History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 426

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It turns out that the group of Divine Immortal and Lord God of the Immortal World and so on are just a group of people with powerful power that’s all!

When I first came to Immortal World, Ye Wen thought that the fairy spirit was quite strong, but now the more I look at it, the more I feel it is that’s all. It is estimated that the so-called fairy gas is also because of cultivation base profound, for some ordinary people Things that you care about don’t pay too much attention, and what they care about now is those things.

Celestial Court is concerned about whether his power can continue to exist, and the Jade Emperor’s first priority is to ensure the existence of Celestial Court-on this basis, he will begin to consider whether it should expand the power of Celestial Court?

At present, the Celestial Court does not have too strong a desire to expand, because the entire Eastern Xianzhou is large enough. Although the Celestial Court has occupied the Eastern Xianzhou, it has not completely digested this land, even if it is under the rule of the people The land on this side was not filled-large vacant areas could not be used, and Celestial Court had no need to consider expansion before then.

And each of the Sect Sects has to consider their own things. This can be seen from Cui Jun. This bottle gourd fairy normally doesn’t care about anything, but in Shushan Sect During these days, it was simply a science madman, pulling Zheng Ying to do experiments all day.

Now Zheng Ying is almost collapsing, and Cui Jun is still carelessly engaged in those experiments, a gesture of unsuccessful and unstoppable!

For what? Not for the benefit of their Heaven’s Mystery Sect?

“It’s the same thing after all!”

Ye Wen thought for a while, isn’t he considered Divine Immortal himself now? He can’t avoid vulgar himself, how can he force others? After mocking himself: “Everyone is the same!” After that, he went to bed and rested.

In the next few days, Ye Wen didn’t go chat with Shen Gongbao or Wen Zhong anymore. Anyway, the things that should be said have already been said. Shen Gongbao and Wen Zhong may also think that the thing has already been done. There is no need to talk to Ye Wen again. It’s too much to say, but there is no benefit, so after a few days, they set off together and returned to Celestial Court to return to life.

Ye Wen knows that the next time the Celestial Court comes again, he will send him something to Shushan Sect, and it will still be delivered batch after batch! By that time, it was equivalent to Shushan Sect being bound to the war chariot of Celestial Court. In the end, it will follow the trend, or say that it will become a bunch of dust under the Celestial Court’s’big strategy’, and all depends on the performance of Shushan Sect in the next period.

In order to stimulate the hard work of disciplines, Ye Wen directly called several of his Direct Disciple to the front, and simply told them some inferences.

After saying that’s all, except for Zhou Zhiruo who was closed for being punished, all the disciplines on the scene were all grim.

Wei Hong, who had been the emperor’s 7 disciple, had already guessed the truth a bit. Now when Ye Wen said that he knew he had made a mistake, he immediately said: “putting it that way, if we can’t improve it as soon as possible The strength may be directly destroyed when the Celestial Court fights against a certain force?”

Ye Wen did not tell them the truth about Shushan Sect and the final life-saving method. He was not prepared to speak out. He even told Ning Ruxue and Huayi not to let this fact out to anyone.

The purpose is to allow the disciplines to feel enough pressure to make them sculpt their heads under difficult circumstances and concentrate on improving their strength!


After giving affirmative answers, the disciples dispersed one after another and returned to their respective rooms, or summoned their own disciplinary incentives, or went back to work hard to cultivate.

Zheng Ying and Li Xiaoyao were left behind, but Ye Wen first handed the drawings of the inferior Heaven Overturning Seal to Zheng Ying: “These days I studied the structure of the mahjong tiles for the teacher and designed this simple Heaven Overturning Seal, you can study it after you take it, and when the Celestial Court sends the materials, you will start to refine it, first make a few of him, and give some excellent disciplines for body protection!”

It is the most normal way to start popularizing excellent disciplines and slowly spreading to the whole school. Zheng Ying has nothing to say. What he cares more is what the design of Heaven Overturning Seal looks like.

