History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 417

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Ye Wen’s palm can be described as doing his best. Let’s not mention that Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’ own strength method is extremely arrogant, but the strength of Bi Xuebing is enough to make ordinary people difficult to parry.

But this time it was Kong Xuan, the first peacock known as between Heaven and Earth, whose background was higher than many ordinary people’s cultivation success cultivator. I don’t know how many levels. Not to mention its Five Colored Divine Light, which is associated with itself, it is the top method known as nothing in the world. If it is brushed by that divine light, no matter who it is, it is only trapped in the divine light.

If these cannot yet reflect Kong Xuan’s awesomeness, then there is one more point that can prove how powerful this Ming Dynasty King of Nursing-all the online novels with Kong Xuan, almost all the protagonists will take this boss. Become a little brother and the number one thug!

Its popularity is comparable to that of Guo Jia, Dian Wei, Zhao Yun and other three national celebrities, and it is a popular character that must be received by strange people such as transmigrator, reincarnator, Samsara Artist and so on.

Unfortunately, Ye Wen didn’t have such a chance, and at this time, he still had to fight against this Kong Xuan! What makes Ye Wen depressed is that his skill is obviously much lower than that of Kong Xuan. He swung out with all his strength. The opposite Kong Xuan did not even change his face. It seemed that he was playing with children. 5 A 5-color band of light flashed between your fingers, just rubbing your palm, and Bi Xuebing’s strength on her palm disappeared.

“Five Colored Divine Light is so amazing?”

It is a pity that Ye Wen has been on guard for a long time. Although the strength of Bi Xuebing has been resolved, the strength of his palm has not disappeared.

It turned out that Ye Wen’s palm had hidden 2 strengths. Bi Xuebing was just showing the strength outside. Although it looks conspicuous, it is not the real killer in this palm, but the ordinary strength of the ordinary. It is truly a killing move with formidable power.

Ye Wen’s change really surprised Kong Xuan. He slapped a strong palm on Kong Xuan’s side arm-but Kong Xuan responded quickly, and the fierce side of the last moment passed the key. Ye Ye’s palm can only be shot on his upper arm without hurting him.

“Interesting !”

Kong Xuan finally had a more obvious expression change on his face, and a beautiful arc evoked in the corner of his mouth. The bright smile seemed to find something particularly worthy of happiness.

Just with the situation at hand, this smile is not so comfortable, even though Kong Xuan’s appearance is first-class beautiful and alluring, and the sound is also first-class pleasant, but Ye Wen only feels cold. It seems that someone was suddenly thrown into the Changbai Immortal Realm, still not the kind.

Before it was too late to observe any changes, the sudden sense of danger made Ye Wen dodge ahead of time. At the same time, the purple glow in the left hand flashed, and the Zixiao sword was instantly formed. At the same time, 9 swords were produced in one wave, of which 4 The sword attacked Kong Xuan’s throat, Tan Zhong, heart, and dantian, while the other 5 swords swept randomly.

These 9 swords are extremely fast, almost in one go, which is the fastest sword that Ye Wen has produced since he practiced the sword! Even Xu Xian was so amazed that he knew that Senior Brother could make the fast sword quite standard if he wanted to, but at this time he didn’t want to admire, but he heard a jingle and a ring, followed by a The group’s purple light suddenly exploded, and then their Senior Brother and Nong Xuan separated, and they were about to face each other at 5 6 meters.


Kong Xuan didn’t seem to change much, even he didn’t even catch his breath, but Ye Wen slammed his mouth in one stop, and a spit of blood directly fell on the ground.

At the same time, Xu Xian also noticed that the Purple Night Sword formed by Ye Wen’s left hand had disappeared, but there were still a few purple clouds around it, and it was still slowly dissipating.

“Is it just at that moment that Senior Brother’s Zixiao Sword was broken?”

Xu Xian was also shocked. I never thought anyone would be able to break his Senior Brother’s Zixiao sword so easily, because after playing Ye Wen and practicing this skill, it was almost an invincible existence, even if it met a strong opponent. He will also suffer under this move.

But at this time, that Kong Xuan broke this move so easily?

