History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 419

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After a few days of training, Ye Wen’s body gradually improved, after all, he did not suffer any serious damage, so he only needs to properly adjust it for a few days, just like the original one, and he can’t see the previous few days.

After her situation improved, Ye Wen started to deal with Hasina’s affairs, first of all, she was accepted as a discipline.

The ceremony is very solemn, because today Ye Wen is the Ancestor Master of Shushan Sect, and there are so few people in the high school who are equivalent to it. Most of the 100 people on the mountain are their descendants. , That must be the major event of Shushan Sect.

Because of these reasons, Hasina almost completed the entire apprenticeship under the watch of everyone in the entire Sect. Fortunately, she had a real memory and realized that this etiquette is very important, not at all. Yao Mozi, after all, successfully completed the tedious etiquette required for apprenticeship.

After the ceremony was over and the people were gone, Ye Wen led Hasina back to the inner courtyard, and then asked, “Do you have any skills in this life?”

Hearing the question from Ye Wen, Hasina did a few hacking moves: “I learned Blade Technique!”


shook the head, the flicking long curly hair was fluttered.

Ye Wen squeezed his eyebrows: “Do you know how to train internal strength?”

Hasina was stunned for a while, and seemed to be wondering what the meaning of internal strength was. After thinking about it for a long time, she found the relevant part in her memory, and then nodded indefinitely: “It should be… I know…”

Seeing her answer so uncertain, Ye Wen knew that even if Hasina knew, there might be many subtle points that she didn’t understand: “So what about your previous cultivation method?”

Hasina thought for a while: “The previous cultivation method? Are you referring to the Buddhism Magical Powers that I repaired in the past?”

Nodded: “I thought about it when I was okay in the past few days. If you want to cultivate, it is nothing more than the cultivation technique of the cultivation school or the recultivation of your previous Buddhism Magical Powers. Which do you think is better?”

“It’s all the same…” Hasina didn’t think there was any difference, and even made a proposal that surprised Ye Wen: “Can’t you practice together?”


Buddhism Magical Powers and Taoist internal strength? I really don’t know if I can practice Ye Wen together, but after thinking about it, Profound Righteous Sect’s internal strength seems to seldom conflict with something. Perhaps the only thing that will conflict is some of the more evil side-door cultivation techniques, Hass. It seems that if Na wants to practice together, it is not impossible.

“I don’t know about this, but you can try it yourself!” Take out 2 cheats at your fingertips, which is the All True Heart Law used by Shushan Sect to get started, and Yuan Ling’s quintessential formula: “These two cultivation arts are disciples of this discipline Compulsory course, all disciplines must start cultivation from these 2 sets of secret art!”

“As for what cultivation base you can achieve in the future, it all depends on how far you can practice these two cultivation arts!”

Among them, All True Heart Law may be replaced soon, but the Yuan Ling’s essence tactics will continue to be cultivated until Hasina can cultivate the Qiankun cotton body or other cultivation techniques that can temper the body.

Hasina took 2 cheats at hand and looked at them curiously for a while, and found that this is the most unusual 2 book volume, which seems to be faintly scented with ink.

“Don’t look at it, I copied it in a few days!”


Ye Wen said that, she had little interest, and surely it was just something more common in Shushan Sect, and naturally would not be looked at all the time.

The master and disciple stared at each other for a while, and finally Ye Wen asked: “Yes, I don’t know much about you, what kind of gods do you have?”

***I believe in ***, Ye Wen has only heard of this sect, simply did not understand it in detail-the only thing I know is ***don’t eat pork, and this was later learned : It seems that because *** thinks that pigs are unclean, they are unwilling to contact them.

Hasina didn’t hide her when he heard Ye Wen’s question. In addition, she now has a real memory of enlightenment, and she knows that the *** teachings in Earth in the previous life and the *** teachings in Immortal World here can naturally focus on the differences-and because of the influence of enlightenment When Hasina mentions the sects and gods she believes in, she has no evasion.

After speaking for a while, Ye Wen was suddenly surprised: “Huh? It turns out that there are many Spiritual Gods in *** here!” As soon as Hasina said, Ye Wen knew that there was not only Allah here, but also that the ***s also believed The three Goddess of the sun, 10000 energy, and destiny-on Earth, these three are the Spiritual Gods believed by the people in the area before the birth of the *** religion.

If you think about it carefully, Ye Wen understands the key point. Let’s not talk about many Spiritual Gods that conflict with the *** religion in the region. Let me just talk about the situation of Immortal World, the *** religion’s practice on Earth. Kind: Allah is the only True God! It makes no sense.

The gods of the entire Immortal World large and small do not know how many, and these gods are different from Earth. They are not the kind of illusory invisible traces, but actually exist, and they will show their power from time to time under the large public. Existence, if Allah claims to be the only God regardless of his disregard, then his only ending is to be killed!

In fact, after Hasna’s story, Ye Wen gradually realized that Allah was almost killed!

