History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 428

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explosion! explosion! Still exploding!

The dizzy and dizzy Ye Wen was spitting blood and then spurting blood out. Fortunately, he is in good health these days, and his blood is relatively full, so it doesn’t matter if he spit a few sips, just because of the severe pain. He was very depressed.

What’s more terrible is that this explosion can’t be stopped. Ye Wen can only feel his True Qi continually crashing into Innate Purple Qi, and then there is a violent explosion in Innate Purple Qi.

Innate Purple Qi also began to change during this time of explosion, the entire air mass contracted and solidified, and finally became a very condensed existence.

Ye Wen also said that it is unclear what form Innate Purple Qi is now. Is it called solid state?

At this time, the 9 regiments of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror’s strength movement almost reached a Peak, and then began to move towards the location of Innate Purple Qi.

Although Ye Wen was aware of these changes, he was also very worried, but he also knew that this change in his body was already unstoppable. It depends on whether he can survive this level. If he succeeds, maybe borrow With this time’Big Bang’, one’s own within the body can truly form a’universe’, then the last layer of the universe in Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror is equivalent to practiced.

If it is unsuccessful… then he is likely to be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the most violent explosion of this time!

“It must be successful!”

Although Ye Wen does not know whether he can survive it, but at this time, he must not be able to give up the imposing manner. He firmly believes that he can succeed. If even he thinks that he must die, then what can be successful may eventually fail. !

Ye Wen, who was firm in her thoughts, held her breath and waited for the last explosion to arrive!

At this time, he didn’t know that his abnormalities had attracted some important figures in Shushan Sect. After at first realizing that Ye Wen was not right, Garfield decisively took off his waistcoat-the first At that time, Little Brat was playing a lazy idea, but soon it became aware of Ye Wen’s abnormality.

Especially after Ye Wen started to vomit blood, Garfield immediately ran to Ning Ruxue and brought it over. When seeing Ye Wen, Ning Ruxue, who was in a wrong situation, then shouted Xu Xian and the others-she did She also wanted to help Ye Wen, but the cultivation technique and True Qi characteristics of her cultivation doomed her to help others in this regard.

I thought Xu Xian would be fine when he arrived. Ning Ruxue only thought that it was Ye Wen who was a little bit distracted during normal practice. After all, Ye Wen was sitting there, except for a little blood on the corner of his mouth.

But when Xu Xian, Huayi, and Huang Rongrong arrived, Ye Wen rose a strange energy all over his body. This kind of energy is not black and white, unknown, or dark, as if it can contain everything and seems to destroy everything, and this The energy is extremely solid, almost like substance, and Ye Wen is tightly wrapped in it, and gradually the silhouette is gone!

Ning Ruxue A few people had no choice but to watch them. They also thought about dispersing this strange energy, but whether it is Ning Ruxue’s sword energy or Xu Xian’s palm, after a move, it seems that clay ox entering the sea simply can’t do anything.

“You can’t hear even a ringer, and it’s futile to move again!”

After seeing this situation, Xu Xian was inevitably a bit discouraged, but what he said was indeed true! Plus Ye Wen is inside, no one knows if he will hurt him after putting down his hand, so he can only choose to stop and observe the changes of the situation quietly.

Just when Ye Wen didn’t know that he became the object of crowd watching, Ye Wen ushered in this last big explosion!

9 The energetic air crashed into the solidified Innate Purple Qi, and then bursts of high temperature, followed by a shock wave that almost shattered Ye Wen from the inside out. Ye Wen, who was about to explode himself, wanted to use some means to let this energy out of his body, but he found that all his actions were in vain-he couldn’t even move his fingers at this time.

There were loud bangs of hong long long in his ears, and the strong impact almost made him faint, but the intense pain made his trance feeling dissipate in an instant. Ye Wen, who was awake again, could only bear with the body The pain!

In this severe pain, Ye Wen did not even notice that at the moment of the explosion, a strange energy has spread to his body. If he is awake, he will find that this energy is exactly what he has been cultivation The meta universe that is always difficult to ascend.

After the metaphysical energy spread to Ye Wen’s whole body, he re-smelted the broken part of his within the body, and because Ye Wen’s body was almost destroyed by repeated explosions, the last explosion was even more It is almost completely destroyed, so the refining of the meta universe is going very smoothly-it is simpler to completely destroy the original building and build a new one than to repair it on the original basis.

I don’t know how long it has passed. After all of this has gradually disappeared, Ye Wen was surprised to find that his within the body seems to have no meridian, and that the within body does not seem to have a little True Qi.

“Am I dead? Or am I a waste person?”

I want to try to move my finger, but I can’t even feel where my finger is. Ye Wen wants to have eyes opened, but the scene in front of him hasn’t changed. The dark night sky can’t see anything beside it. The galaxy-like energies that originally existed here are all gone.

“What the hell is it? Did it succeed or fail?”

Ye Wen still prefers to succeed in his heart, because he feels that if he fails, he is clearly impossible and has a lot of idle thoughts here, and there is no dust left!