Turning his head to look, he found that Kong Xuan did not look directly at Ye Wen, but instead lifted his right hand and carefully looked at a feather in his hand. At this time, Xu Xian only noticed that Kong Xuan right hand finger clip There appeared to be many damages to the feather on the side, and there was also obvious damage on the Demon Subduing Pestle held in the palm of your hand.

“Just this move…very strong!”

Right hand Guanghua turned around, Ling Yu, who was originally caught in his fingers, and Demon Subduing Pestle, which was held in his hands, were all disappeared, and they should be put away. Then Kong Xuanzi took a closer look at Ye Wen: “I haven’t asked you yet What’s your name, but what background or school?”

If the previous Kong Xuan only kept the minimum courtesy because of the identity of Ye Wen Oriental cultivator, then at this time, Kong Xuan really started to face up to a few tricks with himself, but he was not really cheap People——Even if Ye Wen vomited that blood just now, Kong Xuan also saw that it was the method used by Ye Wen in order to dissolve his strength to attack him within the body, don’t look at Ye Wen’s big blood Frightening people, but this blood spurting means that Ye Wen will not leave any hidden dangers of internal injuries.

To be able to do this, either the internal strength cultivation base is extremely profound, or there is any special exercise method, no matter which one is worth paying attention to.

“Shushan Sect Master, Ye Wen!”

“Shushan Sect?” Kong Xuan thought for a long time, and he had no impression of the name. In the end, he could only think of the newly created Sect: “You said that you are Shushan Sect Sect Master, could this Sect be created?”

Ye Wen thought about it, this matter is not easy to explain, just recognize it like this, save a lot of money!

“This person has a holiday with my Buddha world. Does Ye Sect Master have to make it for him?”

I don’t know what the reason is, it seems that Kong Xuan doesn’t want to fight anymore, and actually talked to Ye Wen! But at this time he wanted to talk, but Ye Wen was not happy.

“You just hit it, you just talk, just talk? What do you mean?”

With both hands flicked, True Qi was taken away, and the slight paralysis left on both palms was removed, and then hands behind ones back were raised in the air, looking at Kong Xuan, saying: “The King Shicai Ming also heard, this is this Ye Of the reincarnation of disciples, naturally it cannot be ignored!”

If at first is not sure about anything, Ye Wen doesn’t care anymore, plus Kong Xuan didn’t make a shot at that time, his Shushan Sect can be regarded as no conflict with the Buddha world, so there is much room for relaxation.

As for now? I’m afraid I’m scared if I hit it! Not to mention that the female doll may be the reincarnation of Wuzhen, even if it doesn’t matter, this time can’t weaken the imposing manner!

What’s more, although Kong Xuan now has a posture of peace talks, but the arrogant momentum has not weakened at all, as if I talked to you to look at you, you should not tell good from bad.

Ye Wen is a master of amenable to coaxing but not coercion, you must be hard with me, at worst fight either the fish dies or the net splits-he sometimes has such a stubbornness, but this time Come on.

Kong Xuan didn’t know Ye Wen’s character, or he knew he wouldn’t take it seriously! After all, his status in the world of Buddhism is also highly respected. In addition, he is extremely powerful. Even if other forces see him, he is also polite, and few people dare to confront him in person. I don’t want to run into one today. See what this Shushan Sect Master means, it seems that you want to compete with yourself?

“What is this man relying on? Is it the long sword formed by his own skill?”

Thinking about it, it seems that there is only such a reasonable explanation. Xu Shi is quite conceited of his move, so this is the case?

“Your move is good, but you want to challenge King Benming… hum!”

Kong Xuan’s tone became colder and colder. When the last hum came out, even the surrounding temperature seemed to drop a lot. Those who heard not only the body but also the mind will follow a huge earthquake.

Ye Wen also felt a tremor in his heart, but he immediately woke up to the fact that Kong Xuan used Buddhism Magical Powers, and that humming word brought a method similar to the big thunder, so it would be so shocking. effect. It’s a pity that he has a colored glass pupil and is quite immune to some Buddhism Magical Powers, so he is not afraid, but only worried about his Junior Brother’s trick.

