History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 432

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Ye Wen didn’t explain what he meant by that sentence, because he didn’t need to explain it for now!

Can’t let him tell the sister, after waking up in the past few days, he tried to conduct summon again, and got a holy cloth design drawing?

Because Ye Wen has rested for more than half a year when he closed his eyes, the ring has already been able to perform the next summon, and this time Ye Wen still has no full summon.

Now he doesn’t need a cultivation technique. What he still needs is a magic weapon, medicine pill and a formulation diagram that can make Shushan Sect grow stronger!

These things, the ring may summon out, and according to the amount of True Qi input by Ye Wen, the provided medicine recipe is very suitable for Shushan Sect currently used.

This time Ye Wen uses True Qi a little more and a little bit. He wants to see if he can summon a slightly better magic weapon so that Zheng Ying can continue to practice their hands, and then gradually hone their excellent craftsmanship.

Although Zheng Ying’s forging and manufacturing capabilities are already good now, he and Cui Jun, an Old Senior, have been thinking about how to transform some industrial products into magical props suitable for use in Immortal World, but those things are not short-term research. Out of the way, I still can’t count on those things that can help Shushan Sect to improve its strength, so obediently and honestly using some more mature “technology” is a more reliable choice.

The inferior Heaven Overturning Seal of the Mahjong version is a small test. This time Ye Wen wants to see if he can get a slightly better magic weapon, let Zheng Ying practice again, and then he can try to forge that cottage version of Purple Ying Sword, maybe this jump is a bit big, but Ye Wen doesn’t require Zheng Ying to immediately forge the cottage version of the purple Ying sword. How perfect is it to make a failed product at first, anyway, there is enough wide Boss pays for Shushan Sect, Zheng Ying only needs to continue to do harm.

It was absolutely didn’t expect that this time actually made Ye Wen summon produce such a drawing.

Bronze Saint Cloth design of Sky Wolf!

The long title and the meaning revealed by this sentence made Ye Wen unable to come back to his senses for a long time!

“Although I know that you have always been ugly, is this too ridiculous?

At this time, if someone comes in, they will find their beloved palm Sect Ancestral Master complaining to their fingers. I am afraid that after seeing this scene, the first reaction will be: no good, major event , Palm Sect Ancestral Master is crazy!

Fortunately, when Ye Wen summon was very careful, Mo said that room 4 was closed, not to let anyone see, and even carefully determined that there was no people around, so this summon was carried out, just to keep his ring secret.

But even if no one sees what he looks like at this time, he can’t make him happy! After all, this summon’s thing is a bit unremarkable, even if he is given a Gundam design drawing, he feels more reliable than this!

“You can’t let Shushan Sect have a holy suit?”

His Shushan Sect is not a Saint Seiya training base, and is also responsible for distributing the Saint Cloth while cultivation? Although the Saint Cloth is very suitable for Shushan Sect that fights against people with the body, the problem is that the Saint Cloth is an item specially designed to cooperate with the power of the small universe.

Ye Wen had seen the introductions in the small universe cultivation method, and then understood the role of the holy cloth-in addition to the role of armor and protection for the master, the holy cloth also has a very important role, It is to help the host to withstand a stronger small universe.

This is why people who use small universes wear holy clothes and don’t wear them, and the small universe that broke out is almost two grades away.

The power of small universe has great demands on the human body, and it has a heavy load on the human body. If you do not pay attention to excessive burning, your body will completely collapse, and the entire person will become atoms and dissipate. But after wearing the holy clothes, the holy clothes will share a considerable part, so that users can rest assured that a small universe will burst out without worrying about their bodies breaking down!

For example, the small universe is a firearm with extremely strong recoil, which will cause harm to the user at the same time. The holy cloth is a protective tool to prevent the powerful recoil from harming the user, making the user better. The use of firearms.

Users, Saint Cloths, and Small Universe 3 are complementary and exist. The Small Universe shows its formidable power through users. Users rely on Saint Cloths to make better use of the Small Universe. There is power.

Therefore, if you don’t use a small universe, the Saint Cloth is a very ordinary armor that’s all. There are many such things in Celestial Court, and there are even more alternatives-such as a mirror armor that can release a strong passport. , Just palm-size, the protective effect is much better than the holy cloth! And it’s not so cumbersome.

Therefore, the holy garment is simply not suitable for most of Shushan Sect’s disciplines—only the 2 guys with the power of 2 cultivation small universe are not human. Whether they can wear the holy garment is still a question.

Unfolding the drawings in front of them, Ye Wen looked at the contents on it with a wry smile, and finally only smiled for a while: “Ai, even if you really gave the drawings of the Saint Cloth, at least you also give a golden Saint Cloth, Even if you can’t wear that thing, it’s good to be there as a work of art. At least the golden light looks shiningly and comfortingly. What is a bronze holy dress for Sky Wolf? Green, huh, it doesn’t look good at all!”

At the same time, Ye Wen found that this holy garment requires star sand, which seems to be not produced in large quantities in Eastern Xianzhou. A relatively small amount of star sand is also cherished by the cultivators. It is absolutely impossible to take it out and manufacture it. Something that doesn’t do much.