Since I can still talk nonsense, and’see’ this dark night sky, then I prove that I have passed it, just look at it like this, it seems that this matter is not over yet?

Sure enough, the subsequent changes confirmed Ye Wen’s guess, and I don’t know how long it took. Ye Wen found himself within the body where the Innate Purple Qi was originally. Some changes gradually occurred. At first, there was a very chaotic appearance. The energy, which is very chaotic, contains almost all the power that Ye Wen knows, and then this energy starts to change and slowly spread to the surroundings.

Gradually, the originally disappeared galaxy reappeared in Ye Wen’s within the body. These galaxies all started to grow from very small and small, and in Ye Wen’s eyes, a small light spot increased, and finally Into a beautiful and spectacular galaxy.

After all 9 galaxies have been restored, the remaining Chaos Aura has become more smaller galaxies. In a short time, Ye Wen’s body seems to become a real universe, large and small galaxies. All over them, and the most conspicuous are the 9 major galaxies, which are the 9 True Qi of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror!

This is not over yet. In addition to being the strongest power of Ye Wen within the body, these 9 types of True Qi are still relying on each other’s interaction and influence to generate some miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous 8 forces, just like in the universe. It keeps producing new stars for various reasons.

Similar changes, Ye Wen does not know whether it is good or bad, according to previous understanding, within the body True Qi is so messy, it is absolutely taboo for cultivator!

But at this time, Ye Wen feels faintly. This situation is very good for himself, and there will be no harm. Instead, he will become stronger because of the increase in the existence of such a star.

4 For a while, Ye Wen found that the place where the original explosion occurred, that is, where Innate Purple Qi still exists, there is still no half-point of the stars. The side world seems to be in a single place, and there are many undissipated inside. Chaos Aura, perhaps because of this reason, did not produce galaxies?

“But… Where did Innate Purple Qi go?”

Ye Wen has been searching for a long time, and has never found a little bit like Innate Purple Qi in his within the body. Even if it is a very small light spot, he has felt it carefully, and it is not Innate Purple Qi.

“Could it be… After the Great Accomplishment of the Xuan universe, Innate Purple Qi was abandoned?”

Ye Wen actually couldn’t bear to accept Innate Purple Qi. After all, that cultivation technique also accompanied him for several decades. He was also used to the cultivation technique of Innate Purple Qi. Now that he suddenly lost it, he will feel a little bit sad!

As I sighed, I suddenly found that I was lucky according to my old habits, and the energy of Innate Purple Qi could be brought out easily, but when Ye Wen looked for it carefully, he still couldn’t find the existence of Innate Purple Qi. .

“Isn’t Innate Purple Qi already integrated into myself? Can I use it in my hand?”

He had originally guessed this way, but when Ye Wen tried the exercises again, and slowed down the speed of the exercises, he finally found out the clues-Qi was indeed transported from his body , And it’s almost the strength of my own hand.

Ye Wen right hand, the stars in the right hand move violently, and then release a strong energy. This energy becomes the Innate Purple Qi that Ye Wen wants after being handed out!


Unlike what I expected, it was not that Innate Purple Qi was scattered everywhere, but that all the strange energy in the whole body could be turned into Innate Purple Qi. Although the result was the same, the meaning of it changed.

“Sure enough… voided?”

Ye Wen, who was still unwilling to give it a try, this time he still raised the right hand, but he did not use the Innate Purple Qi cultivation technique, but he only referenced a part of it, drawing on a part of Primal Chaos. Divine Art! He hasn’t practiced this kung fu, but he has read all the cheats and naturally knows how to use this kung fu.

At this moment, together with thoughts, a tai chi spirit appeared in Ye Wen’s palm. The authenticity of the energy was comparable to the expert of Primal Chaos Divine Art, which had been refined for 100 years. Ye Wen, aware of this, finally determined his situation. Innate Purple Qi was indeed gone, replaced by this almost all-inclusive Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror True Qi that covers all forces in the universe.

“Is this the real Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror?”

Eyes opened, Ye Wen found that the surrounding environment had changed a lot. When he accidentally entered the Universe Great Explosion state, this Immortal World was still winter. The plants on Shu Mountain had withered and withered, and the cold wind almost made The weaker disciplines of the cultivation base cannot resist.

But now? 4 Zhou Qingcao was covered with grass, and the trees not far away were also verdant. From time to time, there were several cries of knowing. It was obviously summer.

“How long has it been since I closed my eyes?”

If it was before, he might think he was closed for a few months, but this time he really can’t be sure how long he has been sitting! At this time, he even suspected that he had closed it, and a few hundred years had passed!

“It’s often said that cultivation has no years, it’s just that, there really is no concept of years!”

Ye Wen can only hope that he hasn’t closed his eyes for too long. If he sees everyone again and things have remained the same, but people have changed, it is estimated that he will really collapse.