With a glance in his eyes, he saw that Xu Xian’s face was a little unsightly, but he didn’t have any abnormalities. It is estimated that he resisted this and did not suffer much harm.

Seeing that Ye Wen is fine, the surprised look on Kong Xuan’s face is getting stronger!

There are so many unexpected things today. After I heard about the incident, I thought that it was just a trivial matter. As long as he did it himself, all the troubles would be solved.

I didn’t want to find the target for 3 to 5 days, and then when I was about to kill the guy, I didn’t know where to get 2 cultivators.

“Although it is already the boundary of Eastern Xianzhou, it should still be in the buffer area! Could it be just 2 passing by?”

Kong Xuan had begun to seriously think about the way of Ye Wen 2 at this time, but he couldn’t think of any reliable conclusions.

Thinking about it, I suddenly heard Ye Wen across the street say: “Ming Wang said that my move was good, but I don’t know if that move was 1000 times 10000 times, did Ming King still take it?”

Kong Xuan was stunned, but just instinctively said: “What do you mean?” As soon as the words came out, a sensation of danger rose sharply in my heart, and it seemed that he would be bad luck today.

It’s strange where this feeling comes from, and even a secret thought in my heart: “unfathomable mystery, wouldn’t it be a long time since I went out and it didn’t feel okay?” But before I even thought about it, I saw the opposite Ye Wen flashing all over him There was a burst of purple rays of light, and then the whole body was steaming like a purple flame.

Then his eyes widened, and 7 colorful lights flashed in his pupils. The pupils in those eyes became glazed, and they looked so beautiful!

“Luli pupil?” Kong Xuan was really started this time, but he didn’t expect to see the person who is in charge of Liu Li here!

Immediately after that, Kong Xuan saw a more startling scene. Ye Wen had one pair of hands, and saw a row of purple long swords beside him. The handle is inconsistent, and compared to the previous hasty formation, it is not solid enough, and each long sword this time is very solid.

It even made him forget to shoot, just froze there, watching the long swords next to Ye Wen increase one by one, only a few moments had reached as many as 100, when he suddenly remembered Ye Wen’s Sentence.

“If it is made 1000 times 10000 times…”

Now seeing such a scene and the long sword that is still increasing, Kong Xuan understood Ye Wen’s words in a moment.

“I don’t take this long sword seriously, but if there are so many swords, if I attack them together, I won’t take it easily!”

Kong Xuan felt that there was a slight sweat on his forehead. At this time, he realized that he had accidentally encountered a madman-yes, it is a lunatic. Ye Wen is not a hidden expert in his eyes, and With Ye Wen’s current cultivation base, he shouldn’t be called this way.

However, Ye Wen was able to create such a crazy pure offensive spell (martial arts?) with Earth Immortal cultivation base, which shows that this person is either a fierce belligerent or a pure lunatic.

Kong Xuan is more inclined to the latter at this time, because who in the entire Immortal World does not know that if he really casts aside all considerations for face with his king of peacocks, it will be equal to the enemy of the entire Western Buddhist world? This one called Ye Wen would not understand this? Kong Xuanke doesn’t think that this kind of common sense will be unknown to anyone. And under this premise, still dare to open up a guy who wants to die with him, what is not a madman?

In addition, if Ye Wen this move is issued, it is estimated that the final result is either you will die or i will die-even want to perish together with the dignified Buddhist guardian Ming Wang!

“Isn’t the Oriental cultivator the most miserable? Has it changed so much after so many years?”

Kong Xuan didn’t know that Ye Wen and today’s Immortal World cultivator simply had no comparability, and even few intersections, so those attempts simply did not apply to Ye Wen. At this time, he could only stare at the Flying Sword in front of him in shock. More and more, even more, this side world is covered by long sword.

Even he himself was surrounded by purple long swords at this time. In this case, it seemed that even the retreating path was blocked.

“Now… How does Ming Wang feel? Can it be easily received?”

The clusters of purple long swords in front were slightly separated, revealing Ye Wen still standing in the same place. At this time, Ye Wen was floating in the air, and the body was slowly translucent, and the hands were slightly spread out. In the posture, the neck is slightly raised, and the look of the person with the nostril is similar to that of Kong Xuan just now.

