History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 421

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The conversation between Jade Emperor and Wen Zhong was not known to others, but Wen Zhong vaguely felt that Yang Jian was one of the insiders. This Renyou Wang, whose relationship with his uncle was not very good, was very dedicated in official affairs. Responsible, for Celestial Court and the entire Eastern Xianzhou, he can completely put aside his prejudice against the Jade Emperor and then do something.

With a lot of speculation, a few days later the Jade Emperor announced in front of the many Celestial Court priests that Wen Zhong would be his envoy and went to Shushan!

What he did not at all said specifically, but Wen Zhong’s heart was like a mirror. He simply took the errand down, and then arranged for someone to go to Shushan to make an announcement, and he simply tidied up and prepared for the departure.

At this time, Ye Wen was still in the cultivation of concentration. At present, no matter whether he is a glazed pupil or a Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, there is no cultivation to the pinnacle stage. Coupled with successive strong enemies, Ye Wen also knows that his strength is still great. Not enough, you must improve your strength as soon as possible.

“Don’t talk far, at least you must become Celestial Immortal first?”

Although Ye Wen’s battle strength is comparable to Celestial Immortal, it’s just that the cultivation base is one level lower than others, and it’s not good to say it! After all, Ye Wen also represents the entire Shushan Sect. If the entire Shushan Sect does not even have a Celestial Immortal that can be pulled out of the town, it will inevitably cause some mocking voices.

In addition, the entire Sect is busy cultivation now, and there are no disciplines moving around normally, and only those disciplines responsible for the four inspections can be seen, so Ye Wen also began to live this regular and boring life.

During this time, the hard work of disciplines cultivation, coupled with the environment of Immortal World blessed by heaven, has made the cultivation base of the disciplines of all disciplines improve, even if there is a cultivating technique that consumes the power, which is a power-consuming cultivation technique. The cultivation base of disciples is still improving very quickly.

Coupled with abundant Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, you will hardly encounter any bottleneck during the discipline cultivation-most of the time, the part that was originally a level will be rushed directly because of the abundant Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, and the disciplines only need to It’s good to be boring.

In addition, Yuan Ling’s body formula helped them solve another problem: Even if there was such a blessed by heaven environment, you need to be careful when cultivation, so as not to cause excessive damage to the Meridian, but Yuan Ling’s body formula is in Constantly improving the strength of the disciplines and the strength of the meridian, which gives the disciplines the possibility of continuous cultivation.

And the cultivation time is longer, the nature of skill growth is much more, at the same time, Yuan Ling’s body formula can help the body’s strength to be further improved, and then the cultivation time can be lengthened, and the skill improvement is faster!

The path of cultivation of Shushan Sect disciples, just because of Ye Wen’s cultivation technique began to enter a virtuous circle.

These are just ordinary disciplines. Although ordinary disciplines are not so perverted to shock all the 2 pulses of Ren Du, but at this speed, the arrival of that day will not be too far away.

And Ye Wen’s Direct Disciple, their situation is more optimistic.

First of all, some time ago, after everything was dealt with, Zhou Zhiruo, who was ordered by Ye Wen to be closed behind the door, had already cultivated the Yuan Ling’s physique. Now, the aging body has not been qualitatively improved. The pure Lesser Formless Art skill almost makes Zhou Zhiruo recover one’s youthful vigor, and looks even younger. It looks like 24~25 years old.

This is just a superficial change, and the changes within the body are more objective. At this time, if a doctor gives him a pulse, he will be surprised to find that Zhou Zhiruo’s situation is really in his early 20s, definitely not nearly 100 years old. The situation is full of qi and blood and strong body. Even if Zhou Zhiruo’s cultivation base was profound and his appearance was very young, it will not be like this. Now after a period of closed-door cultivation, there have been such great changes. Even she herself was surprised.

“The cultivation technique passed by the Master doesn’t look profound. Didn’t expect is so powerful!”

She had no complaints about Master having closed her mind. After all, she made a mess inside Shushan Sect is a fact, but the punishment in private is already very good, not to mention the punishment, she should also cultivate well for a while, so this The second retreat was not a punishment at all.