But after staying so long, he didn’t even get any dust on his body, but he didn’t know what happened! Naturally, he didn’t know that he was surrounded by layers of energy during that time, not to mention the dust, even people could not get close. Ning Ruxue originally wanted to build a shed to help Ye Wen cover the wind and the rain, but because of this vigorous wind from time to time, he finally chose to give up.

Standing up, Ye Wen raised his feet and wanted to go back to his yard first. If the time hasn’t passed long, should his teacher and sister stay there?

Looked at the sky following the trend. At this time, it was at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Even if the teacher and sister were practicing, they were mostly in the exercise room in their yard.

The thought fell, he was just one step out, and he stood at the door of his courtyard in the next second. This change did not say that the two young disciplines who were there were stunned. Ye Wen was stunned himself. Was there.


“Ah… Palm Sect Ancestral Master!”

After three people stared at each other for a few seconds, a discipline responded that the closed Ancestor Master was in front of him. Didn’t expect actually got out of the customs today. He quickly and Ye Wen paid respect and said: “Congratulations to Ancestor Master turn off!”

“Ah?” Ye Wen froze for a moment, and immediately understood that it was Ning Ruxue and the others’ excuses for himself! But thinking about that period of time is indeed no different from retreat, plus it seems that there have been a lot of changes, this is also true of so-called retreat.

Smiling responded to the two young disciplines. Ye Wen raised her feet and wanted to go in. Only when her feet were lifted, Ye Wen suddenly remembered that the sister and sister were sure they knew.

“Did you rather Martial Ancestor?”

The discipline said respectfully: “Ning Martial Ancestor is out, not here!”

“Can you know where you are?”

“I heard that Celestial Court sent someone, and Ning Martial Ancestor and Xu Martial Ancestor went to meet in front!”

“Oh!” Ye Wen didn’t expect that he came out of Celestial Court and didn’t know what happened? But when he mentioned that Celestial Court had sent someone, Ye Wen thought of something like this, and asked again: “How long have I closed this time?”

The 2 disciplines blinked a few times, it seems that they did not expect Ye Wen to ask such a question! Don’t even know how long it has been closed? Could it be that Ancestor Master shuts down silly?

It’s still the fastest-recipe discipline. It’s flexible and man-made. Immediately awakened to himself, the Ancestor Master must have been shocked at what porch, and he dedicated himself to practicing exercises simply. I don’t know as time goes by. expert’s realm!

“Martial Ancestor was closed for 8 months this time! From the end of last year until June this year!”

In June, that is the season of midsummer, I asked Ye Wen again to find out that it was about to enter autumn, and I almost came back and forth.

But finally let Ye Wen breathe out, and his retreat was still within acceptable limits. Without letting the retreat and eyes opened, it was already a terrible thing that happened a few hundred years later.

“Is there anything else you need to explain to Palm Sect Ancestral Master?” Seeing Ye Wen not speaking or going in, the discipline didn’t know what the Palm Sect Ancestral Master was going to do, so I asked respectfully.

Ye Wen thought for a while and told me casually: “Get some tea and snacks, I will wait for you Martial Ancestor to come back in this yard!”

I explained 2 things in one sentence, one is to eat, and the other is to let them inform Ning Ruxue that they have come back and come to see me after finishing things!

This recipe is also very clever, and no need for Ye Wen to elaborate, immediately nodded and ran away, looking at that direction is to directly inform Ning Ruxue that they have gone.

After the command was over, Ye Wen stepped into the courtyard, and as soon as he entered, he heard a very excited’meowing’ sound, followed the sound, and the little Garfield was lying under the shade of the tree, and excited himself. Waving his paw.


“Garfield, as a cat, is not allowed to walk on two legs!”

Seeing Garfield standing upright, and then rushing over while waving his paws, Ye Wen felt this scene was too weird! Even if you know that Garfield is not an ordinary cat, this kind of thing is still unacceptable.


Garfield, holding her head high and clasping her hands to make a big smile, didn’t care. Instead, she was very proud of her current’shape’. She even walked back and forth in front of Ye Wen, and was eventually subdued by Ye Wen with violence. Just stopped.

“How is the cultivation? I see if you have muscle growth!”

After teasing Garfield, the disciplines brought melon and fruit tea water, and after a few bites, Ye Wen moved and immediately knew that Ning Ruxue hurried back.

He didn’t need to see it deliberately, and he didn’t even need to pick up the Divine Pupil, and the look of Ning Ruxue’s face rushing with joy came into his mind.

“This…is it the so-called One with Heaven and Earth?”

I am guessing that the silhouette of Ning Ruxue has stopped in front of myself, and a scent of wind blows past. Ye Wen directly took Ning Ruxue’s hand: “I worry you!”

“En!” There were a lot of things to say, but at this time, he couldn’t say a word. Let Ye Wen hold his hand and sit quietly beside Ye Wen to eat with him.

So until dinner time, Ning Ruxue said: “Oh, Celestial Court sent a messenger this time, as if there was something to be done by Senior Brother?” She was having a headache, didn’t expect Senior Brother just woke up ! Although there are still a lot of private messages to say, after all, major event matters. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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