History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 418

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After a moment of breathing, Ye Wen felt that his energy had recovered a little later and then came to the girl, and he didn’t need to bend down to pick it up. Only a roll of Jianguang was needed, and the whole person was wrapped in it by his purple Jianguang, and then Take it by the side and rush to the sky together.

“Senior Brother, you just had a hand with that hole, let me do it!”

Xu Xian was worried that Ye Wen was right at that time. Myriad Swords Art was consuming too much energy, so he wanted to do the work, but Ye Wen just waved his hand and refused: “Some small things don’t take much effort, so please!”

After all, Jianguang flew into the sky and went straight to Shushan!

2 people rose above the sky, Shushan’s was quite conspicuous, after all, that Shushan floated in the air, a bit higher than the surrounding mountains, but also in a more open place, naturally appeared abrupt, and at this time In the whole direction where 2 people are, you can see the big waterfall from the mountain side of Shushan Mountain.

The water flowing down from the mountainside lake fell from here, and eventually fell into the big lake below. This kind of scene is not only spectacular but also beautifully beautiful. Ye Wen also noticed that the west bank of the lake is all fine sand, which is very extreme. A good beach, coupled with the big waterfall that hangs down from 9 days, is really a beautiful place.

The previous 4 places of exploration ignored this place. Xu Xian sighed after looking at it for a moment: “This is a great place to play with water!”

Turned his head and looked at Ye Wen. According to the normal situation, my Senior Brother is estimated to have 2 voices, and can even say, “Send some time to play here!” ‘Something like this, but this time he kept silent, waiting until he turned his head to see, only to find that Ye Wen’s face was slightly pale, and the expression was not very good-looking.

At the same time, although the Jianguang wrapped around him was not strange at first glance, but if you look closely, you can see that the Jianguang fluctuates slightly, but it is not stable when it is suddenly strong and weak.

“I think it was Senior Brother who only used that trick, and it cost more than expected!”

Seeing such a situation, Xu Xian didn’t even bother to gossip anymore, just slowed down his speed a little bit and stayed behind Ye Wen’s side, so as to avoid any sudden situation on Ye Wen’s side and he could not react.

Ye Wen noticed Xu Xian’s movements, but he didn’t know what to say. At the moment, he knew clearly that the Myriad Swords Art made it really terrifying, and it really fits the name of Myriad Swords Art, but its consumption is also extremely huge. , With his current cultivation base, he has not been able to use this move at no cost.

“This move is indeed tyrannical. If my cultivation base can go further, maybe I can really urge this move! Unfortunately, even then I can’t use this move lightly, only as the final killing move!”

The two of them fell into a dull state for a while, but they just flew their heads. Jianguang drew a semicircle in the air. The two of them returned to the front mountain of Shushan after one other the other, and then they aimed at the main gate of Shushan Sect and fell straight down.

The Nine Provinces Mountain Protecting Great Array outside Shushan Sect only made a gap at this location. Even Shushan Sect’s own people must enter from the front door if they want to enter.

According to Ye Wen’s ideas, this still takes into account that Shushan Sect’s current status is not high enough. After his reputation is established, he is going to put the gap of the situation directly under the mountain. All those who come to Shushan must fall at the foot of the mountain. On the mountain, then follow the road up to the place where Shushan Sect is.

This way, you can give the impression that Shushan Sect is not for everyone. It’s just that Shushan Sect doesn’t have that confidence yet, so I will deal with it for a while.

But in this way, it provided some aspects for Ye Wen today. He only needs to lower his sword light, he can pass through the main entrance from the main entrance, and then there is no need to pause, as long as the direction of the turn is straight to the inner courtyard. go with.

The disciples of Moriyama saw that two swords and one light came in one after another, and they didn’t even see the silhouette clearly. Now there was a panic: “Who?”

But after he shouted out in this voice, the 2 sword lights have long disappeared! Fortunately, the man who guarded the mountain with him reacted quickly enough, and immediately remembered that this was the sword light of his Ancestor Master and Martial Ancestor, and hurriedly said: “This is Ye Ancestor Master’s sword light!”