At first, Allah was indeed arrogant, proclaiming that he was the only True God, but at that time, the forces of paradise had not been established, because they were also in a mess, but later they were reconciled, plus ideology or some habits. It was relatively close, the unification was together, and Allah was still pursuing the doctrine of True God at that time. As a result, it annoyed the surrounding forces and was under siege.

“No wonder *** was chased and chased by someone like this…it’s no wonder no one else.”

The forces of paradise were also very exclusive in the past, and even rebuked other gods for being heretics, but people quickly saw the opportunity and changed their mouth when they saw that the situation was wrong, so the force of paradise became stronger and stronger, almost occupying most of the continent in the north of the Mediterranean. Areas, especially in areas with fertile soil.

The gods of Olympus did not have much interest in the site. They were simply enjoying the war, and *** gave them enough reason, so in the siege war Olympus made a great effort , But the final result is far less than the side of heaven-but the gods of Olympus are still satisfied and feel very enjoyable!

The situation in the Buddhist world is even simpler-directly labeling *** with the devil’s head, and then continuously launching the battle of demons, but after so long, these battles have already changed their taste.

The power of *** has also changed. Allah began to recognize the existence of other gods, and even invited the 3 Goddess that were not part of the *** system into their own power. It can be said that 3 Goddess are now * ** The relatively strong presence in the forces, plus a few 3 lower-level gods under the 100 Goddess, tried their best to help, which only kept this side of the force.

“But this also caused my compatriots to start to have differences in their beliefs, and they are no longer united as they were then…”

Ye Wen thinks this is very good, at least stronger than the 4 silly things that caused trouble at the beginning. As for the dilemma facing ***, he has no intention to control it. At most, he is wondering about so many sect forces. How are they related?

I don’t know if Hasina guessed anything based on Wuzhen’s memory, said without thinking: “Actually…it’s simple…Every god will leave some low-level Spirit God to preach before leaving Earth. exist……”


Ye Wen didn’t expect it turned out to be so simple, and even Hasina later recruited even more amazing things from the memory of Wuzhen: “For example, the caliphate in ***sect inherited the mission given by Allah. God, after completing the mission, came to Immortal World. Now they are all gods of ***world!”

Having a conversation with Hasina, and then began to guide her cultivation internal strength, Ye Wen looked after him, until Hasina successfully stepped into the gate of cultivation before she let her down.

However, Ye Wen also noticed that when Hasina was cultivating, her whole body of buddha power was surging. It seems that although she gained some enlightened Buddhism power, she was not able to actually receive and use it for oneself. The power seems to flow out as if it is out of control. If it were the previous enlightenment, this would never happen.

Hasna seemed to be aware of her problems, and frowns muttered: “These things… originally wanted to give up, but it is a pity that such a powerful force discards it!”

Ye Wen also knows that the purpose of Hasina’s practice is to find accounts in the Buddhist world. She doesn’t want to be a reincarnation of a monk. She also inherited a surging Buddha power. This kind of opportunity does not know whether it is happy or depressed.

Fortunately, Zhenzhen’s previous life was a high monk. He inherited his head and gave it to Hasina. Although it might not make Hasna suddenly become another enlightenment… Ni, but you can let her put down her prejudice. Take a more objective view of this body strength.

Ye Wen is very objective, at this time he looked at Hasina’s body of Buddha, but instead thought of a martial arts!

That martial arts was also obtained by summon in Changbai Immortal Realm, but it’s a pity like the innate Qiankun Gong, only got the first few moves, and the formidable power is not necessarily stronger than the innate Qiankun, but if you want to talk about fame, it’s not comparable. Congenital nature is weak.

Ye Wen hasn’t practiced because of the intensive repair of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, he will not be able to get out of his body at one and a half times, and he later forgot this matter-there is one more point, this is the Buddhism cultivation technique, and the way with him Hehe!

Let Hasina carefully meditate on Refining Qi. After Ye Wen returned to the bedroom, he took out the secret book and looked at the thin book. The 4 characters on the cover made Ye Wen suddenly have a Very interesting idea.

“If you let a ***cultivation Buddhist martial arts, and then used to beat those Luohan Bodhisattva and so on, it should be very interesting?”

Thinking this way, he copied the contents of the thin book into a blank book, and in order to be able to use it as soon as possible, Ye Wen specially made the special ink from Cui Jun, which is the kind The ink that dried immediately after writing, basically squeezed the stock on Cui Jun’s body.

Speaking of pen writing, even the pictures are exactly similar. After Ye Wen completed, Hasina almost completed her first cultivation after her teacher, and took the copy of the secret cheat Ye Wen back to the courtyard, The leaves that began to turn yellow due to the fall almost fell on Hasina, but the girl didn’t care, but instead eyes opened touching her body as if she was missing something.

“What are you looking for?”

“Master… This internal strength is so interesting!” Hasna seemed to think of something interesting, pointing to her chest and saying, “It’s as if a little mouse is running around inside, hahaha!”

She made a gesture with her hand on her body, and the wide shirt was pressed against the body, plus laughed, Ye Wen hadn’t noticed a full tremor, and the 2 points of shock also made Ye Wen Almost choked by spittle.

“Do not be fooling!”

