History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 425

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Ye Wen never thought, dignified Celestial Court, general, even had family problems?

But it seems normal to think about it. Most people in this Celestial Court are cultivators. I have been busy cultivated all my life. Even if I don’t cultivate, I’m busy with my work all day long, and I don’t know. For men and women, it seems reasonable to have family disputes?

After looking at Shen Gongbao, Ye Wen didn’t know how to talk to him. He had to say: “If there is a chance, talk to Mrs. Zun……” As for housework, he is not an outsider who is not good at joining many people.

At this time, the 2 people had already turned to the foot of the mountain, circled along the Shu Mountain, and after a short time, they went from the front to the back. The huge lake appeared in front of the 2 people. Shen Gongbao looked at the clear lake. She smiled and said to Ye Wen: “Your sect is really a Heavenly Paradise. This water is not only slightly cool, but also contains Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in it. Your sect uses this water all day, invisible to everyone It is also beneficial.

Ye Wen smiled and did not speak, he naturally knew what was going on with the water, and he could retain that many vigor after flowing from the top to the bottom of the mountain. The contribution of Nine Provinces cannot be ignored, but this is the biggest secret of Shushan Sect It is absolutely impossible to tell anyone, so I laughed and said: “The faction was established in this mountain. At that time, the faction Sect Founder chose this place to start a school. In fact, I didn’t think about it so much. Closer that’s all!”

Shen Gongbao soaked in the lake water with his hands, feeling the coolness of the lake water and Spiritual Qi in the water: “This is also the chance of Your sect. If there is no one with Great Destiny, even standing on this mountain, I can’t see the goodness of this mountain, and I finally missed such a good Fortune!”

Speaking, he chased another sentence: “It makes me quite curious, how far-sighted your sect founder is… The person who wants to create your sect is definitely the handsomely rarely seen in the world. !”

“What character, a loafing that that’s all!”

Ye Wen, who knows the truth, only smiled at the end. He didn’t know how to answer this question. He couldn’t tell him: “This school is nothing but a downcast guy!” And this Shushan was not Shushan Sect. An exclusive company was snatched from many’neighbors’ after he became a Sect Master of Shushan.

“By the way, I don’t know what Olympus and Buddha are like?”

Ye Wen suddenly remembered that his Shushan Sect was likely to be an enemy of Divine Race or Olympiad of Olympus. In addition, the Celestial Court also deliberately leaked some information to make some preparations. Maybe he can inquire first?

There is no need to ask too much about the Western Heaven Buddha World. The general situation is similar to the legendary Buddha World. Now the Buddha who sits in the Western Heaven Buddha World is the Tathagata Buddha. Although there are many Buddhas and their status as usual, those are irrelevant. Normally, almost Disappeared.

Therefore, the current West Heavenly Buddha Realm is dominated by Rulai Buddha. The following large group of Bodhisattva, Luohan, Venerables, etc. are the main components of the West Heavenly Buddha Realm. When necessary, the Buddhas who barely show their traces will not come out.

The situation of those people doesn’t need Ye Wen to worry too much. At present, it is this large group of Venerables, Luohan and Bodhisattva who are the main battle strength of the Buddha world. It is said that the strongest battle strength is the 5 Ming Kings and Peacocks. King Ming and Victorious Battle Buddha are the main generals of the Buddhist world.

The soldiers in the Buddhist realm are monks, and the most troublesome thing in the Buddhist realm is that the ordinary people under their control almost all believe in Buddhism, and most of them can participate in the war as monks. Fortunately, these poor civilian monks can not have a dramatic impact on occupation, as long as these people are infiltrated into Heaven Realm to promote their teachings.

Compared to the situation of Buddhism, he didn’t know much about Mount Olympus. He only knew that Divine King of Divine Race in Olympus was Zeus, and his two older brothers were Poseidon and Pluto. Hades, on the whole, is almost the same as the composition of Greek mythology. Many gods on Mount Olympus are also familiar names.

Such as Sun God Apollo, Moon and Hunting Goddess Artemis, War and Wisdom Goddess Athena, War God Ares, etc…

However, Ares has been removed from the position of War God. In addition, War God is the pioneer of Olympus Divine Race to launch wars abroad. Ye Wen also does not know who will serve as War God in the next attack on Mount Olympus. A post.

“Can it be Athena?”

The reason why he pays attention to Mount Olympus is also related to this Goddess. He is curious whether Mount Olympus of Immortal World has a group of warriors called Saint Seiya.

“Saint Seiya?” Shen Gongbao’s head fogged: “What is that?”

Just looking at this reaction, Ye Wen knew that Mount Olympus did not have a warrior like Saint Seiya. If it did, maybe he would run to Mount Olympus to see it because of curiosity.

“Nothing!” Since there is no such fighter, what is the army of Divine Race in Olympus? Shen Gongbao gave a very clear answer to this question.

“The army specially screened from the people under its leadership led by a group of half-person Demi-God, although its number is not particularly large, but its strength is stronger than our sky soldiers, and the fierce and unafraid of death are extremely Difficult to deal with.”

