History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 429

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“Messenger sent by Celestial Court?”

Ye Wen knew that he had only been closed for more than half a year, so it seems normal for Celestial Court to send people! Then Wen Zhong and Shen Gongbao kept suggesting him when they last came. Will Celestial Court provide considerable convenience to ensure the strength of Shushan Sect?

It is estimated that one of the messengers who came this time was to send medicine pill and refiner materials to Shushan Sect. Just listening to what Ning Ruxue said, it seems that this person has other tasks? And this thing is quite big, so that their teachers and sisters can’t make the decision.

On Shushan Sect, although the Sect Master is Ye Wen, his sisters Ning Ruxue and Junior Brother Xu Xian are all qualified to deal with all kinds of affairs in the school when Ye Wen is unable to manage the board, especially after coming to Immortal World, considering that Maybe a retreat does not know how long it has been in the past. In this case, both people share some of the power.

If it is another Sect, I am afraid that if you are a Sect Master, you will have to worry about your full strength being eroded, but Ye Wen has no fear that his Sect will be taken away by Junior Brother and Shimei!

First of all, Ning Ruxue is his wife. There is no difference in who makes the decision. In addition, Ning Ruxue has long lost the idea of ​​competing with Ye Wen. She is unlikely to compete for the position of Sect Master.

As for Junior Brother Xu Xian, even if Ye Wen gave him the position of Sect Master, he would find it troublesome and he would not let it go. How could such a person take the initiative to compete for power with Ye Wen?

Therefore, he can safely retreat or do other things, and then leave the matter to 2 people! Correspondingly, whether it is Ning Ruxue or Xu Xian, they have maintained respect for Ye Wen. When encountering more important things, if this matter is not resolved in a hurry, then 2 people will not directly decide, but Wait for Ye Wen to come back and give him the solution.

This time Ning Ruxue thought it had to be delayed for a while, didn’t expect Ye Wen actually woke up, it stands to reason that this is a good thing, there is no need to delay the delay.

But the key is that the message that the Celestial Court messenger came to convey is not good news, especially the Celestial Court also arranged a task for Ye Wen. This task is not a fun thing.

“Oh? Jade Emperor arranged an errand for me?”

In Immortal World, there is no subordinate relationship between Celestial Court and each Sect, so Celestial Court rarely orders these sects what to do.

But the situation of Shushan Sect is different. First of all, the existence of Shushan Sect has a relationship of 1000 filaments and 10000 strands with Celestial Court. Nowadays, it is also supported by Celestial Court. Therefore, Jade Emperor arranged something for Shushan Sect and it is not too much. , Can even be said to be justified.

When Ye Wen learned of this, he didn’t respond to anything special, but just sat there and waited for the sister and sister to continue talking-he didn’t know what the Emperor Jade had arranged for him!

Ning Ruxue’s face was not particularly good-looking, and he took out something similar to the imperial order. It is estimated that the Celestial Court used to convey the command, but the appearance of the scroll. With the pulling of Ning Ruxue, the entire scroll spread out.

“Senior Brother, see for yourself!”

After Ye Wen took over the scroll, he spread it in front and looked at it word by word.

There are not many words on this scroll, just a few sentences! Plus the words are very plain and straightforward, and there is no circle, the meaning is simply at a glance.

But it was because of this that Ye Wen looked very surprised: “Let me be a messenger to Mount Olympus?”

“En!” Ning Ruxue sighed: “This thing is not always easy, although the messenger of Celestial Court said it was because our Shushan Sect establishment was too sensitive, so Senior Brother personally ran to avoid Divine Olympus What misunderstandings does Race have, and the province will have another tragedy!”

“But… this kind of thing should be done by the cleric of Celestial Court, right? Just let Senior Brother go, this thing is a bit weird!”

Ning Ruxue is not a fool, but he does not want to think about things normally. But this time, Ning Ruxue, who felt very uneasy with almost no need to think about it, was very disturbed. He even hoped that Ye Wen would push the errand off.

“I’m afraid I can’t push this thing!”

Ye Wen fiddled with the scroll on his lower hand. On it, he also saw the seal of the Jade Emperor. It can be seen that this is an order issued by the Jade Emperor in a formal edict situation. If Ye Wen resigned, what would the Jade Emperor’s face look like? By refuting this old man’s face, he can make me Shushan Sect better?

So, this errand still has to come next. Instead of thinking about how to push it off, why not let yourself go to Mount Olympus?

“Can’t you just let me investigate the enemy?”

Originally it was just a nonsense, but as soon as the words were spoken, Ye Wen felt that this might be very big!

“Senior Brother is saying…” Ning Ruxue understood it at once, and the two looked at each other, and finally gave a serious expression to the edict which was spread on the stone table.

Ye Wen rolled the trick with a straight face, then held it tightly in his hand, looked at the direction of the door of the eye, and said to Ning Ruxue: “I will talk about this matter back to the room!”

After turning around, she went to the bedroom, and Ning Ruxue didn’t ask much. He quietly followed behind Ye Wen, then closed the door, and then latched the bedroom door after entering the bedroom. Sitting on the table together, looking at the edict in a daze.