I don’t know if it was my gesture that bluffed Kong Xuan, or that the nearly 10000 Flying Swords surrounding it played a sufficient deterrent effect. After Ye Wen asked, I found that the other party had not spoken for a while.

“Will King Ming take the move?”

When Ye Wen didn’t answer the question, he asked a question: “If you want to accept the move, this Ye will act as a companion. If you don’t answer, then Ming Wang please do it yourself!”

I don’t know if Kong Xuan was just waiting for this sentence. After hearing this, he turned to look at the woman who fell to the ground. Then he gathered a killing intent and gave a smile with a smile on his face: “Since it is so, lunch Ye Sect Master has taken over for this woman!”

Ye Wen was confused, and he didn’t understand what he was talking about, but at this time it was not bad to weaken the imposing manner, but he continued to put on the spectrum and could not make a sound, just like a big boss who was about to be pushed.

Kong Xuandeng does not necessarily have to answer Ye Wen, saying that after that’s all, he turned and walked away! Ye Wen’s long sword is not difficult for him, let Kong Xuan walk through the gap between the long sword and the long sword, and then turn into a five-colored cloud and walk away.

Ye Wen didn’t accept the trick, but just stood there and observed it for a while. Seeing that Kong Xuan was far away, this was when Myriad Swords Art was put away-unfortunately most of them couldn’t be recovered within the body, so they had to wave their hands and let it fall in between Heaven and Earth.

After receiving the merits, Ye Wen only felt that his feet were soft, and he almost knelt on the ground. Thanks to Xu Xian, he helped him in time: “Why didn’t Senior Brother just do it? This doesn’t seem right to you?”

Think about it carefully, if you have encountered such a situation in the past, Ye Wen is afraid that she would have already shot it, regardless of whether you are a king of protection and education! Anyway, get rid of the other party first, who will let this guy come to his Shushan Sect to install the boss on the site?

But this time Ye Wen just made a gesture and then called Kong Xuan away. Could it be that he didn’t want to completely turn his face with the Buddha world? This is understandable.

But listening to Ye Wen said: “Where is not to shoot, simply unable to shoot!”

When Xu Xian heard it, he immediately understood that Ye Wen used almost all his skills to condense Zixiaojian in order to make his posture, so this time Ye Wen condense has the most Zixiaojian ever, and all of them are full of weight. It is definitely not the two-way trick that was mixed with sword energy or mixed with some inferior products that were only in their original form.

It can be said that the nearly 10000 handles are all the most authentic Zixiao swords. If it is really launched, the formidable power can be said to be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering-maybe it is not to completely level this mountain range. impossible.

It’s a pity that Ye Wen’s skills are all consumed on it. At this time, although he can barely condense these many purple night swords, but he can’t push it, so he can only scare people that’s all in a look!

Anyway, Kong Xuan already knew what a formally power is for each Zixiaojian. If so many Zixiaojian slammed into him together… it is estimated that the normal head will not choose to do so.

“Putting it that way, if that Kong Xuan was a little crazy, wouldn’t Senior Brother even have the power to fight back?”

Ye Wen shook the head, he certainly would not be so rash.

“If he really wants to shoot, then the nearly 10000 Zixiao Sword will be immediately Self-destruction, which is close to the impact of the explosion of 10000 Zixiao Sword and the endless sword energy, which is enough for the hole to drink a pot. Well… even if you don’t need his life, you can hit him hard. At that time, Junior Brother, you have a chance to shoot…”

Xu Xian did not say that he knew the control of Senior Brother and deliberately vacated a space to ensure that he could not be hurt by mistake. But in this way, his Senior Brother can bode ill rather than well. It can be said If Kong Xuan really wants to do it, the end result may be both sides suffer.

Kong Xuan died, and Ye Wen couldn’t live!

Therefore, this result is now the most ideal, but there is some conflict with the Western Buddhist world. I don’t know whether it is good or bad!

“Don’t think about this first, take the girl who seems to be reincarnated with the monk, let’s go back to the mountain and say it again!” (Unfinished. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly pass , Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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