History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 420

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Hasna studied Buddha’s Palm, and later used this kung fu to find people in the Buddhist world. Ye Wen thought of Coke, but he was a Master, almost hurt by the strength of his discipline, and it was really embarrassing. , Ye Wen wondered if he would practice this Buddha’s Palm?

“I don’t know what the effect of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror with Buddha’s Palm will be!”

He now finds that the scope of application of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror is getting wider and wider. It seems that it can be used with a lot of kung fu. When he was bored with Xu Xian when he raised this idea, Xu Xian said contemptuously: “That It’s in the original, called Divine Palm…”

Ye Wen knew that the Buddha’s Palm Buddha’s Palm had been urged by Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. In the original work, the formidable power is still very strong, but it is very different from what Ye Wen envisioned.

“I mean, every move can derive different formidable power according to the different internal strength used!”


This time Xu Xian was really interested and refocused on Ye Wen. He only listened to Ye Wen: “For example, 1st move Buddha’s radiance appears, I can use the ten strengths of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror to play ten Buddha’s radiance with different effects appears!”

For example, the Buddha’s radiance made by Baiyun Yan appears, and then the Buddha’s radiance will become a cloud smoke, and the palm will become difficult to detect because of the cloud smoke. After all, the cloud smoke itself has a deceptive effect, and at the same time Smoke energy is a yang, so you don’t have to worry about the palm-formidable power with this layer of mind.

And what about Meixia Dang? That Buddha’s radiance turned into a ray of glow, and it was so hot in his palm that it could melt 10000 things-of course, this is just Ye Wen’s exaggeration.

In short, the ten layers of heavenly energy can be integrated into this move palm according to the specificity of its effect.

“However, in this way… what is the difference from using Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror?”

Xu Xian made Ye Wen stunned in a word. He really hadn’t thought about this question-why is Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror just a simple internal strength mentality, almost no moves? Even if there are moves, there are not many, and those moves are more for the cultivator to use all kinds of changes in this layer of mentality.

He didn’t think too much about these things before, but now Xu Xian’s unintentional sentence made him realize the biggest feature of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror-almost no moves!

Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror can cooperate with any move, not so much its versatile versatility, but also a powerful fusion, because Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror can turn any of the outer sect moves you use into a part of itself. For example, the Buddha’s Palm just mentioned by Ye Wen. If Ye Wen really reforms Buddha’s Palm according to this idea, then in the end, he may actually use a set of Divine Palm.

But the Divine Palm …… is still only the Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror that’s all. It has been completely separated from the Buddha’s Palm. Everything in the Divine Palm is given by the Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. The connection with Buddha’s Palm is only that More similar light and shadow effects.

“In the original work it was called Divine Palm… It’s true!”

Having figured this out, Ye Wen didn’t have any thoughts about tinkering with the Divine Palm. After all, whether it is Divine Palm or Huntian Evil Sword, in the final analysis is Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, it is not necessary to split it out separately, just use it as a kung fu.

How to use it can completely adapt to the changes of the situation at that time, so it is more suitable for him who is hardly entangled with martial arts.

Just because I wanted to understand this, Ye Wen didn’t even practice Buddha’s Palm. He thought it’s better to study Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror at this time. If Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror can be thoroughly researched, then it becomes Celestial Immortal. It’s just a matter of where water flows, a canal is formed.

As for the outer sect move? Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Soft Palm, Zixiaojian, etc. are still sufficient, not to mention that his brain will come up with some strange tricks from time to time, there is no need to spend energy for a mastery-although he has enough To expend energy.

Moreover, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, which has only strength and no strength characteristics, is more suitable for cultivation Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror’s own. Such martial arts can only be exerted with the strength of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. Larger formidable power, rather than evolved into another set of martial arts with formidable power like Buddha’s Palm.

And while Ye Wen was thinking about his martial arts, in the Celestial Court, a man sat aloof and remote, looking at the man standing underneath—the man was in the Celestial Court official uniform, holding 2 irons Whip, there is a look between the eyebrows, looking at the appearance of about 50 years old, the whole person has a dignified air.

