History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 424

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Heaven Overturning Seal this kind of treasure, if it is the original version of nature, there are many magical uses, but this inferior version has only one effect-the square-shaped stones become so big, and then they will fall down!

formidable power is what it is, saying that it is also powerful, and that it is weak!

Ye Wen would think of equipping the discipline with this treasure, which is ultimately a reason. That is, before the disciplines were cultivated to a certain realm, they lacked long-range attacks.

In this way, even if the opponent can’t beat their own discipline, but they are far away from the use of magic weapons and some spells, their own disciplines can only be glared at there and they can’t fight back, so one attack magic weapon can be considered a relief. Take a look at the needs in this regard.

Ye Wen even prepared the materials of this inferior Heaven Overturning Seal. The set of mahjong tiles found from Kunlun Faction was the best sample. Then, with the design in hand, Shushan Sect can build a pile Pile of turned mahjong!

After waiting, it will not be a man, a man! Heap can kill opponents!

However, Ye Wen’s idea is very good, but even for such a simple magic weapon, Shushan Sect does not have enough materials to make it. Now Wen Zhong sent it to himself, but helped Ye Wen solve a lot of troubles in this regard. He didn’t need to specifically say that Wen Zhong just saw that there was no decent material in the Shushan Sect cabinet, and he directly said that he would send something over, along with those medicine pill and so on.

There is no mention of pill concocting materials in the feeder materials.

First of all, before refining the material of the refining vessel, it is a pile of decorations before it is refined into magic weapons. It does not have much effect in itself. Many materials even occupy the place but are useless.

Pill concocting materials are different. Some medicine ingredients can provide some benefits even if they are placed there. Therefore, even if some good ingredients of pill concocting are not used for a while, they will not be easily given away. Wen Zhong also feels that they will send them to Shushan Sect The urgent need for medicine pill is more reliable than sending medicine ingredients, but I don’t know that Ye Wen would like to get raw materials and then let myself refine the recipe. One is to allow the discipline to practice. 2 is how to use the materials after they are sent. Master, maybe he can get a new medicine recipe during this time!

After a long turn, Wen Zhongji learned about the situation of this General Shushan Sect, and for the strength of Shushan Sect disciples, he also took a glimpse of the clues.

To be honest, Shushan Sect’s strength is better than he expected. At least he turned this circle and saw several Shushan disciplines, all of which are Earth Immortal, and the cultivation base is not weak-Li Xiaoyao, Zheng Ying, Zhang Ling and Xu Xian, Ning Ruxue and the others who accompanied Ye Wen all the way.

As for Sect Master Ye Wen, although it is only Earth Immortal, but this person has a secret art that can evoke 10000 1000 Flying Sword, even Kong Xuan has to avoid its sharp edge, knowing that this person’s skill cultivation base is a little bit worse, The battle strength is very arrogant, plus his own cultivation base has reached a critical stage, as long as you work harder to cross this level to become Celestial Immortal, so the strength of Shushan Sect is still worth looking forward to.

At the same time, Wen Zhong also found that many of the disciplines of Shushan Sect are in the stage of breaking through. It is precisely because of this discovery that Wen Zhong will provide Shushan Sect with a large amount of medicine pill, which is to help Ye Wen to cultivate these disciplines as soon as possible. The base should be promoted to form battle strength as soon as possible. Only in this way can Shushan Sect meet the requirements of Celestial Court.

With all kinds of thoughts, Wen Zhong rested in the room arranged by Shushan Sect after nightfall, and Ye Wen went straight back to his courtyard.

Because of Wen Zhong’s arrival, Ning Ruxue stopped his cultivation, and even Huayi did not instruct Lingzhu to practice, but returned to the courtyard where they lived, sitting with Ye Wen, thinking about Wen Zhong’s What the arrival will bring to Shushan Sect.

“At present, Wen Zhong’s arrival brings benefits to the faction, but what are the costs of these benefits?” Ye Wen has not yet told his findings to everyone, but he knows that Xu Xian does not need it there. I have to spend a lot of time on myself, and there are also many people who understand those disciplines. As for the two women on the side, they only need to mention a little bit.

