History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 431

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After Shen Gongbao said a lot, she sat there quietly, with the appearance of a god, but Ye Wen was close to frowns, wondering what reason should be used to persuade Zeus not to wage war against the Eastern Xianzhou? ?

At this time, Ye Wen, who was originally full of admiration for Shen Gongbao, suddenly discovered that Shen Gongbao’s attitude of a strategist was simply impressive but is worthless. Although this great strategist of Shen Shen said a lot, it was hardly really useful. That’s all nonsense! Even quite a few things are common sense for this Celestial Court general.

I found a problem, even some ordinary person can do very well, and the most important thing is how to solve the problem. The best job that the strategist should do, Shen Great General did not say anything!

“General Shen, is there any suitable way?”

I don’t know if it’s Shen Gongbao. I really can’t say that I still have to wait for my own advice. Show yourself awesome?

Unfortunately, this time Shen Gongbao was not pretending, he really didn’t know what to do, so he embarrassedly smiled at Ye Wen: “If you know how to do it well, this matter will be resolved long ago, and I don’t need Ye Sect Master to take action. Now!

“Fuck, you don’t know what to do. I still put on such a pair and asked me what I’m going to tell you?”

After swearing in his heart, Ye Wen also knew that although Shen Gongbao pretended to be like that, he was originally a cultivator, and even though he became a general of Celestial Court, his way of doing things remained the same as before. He doesn’t know anything about what a counselor should do.

Being able to help Ye Wen analyze it is already a matter of benevolence, and then ask him to come up with a plan, it will be difficult for some strong men!

The 2 people looked at each other silently for a long while without saying a word. In the end, it might be Shen Gongbao’s lack of confidence in this trip, especially Ye Wen’s frowning look, which made him even more anxious and asked: “No Know that Ye Sect Master is ready to go?”

In his opinion, Ye Wen’s strength is not particularly strong. Even if he really wants to go to the tiger cave of Mount Olympus for a while, he has to wait for a while before saying, at least get a few body protection magic weapons for himself. Something like that also ensures that you have no worries about your life.

I didn’t know that Ye Wen had just left the border, and his skill had improved. He didn’t go directly to Mount Olympus. Still considering that the skill he had just improved could not be fully controlled by himself, he would be familiar with it for a while before saying that it would remain. In the mountains.

At the same time, after Shen Gongbao talked about the situation of Mount Olympus, Ye Wen also needed to use this time to think about ways to drag down this group of gods who like to play around.

To be honest, if he is asked to think of a few games to relieve the Olympians and so on, he is not without a way! But he didn’t know if this group of guys liked the games he came up with, so he had to do more preparations.

Thinking, just listening to Shen Gongbao asked another sentence: “I don’t know Ye Sect Master’s trip, how many recipes are you going to accompany?”

Ye Wen was shocked, but never considered this issue!

at first He wanted to bring a sister or a Chinese dress, but remembered that Divine King Zeus on Mount Olympus, the behavior in Myths and Legends is not very good, so he really dared not take his wife-in Not sure if his strength can cope with this guy, if his wife is taken seriously by this girl, he will become a coffee table.

Therefore, neither Sister nor Huayi can bring it, plus both of them need to stay on the mountain for cultivation. Although the innate Qiankun Gong of Sister and Sister has entered the country slowly, it has been steadily improving, especially the Diamond Body of Qiankun. Now, Xu Xian is just such a realm.

Huayi’s Five Colored Divine Light has been developed, and is currently studying how to make Five Colored Divine Light into one. Only in this way can this cottage divine light be developed, and then can you use the Five Elements transformation to infer chaos, and then in chaos Re-brew your own Five Colored Divine Light, and then let your divine light get rid of that cottage 2 word, then look at Huayi’s personal perception and chance.

Bring a recipe? All of his disciples are busy promoting their strength, and it is not suitable for taking out at this time, even Oriental Kwai is now also cultivation —— Oriental Kwai is preparing to use Yuan Ling’s sculpting method to temper his own body. Fan, and then almost hit the seventh change.