Actually, the man also flew the sword sword Ye Wen Yu Jian, but he didn’t respond to it for a moment. The others reminded him that he came back to his senses, and then he looked envious: “I don’t know when I can fly Yu Jian! , Let’s count as a fairy in the family?”

“Haha? Ancestor Master said in the morning, as long as diligently cultivate, those methods can be practiced, let’s work hard!”

“Be so!”


Ye Wen Jianguang turned around in the school for a while, and the speed gradually slowed down. He came to his courtyard and stopped his body. Then Jianguang converged, and the whole person fell like catkins on the ground, while relying on Heavenly Purple Qi Net put the woman gently on the ground.

After everything was done, Ye Wen violently exhales one mouthful of impure air, and it sounded like a long sigh. But this is only relative to the ordinary person, and for Xu Xian or others after successfully cultivating it, Ye Wen’s tone represents a lot of things.

It almost took half a breath to exhale, and the door that had been changed to a practice room suddenly broke apart. After azure light flashed and died, Ning Ruxue stood in front of Ye Wen: “Senior Brother injured?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just too hard, it consumes a lot of skill!”

He didn’t at all tell the truth, in fact he took Kong Xuan a few tricks, and although Kong Xuan’s strength didn’t really hurt him, it still had some impact, but these injuries were not serious and would not leave anything. Hidden danger, so he simply didn’t take it seriously. At the same time, he didn’t want to worry about Ning Ruxue, so he said that.

But Ning Ruxue has been with him for several decades. He knows Ye Wen’s situation very well. Why don’t you know that Ye Wen didn’t tell the truth? But she also knew that Ye Wen was afraid of worrying about herself, so she didn’t ask. She just helped Ye Wen to go to the training room: “Senior Brother and go there to recuperate and recuperate, let’s ignore the facts next to me!”

Just a quick glance, she saw that Ye Wen had brought a person back, and that person was not moving at this time, but there was still a gasp, apparently passed out. Coupled with Ye Wen’s situation, this time I must have encountered something when I went out, so I persuaded Ye Wen to adjust her internal information first and then come out to deal with the side. Before that, she will stabilize the matter.

Ye Wen ordered nodded, and went straight to the training room without any nonsense. After staying inside, he waved his hands and closed the open door again, but did not let others come in to help him.

It’s not surprising to think that Ye Wen’s Innate Purple Qi is best at treating internal injuries. If he can’t do it himself, the help from others is limited! Coupled with Ning Ruxue’s innately broken body phaseless sword energy, it doesn’t take conditioning of internal interest as long, and it can’t help. Although Ning Ruxue is now cultivating innate Qiankun Gong, but this Qiankun Gong has already merged with her sword energy, so conditioning and so on is still Ning Ruxue’s weakness.

Xu Xian didn’t follow up. First, he knew that he didn’t need to help. In addition, he knew he needed to tell Ning Ruxue what happened, so he didn’t do much.

After telling in detail what happened after the two went down the mountain, Ning Ruxue knew what happened, and knew that Ye Wen’s injury was still caused by a powerful move that could not be controlled at all, and the reason was the peacock. King Ming.

“Kong Xuan? The one who knows Five Colored Divine Light?”

Xu Xian smiled bitterly and nodded: “In fact, none of our Shushan Sect people rely on magic weapons to compete with others. Otherwise, if we encounter this Kong Xuan today, it is estimated that how many magic weapons are not enough for him to brush!”

It was only today that he knew that Five Colored Divine Light can not only brush the magic weapon, but also the energy. In addition, Kong Xuan obviously intended to release water, otherwise with the strength of Kong Xuan, as long as at first, he aimed at 2 people to brush, maybe at this time 2 people were trapped in the divine light.

Ning Ruxue didn’t say anything. She didn’t have any intuitive understanding of Kong Xuan’s Five Colored Divine Light, but she was quite clear about how powerful the cottage version of divine light formidable power was!