The next copy was a copy of Ye Wen’s newly copied drawings. A large white paper was filled with patterns, and there were many annotations next to it—especially the most important array of refining magic weapons. Even every detail was marked. Zheng Ying looked at it. Afterwards, I thought what industrial machine design is in my hand!

After clicking one’s tongue in wonder, I took a look at this drawing, and found that this magic weapon is not difficult to refine, and the materials needed are relatively common. There are many materials in the Celestial Court that I promised to send. At most, it’s okay to allocate a full set of Mahjong tiles to the next player on Shushan Sect.

However, Zheng Ying still put forward his own suggestion: “Master, just getting big and smashing people, it seems too monotonous! If you engrave some special talisman on each card, cooperation with each other will have a greater effect. ?”

As soon as this remark came out, Ye Wen thought the suggestion was good, but Li Xiaoyao on the side said happily: “So good, when the time comes to fight against the enemy, what a big 4 happy, a big 3 yuan, all the same turns, not only formidable power out of the ordinary and the effect has nothing common with each other, then it will be lively when it hits!”

Ye Wen only felt that his head was a little dizzy. Why did Li Xiaoyao turn to eating and drinking merrily?

As a result, he hadn’t had time to speak, so he heard Zheng Ying echoed: “Senior Brother’s suggestion is wonderful, and not only can we make mahjong tiles, we can also change talisman to look like playing cards. Is there a magic weapon?”

“Are you going to get another deck of cards 9 out?”

Ye Wen feels that letting these two disciplines go on, Shushan Sect will be renamed Shushan Casino! I don’t want to be ridiculed by a sentence that makes two people more interested. Zheng Ying took the design drawing of the inferior Heaven Overturning Seal carefully and thought about how to modify it to be able to use some subtleties on this drawing. Mahjong, cards 2 and playing cards.

As a result, Ye Wen coughed a few times before awakening the two disciplines. At present, they are listening to the Master’s teaching. Even if they really have that kind of thought, they have to wait for the Master to explain it and discuss it in private.

2 people winked at each other, and a pair of’to say later! The appearance of’causes Ye Wen to be furious: “Do you think I can’t see it? What glance made in front of me?”

The two people who were scolded bowed their heads and said nothing, “We know we were wrong!” ‘Result didn’t expect Ye Wen’s next sentence is: “Once poker is gone, get a card 2 out, who knows how to play?”


“It turns out that Master can’t play card 9…it doesn’t matter, the discipline can teach you!” Li Xiaoyao chuckled a few times, and after turning over his hand, he brought out a few cards 9: “This is called Double Heavenly Supreme!”

“You don’t need to teach!” Ye Wen has no way to deal with this discipline: “Or talk about how your medicine pill has been refined?”

“Guarantee delicious…”

“Not asking you this!”

Li Xiaoyao made an oh sound and replied respectfully: “The Guben Dan has been refined into ten bottles and placed in the medicinal herb pavilion, and can be used whenever needed!”

Gubendan’s auxiliary medicine pill still has many functions, especially Shushan Sect is about to have a lot of people rushing through the level. At that time, eating Gubendan will also allow them to stabilize their cultivation base as soon as possible.

Even more how, Ye Wen has started to discuss with Cui Jun to open a shop in Heaven’s Mystery Sect. The nature that Early-Stage can sell is this Guben Dan. Sect made a name for itself-it was second in exchange for resources.

After roughly understanding the situation, Ye Wen waved their hands to let them go down, but Zheng Ying said: “In addition to helping Cui Senior research the detector, he also studied Zhang Ling’s With a handle knife, Choi Senior said that the knife was not too troublesome to make, so the discipline tried to create a handle!”

Speaking, take a long knife out of the storage magic weapon!