I even chose a closed cultivation in the floating mountain around Shushan. I would never come out to see if the posture was unsuccessful. I even carried a considerable amount of rations. Even the food was ready to be solved on the floating mountain.

In this way, the entire Shushan is just like a idle man, and the rest of the people have everything to do, even the Yeshan hand-picked Divine Beast-Garfield and the white hero (the white bear is due to someone’s strong request , So the name of the hero, everyone knows where it comes from!) are busy cultivation, in which the white hero has an innate advantage, and at this time, he has begun to learn how to ignite the small universe.

“It should be…this Ye is alone!”

Looking back, this situation is better. After all, no one knows what will happen to Ye Wen’s trip. If he encounters any danger and has to escape, he alone must be running faster.

As for this one…Ye Wen can’t care about it, but this one can have a battle with Poseidon, and he wants to have several points of means. Ye Wen can’t worry about it.

I saw Shen Gongbao bow his head for a while, and suddenly raised his head said: “In this case, I will sit down and ride to Mount Olympus!”

“What’s the general’s mount…?”

Ye Wen hasn’t really noticed what Shen Gongbao’s mount is? Although most of the characters in this Celestial Court have been used for reference, and have appeared in that mythical novel, but he will not pay attention to everyone carefully, not to mention the mount?

What impressed me more about the mounts is that Jiang Ziya’s 4 is not like it, Wen Zhong’s Black Qilin and Huang Feihu’s 5 color Divine Ox-everyone else is riding in his impressions, as for what Shen Gongbao rides… he remembers Can’t hold it anymore.

So when asked about it at this time, it was really a matter of curiosity. When Shen Gongbao mentioned his mount, he was quite proud: “The mount underneath is a white-fronted black tiger, strong and strong, even if we bring 2 of us There is no problem at all.

“Oh… Tiger?”

Ye Wen did not expect that Shen Gongbao was really a fierce man, riding a tiger? There are really no characters in the impression that use tigers as mounts! Even if there are, they are relatively fierce characters. Shen Gongbao is really out of the ordinary at this point.

However, Ye Wen is not very interested in riding a horse. He still prefers to fly with Jianguang, and he thinks it is faster, but he still doesn’t know if the black tiger can keep up with himself!

When Shen Gongbao saw Ye Wen, he exclaimed, “Tiger”, and he lost the post. I knew that Ye Sect Master was not very interested in his mount, but there was nothing to chat about at one and a half, so there was nothing to talk about: “Yes Next, I saw that there are 2 monsters in Your sect next time, which is quite spiritual. If you want to adjust it a little, you can use it as a mount-the white bear is quite strong, but it is quite suitable as a mount!”

Ye Wen blinked, and finally determined that Shen Gongbao was not crawling a joke with himself, which was exactly the same: “The two Little Brat started cultivation, but the days are still short, and they can’t do anything at all! Besides, this discipline will do in the future. You don’t need a mount to learn the art of flying a sword!”

Riding the Great White Bear? Ye Wen doesn’t have this interest! And the silly silly guy at the other end, looking at it is not domineering at all!

Shen Gongbao saw that Ye Wen was not interested in domesticated horses, so he no longer entangled with this topic. I wanted to change the subject. As a result, I opened my mouth and found that simply did not know what to say.

Fortunately, when Ye Wen saw him like this, he knew what he was upset about, opened the mouth and said: “It’s not too early, General Shen and let’s take a good rest first. If you want to eat something, the disciplinary arrangement is called !”

Shen Gongbao’s room has been arranged for a long time. At this time, she chatted for a while. Shen Gongbao would go back on his own, and Ye Wen did not need to deliver it in person.

When Shen Gongbao was gone, Ye Wen sat in the yard looking at the fruit in front of him in a daze. He didn’t think about how to deal with the gods of Olympus, nor did he adapt to his newly improved skills, but just sat there.

