History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 422

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A Thunder Palm, its practicality is not too much vitality, even Shushan Sect now those Outer Disciple, as long as you learn how to use it, it is completely made.

It’s just that this Thunder Palm is relatively weak. If you hit it, you will hear a sound and see the effect. There is not much lethality! And this is the numerical measure of this detector.


Listening to Cui Jun talking, Ye Wen never had a socket, but he was playing with this thing with his head down, but the long cable restricted Ye Wen’s movements.

“Why even such a long line?”

Cui Jun’s face became a little ugly and a little embarrassed, but it was also a fact that he had never been able to make an ideal detector, so obediently and honestly said: “Because of such a small size, it needs to do so complicated calculations, no Appropriate energy source, only to connect the cable to ensure normal operation.


Ye Wen just realized that the cable was originally a wire, so this detector is simply not completed, especially after there is no convenience to carry an advantage!

However, he roughly learned from Cui Jun’s mouth how to evaluate the opponent’s strength through the data on the detector.

“Generally speaking, after the vigor value exceeds 10000, this person is above Earth Immortal level!”

When introduced to here, Ye Wen remembered the sentence that Zheng Ying said when he just came here: “The beauty of 10000 is tall!” Obviously refers to the standing Zhang Ling, Zhang Ling’s strength has indeed reached Earth Immortal cultivation base.

“And if it reaches a value above 1000000, then this person is not surprised if it is Celestial Immortal cultivation base… However, at present, this detector cannot detect Celestial Immortal cultivation base!”

“Oh?” Ye Wen was a little curious. He just wanted Zheng Ying to test himself. How far is it from the legendary 1000000 battle strength?

“Because it will be overwhelmed, it will explode directly!” Cui Jun shrugged his arm, but now it is already not in mind. Anyway, this is just an experimental product, and it is normal to have more problems.

“Simply say…this thing is useless?”

It can only detect the strength of Earth Immortal, and even Earth Immortal may make the detector explode, so this thing has no meaning to promote-after all, Earth Immortal and above are the main consumers of Immortal World, ordinary cultivator they There is simply not so much extra resources to consume.

Cui Jun scratched his cheek: “It can’t be said that, as long as the energy problem can be solved, then this thing can be used to find some heavenly material earthly treasure, Spirit Stone and the like, because those heavenly material earthly treasure They are all polymers of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, so this detector can be found!”

Ye Wen didn’t wait and asked again, and directly said: “In fact, I had such a thought after returning from Earth, but unfortunately I don’t know a lot of things. Thanks to your discipline, I can get this prototype!”

Cui Jun is very good at refining magic weapons and so on, but there are many industrial technologies and professional technologies in the detector. After studying for a while, he found that he didn’t understand and put this idea aside, preparing to slowly toss, didn’t expect met the people of Shushan Sect, and then took out this almost abandoned idea.

If this detector can be successful, Heaven’s Mystery Sect will once again enhance a large amount of strength, thoroughly consolidating its position in Immortal World.

Imagine that when all cultivators are still searching for heavenly material earthly treasure by luck and some legends, the discipline of Heaven’s Mystery Sect has attacked with the detector 4 and collected all those things that have vitality reaction. How amazing will Heaven’s Mystery Sect’s strength increase?

However, this benefit will now be divided by half by Shushan Sect. After all, the emergence of Shushan Sect is the key factor in the emergence of the detector. Without the industrial knowledge that Zheng Ying understands, even if Cui Jun can make it with rich immortal technique knowledge A completely different kind of detector, but I don’t know how many years it will take, and the appearance of Cui Jun has undoubtedly shortened this time.

“So, the detector from the very beginning was created to find heavenly material earthly treasure?”


Cui Jun’s answer is very affirmative, because he did not plan to make detectors according to the original use from the very beginning, because the ability to judge the strength of the opponent, a little cultivation base cultivator can do it! This function is not used at all, just looking for heavenly material earthly treasure. Cultivators are indeed not as convenient as the detector.

