothing wrong with choosing a strict discipline.

After walking back and forth in the mountains to the east, Ye Wen and Xu Xian went down and tried it for themselves. Finally, they found that there are only 2 roads that can be used by people. Finally, they will pass through the front of Shushan Sect. Facing the long and narrow path, and that path is still hidden in a bush, this...

"If it were in the secular world, we wouldn't even know it if we became a country here! Even if the news spread, the soldiers and horses who are fighting can't get in!"

Xu Xian made such a comment after seeing the situation here, but Ye Wen also took it for granted. Unfortunately, let’s not say that they are in Immortal World at this time. None of the two of them have any intention to tinker with Jianguo games, so this The sentence to them is nothing but cracking a joke that's all.

Turning straight from the east to the south, the mountain here is steeper, and the mountain is connected to it, and there is almost no way to go! Of course, it doesn’t mean that people can’t go together, but the ordinary person wants to enter the basin where Shushan is located... For example, if there are 3 out of 4 people who can find Shushan in the east, then here It is estimated that there is only one left.

Of course, it is calculated according to the standard of ordinary person, if it has some ability itself, it is not necessarily!

Ye Wen and Xu Xian searched for another four times. This time Ye Wen did not completely without profits. He found some peculiar fruits on several mountains, and also found a piece of ore-protruded from the mountain wall At first glance, the appearance of pale pale-gold streamers is not a mere thing. Ye Wen naturally didn't let it go. He directly cut the whole piece with sword energy.

Then he dug a few big holes with sword energy. It seemed that he wanted to see if there were mineral veins formed in this mountain. Unfortunately, 2 or 3 were dug, which were just some ordinary stones, and finally gave up.

Collecting the fruit and ore, Ye Wen took Xu Xian to continue to explore the surroundings, and then came to the west of Shushan when the sky was getting dark.

"After exploring this, we can go back!"

On this day, he and Xu Xian were only rough probes, so they could only probe all three sides in one day. If they go to meticulously, I might not be able to complete the search in a month. Fortunately, Ye Wen has glass Only pupils can do this.

Xu Xian was bored at this time, and originally thought that something would happen, only to accompany himself Senior Brother flying around that's all.

"I don't know why, I always think something will happen!" Xu is too bored, and Xu Xian said so casually.

Ye Wen replied: "You don't want a crow's mouth, but the west is facing Mount Olympus and the Western Buddha Country. If something happens on this side, it's troublesome!"

The reason for placing Seomyeon at the end of the investigation is because of this consideration.

If there is any future conflict between Mount Shu and Mount Olympus or Western Buddha Country, then this west will definitely become the main battlefield, and it is also necessary to check the terrain in advance.

Ye Wen is going to take a quick look today, and then go shopping in detail in a few days, but at this moment, his heart is also abrupt, and the pupil of Liuli even jumps suddenly, a bad feeling haunts Between my heart.

"Crow mouth!"

Xu Xian unfathomable mystery, I don’t know why Senior Brother said it again, but soon he noticed Ye Wen with a bitter smile on his face, and immediately awakened: "Is it right? Is there any powerful goblin or Loose Cultivator?"

Ye Wen shook the head, he is not sure what is happening now, but since he got this pair of colored pupils, almost no such thing happened, but now it is very difficult to make colored pupils react. major event.

After transporting Shenmuzai to look carefully at the mountain area in front of him, the west side is a little better than the south side, but it is still difficult to do compared to the east side, and at the same time, the bushes are bushed and the road is almost unclear.

This kind of environment, if only looked at a glance, may be more daunting than the south, because the roads that are barely visible and the slightly flat roads are blocked by all kinds of strange vegetation.

Just in such an environment, there is a silhouette moving forward very persistently, while waving his arms constantly, bringing up a dazzling blade light, but when the blade light flashes, the bushes and grass in front will be cut off. The blockbuster became slightly better to walk a little bit, and then the silhouette moved forward a few steps, followed by another knife.

This blade light is like a crescent moon in the sky. After a slight meal, the light reflected is still like a crescent moon. Ye Wen stared at it and immediately found that it was a scimitar.

"Machete? This shouldn't be something used by Oriental Xianzhou people?"

Using interrogative sentences, it is unclear what is the real world of the Eastern Xianzhou. Although he thought that the weapon of the scimitar should be used by talents in ancient Persia, who knows whether this is the case in Immortal World?

"Yo? It doesn't seem to be a person in Oriental Xianzhou!"