It’s just that compared to Zhang Ling’s pure Japanese sword, this long knife adopts the style of a Tang knife. The blade is straight and also thicker. The 1/4 blade ensures that the Tang knife has enough strength. Armor piercing effect.

apart from this, the hand guard and the grip have chosen a very simple structure, and there is no pattern on it, but this simple design is more beautiful. Ye Wen thought that the knife was good after looking up and down.

“In addition to possessing the special ability like Zhang Ling’s knife, this knife can also be changed like the knife in the original!”

“Oh?” Ye Wen waved 2 times easily, and found that with his True Qi infusion, there was a faint bluish light flowing around the knife. It seemed to be coming out with Ye Wen’s swing, if not Ye Wen’s control , Maybe it was really thrown out: “Which one is this knife?”

He is almost certain that Zheng Ying will certainly not design an ability by himself, so 80% of them may have chosen one from the original.

Zheng Ying saw her thoughts by Ye Wen and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, chuckled: “That’s the protagonist’s handle!”

“Uh… cut the moon?”

Thinking about the wave just now, isn’t the fluctuation in the knife exactly similar to the skill attached to the moon? It is estimated that if Ye Wen does not hold back his energy, a blue crescent can be thrown out.

“Just like this…”

“Because that big kitchen knife-like thing is too ugly!” Zheng Ying answered this very utterly nonsensical question: “And Zhang Ling said so, so I changed the style! But after the change, this The handle knife will change to the shape of the sky and the moon, except that the blade is straight, nothing else has changed!”

“Oh!” After the understood, Ye Wen lost interest at once: “So, you show me this knife…?”

Zheng Ying scratched his head: “It was only after we made it that we didn’t have many knives in the whole school, so we had to send it to the Master!”

Most of Shushan Sect’s disciplines use swords. Even if they are looking for magic weapons in the future, they are mostly based on Flying Sword! The rest are all with fists. They don’t care about the magic weapon style, but they certainly don’t tend to the sword. In this case, only Huang Rongrong and Zhou Guan used the whole sword in Shushan!

Thinking of this, Ye Wen also remembered Zhou Guan’s set of Blade Technique, which happened to have a month, but it was quite suitable for this knife, so I ordered nodded: “I understand, there is a suitable person for the teacher. , Will never humiliate your work!”

When Zheng Ying heard Master say this, he knew that Master had a candidate, but Ye Wen later told him that this long knife would not be directly given to that person, because that person did not make any contribution to Shushan Sect, wait for him to do The long knife will be handed over to the man only after some merit.

“But apart from this, you have to make a pair for your wife Martial Uncle, she used a double knife!”

Huang Rongrong’s blood-deficiency double chopping used to be exactly the style of the Tang sword, but it was shorter. Since Zheng Ying already had the ability to copy the sword, he might as well make a pair, which would also increase Huang Rongrong’s strength.

After Zheng Ying left, Ye Wen waved again and again, and the vaguely flowing energy on the knife almost destroyed some of the surrounding furnishings. It can be seen that the formidable power of this knife is stronger than he expected-this is also It’s related to Ye Wen’s skill is high enough. If I change the skill, I am afraid that it will not take 2 strokes to bring up Blade Qi.

However, this incident reminded Ye Wen of the time when he accidentally attracted the strength of the Profound Universe, and finally brought everyone to Immortal World.

Put away the cut moon and turned to look towards lying on the table, a lazily gesture of Garfield: “Do you think that scene was familiar just now?”

“Meow!” Garfield, who is more psychic, is now almost human except that he can’t speak! So chatting with it, Ye Wen won’t feel stupid.

“In other words, you as Divine Beast should be more powerful!” Maybe it was just a casual sentence, but Ye Wen didn’t take it as a joke. He really wanted to train this kitten into Divine Beast. !

Although other people’s homes Divine Beast are some relatively strong animals, either dragons or Qilin, the most inconvenient are lions or tigers, just get little kitty, it is a bit of that.