My head was empty for a while, and I didn’t know how long it took before Ye Wen came back to his senses. As soon as I looked up, I saw Ning Ruxue and Huayi sitting on the two stone benches next to each other, and put their arms on the stone table. Go up and look at him, dragging his chin.

“When is it coming back?”

Huayi maintained the original posture: “I just came back, but Ru Xue has been here for a while!”

“Oh!” Ye Wen didn’t feel any embarrassment either. Although the stunned look just now was a little majestic, who are these two? That’s the closest person in the world, and there is no need to care about these little things: “Are you going to bully Lingzhu again today?”

Hua Yi pouted: “What is bullying him? Obviously, he is spurring education so that he can learn a skill as soon as possible and can also contribute to Sect!”

“What kind of contribution can a big man learn from those dances?”

This remark Ye Wen just thought about it in his heart, but he was not prepared to say it. Rarely, Huayi found something to do. He was not prepared to interfere too much, but just reminded her not to play too much.

However, Huayi is not a person who does not know the size. Although I want to come to Lingzhu, although Huayi has been tossed by Huayi, I have learned a lot.

Sure enough, he just asked, and Huayi said: “The child innate talent of Lingzhu is extremely high. I began to explain the Heavenly Demon Art to him seriously, and it is less than a year now. I have already given the Heavenly Demon Art to cultivated to a fairly realm, and then cooperated with Husband’s original spiritual formula, it is estimated that it will not take long to cross the Realm of Innate and go straight to Earth Immortal and leave!

“So powerful?” Ye Wen did not expect that the cultivation base of Lingzhu could progress so fast?

Hua Yi hummed, a proud look: “Husband forgot that this is Immortal World? The vitality here is so full, the kung fu is extremely fast to practice, not to mention that the spirit bamboo is different!”

Ning Ruxue only heard a little about Lingzhu. Although he had seen the child a few times, he did not go too far. At this time, when I heard Huayi said, I knew that the child was also a special genius, said curiously: “According to your estimation, how long will it take for this child to practice Earth Immortal cultivation base?”

Hua Yi blinked, and after making some estimates in her heart, she came to a surprising conclusion: “The slowest word will take less than 20 years!”

20 years, seems to sound a lot? But in fact this time is quite short for the cultivation people! Many experts are more than this number when they retreat, and many cultivators need to spend 200 years from entering the cultivation circle to Earth Immortal realm. The lifespan of Immortal World people is generally longer, even if the mortal who doesn’t cultivate live to It is not uncommon to be 100 years old. Cultivation people rely on cultivation techniques to prolong their lives. It is not difficult to reach 200 years old.

Shushan Sect’s cultivation technique originally had a very poor longevity effect, almost no! Before cultivation reached Earth Immortal realm, lifespan was a little stronger than ordinary person, but since playing Ye Wen to create Yuanling’s quintessence and cultivation, some older disciples found that the rate of aging of the body slowed down significantly. This skillful discipline even felt that the body was gradually rejuvenated.

From this point, everyone inferred that the Yuanling Cultivation Technique made up for the shortcomings of the Shushan Sect cultivation technique that could not prolong life. In this case, the chances of the majority of the discipline cultivation to Earth Immortal increased again, so the Yuanling Cultivation Technique now does not need at all. Forced promotion, almost all the disciplines are very hard to cultivate-who doesn’t want to live more than a few tens of years?

Of course, Yuan Ling’s tactics are not 10000, and the effect of prolonging life has its limits. If you can’t cross the threshold of Immortal Sect, then this recipe can basically be similar to the ordinary cultivators of various Sects. Under the circumstances, it will be slightly more than a dozen or 20 years less than those cultivators-this is the conclusion drawn by Cui Jun after six months of observation.

Bottle gourd Xian Cui Old Senior who has lived in Shushan for nearly a year, has been busy in the past six months, the first is that the detector made with Zheng Ying has finally made breakthrough progress, 2 people gradually Get rid of the long cable, and let the inside of the detector have a sufficiently strong power source.