As for the one Ye Wen has set for her: No breakthrough Earth Immortal will not be allowed to go out! She didn’t care about the order of the time. The cultivation during this period made her realize that I might not be able to break through Earth Immortal in a long time, because the vitality of Immortal World is too abundant, and its own cultivation technique is not bad. And there is accumulation of cultivation for several decades. In this case, there is no breakthrough, so just die here!

Ye Wen is not worried about Zhou Zhiruo’s smooth breakthrough! At the beginning in Changbai Immortal Realm, the environment was far worse than here. Those Honorary Disciples could all have successive breakthroughs, not to mention the Immortal Realm? In addition, Zhou Zhiruo’s foundation is deep enough. For her, breakthrough is nothing but where water flows, a canal is formed.

In the next few recipes, Guo Jing’s situation is much better than Zhou Zhiruo’s! The cultivation base of this fifth disciple has been steadily improving. According to the conclusions observed during this time, Ye Wen believes that even if he does not come to Immortal World, and then give this fifth disciple a certain time, he is likely to rely on his own Try hard and smashing void.

For Guo Jing, the thing of bottleneck is almost non-existent. He only needs to slowly cultivate according to his own habits, then the skill will definitely be improved. Limitless Pure Yang Merit is almost brought to the extreme in his hands. The entire Shushan Sect Except for a few plug-ins, no one has the smoothness and speed of Guo Jing cultivation.

If you think about it carefully, Guo Jing’s difficulties in cultivation are almost all in the early stage, and after crossing those thresholds, Guo Jing’s strength has been continuously improved until now!

Now that he has obtained the essence of the body spirit of Na Yuan, Guo Jing has almost completed the tempering of his body in a very short period of time. Now all he has to do is to wait—to maintain daily cultivation and wait for where water flows, a canal is formed day.

“It’s estimated that after this winter, it’s almost the same!”

After having a few chats with Guo Jing, Ye Wen also took a look at Guo Jing’s cultivation progress. Finally, he found that Guo Jing might break through Earth Immortal earlier than Zhou Zhiruo, but he didn’t tell Guo Jing directly, just let him go back to continue cultivation. .

Of course, I talked about it with my sister in private.

“Jing’er is dedicated to cultivation, and he doesn’t need to think about those complicated things, and he has to be more simple. Cultivation, Limitless Pure Yang Merit naturally enters the country extremely fast! Zhi Ruo… but was delayed by Shushan Sect for several decades…”

Ye Wen didn’t speak, this is also the fact. If it wasn’t for Shushan Sect, maybe Zhou Zhiruo’s cultivation base would be stronger. Maybe she would use her own efforts to directly break through the shackles of the Nine Provinces and reunite with Ye Wen in advance?

But these are just speculations. Since this is already the case, then try to make up for the several decades she has missed!

“What about Huang’er?”

“Nangong Huang is now taught by Xu Xian himself. Huang Rongrong was running around in Changbai Immortal Realm. Some of the weird things he dug are now in Huang’er’s stomach!”

Changbai Immortal Realm is somehow an Immortal Realm, and there are a lot of heavenly material earthly treasure in it. Although it is not a good thing in this Immortal World, it is already good for Shushan Sect. A lot of “big radishes” were stuffed by Huang Rongrong, and now the body is blessed with that white radish.

“Senior Brother’s psychic tactics even have the effect of healing the body. This is really an accident. I have to practice it in this way. In the future, I have to suffer from internal injuries. I don’t have to rely on Senior Brother. !”

Ye Wen laughed didn’t say anything. In fact, Yuan Ling’s body formula would have this effect. He was a little surprised himself. This effect reminded him of the easy-to-forge bones in Nine Yin Daoist Scripture: Did you accidentally knock out that easy-forging bone for the cottage?”