At least, among the large amount of refining materials provided by Celestial Court this time, even the star sand under the nails was not given!

I inquired about Cui Jun, where there are more stars in the sand, and the answer gives Ye Wen a little surprise.

“It is said that Mount Olympus, where Olympus Divine Race lives, and the Aegean coast below its territory produce a large amount of star sand, but you also know the relationship between Celestial Court and Olympus Divine Race, so the East Although the cultivator feels that such good things are wasted there, there is no way to get a lot of stars from Olympus Divine Race!”

Ye Wen, who got this answer, was very surprised. He didn’t expect this thing to be a souvenir from Mount Olympus. Maybe he could get some back this time?

Because of this situation, when Ning Ruxue said, “Are there still two holy garments?”, Ye Wen answered, “It’s not impossible!”

Anyway, it is going to Mount Olympus, since there are good things there, it is normal to get some points by yourself! Considering Garfield’s size, it is estimated that it will not be used much, but the shape of the Sky Wolf seat is a bit unsightly. Maybe you can let Zheng Ying change it?

At this time, Ye Wen did not know that the appearance of the Saint Cloth could not be changed indiscriminately, but the Saint Cloth would adjust its size according to the user’s figure to perfectly fit the user’s figure, but never put the animal on the Saint Cloth No one knows whether it can be worn or not.

Ye Wen, who had rested for one night, got up early on the second day, and even when Hua Yi was still reluctant to move in the warm blanket, Ye Wen was already fully dressed and then walked out of the room.

I didn’t see a few recipes along the way, because it was too early at this time, but Ye Wen accidentally discovered an earlier guy.

Classmate Bai Xiong was struggling to carry large stones around the mountainside open space. Kitty Garfield sat on the side, licking his paws while watching this partner sticking his tongue out there like a dead dog step by step forward Move.

Ye Wen didn’t disturb the two’Divine Beast’ who tried hard to cultivate. Instead, he walked around quietly and came to the mountainside cliff.

At that time, Ye Wen was quite a headache, and even needed the help of the vines on the cliff to climb the cliff. At this time, for Ye Wen, it was similar to a step, and no one else could even see that Ye Wen raised his leg. Ye a second ago Wen was still standing there, and within a second he was already standing on the cliff.

Ye Wen stood above the cliff, instead of going directly to the entrance of the valley, but standing in the distance to recall the feeling just now.

“This feeling is like breaking through the space, and then forcibly linking the place where I am standing now to…”

He can be sure that at that moment he just thought of’going up’ but he didn’t make a jump-up movement, and he didn’t even push upwards. According to the past cognition, even if the body style is fast, how can others not see How does this person move, but the movements that should be done are not less, and the use of force will not be too different.

As far as this cliff is concerned, even if Ye Wen’s skill is even higher, you still need to transport the Lightweight Art Cloudstair Warp, and then the power of the feet jumps up, at most the speed is extremely extreme, others simply see this process that’s all.

But this time is different, he just wants to stand here, and then take a step forward, and then he stands here! It seems that the two places are just one step away.

“Is this the wonder of the meta universe?”

In addition to claiming to contain everything in the universe, Profound Universe is also about the use of space power! This ability to have the ultimate ultimate weapon, the field where the god can step on, the special attribute of the protagonist, and so on in countless nets does have its metamorphosis.

Not to mention anything else, this ability that is almost similar to teleportation makes Ye Wen feel awkward, but he can be sure that his way of moving through space cannot move ultra long distances, at most. Use that’s all within a certain range.

“Or is there a lack of a way to locate?”

I can get here because I can see this place, so can I still reach places I can’t see? Ye Wen wanted to give it a try, so after standing for a moment, he thought about the valley at a psychological level. After stepping out, he looked next and found that he was still standing on the platform, not at all. inside.

“It seems that… it is really only possible to move in a space shuttle-like manner as far as I can see!”

Although it was only a small experiment, Ye Wen already had some understanding of his new ability, no need to waste any more time, turned to the winding path, and then walked for a moment, then came to the valley Inside.

Today, the scenery in this valley is not much changed, but it is a little more lively than it was because Zhang Gui lived here with some Shushan disciplines, so this valley has become popular!

When Ye Wen came in, these disciplines had just got up and were doing simple activities, which was a kind of warm-up to facilitate the subsequent morning class.

Zhang Gui stood in front of everyone, watching him and doing simple activities at the same time-his activities are very simple, that is, playing a set of Shushan Changquan, when Ye Wen came in, he just finished receiving the power.

“Sect Master !”

“Palm Sect Ancestral Master!”

Everyone didn’t expect Ye Wen to come here early, so the reaction was a little slow, or Zhang Gui called them back to God.

Clicking nodded is a response, Ye Wen directly instructed: “Zhang Gui, you come with me!” Then he went straight to the cold cave without saying anything.