A copycat version of Five Colored Divine Light that hasn’t even been developed is so powerful, how arrogant is the original version…

However, Five Colored Divine Light is not really invincible. The Five Colored Divine Light is said to have nothing to brush, but it also has a limitation-at least when he faces 1000 to 10000 handle Flying Sword, there is nothing too Good way. Five Colored Divine Light No matter how tyrannical, you can’t wipe out 10000 Flying Swords in an instant. In a way, Ye Wen’s Myriad Swords Art just controlled Five Colored Divine Light.

Of course, the premise is that Ye Wen’s Myriad Swords Art can really be completed, not that it can only be used to frighten people now. At that time, he was considered to have the strength to compete against Kong Xuan. Today, it’s too lucky. .

After talking for a while, Ning Ruxue frowned uncontrollably: “So, we need to be careful about what the Western Buddha Country will do!”

Xu Xian ordered nodded. This matter really needs to be considered carefully. At least in the current situation of Shushan Sect, it is absolutely impossible to support the revenge of the West Heaven Buddha Realm. Even they do not need to send too many people, as long as Kong Xuan brings a few more A helper of almost the same strength can push Shushan Sect evenly.

The only thing that can be relied on is that the Western Buddhist world wants to do this, which will inevitably cause dissatisfaction with the Celestial Court. After all, his Shushan Sect is the Sect of the Eastern Xianzhou, but it is under the Celestial Court. How can his family be allowed to be so casually by outsiders Kill it? In addition, Yang Jian did not have much affection for the Western Buddhist world. Kong Xuan and they did not come. If they did, it would be equivalent to stabbing the Celestial Court’s Ma Honeycomb.

And Celestial Court also has to worry about his face. If it really tells people to kill people at their doorstep, what is the prestige of Celestial Court? So as long as Shushan Sect is nested obediently and honestly, there will not be much danger for the time being, and the craps of Celestial Court and the Buddhist world will not affect Shushan Sect for the time being.

To put it bluntly, it is that Shushan Sect still has enough time to accumulate strength. If you can improve the strength to a certain extent on both sides, then this problem will be solved-Celestial Court needs strong strength to enhance its own strength, Shushan As long as Sect expresses a preference for helping Celestial Court, everything is the only thing that Celestial Court looks forward to, then Celestial Court will naturally protect Shushan Sect!

Buddhism…Unless you want to fight the Celestial Court thoroughly, this will not be enough! But no one would think that the Buddha Realm would fight the Celestial Court because of that.

2 people analyzed it and found that although the situation looks very bad, the impact on Shushan Sect is not great. Basically, they still do as they should, and continue to work hard to cultivate.

Sect’s situation was roughly clarified, and Ning Ruxue immediately turned to the woman who had fallen to the ground-at this time, she had been helped to the woman in the room: “Is this man reincarnated?”

She didn’t believe it, because the person in front of him said that she was connected with Wuzhen’s monk, and even with the Orientals does not raise.

Wavy, slightly curly hair, and the hair color is not pure black, a little brownish; the skin is more obvious white, although the facial contour is not as tough as the Europeans, but it is also different from the Orientals.

“How does it look like a monk like this?”

It’s just that the Buddha wheel, which is self-enlightened, is suspended on the woman like a psychic, and emits a soft rays of light slightly, covering the whole woman. If you look carefully, you can notice that there is a very small Sanskrit in Buddha’s radiance, which keeps falling from the Buddha wheel, and finally does not enter the woman’s within the body.

“Foreign monk…”

Xu Xian didn’t think there was anything wrong, plus he already knew that the so-called Buddhism was not originally a sect of Middle-earth. It was originally from abroad, so he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with a monk’s reincarnation.

Ning Ruxue reacted after hearing this sentence. His previous question simply asked the wrong person. If it is said that the whole Shushan people will not care about these things, it may be this Junior Brother Xu!

2 people are talking, the woman lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes, and then a pair of big eyes curiously looked up for 4 weeks. At this time, Ning Ruxue and Xu Xian 2 talents noticed that the rays of light on the Buddha wheel have been Disappeared, at this time just emit very light rays of light floating in the air.

Seeing that someone was awake, Ning Ruxue blinked and finally decided to speak first: “Are you… Wuzhen?”