Isn’t it true? Because he hasn’t had summon to Nine Yin Daoist Scripture, so he can’t judge, but now Shushan doesn’t seem to need Nine Yin Daoist Scripture anymore. As for that easy-forging bone, Ye Wen is not very urgent now. The need-and that easy to forge bones does not seem to have the effect of increasing the physical strength, and pay more attention to improving the meridian root bone and healing.

It’s far away, because the situation of Nangong Huang has been greatly improved, and now he has got rid of the appearance of the sickness. These days the old man seems to have regained his youthful vitality. The spiritual head is more than those of the young discipline. It’s just that after two days of innocence, he went back to cultivated intently-he also knew that if he couldn’t make up for the delayed several decades, then he still didn’t have many days to live.

However, Nangong Huang did not need Ye Wen to worry too much. Now Xu Xian is staring at him urgently, fearing that his only remaining discipline will wave goodbye to him, so it is rare for him to concentrate on teaching Nanghuang Huang even once. The innate Qiangong Gong has been prepared, and when Nangonghuang breaks through the Earth Immortal cultivation base, it will begin to practice.

The rest, Li Xiaoyao needless to say, he is busy studying pill concocting (making small food?). Since he accidentally got a medicine recipe for boiled eggs from Ye Wen, Li Xiaoyao found Ye Wen several times, and Ye Wen summoned a medicine recipe in his spare time.

It still uses very little skill. This time I got Guben Dan, a very common medicine pill. The effect is to stabilize my cultivation base. Most of them are used with other medicine pill or heavenly material earthly treasure. Then, Cui Jun also saw this recipe, saying that although this medicine pill is common, there are not many that can be refined in Immortal World, so it is not completely useless.

“If Your sect can refine this Gubendan skillfully, only this medicine pill is enough to open a shop in our Heaven’s Mystery Sect!”

There are not many weird things in Immortal World, and there are many cultivators, so after finding these weird tonics, some people will go to some special use medicine pill and come back to help themselves take these heavenly material earthly treasure, Gu Ben Dan Is one of them.

When Ye Wen knew this, he immediately asked Li Xiaoyao to concentrate on refining Guben Dan, and he didn’t even need to cook the eggs. Let’s study this medicine pill thoroughly.

Li Xiaoyao bitterly took the medicine recipe and left, but let everyone in Shushan Sect breath out: “It is not necessary to eat boiled eggs every day!”

Although Li Xiaoyao changed the tricks, from the first ordinary boiled eggs to tea eggs, and later tossed braised eggs, soy sauce eggs, and bilberry eggs, but the main ingredients did not change, so everyone was a bit sick to eat Too.

It was only Li Xiaoyao’s tirelessness, all day tossing, and now they can be considered free—but no one expected that Li Xiaoyao changed Gu Bendan’s materials again this time. As a result, everyone had more dinners every day. A quail egg.


For Li Xiaoyao, who is so passionate about mixing pill concocting and cooking, Ye Wen can only choose to ignore it at the end, and let this recipe go toss, but fortunately Li Xiaoyao made some more ordinary Guben Dan, Although the discipline is still not satisfied with the work, Ye Wen believes that Gubendan has really been successfully refined, and he only needs to be more proficient in the future.

“How can it be successful? The taste of this medicine pill is unbelievable, so that medicine pill is hard to import! Master, as long as you give the recipe another two months, the recipe can certainly make a more delicious Guben Dan. ……”Finally, I used the quail egg as an example: “Actually, I think it is good to use quail egg as the main ingredient of Guben Dan, but it is not conducive to preservation, otherwise I will bottle the dish directly!”


Helplessly shook the head, Ye Wen walked out of Medicine Pill Pavilion and happened to meet the Medicine Refining Masters borrowed from Heaven’s Mystery Sect. After saying hello, he roughly asked Li Xiaoyao, Huang Yun and the others’ learning situation.

The answer obtained made Ye Wen speechless: “The two are talented people, we have nothing to teach, and to what extent we will depend on themselves… In fact, the talent of Fellow Daoist Li is high , Rare in the next life, but…”

Speaking of which, it suddenly occurred to me that the Master was standing in front of me. The other party didn’t say anything, and I didn’t speak much, so I hurriedly stopped and left after a sorry smile!

