History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 423

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But Ye Wen’s face is not ugly, because the information revealed in Shen Gongbao’s sentence made Ye Wen think of a worse possibility.

as the saying goes

Ye Wen asked him that this Shushan Sect is not strong enough to make Jade Imperial Capital cautious and serious, but this time what Shen Gongbao said clearly revealed a message that the Jade Emperor attaches great importance to Shushan Sect and even will Help Shushan Sect solve some troubles, so that Shushan Sect can develop smoothly!

“For what?”

At first, Ye Wen was a little puzzled. He even thought that the Emperor Jade and his nephew were still in conflict. After learning that Yang Jian valued his Shushan Sect, he wanted to bring Shushan Sect to the past? Or is it simply to be afraid of Yang Jian but to support the soldiers’ self-respect, so make countermeasures in advance and counteract Shushan Sect?

But immediately he felt that this idea was too unreliable. After all, for Celestial Court, Shushan Sect simply was not worth their rebellion. If Jade Emperor really had irreconcilable conflicts with Yang Jian, then try to destroy Shushan Sect It is the simplest option-Ye Wen believes that Celestial Court has enough strength to destroy Shushan Sect without Yang Jian’s knowledge.

In this way, all the original guesses were rejected. Ye Wen could only consider the issue from other angles. While chatting with Shen Gongbao about non-nutritive topics, Ye Wen wanted to find out from Shen Gongbao’s words. Some clues.

He found this Shen Gongbao very interesting. Although he came here on behalf of Celestial Court, he did not know what the purpose was, and some information was revealed intentionally or unintentionally.

In addition to the previous actions, Ye Wen can already be sure that this Shen Gongbao did it on purpose, rather than accidentally revealing his mouth. This discovery makes Ye Wen more unclear.

After Shen Gongbao talked for a while, and went straight to rest, Ye Wen was still sitting in the distance without moving too much, his mental thoughts kept turning, and the thought of bowing his head made Xu Xian and the others no one dare to bother to speak, only Can sit aside.

“What exactly does Celestial Court mean?”

After thinking for a long time, I still had no idea. Ye Wen only felt that his brain was aching. Xu Xian saw Senior Brother’s sorrow when he saw it, and said: “Senior Brother is so entangled, confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth!”

Ye Wen bitterly laughed: “Where is it so easy?”

But when I think about it, Xu Xian said that it is not unreasonable. If Celestial Court really wants to make crafty plots and machinations, Shushan Sect will not be able to parry anyway!

At least for now, both Celestial Court and Yang Jian are selling to Shushan Sect. Since they don’t understand what they are trying, they might as well take advantage of the benefits they can get and concentrate on developing themselves.

“As long as your own strength goes up, you don’t have to worry about any conspiracy by Celestial Court! After all, in the face of absolute strength, all crafty plots and machinations are clouds!”

It is a pity that although the strengths and weaknesses of Shushan Sect and Celestial Court are clear, the strong side is Celestial Court, not Shushan Sect! This situation makes Ye Wen a headache.

“I don’t know if the conspiracy that Celestial Court is going to do this time will leave us enough time!”

Ning Ruxue calculated: “In a few months, our Shushan Sect will have a few more Earth Immortal, plus a few of them, the strength is not too bad! It is just that we currently lack the Celstial Immortal-level expert support scene. If Senior Brother can break through as quickly as possible, it will be much easier to deal with when faced with difficulties.”

Ye Wen didn’t know what Ning Ruxue said. Hasn’t he been cultivating for this reason in the past few days? It’s just that didn’t expect his strength hasn’t improved much, and Celestial Court sent people over there. Fortunately, smelling Heavenly Venerate came here only for’inspection’. It is estimated that even if there are any schemes, it will be implemented after hearing Heavenly Venerate’s investigation and returning to the Emperor.

“Then, wait for Wen Zhong to come before talking about it!”

After some deliberation, no result was discussed, and finally they could only disperse and wait for Wen Zhong to arrive quietly!

And only 5 days later, Wen Zhong led several Leibu officials and a few soldiers to Shushan. The platoon was not big. It didn’t even look as exaggerated as Ye Wen’s going out. the ordinary.