This also involves another problem: Heavenly material earthly treasure is made of Heaven and Earth Nurtured, if put there, it is almost together with Heaven and Earth fuse, unless it emits a very rich Spirit Qi, what natural phenomenon is caused, otherwise It is difficult to be actively discovered. But the personal cultivation base has a very strong mark, which can be felt more easily.

Knowing the purpose and purpose of this detector, Ye Wen is not involved in these things. After all, if this thing is really caused, then it is also a good thing for Shushan Sect. He is worried about the lack of heavenly material earthly treasure and some manufacturing magic weapons As for the material, it can be said that Shushan Sect needs this thing more than Heaven’s Mystery Sect.

After a brief inquiry, I realized that this detector is basically based on industrial technology, so the main power source is the only power available on Shushan.

Ye Wen suggested that the detector should change to spell, especially power.

“If any formulation can be used to solve the energy problem, then this detector can be put into use immediately!” Cui Jun’s idea is very consistent with Ye Wen’s suggestion, but there are still many problems to be solved. The first is the appropriate array. The other is that this Formation needs to be shrunk countless times, otherwise it cannot be engraved on the parts, and the other is how to perfectly combine the Formation and the technology.

“That’s your problem!” Ye Wen pats Zheng Ying: “Come on!”

Then he left the system cabinet, let those few people have a headache! As for Zhang Ling, she barely spoke and stood there quietly, but she barely looked away and let Ye Wen understand that-when these things are made, this girl can put Cui Jun’s Technology is pretty close, after all, Zhang Ling is an authentic agent, or the kind of undercover, and the observation ability is absolutely first-class.

Before going back, I went to see Chris again. The Absolute Domain of the discipline has stabilized, and now it is starting to hit the ultimate power.

According to Chris himself, as long as he can impact the ultimate power of success, then he can try breakthrough Black Battle Qi! And he does not have to be afraid that Black Battle Qi will have any impact on him, because under the refinement of the ultimate power, his brain has been tyrannical to the extent that he can bear Black Battle Qi.

If all goes well, maybe his strength will directly cross Earth Immortal Peak and sprint to Heaven Realm realm-if it is not done, it will become Shushan Sect’s first Celestial Immortal.

Chris’s situation made Ye Wen very happy, but also felt a sense of urgency!

It’s not a happy thing to be overtaken by the disciple. If Chris really let him step into the world of Heavenly Immortal Realm, where would he put this face?

So after going back, Ye Wen also started crazy cultivation, but compared to Chris still has a goal to work hard, Ye Wen’s situation is quite embarrassing.

Although the Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror has not yet been fully developed, he has already practiced the ten-layer mind method. The real thing is that only the 10th floor of the meta universe is not achieved. If the meta universe wants Great Accomplishment, he needs to be in the top 9- Layer Full Mastery, until then, the meta universe has never been able to cultivate to the highest realm.

In this way, Ye Wen can only compile slowly before the 9-Layer mentality. This is a time-consuming activity, and I don’t know when it will succeed!

“I already knew this, and I also practiced Seven Colored Battle Qi!”

Having said that, Ye Wen is also impossible now to give up his skills and re-train Seven Colored Battle Qi! What’s more, although Chris’s situation is good now, he will face an embarrassing situation after entering Black Battle Qi-there is no pity, and he can only slowly accumulate skills to improve himself.

Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror is difficult to improve for a while, but it will not make Ye Wen too sullen, because he is not just this method to improve his strength. Liu Litong has no real mastery yet. If he can master it smoothly, his strength can still be improved. One level.

And compared to Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, Liuli Hitomi’s cultivation method is relatively simple!

Take out 9 Heavenly Demon Transforming Blood Divine Sword, and Ye Wen has started the routine purification work again. Now the wraiths on this sword have been almost purified. Just complete the last part, and then destroy Flying Sword, Even if this fierce Demon Sword is completely destroyed, the double pupils who have been training with 9 Heavenly Demon Transforming Blood Divine Sword will also be Great Accomplishment.

In this bedroom in Ye Wen, 7 colorful lights flashed for a moment, and the entire room was shrouded in beautiful brilliance. Even standing in the courtyard, you can also see the rays of light coming out of the windows.