“Some rare beasts found in what they call the Underworld and the Sea Realm, and there are so many weird half-man and half-monster guys-I don’t know if it’s a monster cultivator! This is the army of Olympus , Messy…”

Shen Gongbao’s understanding of Mount Olympus surprised Ye Wen. The result revealed that Shen Gongbao, as a general of water diversion, once led the Celestial Court to meet the forces of Olympus Divine Race from the sea. As a result, the battle was fought in darkness, and Shen Gongbao encountered an army commanded by Poseidon.

Those soldiers are basically all kinds of monsters in the sea. These monsters themselves have a very strong destructive power, plus a lot of strange and strange capabilities, so that the Celestial Court sailing army suffered huge losses, due to Shen Gongbao also has several points of means, and Wen Zhong led the gods of the thunder department to rescue, only to be able to beat the Olympian sailors.

However, in that battle, Mount Olympus only lost a lot of monsters that were pets to them, but the Celestial Court navy was almost wiped out, and it has not been revived until now.

“Because of that battle, I am now no different from a idler!”

A general who doesn’t have soldiers in his hands is really not that good! Although Shen Gongbao also wanted to restore the Celestial Court, the army of Celestial Court was getting slower and slower, giving priority to the more important generals.

“How are the soldiers and horses of the Celestial Court added?”

“The better people in the lower realm, or the soul of the battlefield reincarnation!” Shen Gongbao sighed helplessly: “The lower realm notified by Celestial Court has almost no war, and the price of 100 living and living is that Celestial Court’s natural soldiers are difficult to supplement Come on!” This situation is also very helpless, want to add a large number of soldiers, then the easiest way is to let the entire Eastern Xianzhou into war, a large number of soldiers will naturally kill the Celestial Court’s soldiers and horses.

It’s just that the Jade Emperor didn’t agree with this method. Although Celestial Court wouldn’t directly intervene in the world, all the people who became priests were not the kind of characters who did not care about the lives of others. If there is a war in the world, this group of Divine may be Immortal immediately appeared to calm down the war.

Even more how, many Immortal Path Sect factions also live in the world. Once they intervene, no war can be fought unless these sects fight first.

Therefore, the source of Celestial Court’s soldiers can only be recruited into the Celestial Court by looking for some outstanding people, or some cultivator consciously has no hope of increasing cultivation base, and simply go to the Celestial Court to find an errand. Ascend to Investiture of the Gods, and be the place where the god will be sealed-as a result, you can also have almost endless life essence.

“It turned out to be like this!”

In fact, in Ye Wen’s view, this situation is not unsolvable. One of the ways is to increase some contact with various sects, or simply ask them to take turns to serve in the Celestial Court military service.

Either take the elite soldier route and try to improve the strength of each sky soldier. If you can make any sky soldier have a strength of one to ten, then there will be no problem if there are not so many troops in the war.

The last solution is to broaden the source of troops-Ye Wen thinks Earth is a good choice. Why doesn’t Heaven Realm open the source of troops to Earth? Since God will be able to find it from Earth, so will the source of soldiers!

“This… Actually Jade Emperor has considered this issue, and even if it continues like this, Celestial Court will really put this matter into action!” Speaking of this, Shen Gongbao 4 next look and secretly talked to Ye Wen : “In fact, not only Earth, the Jade Emperor is also planning to contact the various Immortal Sects and ask them to contribute the world controlled by their Sect as a source of resources!”

Ye Wen was surprised for a while, and did not wake up for a while. What does Shen Gongbao mean!

Shen Gongbao saw Ye Wen’s expression, but he was not surprised, and he continued to say his own words as if he hadn’t seen it: “In fact, this fairy is within the realm, and there are some cultivators from places other than Earth! apart from this Some big Immortal Sects even put a certain world under their control. If someone can ascend from that world to Immortal World, it will be immediately included under his door!”

Ye Wen’s first reaction when he heard this was that the things from Nine Provinces were exposed, but when he thought about it, he found that it was not the case. Shen Gongbao’s words seemed to tell him something similar to what he did. In fact, many Sects are doing .

Take one side of the world in your own hands and observe the changes in this world. If an outstanding person leaves this world and comes to Immortal World, then immediately you can take this person into the door and improve your strength. The only difference between these sects and Shushan Sect is that Nine Provinces world is a world evolved from Nine Provinces. The entire world is under the control of Ye Wen. Even when necessary, Ye Wen can directly use a single thought to let him Those who do not want to succeed in smashing void are killed on the spot.

You can also use your a single thought to make the entire Nine Provinces world around a’protagonist’ to directly cultivate a powerhouse.

The world of those sects is just a world of voluntary revolving. They are pure spectators, unable to interfere with the fate of that world and that cultivator.

From this point of view, Shushan Sect still has an advantage! However, this news still surprised Ye Wen. It turns out that the various sects in Immortal World also have such a channel to absorb the crowd.

“What about Earth? Which group is under control?”