“Wen Zhong, can the detected things be true?”

It is Leibu Zhengshen Wenzhong who holds the 2 iron whips, but his position has not changed, but his authority has changed a lot compared with when he was first sealed.

In addition to being in charge of criminal law and justice, he is also involved in a number of miscellaneous matters. He seems to be the assistant of the Jade Emperor. This time, he is here to report some findings of the previous few days with the Jade Emperor.

“It was the news found in the eyes of 1000, and later this small official sent his subordinates to investigate, which should be correct!” Wen Zhong secretly regretted the return. If Shunfeng’s ears did not die, he might still be able to hear more detailed news. But now we can only see some scenes, and it’s unclear what was said there.

Jade Emperor was un’ed on it, and then there was a silence in the great hall. The only two people were silent, as if they were doing their own things.

Wen Zhong lowered his head slightly, and there was no focus in his eyes. Only from the occasional eyeballs could he learn what the Thunder Department was thinking about.

The Jade Emperor is a daze. Although a Jade Emperor’s robe appears to be very dignified and solemn, but only that expression… It should be said that thanks to the Celestial Court, all the ministers are not present at this time, and the only news Zhong Guan kept his sight and knew that something could not be seen, so he didn’t damage Jade Emperor’s reputation.

“Kong Xuan…”

It turned out that Wen Zhong faced the Jade Emperor today and reported that the newly emerged Shushan Sect seemed to have some contact with the West Heaven Buddha Realm, but this contact was not very friendly. At that time, 1000 eyes was just reasonable 4 places of inspection, and as a result, I saw the Buddha’s radiance rising from the sky-from the Buddha wheel.

The biased student is still in that sensitive place, so 1000 eyes have been very cautious to keep their eyes there and observe the development of the situation.

It can be said that from the beginning to the end, the confrontation between Ye Wen and Kong Xuan was seen by this bystander, and then after Kong Xuan was forced away by Ye Wen with Myriad Swords Art, the report was immediately reported in 1000 eyes Gave Wen Zhong.

Although it is not clear what happened, but because it was too sensitive, Wen Zhong still carefully sent someone to confirm it. The first thing to understand is that the newly emerging Shushan Sect and Xitian Buddha Realm are colluding together. Or is there a conflict-the fight between Kong Xuan and Ye Wen is not like a fight between life and death, you can see it with a little eyesight, not to mention 1000 eyes?

And what impact will these two situations have on Celestial Court? At the same time, what will happen to Yang Jian, who is sitting in the west of Xinjiang? Wen Zhong wanted to get a clue about these things within a few days, and then hurriedly ran to the Jade Emperor to know.

“My nephew… Did Renyou Wang know about this?”

Wen Zhongxiao learned that the Emperor Yu asked Yang Jian, did you know this? After all, Xi Jiang is the place where Yang Jian sits, and what happened there should be known to him.

“Send someone to notify King Renyou!”

“What did he say?”

Wen Zhong thought that this matter was also a moment of depression. According to the person who sent the letter, Yang Jian simply did not take this matter seriously, but just said plainly: “understood!” and let him retreat without saying anything. How to do it or how he prepared to deal with it, and after waiting for 2 days and seeing that he did nothing, the person who sent the letter hurried back and reported the matter to Wen Zhong.

With regard to Yang Jian’s posture, Wen Zhong couldn’t figure out his mind either, and he could only report it truthfully: “Renyou Wang just said an understood, and then no longer paid attention to this matter at all!”

Jade Emperor did not feel surprised, but instead laughed: “This is…”

Wen Zhong heard the grumble of the Jade Emperor and did not know what would happen to the Lord of the Celestial Court! According to so many years of understanding, under normal circumstances, Jade Emperor will definitely be very angry. No matter what the situation of Shushan Sect is, it is indispensable to investigate and scold. If it is true that Shushan Sect and Xitian Buddha are found out There is any collusion in the world, maybe the Jade Emperor will kill this Sect very simply.