Fortunately, Ye Wen is also a person who has seen winds and waves. This kind of stimulation is not enough to make him lose his mind, but he just felt a little lost. It seems that he has not been intimate with his wife for a while.

While thinking about whether I should bring Huayi or Ning Ruxue back—the two were busy teaching the one and their own cultivation—while handing over the cheats in their hands.

“What’s this?” Hasina took it curiously, but her face changed for a while when she saw the words on the cover. This expression seemed to be a bit surprised, and at the same time it was a bit disgusting. There is some curiosity, and at the same time I feel that unfathomable mystery is really as weird as it is.

Ye Wen, while appreciating the expression of the expression that is more miraculous than the face change of Sichuan opera, answered the questions of Hasina smoothly: “This is the way of creating the palms for the teachers in the past few years. And currently there are only the first 4 strokes. Later, because I was busy with cultivation, I did not continue to create. After you have learned these 4 strokes, I will create the next few strokes and teach them to you!”

After thinking about it for a while, then said: “Of course, if you are willing to create the next tricks yourself, it is up to you!”

Hasina’s expression finally became normal. Looking at the cheat book in her hand, there was suddenly a feeling of didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. She, who has the memory of Wuzhen, naturally knows what these 4 words represent, but she is still a little unable to accept this palm method with Hasina’s character as the dominant.

“Master … why do you want to pass me this palm?”

Ye Wen laughed: “Don’t you think it’s a fun thing to beat those Buddhas, Bodhisattva and so on with Buddhism?”

Hasina was surprised, but she thought about a few possibilities, but she didn’t really think about it. But Ye Wen mentioned that the involuntarily in her head began to imagine the kind of picture, but she was surprised to find that if this happens, you must be a very interesting thing.

In fact, Ye Wen did not say the real reason, that is, Hasina with the body, a body of Buddha power, may have some resonance with the Buddha’s palm, plus the memory of enlightenment, and a deep understanding of Buddhism. Sina is among the 100 people on Shushan Sect who are the best for cultivation, even Ye Wen is not as good as her.

Hasina touched the cover with her hand, and finally nodded: “Then I’ll practice this Buddha’s Palm. Ok… Master says there are only the first 4 moves?”

“Well… only the first 4 moves!”

This set of Ye Wen summon should be the Great Tang version of Buddha’s Palm in the series of Tianzi, because this set of works was not read at first, and some of them are only a few glances. Ye Wen deliberately went to re-view the series of Tianzi. A moment later, I realized that there are two versions of Buddha’s Palm, although they are in the same series.

In the part about Buddha’s Palm, Buddha’s Palm needs to cooperate with Buddha soldiers, but this set of Ye Wen summon does not require the cooperation of Buddha soldiers.

The four strokes you get are the first to the fourth. Each palm has a special additional effect, and the strength is strong. But to say the move, it is not very subtle. It is a palm that wins with strength. law.

“The palmiformable power is so big. If you want to practice it, you need a sufficient cultivation base! You are just beginning to practice now, so you don’t need to hurry and practice palmi…”

He was talking on the side, but when he looked up, he saw that Hasina had turned over the cheats. While holding on to read, she gestured with her empty right hand. It seemed to be practicing.

Ye Wen didn’t care either. It stands to reason that Hasina’s internal strength cultivation base just entered just now can’t make use of this technique. For example, the first palm Buddha’s radiance appeared, and a palm shot was accompanied by Buddha’s radiance’s, now Hasina don’t say Buddha’s radiance anymore, you can’t hit that palm-the internal strength is not enough, it is estimated that the strength can only be carried immediately because of the lack of strength.

But Ye Wen didn’t expect, after Hasna waved for a moment, it seemed to be shot with a random palm, followed by a peculiar palm strength, and at the same time, the palm came out, ha The power of Sina’s body suddenly turned into Buddha’s radiance, and under this Buddha’s radiance, it seemed to purify all the filth in the world.

Ye Wen has deep skills, although there is a little weird feeling, the movement is not affected by this. When he raised his hand, the dark chaos will come out, and he will take the palm of Hasina firmly, and then the two palms will intersect and issue. With a very slight’poo’ sound, Hasina only felt that the strength of her palm was gone, her body was awkward for a while, and she flicked the book to the side with her left hand.

When Ye Wen saw it, the power of his left palm changed to Bai Yunyan, and then he vomited lightly. When the energy burst, Hasina was directly flew out of the shock, and the tricks of the left hand naturally couldn’t make it out. She was shocked by Ye Wen, and she also recovered, standing there and stunned Ye Wen hehe silly.

reached out and beckoned, the cheats came into Ye Wen’s hands like an iron block attracted by a magnet, then looked at the content above and said to Hasina: “You this move Buddha’s radiance appears to make It’s good, but the strength is too bad. Go back and cultivate!”

“Yes, Master!” Hasina threw her tongue out, and left after leaving the cheats that Ye Wen threw.

Seeing Hasina running away from the shadow, Ye Wen looked at the palm of some Buddha’s radiance, and she shook the head helplessly: “This discipline… doesn’t seem to be a worrying stubble!” (Unfinished To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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