“It’s simple. We want Shushan Sect to be a fodder for Celestial Court!”

At this time, there were no outsiders around, and Ye Wen deliberately observed with Liuli Tong to make sure that no one peeped at himself and the others, so he had no worries while speaking! What’s more, he has already seen it. The Celestial Court is simply not afraid to perceive their true intentions. Anyway, in this situation, even if Shushan Sect notices it, he can only choose to accept it!

Of course, he can also choose not to accept, in that case Shushan Sect’s only way is to relocate immediately!

After roughly telling the things to the 2 girls, neither Ning Ruxue nor Huayi seemed a bit unhappy. Neither of them was the kind of willingness to be at the mercy of others. Hearing that Celestial Court 2 sold well Such an idea, unhappiness is normal.

Ning Ruxue directly suggested: “Otherwise, we will move away from here!”

“Move away? Where to go?”

“Immortal World is so big, where can’t go? Anyway, it’s good to leave this place!” In Ning Ruxue’s eyes, this Immortal World is so vast, it is not easy to find a quiet place? Why bother to guard against these 4 battlefields and be plot against?

Ye Wen thought about this possibility, even he chose the direction-Immortal World is a land to the south is the ocean and the sea. Although there are many islands on the sea, but there are no continents, his own Shushan Sect can be Fly above the ocean and find an island to settle down.

In fact, if the strength of the disciplines is sufficient, you can find a place to settle down. Anyway, Shushan is now a floating mountain range, and you can settle down above the sea. In addition, the sea is so vast that it is almost difficult to see the direction at a glance, but it is more conducive to Shushan Sect to hide his place.

But this time I really want to do this, it is estimated that Shushan Sect will have no chance to return to the Eastern Xianzhou!

People, after all, they like to be hilarious, don’t look at Shushan Sect. This group of people are still nestled on the mountain and don’t go out, but that’s because everyone understands that the current Shushan Sect does not have the capital to wander around in 4 places! But now it does not mean that there is no future. Sooner or later, Shushan Sect will deal with Immortal World various sects and slowly integrate into this World.

If this time is really gone, then the Oriental Immortal World still allows Shushan Sect? Even if various sects really don’t take Celestial Court in their eyes, but the right to speak in this area is really in the hands of Celestial Court, unless Ye Wen can guarantee that he can successfully lift the Celestial Court after successfully cultivating it. Turn over, otherwise…

Ning Ruxue might not have imagined these things, but she did not want to bother to think about it, but Huayi could think of it: “The meaning of hubsband is to worry about the good intentions of refuting Celestial Court this time. Have you got a foothold?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded: “In fact, I am willing to accept these benefits because they can bring us huge help to Shushan Sect. Now that our Sect is in a stage of rapid growth, if we can improve our strength with one mind at this time, completely It can shorten the strength gap between our Shushan Sect and other Sects in a short time!”

This situation is like 2 people playing online games. Although one person has a higher level, he still needs to be distracted to make money before he can use the money to buy medicine and equipment to continue leveling, while the other person does not need to consider those, although the level is low Some more, but all he has to do is upgrade and upgrade.

In this case, almost everyone can see that the distance between the two will be smoothed out in the shortest time. Ye Wen is now playing such an idea-use the resources of Celestial Court to help Shushan Sect upgrade!

“Is this… would it be a bit dangerous?”

Ye Wen smiled: “I want to come to see my sister and sister in these years. Immortal World is far less beautiful than our dreams. It has conflicts, struggles and intrigues. It can be said that there is no difference in the world! So, this is the case world where we hide will be dangerous!”

Foreign dangers may be ruled out temporarily, but it does not mean that there will be no problems within Shushan Sect. Ye Wen also wants to trust his own disciplines. Unfortunately, apart from those that are intimate and familiar, he can hardly believe others-Shushan Sect has already had examples of traitors. Who can guarantee a stable life for a while, and everyone’s strength is improved Will there not be another traitor after that?