“Senior Brother, could we guess wrong when we were at first?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, but did not deny this: “In this way, it was indeed that we guessed wrong at first! It did not happen to us that Jade Emperor’s goal was not Mount Olympus, but the Western Heaven Buddha Realm!”

Ye Wen noticed that the Jade Emperor intended to attack one of those two neighbors. At first, he thought that the Celestial Court would attack the Divine Race of Olympus, knocking down this guy who had harassed him by 2 gaps 3 Or he would never dare to look around.

After all, Celestial Court and Xitian Buddha Realm are still on the surface, and the two sides even have some exchanges from time to time. Jade Emperor and Rulai Buddha also met each other from time to time and talked with each other.

didn’t expect The superficial harmony was nothing but an illusion. The Jade Emperor had long been thinking of killing the Western Heaven Buddha Realm! Otherwise, why wouldn’t the Divine Race with Olympus be held? And use all your strength to attack the Western Heaven Buddha Realm?

“If this is the case, the Celestial Court should watch out for Olympus Divine Race to take advantage of the situation. The Jade Emperor asked me to send him to Olympus. It is estimated that I should go there and take a look. What are the strengths of the gods on Sishan? In this way, when they attack the Eastern Xianzhou in the future, we will be able to prepare for Shushan Sect!”

“But… why must Senior Brother go in person?”

“Because I’m the strongest person in this school!” Ye Wen smiled bitterly. There was no triumph in this sentence. Because of this reason, I now want to take the initiative to drill under the dangerous wall. An inattentive possibility It is the end of skeleton doesn’t exist.

However, Jade Emperor didn’t need to kill himself wholeheartedly. Since Jade Emperor would think of letting him go, it must have been calculated that Ye Wen wouldn’t be in danger. If you think about it like this, this trip might not be so dangerous.

Holding the sister’s hands, Ye Wen comforted Ning Ruxue with a worried look: “You don’t have to worry, Senior Brother, I have breakthrough again, not to mention the side, the speed of this road can be much faster than the original , When the time comes even if there is any danger, I can run away quickly!”

“Senior Brother is talking nonsense again!”

Ning Ruxue saw Ye Wen with a serious look, knowing that he wasn’t cracking a joke, he could not help but asked curiously: “Senior Brother’s skill has improved again? In the past six months, you have been sitting on the mountainside, motionless, and the whole body is a strange Wrapped up with energy, I couldn’t even get close. I don’t know what Senior Brother did you practice Divine Art?”

Ye Wen realized that some time ago, he still had these abnormalities around him, so that everyone could not get close? In this way, when I later secluded cultivation, didn’t I even save the law protectors?

However, he didn’t really need protection when he was cultivating, so this idea was just thrown aside for a moment. Ye Wen looked at Ning Ruxue’s curious look and smiled and replied: “What else? Just that Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror? The secluded cultivation for more than half a year, finally let me practice the Xuan universe!”

“Xuan universe? Didn’t Senior Brother practice it long ago?” She remembered that the entire group would come to Immortal World at that time because of the unskilled Xuan universe spirit used by Senior Brother. Originally everyone was happy to play everywhere, but the result was Ye Wen’s sword into Immortal World.

Fortunately, I was blessed by misfortune and reunited with the disciples of Shushan Sect, so that I did not complain too much about my Senior Brother! However, at that time, Ye Wen could bring everyone to Immortal World with the might of a single sword. I thought that the Profound Universe had already been practiced, but how can I say it this time?

“What’s that? It’s just a half-hanger, even I can’t urge that energy at will, at most it can only be a glimpse of the way!”

While saying this, Ye Wen flipped his hand slightly, the right hand was suspended in front of Ning Ruxue, 5 fingers spread out, palms up, and with the flow of energy, Ye Wen showed a dark and cosmic air in his palm. There is also a group of bright galaxies in the air that keeps spinning, which is extremely beautiful and contains extreme terror.

Ning Ruxue just saw this energy, she was shivered all over her body, and her long-term cultivation led to an extremely sensitive intuition, telling her that although this nebula-like energy is very beautiful, but she can’t even take a trick like this. attack.

Under tension, the Azure Lotus imprint that didn’t normally appear in the eyebrows also appeared. It wasn’t until Ning Ruxue that the discomfort of the whole body was slightly relieved. You can observe Senior Brother’s new practice with a more ordinary mindset This group of mysterious universe is full of energy.

“This energetic look… why are you so familiar?”

“Of course I am familiar with this, I am imitating the effect of the small universe!” Ye Wen haha ​​laughed, and then explained: “Since the meta universe has the name of the universe, it can be seen that this layer of power contains all known existence! Not only It’s this kind of energy like a nebula. I can even use the energy of the Profound Universe to urge something stronger!”


“For example…” Ye Wen deliberately sold a pass, put on an expert look, and then read a word with a very deep voice that he thought: “Black hole!”

In fact, even if Ye Wen said this remark in a very plain tone, the meaning of that word is enough for anyone who knows it to stay in place.

Although Ning Ruxue only heard a little bit, but just a little understanding has made her show an unbelievable expression. Looking at Ye Wen, it is like watching a…lunatic…

“Senior Brother…Are you all right?”