Wen Zhong just went there for one stop, and he didn’t need to report his name. Ye Wen, who was far away, could tell by feeling that this person was the person he was waiting for, even if Wen Zhong was dressed no better than the accompanying one. Some magnates are more or less gorgeous, but the imposing manner they exude is really hard to ignore.

Although Wen Zhong’s cultivation base is not high, Ye Wen can see from the first glance that Wen Zhong’s strength is even worse than his own. There are several Shushan Sect stronger than this Wenly Venerate, but Ye Wen does not dare. Underestimate this person, and if you really get started, Ye Wen dare not say that he will be able to win this Heavenly Venerate.

“Under Shushan Sect Sect Master Ye Wen, I have to hear that Heavenly Venerate came on behalf of Celestial Court, and I will greet you!”

Saying it was welcoming, in fact, it was just waiting in the court. After Wen Zhong led a person to fall from the front of Shushan, Ye Wen only stepped forward to greet him after he was introduced into the school by the disciples’ discipline.

It’s not that Ye Wen is arrogant, but he is Shushan Sect, although standing in Immortal World, but it really doesn’t have a deep relationship with Celestial Court! Regardless of his Shushan Sect, the entire Immortal World’s attitude towards the Celestial Court is almost the same-not much different from that of the separatist party. On the surface, the Celestial Court is orthodox and supports the Celestial Court’s rule over Immortal World.

Even if there is such a relationship between Celestial Court and Xianjia Sect, Ye Wen is very afraid of Celestial Court, but there is no need to make a posture of being a subordinate.

Ye Wen, who has made up some common knowledge of Immortal World, also likes this situation very much. Otherwise, if he only wants to see the messenger from the Celestial Court, he has to kneel and knock on his head, and what other gifts are endless. In that case, he would rather Shushu Sect Move overseas! He can’t stand this. Fortunately, Immortal World’s situation is not so bad. Even some strong Sects, Celestial Court is even a weaker party even if it is sent by messengers. Respectfully accompany with caution.

Ye Wen very much hopes that he can get that kind of treatment, but now, we still need to continue to work hard!

What made him happier was that Wen Zhong was kind to him. When he saw Ye Wen greet him, he immediately hurried a few steps. Cup one fist in the other hand Shi Li: “Ye Sect Master! In the next Wen Zhong, in charge Celestial Court Lei Bu, came this time, on behalf of Celestial Court, to look at the situation of Your sect.” After a pause, I looked around for 4 times and seemed to be looking at Shushan Sect: “If Ye Sect Master has What’s the difficulty, despite mentioning that, as long as it is within our power, we must try our best to help Your sect!”

Ye Wen just laughed and said nothing, and then led Wen Zhong to move forward, but secretly thought in his heart: “No wonder that Shen Gongbao dared to reveal a little information when he spoke, it turned out that these things simply did not intend to hide I!”

Shen Gongbao dare to say that Ye Wen can also think of what this general has in his mind, but Wen Zhong also said so, then Ye Wen can only think that the other party is not afraid of being able to guess its purpose, and others are justified Even if you know Shushan Sect, you can only stand there obediently. Who can’t make you strong?

This feeling really suffocated, so when Ye Wen greeted Wen Zhong, although the enthusiasm on the surface remained the same, the tone of the speech still changed somewhat.

Wen Zhong naturally noticed it, but he didn’t take it seriously. He just talked with Ye Wen passionately. The two of you said I was happy, I didn’t know it. These were two friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. Suddenly meet each other suddenly!

Only a few people in Shushan Sect knew that Ye Wen simply was doing that’s all. It is estimated that the Sect Master in his own heart could not wait for this group of people to quickly get out.

It’s a pity Wen Zhong and the others only arrived, plus they did come to see the situation of Shushan Sect, naturally they wouldn’t leave as soon as they came. After talking with Ye Wen for a while, Wen Zhong proposed to go around and even asked Shushan Does Sect have the ability to self-refine magic weapon and medicine pill!

Among them, the topic turned to the Formation intentionally or unintentionally, and Ye Wen soon noticed that Wen Zhong seemed to care about the Mountain Protecting Great Array of Shushan Sect-Ye Wen’s Nine Provinces Mountain Protecting Great Array, which was urged by Nine Provinces. His subtlety is that he does not dare to underestimate Celestial Court.