Rather than causing internal chaos because of a stable life, it is better to divert everyone’s attention to the outside, and then use the external pressure to force the disciplines to bring the strength of the body to one place. Work with a common purpose will develop Shushan Sect Expansion-When Shushan Sect expands and Ye Wen and the others’ strength improves again, even if there is an internal problem, it can be quickly killed.

Perhaps Ye Wen’s idea is a bit too villainous, but thinking about this option really benefits Shushan Sect, so he walked along this road with peace of mind.

Of course, he would do this, and he also believed that Shushan Sect would not be extinct. He was confident that before the Celestial Court attacked, he raised his cultivation base by another level. At that time, his stunt Myriad Swords Art was not the only one. Take out the embroidered pillow that scares people.

And as long as his strength improves and he can guarantee that he will not die, he has a way to keep the whole faction-in fact, there is nothing at worst in fact, then Nine Provinces staying on the mountain is not simply used as a floating power source and cloth The formation eye of the array is also to protect Shushan Sect’s last resort.

At a critical moment, Ye Wen can put the entire Shushan into Ding, and then take the Nine Provinces Ding to run-with Myriad Swords Art and Nine Provinces Ding body protection, he really doesn’t see anyone who can stay, As long as he is not dead, Shushan Sect will be hard to destroy.

In this way, Shushan Sect is almost invincible. He can naturally release his hands and feet to do these things and accept all the good things sent by Celestial Court.

“I’m still taking Sect with me!”

He didn’t talk to Huayi and Ning Ruxue about these words, but told them that he had a way to keep the whole school up and down when they needed it, so after thinking about it, the 2 women didn’t say anything else. All the benefits that have been said come.

“Should Husband ask our sisters for 2 sets of fairy clothes? I heard that those clothes have many peculiarities!” Huayi is very interested in clothes and so on, especially in many fairy tales, fairy wear There are many strange and mysterious clothes in my clothes, and my curiosity naturally opened my mouth.

Ye Wen didn’t think too much, just said: “Tomorrow I said to Wen Zhong!”

Ning Ruxue didn’t have much interest in these things, but just listened boredly, intermittently saying: “I don’t know if Celestial Court will give Senior Brother a good magic weapon!”

Ye Wen was shocked, but he didd’t expect this level, but now it is a good opportunity to blackmail the Jade Emperor. Isn’t it a bit inappropriate to not blackmail yourself? But after thinking about it, even if it is not the right opportunity to blackmail, at least wait for the Jade Emperor to open up the matter and then talk about it to get the best effect.

Right now, I just don’t know what to pretend to do, and what Celestial Court will give us is just what I want, so I can only speak at a critical moment!

Hua Yi and Ning Ruxue narrowed their eyes when they saw Ye Wen, and with a smirk on their faces, they knew that their husband was turning bad again in their heads. After looking at each other for a while, they returned to the room and rested, but only one entered the Lord. Room, the other entered the biased room, Ye Wen came back to his senses after a moment, looking at the main room and the biased room for a while scratching his head.

“Where to go tonight?”

Then he complained: “Really, don’t you sleep well together? You have to sleep separately!”

I didn’t know that the 2 women didn’t go far after entering the room. They hid their ears behind the door and listened to the sound. They wanted to see Ye Wen going there. As a result, his complaint was not loud. They were all in 2 colors and one red, and after licking their mouths, they each got into the bed and rested.

One night without words, after getting up on the second day, Ye Wen was very calm and did not go to Wen Zhong, and Wen Zhong did not come to him, just strolling in Shushan Sect who were each minding their own business.

But I don’t know if it means Wen Zhong. Shen Gongbao Taoist came to Ye Wen early. After seeing Shen Gongbao, Ye Wen never mentioned anything to Celestial Court, but just took him up and down in Shushan, and talked to him about the anecdotes of Immortal World from time to time.

After talking for half a day, Ye Wen even turned the topic to his neighbor: “I heard that the nearest Sect called Green Smoke Sect, but I don’t know what kind of Sect this Green Smoke Sect is!”

After talking about it, he laughed a bit: “Since I settled here, I rarely go out and don’t know much about the surroundings. Even my neighbors have no time to visit!”