Don’t look at the harmony between Xitian Buddha Realm and Celestial Court, but because Oriental Xianzhou has always adhered to its own inheritance, it does not give Xitian Buddha Realm the opportunity to penetrate and preach. It has already been secretly surging in private!

Now the two sides are just barely maintaining such a surface, maybe some day will cast aside all considerations for face and really start a war. At this time, everything related to the West Heaven Buddha world is very sensitive.

More importantly, the Shushan Sect seemed to save a *** woman back. According to the observation of 1000 eyes, the woman did not come out after entering Shushan Sect-the eyes of 1000 eyes could not pass through the Nine Provinces. This is also a surprise to Wen Zhong: a Sect who has just arrived at Immortal World, can he even deploy such a strong position? It can be seen that this Sect is not ordinary. If there is no secret, Wen Zhong will not believe it.

It’s just that Yang Jian is trying to protect Shushan Sect now, and the Emperor Jade also has an unknown attitude due to Yang Jian’s relationship, so the Celestial Court people are quite curious about Shushan Sect, but they can’t really reach out to it.

Of course, it does not mean that the civil and military 100 officials of Celestial Court do not like Shushan Sect, but they are naturally born with a fear of things they don’t understand. But looking at the meaning of Jade Emperor, it seems to be gone?

At this moment, the Emperor Jade suddenly said, “When was the last battle with the gods of Olympus, what happened?”

Wen Zhong didn’t understand how to pull the god Olympus suddenly, but still respectfully said: “It has been more than 120 years since now!”

“Oh, 100 20 years!”

Jade Emperor sighed. In the last war, the Celestial Court lost the soldiers. Many generals were killed in that war. Although most of them were low-level generals who were not well-known and their official positions were high, they still made Jade Emperor feel that It’s quite a pain-his Celestial Court soldiers and horses have been playing less and less in the past 1000 years, and the speed of replenishment is far behind the speed of consumption!

“By the way, the Shushan Sect Master can force Kong Xuan back. What do you think of this person’s cultivation base?”

“This…” Wen Zhong didn’t know how to answer, but just judged from the content reported by 1000 Liyan, Ye Wen’s strength should be inferior to Kong Xuan, but the last one can use 10000 Flying Sword tricks, It’s very dreadful, indeed has several points of tolerance.

But after all, it was not what I saw with my own eyes. Wen Zhong was not the kind of character who casually commented on others with only a little understanding. He had to say: “I have never seen it before, so it is difficult to comment!”

“He he he, you still have this temperament!” Jade Emperor seemed to have expected Wen Zhonghui to reply like this, so he didn’t care too much, but instead said: “Renyou Wang once said that this Shushan Sect Master can hurt Yuan Hong Then, Yuan Hongnai is the General of King Renyou, and his strength is not bad. It can be seen that the strength of Shushan Sect Master is not bad!”

Wen Zhong felt a little dizzy. Today, the Jade Emperor’s thinking is too jumpy, and the topic will change. Just now, he also said that the battle between the Olympians and the Celestial Court, the first turn immediately became Ye Wen’s Strength.

However, Ye Wen was able to injure Yuan Hong, but Celestial Court did not know about this matter. Jade Emperor said it at this time, and Wen Zhong was also quite surprised. But if you think about it, the Shushan Sect Master can grab people from Kong Xuan. This strength is naturally not too bad, and it is not surprising that Yuan Hong is injured-although Yuan Hong’s strength is arrogant, but because The limit of Investiture of the Gods has almost never grown in strength.

After Kong Xuan was put into the world of Buddhism, he was not only a master of Buddhism Magical Powers, but also a battlefield, his strength improved very quickly-compared with the rampant Five Five Divine Light at that time. Kong Xuan, the current Peacock Ming King is even more difficult to cope with. If it weren’t for Yang Jian’s strength, it would be very fast, and it might not be able to withstand the attack of the Buddhist world.

It is another monkey in the Buddhist world known for its battle strength. Because it is not obedient and difficult to send, so the Celestial Court is slightly sighed in relief. If the monkey also runs out, the Celestial Court is in a passive position- They are now extremely lacking in talent, and Yang Jian is supported by Yang Jian alone.