She’s a little worried now. Isn’t she Senior Brother being stupid? Also talk about the natural phenomenon that was not a good thing, hurt Senior Brother’s head?

Reach out and touch Ye Wen’s head, and even check it non-stop, as if to find a more obvious incomplete part on Ye Wen’s head.

This stroke made Ye Wen’s head almost turn into a chicken coop. Fortunately, there are no outsiders here. Ning Ruxue is also his own wife. Anyway, she will just toss for a while.

After a while, Ye Wen said: “Don’t look for it, my head is fine!”

“Then you were lying to me just now?” Since Ye Wen’s head is okay, is that what he said just now is cracking a joke?

“Of course not?” Ye Wen saw Ning Ruxue’s unbelievable appearance, and had no choice but to say: “I just said that you can cast a black hole, that is just theoretically that’s all! It does not mean that I can release the real one. Black hole!”

Ning Ruxue listened to him saying that it was sighed in relief: his Senior Brother was indeed normal!

This reaction made Ye Wen quite helpless, but he also knew that the words seemed too shocking and vulgar. Although they are not ordinary persons now, it is still too exaggerated to create a black hole with one person’s power- If it can really succeed, it means that Ye Wen has the ability to destroy a galaxy alone.

But in fact, even if Ye Wen can actually create a black hole, it will only be a small one. Don’t say a galaxy, a planet can’t be destroyed! However, it is more than enough to use against the enemy. This remark, there is no need for him to explain to Ning Ruxue, anyway, these things are just theoretical existence, Ye Wen himself needs to experiment to be able to determine whether he can do it!

After talking about the income of their retreat, the topic of the two people then turned back to the matter of the mission Olympus. Ye Wen and Ning Ruxue chatted for a while, only to learn that the messenger of Celestial Court was working on it After explaining it, I went straight back to my life, simply didn’t stay too much.

Before leaving, he confessed: “Your Majesty once said that the departure date has not been set, everything is decided by Ye Sect Master! But the sooner the better…”

As soon as this sentence came out, Ye Wen knew that Jade Emperor had left time to prepare himself. So Jade Emperor thought that it would still be dangerous to go directly to Mount Olympus, so it is best to cultivate first For a period of time, when the strength has improved, we can start to insure.

It is estimated that Jade Emperor couldn’t think of it. Merely a trifling was more than half a year. I just realized it. I broke through and stuck myself for a long time. Now I don’t know what level I have reached.

According to Ye Wen’s estimate, you have to be regarded as a real Celestial Immortal, right? According to my own understanding, in this Immortal World, people who can become Celestial Immortal are all famous people in the world.

For example, bottle gourd Xian Cui Jun, and for example Yang Jian! Even if Yuan Hong, who is not strong in Celestial Immortal, is famous in Immortal World.

It can be seen that Celestial Immortal’s status in Immortal World is not low. Now if Shushan Sect releases the news of Ye Wen becoming Celestial Immortal, it will also cause some fluctuations in Immortal World, which will attract a lot to Shushan Sect. Attentive gaze. However, Ye Wen was not prepared to do so. He felt that it would be safer to continue to be his’Earth Immortal’, especially during this period when he was going to the enemy’s base camp.

Since he was definitely going, Ye Wen’s thoughts began to lean in this direction. While basically confirming that It shouldn’t be a mortal danger, Ye Wen also began to analyze how Olympus Divine Race would treat him.

“It stands to reason that they should have heard about our Shushan Sect! And judging by the strategy of Olympus Divine Race, which has been working hard for 1000 and 100 years, they will definitely not let a sudden take a risk in the border area. The forces that came out! Perhaps they have already launched an investigation into us at this time!”

In this case, the general situation of Shushan Sect should be understood. The only advantage of Ye Wen is that he has just left the border and no one knows his strength. This will be his biggest support, and it will also be his bottom card. When a crisis occurs, the enemy’s wrong judgment of his own strength is likely to cause subversive changes in the development of the situation.

“However, Senior Brother goes like this, I guess they will look down on you?”

Although the strength of Earth Immortal is not very low, but for those Divine King, the main god and so on, I really can’t see it, the Divine Race in Olympus is also a more arrogant temper, Ye Wen goes there , And must suffer from some bird eyes.

“As long as they don’t bother me, how can I look down on me in private?”

Ye Wen thought about it and found that he really could not bear it, so he set the bottom line early! As long as this group of guys are not provoking in front of him, then he should not have heard it! If you ran to him in front of him, then at worst, you would directly fight Olympus Divine Race!

Thinking of him Ye Wen, when he was only Earth Immortal realm, he dared to confront experts like Yang Jian and Kong Xuan. Now that his strength has improved, how can he endure those birdishnesses?

“But I think… those Olympus gods are not so boring!”

It’s a pity that Ning Ruxue’s perception of these Olympus gods is really not good: “Aren’t they repeatedly attacking the Eastern Xianzhou just because of boredom? Senior Brother, you still have to look at them too high!”

This remark is right, so look at this god Olympus is indeed not very reliable, maybe he should think about it, this mission, what should be the most appropriate thing to do? (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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