The woman laughed, then sat up on the couch, raised her hands and held the hair scattered in front of her (Ning Ruxue turned her head to ask Xu Xian: A monk can do such a feminine movement?): “I am called Hasina, Wuzhen…it’s already the past!”

As soon as this remark came out, Ning Ruxue and Xu Xian immediately understood that Hasina was indeed a reincarnation, but although the reincarnation was a reincarnation, she still retains the personality of this life, and all the previous life may be for her It was a relatively clear dream. Although she knew what was going on, it would not affect her much.

Just want to ask 2 more sentences, only to hear that the false door creaked a light sound, turned his head and saw Ye Wen came in.

“Senior Brother is ready?”

Ye Wen’s face is still not very good-looking, and he barely sees any blood, which is even uglier than before. It’s just that the footsteps aren’t as vain as they were just now. It can be seen that the rate adjustment has indeed improved.

“There’s no major event, it’s just that there is a loss of qi and blood. It’s just a matter of conditioning for a few days!” He went to the couch and looked at the strange face in front of him: “What is going on? Tell me in detail!”

Hasina ordered nodded and respectfully complied: “Yes, Master!”

“Don’t call it that way, I have never accepted you as a disciple…whether it was your past life or you now!”

Hearing Ye Wen’s refusal, Hasina seemed a little sorry. Maybe she remembered something, and there was a little embarrassment on her face.

In fact, Ye Wen’s interest rate adjustment has already thought of the general situation, including why this reincarnation of Hasna, called Hazena, would call herself Master after seeing herself. In the final analysis, it was still the situation of enlightenment.

When he met Wuzhen that year, the monk saw something with the help of Heavenly Eye, Buddhism Magical Powers, and then sold it to him very diligently. It was estimated that at that time, he expected that there would be disaster after his reincarnated Immortal World, and He just happened to help him resolve the catastrophe encountered in the afterlife.

Even the monk realized that this life would be difficult for him to devote to Buddhism for various reasons. Then, if he wants to continue cultivation in the afterlife, he must find a suitable cultivation place, and Ye Wen who is wearing a glass pupil is this The monk is staring!

So Wuzhen will send the Buddha wheel to Ye Wen for healing, and will pass on his own dharma to Ye Wen, and even teach Ye Wen how to exercise the power of Buddha and how to control the pair of colored glass pupils. Everything is just thinking. Make friends with Ye Wen so that you can join Ye Wen in the next life.

“This kind of feeling is not very good! Moreover, I don’t need to accept you as a disciple!”

Ye Wen, who has figured out all this, will naturally not have a good complexion, he just put his words here, he wants to see if this realization really finds that his 100 kinds of attentive results have been floated, it will be What reaction.

But…Although Hasina is the reincarnation of Wuzhen, she is not Wuzhen! As soon as Ye Wen’s words were spoken, Hasina was in a hurry, like a lose one’s head out of fear. The look towards Ye Wen was like a puppy that was about to be abandoned by the owner.

Suddenly it was a disobedient look, as if it had been betrayed!

“How can you do this?”

Such a wonderful expression, beyond Ye Wen’s expectations, he thought that according to the state of mind of the monk of Wuzhen, he would say very calmly: “Ye Sect Master wouldn’t want to crack a joke!” or “Everything is destiny!” If something like this, didn’t expect would be such a reaction. It seems that although Hasina is a reincarnation of enlightenment, her character and so on do not at all inheritance, and enlightenment is really 2 people.

“Eh… don’t say this, let me talk about why you were chased and killed by Kong Xuan, the king of the Ming Dynasty’s protection and education?”

As soon as the topic changed, the atmosphere in this room suddenly changed. Hasina, who was still full of anxiety, looked like a murderous aura. There was no respect for Bodhisattva (Kong Xuan is the big peacock king) in the Buddha world. : “I killed his running dog, he naturally wants to kill me!”


Ye Wen They didn’t have time to ask, Hasina continued to say: “Unfortunately my strength is too poor, I can only kill some ordinary Buddhism disciple!” Speaking of this, he jumped from the couch suddenly, and then Puffed up and knelt in front of Ye Wen: “Please, please… accept me as a disciple!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for the recommendation and monthly pass. Support is my biggest motivation.)

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