If you think about it this way, Yang Jian and Yu Imperial Capital pay more attention to Shushan Sect, but it is quite reasonable. After all, if the west is not stable enough, Celestial Court is likely to overthrow it.

It’s just… Wen Zhong still wonders what these things have to do with Ye Wen’s strength? is it possible that Jade Emperor and Yang Jian want to pull that Shushan Sect Sect Master Ye Wen into the Celestial Court, or simply incorporate Shu Wen Sect of Ye Wen into a strong force stationed in the west?

“Is it because of this reason that I care about Ye Wen’s strength?”

When I thought of the talented Jade Emperor, I asked myself how long the war with the gods of Olympus had passed. Wen Zhong gradually felt that things were getting clearer. Who in the Celestial Court didn’t know that the gods of Mount Olympus because they didn’t depend on Cultivation maintains strength, and at the same time, the strength can hardly grow. In addition, there is no need to deal with things all day. I am panic all day long and like to fight to relax. So every 2 300 years, a war is bound to be launched.

What’s more terrible is that these guys don’t like to go to the west, they like to go to the east! I don’t know if I got any benefit from heaven?

Now Jade Emperor is so concerned about the battle at Mount Olympus, and at the same time is constantly concerned about the strength of Shushan Sect, then the most reasonable explanation is that Jade Emperor is evaluating whether Shushan Sect can resist the attack of the strength of the other party alone.

In this way, is Jade Emperor trying to draw out Yang Jian to do other things?

“Who is to deal with it? Could it be that Shushan Sect would withstand the Western Buddhist realm, and then let King Renyou lead troops to attack Mount Olympus and have a trouble will completely vanish?”

At the beginning, Wen Zhong was more inclined to this possibility, but then he found something wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

At this moment, the Emperor Yu suddenly said: “Wen Zhong, in a few days you will take a trip to Shushan with my will!”


Wen Zhong only responded subconsciously, but he didn’t know what the Jade Emperor asked him to do to Shushan. He had no choice but to ask: “I don’t know Your Majesty let this small official go, is it…?”

At this time, Jade Emperor raised his head slightly and looked at it in a daze. He did not know whether he was enjoying the pictures on the dome, or did he see other interesting things, he didn’t even blink his eyes, but he was so determined Psychic.

“Your Majesty?”

“It’s nothing, just look at that’s all on behalf of me. After all, Sect, which is so valued by Renyou, will there be something special after all?” Just listening to this, and when the Jade Emperor was just bored and wanted to hear Zhong went to see what was new and came back to tell him the same.

But Wen Zhong understood from this remark that Jade Emperor wanted to investigate it by himself. It is estimated that he would make a very detailed assessment of the strength of Shushan Sect, and then judge whether his original calculation was feasible.

After thinking about it carefully, Wen Zhong finally felt that the strength of Shushan Sect It shouldn’t be, even if the strength of Sect Master Ye Wen is not bad, it can be comparable to Yuan Hong, but after all, it is just the fairy that’s just soared to Immortal World. All, its strength is a bit worse than the well-known Celestial Immortal, not to mention Peak’s expert in various forces?

Not to mention Confucius in the Western Buddhist world, there are the 5 Ming Kings headed by the Ming Dynasty Kings and a big vote of Venerable Luohan, Apollo of Mount Olympus, and Artemis are not good figures to deal with, let alone That Olympus Divine King always likes to go out in person, and his two brothers are very bully.

Any one of them is enough to deal with that Ye Wen, plus the Shushan Sect besides Ye Wen, are there any characters who can get it? This is doubtful.

Thinking of this, Wen Zhong thought of another possibility: “Could it be that the Jade Emperor was thinking of abandoning the car to protect the coach? If so, is the Celestial Court really ready to make a big move?”

Looking up secretly, Emperor Jade still stared blankly at the dome. It didn’t look like he was thinking of any big plans, but the more this was, the more Wenzhong felt chills! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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