History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 427

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Among Celestial Court, Wen Zhong, who had returned, had already told Jade Emperor what he had seen, and then the Heavenly Venerate stood quietly, looking steadily forward, just staring in front of his toes The inch of land seemed to be something worthy of observation by him so concentrated attention completely.

Shen Gongbao on the side is also exactly similar, and compared to Wen Zhong who had just become this state, Shen Gongbao maintained this posture from the moment he stepped into the palace, until Wen Zhong finished speaking, he It didn’t move too much. If someone came in at this time, Shen Gongbao might be regarded as a very realistic sculpture.

After listening to Wen Zhong’s report, Jade Emperor gave his instructions without immediately, his left hand propped his chin, and the right hand gently tapped on the armrest of the large seat. There seemed to be no focus between the eyes. Knowing is thinking.

This situation lasted for 5 minutes of time, and finally the Jade Emperor spoke first.

“So, isn’t Shushan Sect’s current strength particularly strong?”

“Yes, Your Majesty! After all, it’s just a Sect that hasn’t been to Immortal World for a long time, so the strength of Shushan Sect is not particularly outstanding, even there is not even a Celestial Immortal in the entire Sect!”

Ye Wen is not Celestial Immortal, this jade emperor has long been understood, but he does not know if there are other experts in the Shushan Sect school, such as Ye Wen’s elder and so on?

After all, Shushan Sect is a cultivation sect in their eyes, and it is not strange that such a Sect sits with several Old Seniors.

If there are those experts, even if Shushan Sect does not have Celestial Immortal, then its actual battle strength has to be improved by several grades, but Wen Zhong went to Shushan Sect for a few days and almost turned Shushan up and down. For Shushan Sect Some of them also understand more clearly, and finally can reply to the Emperor Yu definitely: “Yu Wen has the highest strength on Shushan Sect, followed by Junior Brother Xu Xian of Ye Wen and his two wives.”

“And then there are several disciples of Ye Wen, especially with 6 disciple Li Xiaoyao and a Western man named Chris with the highest strength!”

After excluding these few people, the remaining Shushan disciplines, although there are several good strengths, are not worth paying attention to in a short period of time-Jade Emperor understands Wen Zhong’s meaning that these people are the most in Shushan Sect People who hope to break through to Celestial Immortal, other Shushan disciplines have little hope in a short time.

Secretly counted and found that Shushan Sect’s strength is not bad if it can develop smoothly. Once these few people cross that threshold, then Shushan Sect will have several more Celestial Immortal. This strength is placed in The entire Sect of Immortal World can also be ranked in the upper middle class.

Ye Wen’s battle strength is very strong. If it successfully advances to Celestial Immortal, its battle strength may be close to that of Yang Jian and other well-known experts of Immortal World. In this way, with the cooperation of several Celestial Immortal, Shushan Sect can completely rely on the faction. Try to block the western portal.

However, not all that Wen Zhong brought back was good news. After introducing some of the stronger people in Shushan Sect, Raybei Heavenly Venerate was very distressed and reported to the Jade Emperor that in addition to these people in Shushan Sect, almost There is no other discipline that can handle it.

“Most of the disciplines in Shushan Sect are not even built on Earth Immortal, which is included Sect Master Ye Wen’s several Direct Disciple, this situation makes this small official also very puzzling, but for some reasons it is not easy to ask in detail, and so……”

“So what are the strengths of Shushan Sect’s other disciplines?”

Wen Zhong thought about it for a while, and finally said helplessly: “In fact, it is not bad. Just give Shushan Sect some time, I believe most of their disciplines can cross the threshold of Earth Immortal, but can they go further? , Then it’s not just a matter of time!”

Jade Emperor’s own cultivation base is also very strong, and after hearing it, I realized that Shushan Sect’s current situation is a bit uncomfortable for him, but since he has already made a choice, it is not easy to temporarily change his mind. Some arranged things are sent to Shushan Sect to help Shushan Sect grow up as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Wen Zhong itself is still quite optimistic about the potential of Shushan Sect. He believes that it will take a decade for Shushan Sect’s strength to rise. Of course, the premise is naturally that Celestial Court will always support Shushan Sect in the back, so that they can cultivate without scruples, so as to enhance the strength of Sect!

While Wen Zhong went on to arrange the first batch of medicine pill and materials for Shushan Sect, Ye Wen hid in his mountainside and conducted a Divine Beast training course for the mountain.

However, Garfield, who is a little bigger than the palm of his hand, seems to be wearing a waistcoat, but this waistcoat is definitely not comfortable, because this waistcoat is made of a rope, and its role is to hang a huge behind Little Brat Stones.

This stone is an irregular polygonal boulder with a diameter of about 2 meters, which is higher than Ye Wen! In addition, the shape is not regular, and there is almost no possibility of rolling. What Garfield has to do is to drag this boulder to run a certain number of laps within the time prescribed by Ye Wen.

This number is not fixed. As the days pass by, the prescribed time becomes less and less, but the number of laps is more and more. Even if Garfield protests, it will not change Ye Wen’s determination.