Shen Gongbao laughed: “The gods of Celestial Court are basically from Earth. They are so concerned about Earth’s nature. What kind of dare to dare to grab something from Celestial Court?”

This sentence made Ye Wen know why his Shushan Sect is valued by Yang Jian. Among them, it is absolutely indispensable that he Shushan Sect and the Celestial Court gods are a family.

apart from this, Ye Wen also thought that today’s Celestial Court is all coming from Earth, so other worlds have not come to this Immortal World?

Shen Gongbao replied very simply: “Naturally there is. In fact, there will be a battle of the gods, that is to unify the cultivator on Earth, and finally come to Immortal World and the gods of other worlds. It was after the war that he won the dominance of this oriental fairyland!”

didn’t expect There is still such an inside story about the battle of the gods. The original reason is that an internal cleansing war was launched for the purpose of reunification and resources, and those who were not subject to discipline were directly killed and controlled by the Investment of the Gods, or Some useful talents, but the cultivation base is too low, also used Investiture of the Gods to subordinate it, and finally led a large group of people to Immortal World to grab territory.

After the last battle, the Celestial Court gods defeated other gods to occupy this oriental fairyland-it is estimated that the name is also coming.

“So don’t other world gods remain?”

“Of course there are!” Shen Gongbao pointed to the west: “There are a few over there…”

Ye Wen is dumb, he thought of countless possibilities, and didn’t expect there is this kind of connection, because he is from Earth, and there are legends of the gods on Earth. From the very beginning, he thinks that these gods are also born and raised on Earth. The god.

“In fact, several forces were in a group at that time, not only Earth also had their descendants, but also the inheritance of our oriental immortal dao in the world where they originally lived!”

“And some of the doctrines and related myths you heard on Earth are also the result of the fusion of some local legends on Earth. They may be very different from their original world, but they are more suitable for Earth. Case!”

“Isn’t it white people, black people and so on weren’t they originally Earth people?” Ye Wen couldn’t help but turn his thoughts in this direction, but Shen Gongbao clearly told him: “Those are Earth people, there will be white black people and so on. The differences caused by the environment and living habits and long-term evolution are actually people!”

“As for the sect inheritance on Earth, it is because these gods chose the part of the person closest to themselves to spread, this will be the case!”

Ye Wen felt a bit dizzy. After listening to too much inside information today, it would be a bit overwhelming.

To put it simply, the battle of the gods was originally an internal war between the cultivators on Earth. After the end, the Celestial Court forces were formed.

The Celestial Court forces competed with several other forces. The war even crossed several planes. Earth was not spared the battlefield. Many forces also tried to promote their teachings to the Earth people who were close to them. As a result, many legendary sects have spread on Earth-some of them have left people to promote their sects on Earth. Ye Wen speculates that its purpose is to eliminate the roots of the Eastern Celestial Court.

After finally getting a clue, Shen Gongbao threw a bigger bomb: “In fact, Earth is just a world that’s all that our numerous cultivators have lived before. We have also lived in other worlds before that!”

“So what is the world you originally lived in?”

“No name…” Shen Gongbao shook the head: “That world is vast, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi is very abundant, so it is possible to breed a variety of powerful lives! But even so, it can not bear more and more Cultivator, and then went to extinction. Then we went to Earth. After staying for a long time, Your Majesty found the current Immortal World, but the trouble is that you need to compete with various forces for the ownership of Immortal World! “

It turned out that Earth was just a temporary foothold before the Celestial Court gods won the Immortal World site. If it is unpleasant to say, it is the battlefield that this group of cultivators chose early in the morning, just because their original home has been destroyed, so Celestial The gods of the Court thought that Earth had been there for quite a while-not to mention that many people did pass on their ancestry to Earth as their hometown.

Knowing the true origins of Divine Immortal in various ways, Ye Wen felt that his original cognition was completely subverted, and even he found that many things heard on Earth were wrong! For example, when Divine Immortal leaves Earth, it is not that Earth’s Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi has decreased, but that people at first have no plans to live long.

It is estimated that the so-called soaring legend is also deliberately left by Celestial Court. It may be to ensure that Earth’s cultivator went to Immortal World and became a member of Celestial Court, helping them enhance their strength in Immortal World.

After thinking about it, Ye Wen continued to talk to Shen Gongbao about those worlds that are controlled by various sects, knowing that the world still exists today is not so simple, there are many Sects in Eastern Xianzhou that are not formed by cultivator from Earth, These sects all stare at the world they once lived in, just as Celestial Court focuses on Earth.

“But in this last ages, there are fewer and fewer people who can ascend to Immortal World, no matter which world it is!” Shen Gongbao said with emotion: “So these worlds are gradually getting less attention now! Fortunately, Life and Death Samsara in these worlds are functioning normally, and Your Majesty is now considering linking those Life and Death Samsara to the Celestial Court army, so that those soldiers who died in the world due to wars will become natural soldiers.”

In addition to telling Ye Wen Celestial Court that there must be a big move, this news does not help Shushan Sect itself. This conversation today made Ye Wen understand the so-called Divine Immortal, which is actually the case! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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