At this time, Xu Xian also saw the moon-like blade light outlined by the machete. Compared to Ye Wen, Xu Xian paid attention to the man who made the knife, and just recognized that he was not an Oriental. Too.

Ye Wen remembered that when he went to Dingli, Xu Xian had been wandering outside for a while. They were more familiar with the customs and customs of Dongfang Xianzhou than they were because they knew it more intuitively.

"We Oriental Xianzhou, do we have such weapons?"

After Xu Xian glanced at it, he immediately said: "No, but I saw a vendor selling it, saying that it is a weapon used by some people in the West. It is very labor-saving to cut!"

Ye Wen just didn't answer with a sigh, because he felt that the strength of his within the body seemed to start to fluctuate, and he didn't know the reason until he found that with the silhouette every time he walked in a little, he was within the body After the fluctuation of power became more apparent, I immediately understood that my power fluctuation seemed to be related to that silhouette.

"Who the hell is it? How could this be the case?"

Ye Wen can only see that the silhouette is very thin, the clothes on his body are very fat, and the head is also wrapped tightly, only showing a pair of big and very dignified eyes, and then filled with doubt to Ye Wen Looking over here.

"This person found us?"

Xu Xian noticed the man's gaze and asked Ye Wen in surprise! He had originally seen this person still struggling to move forward, thinking that the person was just an ordinary person. Didn't expect ordinary person find them at such a long distance?

Ye Wen shook the head: "No, it should be a feeling, because there is a trace of doubt in this person's eyes. If he sees us, It shouldn't be like this!"

At this time, Ye Wen wondered whether the fluctuation of his within the body's power caused the person's suspicion, otherwise how could such a coincidence occur?

Just wanting to take a closer look at what is going on, Ye Wen finds that his ring of Bethephine suddenly trembles, as if there is something to rush out, Ye Wen examines carefully, and finds the Buddha wheel that he put inside Guanghua Dasheng, and charge to the left and dash to the right in the ring, as if to break the ring.

Seeing this natural phenomenon, Ye Wen suddenly had a clear comprehension in his mind, and raised his hand to release the Buddha wheel. In an instant, it seemed that there was another round of the sun beside him, and the light reflected by this side world was bright, and the Buddha The rays of light emanating from the wheel also carry a very rich Buddha power. This kind of power shines on people, which will give people a warm feeling, and the comfort from inside to outside makes people cannot help thinking. To let go of everything, just stand there and enjoy the bath of this power.

But neither Ye Wen nor Xu Xian are the people who will be affected so easily. After discovering such a natural phenomenon, they are also warning.

If you just thought something was going to happen, then now two people are almost sure that something has happened and it is still difficult to do.

At this moment, after the Buddha wheel circled around Ye Wen, Ye Wen found that the Buddha power obtained from Wuzhen within the body also kept fluctuating, and then seemed to leave the body, most of the Buddha power They left from within the body and turned to the Buddha wheel—Ye Wen, who was quite keen on his own strength, discovered that this part of the Buddha’s power was all that he could not receive and use for oneself. The strength of his refining, staying peacefully within the body without any movement.

"Is it ......?"

Realizing that all natural phenomena are caused by the Buddha's power within the body, Ye Wen immediately thought of a possibility!

"That enlightenment is in the vicinity?"

Before the thought had fallen, the Buddha wheel flew out in a swish, and it happened to be going straight to the silhouette in the distance, and the person who had noticed the abnormality here, was watching with full attention. The closer to the Buddha wheel, the scimitar in his hand protected him.

"Can this person be the reincarnation of Wuzhen?" Ye Wen thought he had guessed the truth: "If so, should he put down his guard soon after seeing the Buddha wheel?"

But what surprised Ye Wen was that instead of relaxing after seeing the Buddha wheel, the man was more cautious, and the only visible eyes revealed a bit of despair. The look seemed to realize that he would die. The same.

"Ah? What's the situation? Could it be that Wu Zhen was reincarnated, and that Wu Zhen was the enemy?"

Just wondering, suddenly saw a flash, there was an extra silhouette out of thin air, this person stood in front of the Buddha wheel, and then looked at the glorious Buddha wheel for a while, surprised: "Huh? Could there be same sect first I'm in one step?" When I lifted my hand, I didn't see any movement, and a five-color streamer exploded in a flash, which flew the Buddha wheel aside.

Ye Wen sees clearly, however, this man has a ling feather between his fingers-he used only such an unremarkable ling feather to bounce off the Buddha wheel! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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