“Your sect Mountain Protecting Great Array is wonderful, but it is too peaceful!”

As he walked, Wen Zhong raised his head and looked around for 4 times. Ye Wen noticed that the eye in his eyebrows kept blinking, and there was a divine light looming out. It was thought that this Heavenly Venerate was watching his own eyes with his own eyes. Mountain Protecting Great Array.

As for the Formation in his mouth, which is too peaceful, it means that Shushan Sect array can only passively defend, and has no ability to counterattack. Although this Formation is extremely delicate, if it really depends on Shushan Sect to resist a strong enemy, this door Formation is not enough, if Shushan Sect has a stronger array, that is better.

How does Ye Wen not know that his own Formulation is lacking? It’s just that Nine Provinces can’t refining them all. Maybe after he refining the entire Nine Provinces, this Mountain Protecting Great Array can produce new changes? Right now he can only rely on this protective formation, even if he wants to change.

When Wen Zhong asked about it, he could only handle 2 sounds casually, and finally said: “Now that Celestial Court is under the control of 4 Hai Chengping, and even few people can’t see him even at night, so he can’t use that tyrannical array. As long as you can protect your own mountain gate!”

Some words seem to be that his Shushan Sect is kind-hearted and can’t bear to injure innocent people. This only uses such a passive Mountain Protecting Great Array, not that his Shushan Sect has no large array to kill the enemy. It will be like this, and I don’t want people to underestimate their own Sect while confusing this matter.

Unfortunately, Wen Zhong cares about this matter, how can he easily give up this topic? After saying two more useless things, the words turned back and forth and back to this Formation: “Your sect is in a very western land. To the northwest is the Olympus Divine Race, to the southwest is Western Country Buddha Country, that is not under the control of Celestial Court, this side of the land is the place where the three parties intersect. The chaos is extremely chaotic. Your sect should be more careful!”

“Xitian Buddha Country and Celestial Court have a good relationship between generations, how can they come here to create a suspicion? That Olympus Divine Race has just been repulsed by the Celestial Court army, in a short time is also breathless, so there is no need to be too Worried!”

“The Divine Race in Olympus is extremely belligerent. I have had a fight with my Celestial Court from time to time since 1000. Ye Sect Master Mountain Gate is just within the battlefield. This…”

3 2 of the sentences are about fighting, how does Shushan Sect deal with it? Ye Wen listened for a while and finally understood what the Celestial Court was doing.

“This group of guys are observing whether the faction can withstand the offensive of a certain force?”

It’s not that Ye Wen’s head is not flexible enough, I can’t think of this reason! It is from the very beginning that he did not think about it in this regard! He always thought that once the foreigners came to attack, Yang Jian’s army was the main force to deal with the enemy! Shushan Sect is a soy sauce player even if he participates in the war.

At most it played a more important role that’s all in the early stage of the war? But that won’t let Shushan Sect meet the main force of the enemy-staying back is also a vanguard that’s all.

But the information revealed in and out of Wen Zhong’s remarks was obviously to allow Shushan Sect to stand alone against the forces, and in the remarks did not mention that the Celestial Court would send troops to help.

“Fuck, does Celestial Court want to murder a person with a borrowed knife?”

But after thinking about it, I realized that Celestial Court didn’t seem to need to pit himself like this. After all, he had little intersection with Shushan Sect and Celestial Court, and he had no personal hatred with Jade Emperor. Jade Emperor couldn’t make it difficult for him.

Therefore, the only explanation is that Celestial Court is going to work on a certain force in the surroundings, and Yang Jian may be transferred away as the main force of the Celestial Court troops, so this land of West Xinjiang will become very vulnerable for a period of time, he Whether Shushan Sect can defend this side determines whether the Celestial Court plan will succeed…

“Perhaps, Celestial Court is planning to let me Shushan Sect as a cannon fodder, even if the whole faction is destroyed, we must insist on killing a certain enemy and then returning to the rescue…”

The key part wanted to understand, just like the blocked river was dredged instantly, the thoughts came out like a flood that broke down the embankment, and Ye Wen instantly understood what kind of idea the Jade Emperor was playing. .

“Can the Celestial Court be bothered by the gods of Olympus, ready to move out?”