After the disciple outside the courtyard felt it, I looked inside and retracted my gaze. These scenes have been strange these days. Everyone knows that Ancestor Master is cultivating, but today it seems to be more dazzling than normal light. That 7 color streamer also seems more beautiful?

They hadn’t had time to confirm it again, only to see a disciple who ran over in a panic, and then went straight to the Ye Wen courtyard, and said to the disciples of the guard: “Can Sect Ancestral Master be here now?”

“In!” The man also pointed to 7 Cai Guanghua in the courtyard: “Ancestor Master is cultivating, it is not convenient to meet people at this time, but what’s the matter?”

Since Shushan Sect came to Immortal World, almost nothing has happened, and no guests have come to visit. Now, it seems anxious to look at this recipe. What major event happened in the Murphy faction?

I don’t want this person to say directly: “Several people came from Shicai Mountain Gate, saying that it was sent by Celestial Court, and the first person called himself Celestial Court Divide General Shen Gongbao!”

“People in Celestial Court?”

No one knows what the name of Shen Gongbao’s Daming and General Fen Shui positions is. However, as long as he is a Celestial Court person, these disciplines in Shushan have to be treated with caution.

Moreover, it didn’t take long for someone to arrive and said that it was Guan Ancestor Master (called Ancestor Master when he was younger than Guan Luyan) who learned that the Celestial Court was coming and hurried back to Shushan.

In this way, the fool knows that this matter is not negligible, but Ye Wen is practicing, and they dare not go in to disturb. Fortunately, Xu Xian also heard the news and turned it out, and immediately ordered the people to come in and talk again!

Then Xu Xian 4 made the next turn, shouted out Ning Ruxue and the others, and then he was ready to meet him in person. After he did not want him to come back in a circle, a discipline told him that Ye Wen had already greeted him.

“Senior Brother has finished practicing?”

As a result, Ning Ruxue, who is relatively close, knew the situation of Ye Wen. He told Xu Xian: “Senior Brother is cultivating the pair of glazed pupils. Although they can’t be disturbed during cultivation, but with the power of Divine Pupil, this happened up and down the mountain. Nothing could escape his eyes. It is estimated that Senior Brother would understood as soon as the person from the Celestial Court arrived and received the credit in time.


Ye Wen’s pair of colored glass pupils, what is the magical effect, Xu Xian not at all is too concerned, just know that Ye Wen’s eyes are as colorful as a big light bulb, and it can emerge from the Divine Fire divine light. It is not clear.

It turns out that in addition to these, you can also observe 4 sides like radar!

secretly said in one’s heart: It’s convenient enough, or should I practice a pair?

At the same time, I went to the main hall with Ning Ruxue and Ye Wen was greeting Shen Gongbao in the main hall.

“Ai, Senior Sister…Shen Gongbao Alas!”

“What about Shen Gongbao? You don’t know that the novel is just a fabrication. Although it draws a lot of Divine Immortal, at least that Section Cult, elucidation and so on is something that doesn’t exist! Then Shen Gongbao is just sealing the gods. The cultivator that’s all on the list during the battle, not at all is so special!”

“I said so, but Shen Gongbao alas…”

Knowing that this Junior Brother is taking a breath again, Ning Ruxue is no longer talking, but Huayi is looking excitedly on the side. It is estimated that she is also very interested in this Shen Gongbao.

“I don’t know if Shen Gongbao is really a leopard cultivation!” Originally Huayi was concerned about this.

Several people hurried along the way, and they entered the main hall in a short time. Their eyes did not need to be looked at specifically. As soon as they entered the hall, they saw a handsome man who looked about 40. Xu sat there, wearing armor and holding one. The root shape is quite strange iron whip, and although this person is wearing armor, but instead of wearing a helmet, he wears a gilt of gold crown. There is a smile on his face, which makes people feel friendly at first glance. At this time, they are really happy to talk to Ye Wen.

After his entire group came in, Ye Wen immediately said to the general: “General Shen, these two are the next wife. This one is under Junior Brother Xu Xian!”