However, in Ye Wen’s mind, this is enough-a kitten in our family is better than others’ lions and tigers!

It’s just that Garfield, who is the cat in question, seems to be lacking in interest in this job. He has been reared for a long time, and he often runs out of sight. Among them, there is no reason to escape cultivation-the small thing is very smart, knowing to be Ye Wen catches nothing good.

I was careless today, craving the warm sunshine of the winter, but I forgot to run away in time, and I was caught by Ye Wen. When I wanted to escape, I found myself already trapped by Ye Wen with Heavenly Purple Qi Net. Living.

Shake your head, shake your brain, 2 tears!

“Stop struggling, this is your life!”

Seizing the Garfield and sitting upright, Ye Wen first checked the situation of Garfield within the body with True Qi, and found that Garfield’s meridian within the body has been refined with medicine pill all these years. It is no longer ridiculous, some of the original physical defects have been repaired completely, and there are no hidden dangers.

“What are you doing for you?”

I have solved all my own disciplines, but he still doesn’t know exactly what Garfield practiced, especially the layout of animals within the body Meridians and humans are not the same. In this case, many internal strength Garfield cannot be cultivated.

In this way, the suitable ones are so few and basic, either Seven Colored Battle Qi or Absolute Domain!

Take out 2 cheats from the ring, and then shine in front of Garfield: “Which one do you want?”

Garfield looked left, right, and shook his head nonstop, obviously not satisfied with these 2 cultivation techniques! Seeing Ye Wen puzzled, he also made a bodybuilding pose and shook his head frantically.

“Ah, muscle…”

The common feature of these two cultivation techniques is that once they practice, they immediately become bodybuilders. Garfield seems to dislike that kind of hard muscles-although Claire has not become a body muscle, but who knows what Garfield will do after training ?

Putting together 2 cheats, Ye Wen thought about it for a while. He found that he had a lot of cheats, but he could practice Garfield, but there were really few books.

I flipped it over and lit up in front of Garfield: “How do you like this?”

A few words on the cheats: Danger Land Samurai training method! It is extremely clear, and it is a few cheats for Ye Wen’s cultivation of basically no race.

Garfield looked at it, and then a pair of thoughts seemed to think that this cheat was still very attractive, but then I didn’t know what I thought of, maybe I thought the shape of the black cape of the Samurai Danger Land was too dark, and it was This cute look does not match, so in the end, still the head.

Ye Wen had a black line in his head, and he wished to strangle the cat directly, but he couldn’t stop after all. After all, he had been raised for so long, and this Little Brat still has such spirituality.

Put away the Danger Land samurai cheats, and Ye Wen took out another one: “This is the last one! If you don’t decide anymore, I will choose one to teach you!”

The typeset on this cheat sheet is: small universe cultivation method!

After seeing this name, is it better for Garfield to become a Danger Land cat, or to become a holy cat?

After thinking for a while, Garfield raised his head and pointed his finger firmly toward the cheat book: “Meow!”

“Decided?” Ye Wen looked at the small universe cultivation method in his hand and wondered why the cat would choose this? In terms of formidable power alone, the small universe is not necessarily stronger than the original force?

As a result, Garfield gave him a very speechless answer. Little Brat left Ye Wen’s hand and put a few moves on the table, then Ye Wen understood!

Shushan has no force lightsaber!

Cat paws can’t use swords!

These are two fatal problems, and Ye Wen can’t solve them yet—more importantly, he doesn’t know if these two things are cultivated, will Garfield be able to do Human Transformation!

So, it seems reasonable that Garfield, who can only rely on his paws to scratch people, chose the small universe? But this Little Brat responded fast enough, he didn’t think of these problems.

Turning on the small universe cultivation method, I saw on the first page that if you want to have a small universe, you must have a strong body that can carry a small universe! So, try to exercise your body to the extreme!

After seeing this typesetting, Xiao Jiafei’s tears… (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest. Motivation.)

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