After coming to the cave, there was only one sentence left: “Mo Yao has to let people in to disturb!” Then he went straight into the cave. He knew that Zhang Guihui would obediently and honestly guard the cave, and he didn’t need him to say anything, not even. Explain what you want to do, this can be considered Zhang Gui’s advantages, and know what you should do.

Walking to the innermost part of the cave, Ye Wen sat down on the stone platform next to the location of the cold spring. This is where the Fruit Tree originally grew, but now it is bare, and there is nothing.

Ye Wen, who sits in the lotus position, sinks his mind directly, and then connects his divine sense with the Nine Provinces tripod sinking in the spring and carries out another smelting.

Ye Wen has not relaxed the refining of this Supreme Treasure since he won this Nine Provinces tripod, but because of his skill, he has never been able to completely sacrifice Nine Provinces tripod for his own use, even if it was a while ago, he was just Able to use part of the power of Nine Provinces that’s all.

At that time, he was only able to open up another space in the Nine Provinces tripod, and then hide something in this space-he was confident to keep Shushan Sect because he had acquired this ability again.

People in Nine Provinces world can’t accommodate Earth Immortal or above cultivation base, but it doesn’t mean that Nine Provinces can’t afford it. In the past, it didn’t open this function that’s all. Ye Wen got this ability before really letting go. But now that his skill has improved again, his mind is a bit bigger: “Maybe I can take advantage of the situation and practice the Nine Provinces tripod completely?”

He does not know how many powerful functions Nine Provinces can fully use for him, but Ye Wen can be sure that if it is really successful, his Shushan Sect will be absolutely endless.

Not to mention, the Nine Provinces Mountain Protecting Great Array can be changed a little bit more. If it has the ability to counter or actively attack, then Shushan Sect is invincible.

Of course, it does not exclude the other party and has the same powerful magic weapon as the Nine Provinces Ding, and then use the magic weapon to break the big battle with him, but there is not much that can be the same grade as the Nine Provinces Ding. not enough.

Therefore, Ye Wen is not worried about this possibility, at worst the situation is not good, put away Shushan and magic weapon and turn and run! Now that he has the ability to shuttle space, he is more confident in his ability to run. He used to feel that he was a bit at a loss on this point, but now he doesn’t think so.

And thinking of all this because of training into the meta universe, Ye Wen could not help but slander: “Is it possible that the highest realm of the Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror is for people to run with ease? With this ability, no one can catch up It’s really martial arts invincible in the whole world!”

If Nuwa in the original book knew that Ye Wen evaluated her Divine Art in this way, she would jump out of the book without knowing whether she would be angry, and then fiercely learned this kid.

It’s a pity that the Great God Nuwa will never know that his tremendous learning was inherited in another world, and he has developed into ten levels of strength that no one in the original book has developed, and there have also appeared in many original books. Ever changed.

“But I don’t know if there is Nuwa in this Immortal World!”

While cultivating the Nine Provinces tripod, thinking wildly!

It wasn’t until Ye Wen discovered that his True Qi and Nine Provinces tripod suddenly had contact. Although there was no direct contact, Ye Wen’s True Qi started to flow through the channel built by divine sense to the Nine Provinces tripod, Then Nine Provinces Ding took the initiative to establish another channel, and sent back the tempered True Qi.

Ye Wen knew that this was the original function of smelting Spirit Qi in Nine Provinces Dingzhong, which was inspired. Almost every time Ning Provinces cultivating would trigger this phenomenon, this is not a rare thing.

But this time is slightly different.

Because the Nine Provinces are sinking in the water, Ye Wen didn’t notice that the inside of the Ning Provinces tripod turned into a chaotic appearance, just like when Heaven and Earth were not open, exactly similar, if Ye Wen saw it like this The scene, it is likely to think of his within the body when the Universe Great Explosion occurred, there have been such phenomena.

But now he can’t see it, so simply has no way of knowing, but just continues to worship the Nine Provinces tripod as ordinary True Qi refining.

Until he found that the flow of True Qi is getting faster and faster, it seems that it is too late! However, compared to the painful experience of cultivation of the mysterious universe and igniting the Big Bang, Nine Provinces Ding is much more moderate this time. Although it still cannot make Ye Wen refuse to refuse, he can only passively let his body undergo all changes.

“Come again?”

Ye Wen, who found himself unable to move again, found himself with the body. Primal Chaos Qi gradually began to condense, and then evolved! Later, with his True Qi, he went to the Nine Provinces tripod, and then formed a pile of chaos with the Nine Provinces tripod. After entangled for a while, he followed his True Qi back to his within the body .

However, at this time, Ye Wen found that his group Primal Chaos Qi Ball with the body was a bit different. When Ye Wen wondered what was different, the Primal Chaos Qi Ball with the body began to change again.

Gradually, this chaos began to dissipate, and then part of it was condensing, and finally it was condensed into a trace of unremarkable energy, and this trace of energy was so permeated by a little purple meaning. He thought it was his Innate Purple Qi, but he immediately found out that it was by no means Innate Purple Qi, but it was stronger than Innate Purple Qi and did not know how much there was. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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