This body armor is Shen Gongbao. Although in the past it was only a cultivator, but after all, Celestial Court was a god and the position was a general. Naturally, he had to wear armor.

This time Shen Gongbao came on behalf of Celestial Court, everyone thought that this person would be very proud, but unexpectedly Shen Gongbao got up first, and then one after another paid respect with everyone in Shushan.

The noisy Ning Ruxue and the others panicked and hurriedly returned the gift: “General Shen is too polite!”

Shen Gongbao laughed: “You are too polite!”

After a few words of greeting, several people took their seats. At this time, Ye Wen spoke of the topic: “I don’t know why General Shen came here on behalf of Celestial Court. Why?”

As soon as these words came out, Xu Xian and the others realized that although Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao had a good chat, they never mentioned the topic. It is estimated that they were waiting for a few of them.

At this time, everyone raised their ears and wanted to hear what Shen Gongbao said. I saw that Shen Gongbao was straight, and the smile on his face was slightly condensed: “This time, I just came to say hello , Celestial Court is here to observe Your sect, but he is not himself!”

When everyone heard it, they immediately understood that Shen Gongbao was just a pioneer who came to say hello earlier. The Celestial Court’s envoy was someone else. This time it was just to inform Shushan Sect and tell them to prepare in advance that’s all!

After all, it is not trivial to represent the Celestial Court’s mission investigation. If accidentally damage is the majesty of the Celestial Court, it should be prepared in advance.

“I don’t know, it is…”

“It’s 9 days Yingyuan Thunder to turn Heavenly Venerate!”

After a series of titles were reported, Ye Wen felt that his head was bigger. He couldn’t bear to remember the priesthood clearly, not to mention the name of the priesthood is so old-thanks to Xu Xian next to him, this Junior Brother is notoriously unforgettable, plus deliberately asked from Yang Jian The list of Celestial Court officials was listed, so as soon as the name was reported, Xu Xian immediately whispered sound transmission Ye Wen: “It is Wen Zhongwen Imperial Tutor!”

Before Wen Zhongfeng was a cultivator, it was not Imperial Tutor, but in that novel he was Imperial Tutor, so the name of Imperial Tutor was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Xu Xian also liked this Wen Zhong very much, didn’t expect this Celestial This person was sent by Court.

Ye Wen ordered nodded and said that she understood, then she said to Shen Gongbao: “I don’t know if there are others?”

“No, all I came here was smelling Heavenly Venerate!”

“Then I don’t know, why did Celestial Court send Heavenly Venerate?” He was a little confused now about what it means to send someone to Celestial Court? The only thing that can be guessed is that Jade Emperor wanted to find out how much strength Shushu Sect had. Or why should Shushan Sect be valued by Yang Jian?

Slightly embarrassed, Shen Gongbao gently shook the head: “This…should be just a routine visit to see that’s all!”

“Oh?” Ye Wen didn’t expect Shen Gongbao to say something like this: “Is there a Sect in Immortal World, will Celestial Court send people to go?”

Unexpectedly, Shen Gongbao actually ordered nodded: “Yes, usually Sect is established, and Celestial Court will send people out! Your sect is considered to have been established for a while in Oriental Xianzhou. An exception!”

Ye Wen was shocked, didn’t expect such a thing! But it is not surprising to think about it carefully, because these Sect Sects are also quite powerful forces, and even if they are united, Celestial Court will have a headache of 10000 points, and it is normal to take the initiative to show good!

However, he has no prestigious Shushan Sect can make Wen Zhong, the thunder club Heavenly Venerate, come in person. If there is nothing stupid, he will not believe it anyway!

Xu Shi saw a trace of suspicion in Ye Wen expression, Shen Gongbao actually said very simply: “As for hearing Heavenly Venerate will be close, how much is related to the position of Your sect… Of course, what if Ruo Ye Sect Master Difficult, when the time comes can also take the opportunity to discuss with Wenly Venerate!”

As soon as he came out of this remark, not only did Ye Wen not feel happy, but more and more severe! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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