At this time, Ye Wen was almost holding a whip, otherwise it was an exceptionally qualified beast trainer-but the wild beast he tamed was really too small, compared to the poor Garfield, Sleeping on the side and watching the lively white bear are more like wild beast to be tamed than it is.

Over the past few days, Bai Xiong’s overly comfortable performance finally caused Garfield’s dissatisfaction. When the little thing came to this lazy bear in a circle, it directly came to the big guy who was sleeping. Slap.

The awake white bear covered his cheek with an innocent appearance, and then watched Garfield dragging the boulder and turned away angrily, feeling that the sorry white bear immediately stretched out the thick bear paws to help increase Philippine.

Unfortunately, the result of this is not very good. Not only did he not help Garfield, but also trapped himself. From this day on, there was one more body protection Divine Beast trained by Ye Wen.

“Also a long bear…”

Thinking this way, he fiercely kicked the white bear’s ass: “Run quickly, you lazy bear!”

In these two days when’Divine Beast’ is busy training his own physique, Ye Wen is not idle. He is also supervising and studying the small universe of researchers.

After carefully reviewing the results, he found that the so-called small universe power is not the power generated by the flesh. This power is more similar to what is derived from Spiritual Power.

To put it bluntly, we use Spiritual Power to control the atoms within the body to perform vigorous movements, and then use our own atoms as the foundation to drive the atoms around the body-that is, use our own body as a primer, and then trigger a stronger external force, so small After the universe broke out, it was very difficult to control, and the formidable power was also very powerful.

But there is a requirement for this power, that is, the user’s physical quality is extremely high, otherwise his own power is urged, the fleshy body has collapsed, or after the external force has been triggered, the body can not bear this huge The power eventually collapsed.

Therefore, the body is strong enough to use this power smoothly! In theory, as long as your body is choking, the power that can be mobilized is almost unlimited!

At the same time, because this kind of power explosion is almost not based on the consumption of its own power, people who use this power of the small universe do not have to worry about their power being exhausted. Because in theory, as long as this person is not dead, his within the body can be used as the basis for the power explosion, and then this small part of the power can be used to spur the more powerful forces between Heaven and Earth.

When he saw this, Ye Wen suddenly awakened: “No wonder how the Saint Seiya is fighting, even if it is near death. Small universe will not be affected. This is what happened!”

apart from this, small universe Many ways of operation refer to the relationship between planets or entire galaxies in the universe, and simulate their own atomic motion into the motion of a galaxy. It seems that this circulation method can explode greater power.

Ye Wen couldn’t help but think of the meta universe that he didn’t comprehend to understand.

In the original work, there was a generation of strange people who became a 1-layer Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, and when this person was trained, the Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror with the body formed a galaxy within the body itself according to the arrangement of the solar system!

Ye Wen once wondered if the metaphysics was based on self as the universe, and then 9 other types of True Qi were built into the solar system? However, it was later discovered that it seems unreliable. The first point is that the solar system can’t be considered at all in the universe. It can even be said to be very small. There are many stars in the universe that are many times larger than the solar system. , Only by itself into the solar system? He always feels that this is a little too petty!

I don’t know if there is a reason for this, so Ye Wen’s Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror cultivated to this level, the entry has become more and more slow, and there has been little progress until recently.

Looking at some of the theories of this small universe today, he feels that he can use it as a reference to help cultivation.

“Anyway, it’s the universe…”

As for whether there will be any problems? He did not think about it. Perhaps in his impression, the universe is omnipotent, all-encompassing can accommodate 10000 things and everything.

Because this World in which he lives is part of the universe, since these things exist in this universe, does it mean that the real universe can accept these existences?

His metaphysical universe may not reach the level of such awesomeness, but such a pure theory can’t help him?

While thinking about it, while urging the strength of the Profound Universe, according to his own understanding, he began to simulate the appearance of a cosmic space in his within the body, and the mass of energy has evolved into some material in the universe and dissociated from within the body This virtual universe.

When Ye Wen started to do this, the strength of the pile of 7 and 8 in his body was slowly inspired from the depth of the body.

Even many of the powers that Ye Wen hardly noticed were discovered by him, still hidden in some corners of his body.

For example, the essence of the red fruit, he originally thought that this thing has been digested by himself, and now he knows that even if it is completely digested, he still has some energy in the body of the red fruit, no matter how hard he can Let it disappear completely.

He even found a part of Xuanyin True Qi sucked from Shen Yuqing within the body, a small part of Yin Qi which was obtained from Huayi and Ning Ruxue, some of the chill that remained during the practice… something like this is almost Countless, Ye Wen never thought that his own body was so lively, with so many kinds of power.

Compared with these almost invisible little existences, the 9 groups of strength of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror are almost like 9 huge galaxies, each occupying a side World in their own body and watching between 9 galaxies It seems that there is no connection, but there is some influence between each other, and this influence is finally reflected in Innate Purple Qi as the source of Ye Wen.