Ye Wen naturally knows what he is going to say, but Li Xiaoyao likes tossing. He can’t force him to stop chaos? What’s more, Li Xiaoyao doesn’t like pill concocting pharmaceuticals. Sitting in Medicine Pill Pavilion is also an order that he forced, so…just like that!

It’s the yellow cloud. Although there is nothing strange on the cultivation base, even Ye Wen doesn’t think that Huang Yun can break through Earth Immortal realm in a short time, but this person has quite a perception on pill concocting, the only trouble is If Huang Yun cultivation base is always difficult to improve, does it mean that even if Huang Yun succeeds in learning, it is difficult for him to inherit what he has learned?

Now I can only count on Huang Yun’s 2 sons to be talented enough to inherit the knowledge of father and at the same time to be able to make achievements in their own cultivation base, so as to ensure the development of Shushan Sect medicine pill.

After walking around for a while, Ye Wen did not see the silhouette after arriving at the Book Collection Pavilion. That’s all when Nangong Huang is not there, how about Wei Hong?

After inquiring with the disciples, I realized that Wei Hong also went back early. It seems that this is the case this time, because Wei Hong also feels that the cultivation base is too bad. If he does not work hard, it is a waste of Ye Wen’s good intentions to bring him to Immortal World. I have been working hard on cultivation for some time.

Plus Book Collection Pavilion has nothing to do recently, so he left early naturally!

understood After what Wei Hong was doing, Ye Wen didn’t say much anymore. After coming out, he went to see Liu Mengli, Xu Changqing, and Yue Lingshan, the smaller Juniors. Among them, Xu Changqing’s body conditioning was much better. It is estimated that after a while, it will be similar to ordinary child.

Yue Lingshan is also slowly growing, coupled with the refinement of spiritual medicine, physical fitness is changing every day!

Liu Mengli’s skill improvement is not very obvious, but it is still within the acceptable range! Ye Wen thought that Liu Mengli’s foundation was not good, so she asked her to go to Guo Jing, lay the foundation firmly again, and then began to practice later.

Going to the Zhige Pavilion, and seeing the big courtyard from afar, Ye Wen heard the shouts inside, especially Zheng Ying, this guy’s voice can be big enough, even if you are far away, Ye Wen Can clearly hear what he shouted.

“That guy with strength 50, move to the right!”

“Yo, that beautiful woman with a vitality of over 10000 over there, lift your foot, you step on the line!”

“En? Someone is coming! hahaha, the vigor is only 5? There is such a rubbish home…Ah? Master!”

When it became clear that the person who had just walked in turned out to be his Master, Zheng Ying swallowed back as if he had been strangled by his throat, and then saluted Ye Wen with embarrassment.

“What’s going on?”

As soon as Ye Wen came in, he saw a single lens hanging on Zheng Ying’s eyes. The glasses only covered one eye, and this style is very familiar.

“Nothing, Choi Senior has recently created a bauble, which is being tested!”

While talking, he took off what was worn on his eyes, because he had no cover from his hair, and after showing the whole picture, Ye Wen recognized what it was.

“This… this is not…”

Zheng Ying embarrassed laughed: “It’s just similar to that’s all, the actual function is very different!” While saying this, he also pulled a cable with thick fingers, and the cable has been connected to the one just removed. s things.

“This thing can detect everyone’s strength of strength?” Ye Wen remembered what Zheng Ying said just now, and suddenly found that if this is true, the effect of this thing will be great. At least it is convenient to find those heavenly material earthly treasure. less.

“It’s not very accurate. At least something went wrong when I detected the Master!” Zheng Yingdu didn’t expect that his Master showed 5 on this instrument, which is too funny!

Ye Wen didn’t speak, but just looked down and suddenly asked, “One point of vitality, what does it stand for?”

This question was not answered by Zheng Ying, but by Cui Jun who just came over: “It is approximately equal to the vitality needed by a Thunder Palm!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian. com) Voting recommendation and monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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