Shen Gongbao hearing this slightly smiled: “Ye Sect Master doesn’t have to care about this either. The lifespan of the cultivators is extremely long, and each cultivation takes a long time. It’s not a rare thing to go out for more than a few hundred years, don’t say Ye Sect Master doesn’t know the surroundings, there are many people who have been cultivated for a lifetime, and maybe even the situation at the foot of his mountain is unclear!”


Shen Gongbao thought Ye Wen was unbelievable, and pointed to himself: “When I heard a cultivation, several decades did not go down the mountain, but when I went down the mountain for the first time, I lost my way directly, and almost couldn’t find my home. Thanks to my teacher, I came down to find me , This only took me back to the mountain!” While speaking, there is no embarrassment at all, as if to tell a very ordinary thing.

However, these few words made Ye Wen feel a little more favorable to him. The two people then talked and chatted a little more liberally: “I don’t know if General Shen can have a family in this Immortal World?”

Ye Wen wondered if Shen Gongbao became a Celestial Court priest, did he get married? I used to look at those immortals who either abandoned their wives and their sons in search of immortal dao, or refused to insist that women insist on being single. Even after becoming an immortal, there are few families.

Jade Emperor is the most well-known among the fairy with his wife, apart from this, Ye Wen really can’t think of anyone!

Unexpectedly, Shen Gongbao ordered nodded and clearly told Ye Wen: “200 years ago, I was married to a female fairy in Heavenly Palace, but I was busy with Celestial Court affairs in these years, and she was busy with cultivation and taking care of Heavenly Palace. The 100 flowers in it often live in Heavenly Palace, and for some reason, it has become more difficult to see her in recent years!”

“Heavenly Palace?”

Celestial Court He knows, what is this Heavenly Palace?

Fortunately, Shen Gongbao explained to him immediately: “The so-called Heavenly Palace is part of the Celestial Court and is the most abundant place for Spirit Qi in Immortal World. There are many exotic flowers and rare herbs in it, even if they are ordinary flowers and grasses. Heavenly Palace planted a lot more fairy spirit than originally.”

“Celestial Court occasionally holds banquets to entertain many priests and gods and some well-known human cultivators. Most of the melon and fruit wines used are produced by Heavenly Palace.”

Ye Wen understood this as soon as he heard it. The relationship between Heavenly Palace and the emperor’s back garden is similar, except that the scenery in the emperor’s back garden can only be used for viewing, and the Celestial Court’s can also be planted in addition to viewing. Come out with some Spirit Fruit with special effects.

Shen Gongbao’s wife is estimated to be the fairy who took care of the flowers and plants, so it seems that Shen Gongbao’s family affairs are probably handled by the Jade Emperor-Since Heavenly Palace is the back garden of the Jade Emperor, certainly no one can enter. Although Shen Gongbao is a general of water division, he cannot break into Heavenly Palace.

Can’t get in, how can I know the fairy inside?

But thinking of this, Ye Wen suddenly got evil in his head, wondering if the Fairy in the Heavenly Palace were all picked by the Jade Emperor?

This problem was flashing in his head, and he didn’t even dare to think about it, for fear of being seen by Shen Gongbao, he would desperately fight with him under extremely angry!

An expression of sympathy for Shen Gongbao was put on the face: “Since the general has married Fairy into the house, why does Mrs. Zun stay in Heavenly Palace for a long time without returning home?”

Shen Gongbao heard this embarrassed expression: “This… Actually, I was so bored to see my wife staying at home before I let her go back to Heavenly Palace to find her old sisters to play! I just didn’t know why, and she said to her It seems very angry, and then I don’t take care of me…”

Ye Wen froze for a moment, and suddenly thought of something like: “How did the general say that day?”

He was also honest and said directly: “I only said that if you are not happy, you will be back to Heavenly Palace tomorrow!” Ye Wen asked: “Where is the problem?”

Ye Wen was stunned by the words of Shen Gongbao. A wise image collapsed suddenly, replaced by a dumbfounded emotional fool!

“The problem is getting bigger. In your sentence, Madam Zun is afraid that if your lord feels abandoned to her, she will be driven out of the house!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the beginning ( qidian.com) Voting for recommendation and monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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