At first, when Ye Wen discovered that 9 groups of True Qi had been transformed into 9 galaxies, he thought he had inadvertently trained the Profound Universe to Great Accomplishment, but he found that although his strength was slightly improved, but not at all What is the real qualitative change! Putting it that way Although I have clear comprehension and clearly improved some strength, the Profound Universe still has no Great Accomplishment.

“Universe… Universe…”

Whispering softly, Ye Wen never understood what else he did wrong? This situation did not turn his attention to the newly emerging power until he discovered that another burst of energy appeared in the simulated endless void.

This group of powers is actually not a strange power. It is the part of the Buddhist power that Wuzhen passed to him by Ye Wen refining. This group of Buddhist powers even helped Ye Wen have his own Buddhism Magical Powers —— Six Roads of Samsara.

Later, although Ye Wen wanted to truly master the Magical Powers, it was a pity that he found that his strength was not enough to really urge the Magical Powers, and he did not really focus on the Dharma, so he left it aside. Ignore it.

At this time, I saw again that I was alive for a while, because of the precipitation of my mind, the spirit was very clear, and my head was better than usual. It suddenly made him think of a way to use the Six Roads of Samsara.

“Since you can’t really show Six Roads of Samsara, but you can also show a castrated version!”

Six Roads of Samsara this move, to put it bluntly is to send the dead to death, and to send the dead to life! Life and Death Samsara, the reincarnated super Magical Powers, is not used to deal with the enemy itself, but Ye Wen remembers that there is a guy who uses Six Roads of Samsara as a trick to attack the enemy in a certain animation. How does that person use this move of?

After thinking about it, Ye Wen immediately had a plan!

The characteristics of Six Roads of Samsara are 6 tracks, and 6 of the 4 tracks are tortured. One of them is for enjoyment, and the other is forgiving.

If a person is trapped in a six-track process of reincarnation, and can’t get out of it, imagine how many people can bear this seemingly endless torture?

What is even more disappointing is that the 6 courses are not all suffering. After each suffering, there will be an opportunity to enjoy, so that it will be more painful-if it is a torture, it will be firm. The person may be able to persevere in one breath, but if there is a happy time involved, how many people can bear the endless pain again?

After all, after enjoying it, no one can accept themselves to bear the torture, and this change in treatment is likely to completely collapse a determined person! Annihilate the opponent mentally… even if someone has survived this attack, but in the spiritual world, this person may have passed more than a dozen lives, and when eyes opened, it is estimated that no one is understood, and it is considered to have been killed. enemy.

Ye Wen thought of this, he simply made this trick the Spirit Attack’s trick-that is, he created the illusion or dream of Six Roads of Samsara for the enemy, and then let the other party reincarnate in the illusion to achieve The purpose of killing the opponent mentally!

“It seems that the fake monk did the same. The people who took this trick in the original are lying there intact, but their spirits are extremely fragile and even die out!”

Inadvertently, it seems to restore someone’s big move, but Ye Wen did not feel particularly happy, because just this cranky thought suddenly reminded him of his current situation.

“Life and Death Samsara!”

To some extent, the universe is also a kind of life. If this is the case, there should be life and death in the universe. There is no need to mention death, because the death of the universe means the end of everything. The end of his universe also means the death of Ye Wen.

He doesn’t want to die yet, so there is no need to think about the end!

And the current situation is a bit like how to make your “universe” truly born! Although the metaphysical energy of his within the body bears the name of the universe, it is still only energy that’s all. Although this kind of thing is arrogant, it is far from the expected formidable power.

“How was the universe born?”

There doesn’t seem to be a truly correct answer to this question, but one of the most well-known theories is the explosion!

“Explosion, Universe Great Explosion!”

The principle of small universe is also to simulate Universe Great Explosion at the moment of explosion, thus triggering tyrannical power, then can he use explosion to create a universe of his own?

Ye Wen only got up with a single thought. He didn’t want him with the body’s power of 7 and 8 to start moving immediately. At first, it was only those fast movements of weaker forces, which gradually led to some With a slightly stronger force, the last 9 galaxies of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror True Qi also began to undergo violent movements. This movement gradually affected Innate Purple Qi as the source.

Afterwards, Innate Purple Qi in the Central Zone produced a peculiar attraction, seemingly drawing all the power of Ye Wen within the body into himself.

At first, Ye Wen didn’t think there was anything wrong with this behavior, but when the red fruit essence and coldness were sucked into Innate Purple Qi at the same time, Ye Wen only felt a shock, as if he was being dantian A slap in the palm, a tumult of blood all over the body.

“Damn, is it possible that Laozi within the body is about to have a big bang?”

Realizing that something was wrong, Ye Wen was about to close it, but True Qi refused to obey his orders at this time, the movement of the ‘9 Big Galaxy’ became more and more intense, and those weak free spirits were received one after another. In addition to the attraction of Innate Purple Qi, which is also in vigorous exercise, and when these energies are sucked into Innate Purple Qi, a violent explosion will occur in Innate Purple Qi! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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