In this case, it means that Ye Wen must rely on a group of forces to defend the possible attacks of the Western Heaven Buddha Realm, but considering that the Western Heaven Buddha Realm has always wanted to develop its power to the Eastern Xianzhou, they will definitely not give up on such an opportunity, So it is almost certain to launch an attack on Shushan Sect, can Shushan Sect now parry?

Great Bright King Peacock One person is enough to kill Ye Wen, and then another immortal king and so on, Shushan Sect is afraid that it will be completely wiped out immediately. What resistance does he take?

Cold sweat gradually came out of his forehead, but Wen Zhong on the side seemed to be unaware, but slowly walked through Shushan Sect, looking around at 4 places along the way, occasionally saying a few words to Ye Wen, asking a few problem.

After visiting the Medicine Pavilion, Wen Zhong saw that there are only some ordinary medicinal herbs in the Shushan Sect pie. There is almost no medicine pill used by Immortal World-boiled eggs as an early breakfast, Gu Bendan is regarded as dinner, and Li Xiaoyao has never No inventory is left, and how many are made into jelly beans, because in this medicine, there are only some ordinary medicinal herbs.

This situation also made Wen Zhong feel unreasonable, and immediately said: “After going back, I will understand the difficulties of Your sect with the Jade Emperor, and send some people to bring a batch of good medicine pill to Your sect, and provide one by the way. Approve pill concocting appliances!”

Ye Wen doesn’t care much about the good medicine pill! Instead, the pill concocting appliance shocked Ye Wen’s spirit-it seems that this Jade Emperor is also particular about it, although he played the idea of ​​making him Shushan Sect as a cannon fodder, but also not regardless of the kind that is ignored, it still has to be given to Shushan Sect some benefits.

Although I don’t know if it’s the last dinner, but the benefits are the benefits, plus Shushan Sect does need these things, Ye Wen naturally has no reason to extrapolate.

The pill concocting appliances used by Shushan Sect today are very rough things, and even the tripods used for pill concocting are just ordinary products, simply is not a magic weapon, and Immortal World wants to make good pill, in addition to superb technology and complete ingredients , This appliance is also crucial.

Ye Wen originally planned to wait for the technology of the device cabinet to make some pill concocting utensils for the medicinal herb cabinet. Didn’t expect Celestial Court now Baba is going to send him a batch, which is naturally excellent, so Ye Wen bowed his thanks, and at the same time began to wonder if he could blackmail some good things out?

Wen Zhong said nothing when visiting the Pavilion of Pavilion, but he was very interested in the bulbs installed in the large courtyard of the Pavilion of Shushan Sect, and even asked if this thing could be installed in the Celestial Court?

“The night lighting in the Celestial Court is not only the ordinary light candle except the night pearl, it not only needs people to take care of it, but it is also far less bright than this thing!”

Wen Zhong pointed to the light bulb, and the more he looked at it, the better it was.

To say that in Celestial Court, although there is a treasure such as the night pearl used for lighting, is everyone using the night pearl? Only the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother of the West can really enjoy this kind of treatment. He still uses the ordinary fire candle that Wen Zhong uses, and that thing is indeed not as convenient as the light bulb in front of him.

Apart from this, there was nothing in the cabinet made Wen Zhong’s attention. Wen Zhong’s only comment on the cabinet was to ask Ye Wen: “Why your sect’s recipe for refining magic weapons is not based on weapon body protection magic weapons, Instead, delve into those strange things?”

Ye Wen had to say awkwardly: “The faction doesn’t force the discipline to delve into anything, and now thinks that giving them enough freedom is enough to give full play to the innate talent of these disciplines!”

Wen Zhong, who said something, was also quite admired, but did not know Ye Wen. This is just an excuse for hard work. That’s all, in fact, because his Shushan Sect’s discipline simply cannot create a good magic weapon, so Let them toss up first, and Quan Dang should practice!

After the craftsmanship comes up, Ye Wen has some magic weapons waiting for them to refine, not to mention the cottage version of the purple sword that summon came out earlier. On the 2nd, Ye Wen also summon a poor quality version of the Heaven Overturning Seal drawing. The grade and formidable power are much weaker than that of the Shanzhai Ziying Sword, but it is also better to refine. Ye Wen has considered making this thing in large quantities, first equipping the disciplines. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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