The problem that this detector has not really succeeded now is that the power is not stable enough. The detector that is manufactured by relying on the composite array and the integrated circuit often collapses suddenly, and even explodes, so it is not successful. However, in the words of Zheng Ying and Cui Jun: We have been infinitely close to success!

In addition, Zheng Ying made 3 sets of Mahjong-like Heaven Overturning Seals during this time, and the poker version was abandoned because he couldn’t find the right materials. Ye Wen put away a set and let Zheng Ying put it One of the 2 cards is put away, and the other is given to the outstanding disciples in the pie-they are not rich yet, so each person can get up to 3 cards, which are basically arranged according to some matching in Mahjong, or It’s a pair or straight.

Zheng Ying himself got 4 cards, which happened to be East, South, West, North. It is said that even if the 4 cards come out together, it can trigger a small tornado to trap the enemy. The formidable power is very good.

Ye Wen hasn’t seen it with his own eyes, but since this discipline says so, tentatively believe him well!

Li Xiaoyao didn’t do anything during this time, but kept refining Gubendan. Shushan Sect has opened a shop on the commercial street of Heaven’s Mystery Sect. Nowadays there are more or less some cultivator understood Shushan Sect, but there is still no reputation.

But the existing fame makes Ye Wen a little’t know whether to cry or laugh. The only impression of Shushan Sect in the eyes of some cultivators is that the Guben Dan made by this Sect tastes better than others, and there are There are several flavors to choose from!

According to the occasional quote from Heaven’s Mystery Sect, many people who come out of the Shushan Sect store will have conversations like this:

“Oh? You come here to buy medicine pill? What’s your taste?”

“Orange flavor, what about yours?”

“Hey, don’t mention it! I wanted to buy a strawberry flavor and it was sold out. Then the clerk recommended this to me… chocolate flavor… I don’t know if it’s delicious…”

“That…I tried it, it tastes a bit strange…”


This dialogue is almost every day to be repeated several times, the only change is that the XX flavor in the dialogue is constantly changing, this situation makes Shushan Sect everyone a bit didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but Li Xiaoyao still enjoys it The new taste of medicine pill is said to be his next topic is to change the soup that Cui Jun wants to supplement qi and blood to the taste of cola!

No one knows whether it will succeed or not! But Shushan Sect didn’t have a single person to stop him. It seems that he felt that the wind could not even control Ye Wen. They said it was in vain, so he let him toss about.

Anyway, the director of the Medicine Pavilion is Huang Yun, and Huang Yun is more stable. He has gradually taken care of the medical herb pavilion, not at all because Li Xiaoyao’s tricks have turned the medical herb pavilion into KFC or McDonald’s and so on.

After talking with Huayi and Ning Ruxue about the situation on Shushan, the topic finally turned to Ye Wen.

“Senior Brother, do you need us to accompany you this time?”

In fact, Ye Wen had already said that this time they will not be taken with them, but 2 women feel a little uneasy! Moreover, the reputation of Goddess on Mount Olympus is not very good. In addition to worrying about the safety of Ye Wen, the two people will inevitably turn to that aspect, even if the two people know that these things are too unreliable, but After all, it can’t be controlled.

“No, you know the reputation of Zeus, but it’s more troublesome to go!”

when the time comes what Zeus came to: let this woman stay with me, I will do what you want! Don’t go crazy yourself? Even if he wouldn’t do it, he couldn’t stand being so disgusted by Zeus once, so it’s best to avoid it.

“By the way, after I left, the training of the two Little Brat will be given to you, don’t relax, it is best that when I come back, I can see that the two guys have trained the small universe!”

Ning Ruxue didn’t care much, although Ye Wen said that the two guys were Divine Beast of Shushan Sect, but does the large Shushan Sect need 2 more animals to protect? So she didn’t care much about this matter, and the answer was a bit unreliable.

“Why? When Senior Brother returns, will he reward the two Little Brats with a suit of each?”

Ye Wen Da Le: “It’s not impossible!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. )

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