History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 433

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Ye Wen didn’t figure out what kind of purple True Qi is coming out of the body, because he discovered that this trifling piece of Purple Qi turned out to be an incomprehensible existence, and he studied it all One day, the last study only understood a little: this ray of Purple Qi is extremely powerful!

It is so powerful that Ye Wen can’t use him now. To truly turn this Purple Qi into his own use, Ye Wen needs to continue to work hard for not long!

But this does not mean that Ye Wen can’t benefit from this ray of Purple Qi, even if this ray of Purple Qi is not yet available to him, but after all, staying within his body, the benefits are still quite a lot.

First, this ray of Purple Qi can moisturize the other powers of Ye Wen within the body, so that they do not listen to ascension, and secondly, this ray of Purple Qi evolves within the body itself, and after each evolution its own metacosmic power It seems to be further improved. The most intuitive state is that although Ye Wen’s body has not changed, he can feel the existence of the universe-like space within the body, which is constantly growing!

In fact, at first he didn’t find this. At the beginning, he thought that True Qi with his body became weaker—because the galaxies or nebulae that symbolized various powers became smaller, this discovery made Ye Wen was shocked and thought something went wrong.

But a closer look reveals that it is not that it has become smaller, but that its own “universe” has become wider, and it seems that these nebulae are much smaller.

In fact, these nebulae are still slowly growing and growing, but because of the relationship of Purple Qi, they are far behind the growth rate of the’universe’ within the body.

“Does this swell mean that my potential is unlimited?”

Ye Wen within the body now no longer has the concept of meridian, the “universe” has replaced the existence of meridian, and the continuous expansion of this “universe” means that it can accommodate more “nebula”, and the more “nebula” It means that Ye Wen is stronger.

He had never hoped that Cui Jun’s detector could be made as well as he is now. He had an urge to take a good look at his energy.

“It’s about 1000000, right?”

After a few days of meditation, Ye Wen gradually refined the Nine Provinces Ding again, at this time he can already make the Mountain Protecting Great Array issued by the Nine Provinces Ding play a certain attack effect, although it is still a passive attack effect, only Nine Provinces will only be able to counterattack when they attack the Mountain Protecting Array, but it is much stronger than the original attack.

At the same time, in the past few days he has gradually understood what his body is all about.

It turns out that Nine Provinces has a great ability, that is, it can be’evolved’.

There will be a Nine Provinces world in Nine Provinces Dingzhong, which is actually an extension of this evolutionary ability. In layman’s terms, Nine Provinces Dingzhong was originally a chaos, and then slowly evolved like the story of splitting heaven and earth apart, and finally Be a party to the world.

And within the body of Ye Wen, the phenomenon of chaos also appeared, just like the legend that Heaven and Earth was not open, and this group of Primal Chaos Qi Ball followed True Wen of Ye Wen to the Nine Provinces tripod, Nine Provinces tripod is just instinctively carrying out the work of evolution, but as a result, I do not know what the reason is, but this piece of Purple Qi has evolved.

Ye Wen speculates, but this group of Primal Chaos Qi Ball is made out of its own Innate Purple Qi, so it will have such a result.

But Purple Qi, which came out after returning to chaos…

“Okay, you will be called Hongmeng Purple Qi in the future!”

The most powerful Purple Qi in the legend evolved from that chaos. Although Ye Wen understands that his plume of Purple Qi is absolutely impossible, it is the real Hongqi Purple Qi, but its birth method is the same as that of the legendary Hongqi Purple Qi. Quite similar, even if it is not genuine, it can also be called cottage goods.

“Laozi is the life of a cottage!”

Anyway, Ye Wen has already seen it, and the ray of Purple Qi may be the key clue for him to continue to improve his strength. Without a name, it is really not convenient! In addition, he did not hear that there is a premium product such as Hongmeng Purple Qi in Immortal World. He gave his new’cultivation technique’ the name, and there is nothing at worst in his mind.

In fact, Ye Wen does not know that the evolutionary power of Nine Provinces is very strong, otherwise it is impossible to evolve a world in just a few thousand years.

And the Purple Qi within his body, in fact, can be born in his within the body without the help of Nine Provinces, but I don’t know how much time it takes. Ye Wen cultivation over 10,000 years , Within the body The group of Primal Chaos Qi Ball is still a chaotic look!

“Purple Dawn Divine Merit, Innate Purple Qi, Hongmeng Purple Qi! Aiya is really destined to use this name!”

While in the heart talking nonsense, he came out of the cave and said hello to Zhang Gui who had been at the entrance for a few days. Ye Wen went straight out of the valley and returned to his room for a few days.

In the past few days of “communicating” with Nine Provinces Ding, although he didn’t consume any skill, he was also very spirited. This is not suitable for doing anything, it is still a good rest, so although he returned to his room at noon , But never came out again, didn’t even eat dinner, just sleepy.

Knowing that he was tired, Ning Ruxue did not call him, and Shen Gongbao came to Ye Wen and was blocked by her in the Senior Brother practice. Until the 2nd day morning, Shushan Sect people saw their Sect Master again.

Just when they met, Ye Wen surprised them.

“Is this going?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded: “Every morning or evening trip is a must, just go directly!” He also thought about it, and it wouldn’t make much sense to stay in Shushan. It would be better to go directly!

“Senior Brother…not much preparation?”

Shen Gongbao is by the side, Ning Ruxue is not easy to say directly, but Ye Wen still understands her meaning, it means that since he has a breakthrough in his skill, he should be more familiar with it, consolidate his skill, and then set off. Be safe.

However, Ye Wen has discovered in the past few days that he doesn’t need to be too familiar with his current situation. In general, the formidable power in the move is greater, the speed is faster, and there are many powers that can be used as one pleases! It is much more convenient than usual, where do you need to be familiar?

In addition to looking at the glazed pupils that are exactly similar to ordinary eyes, they also need to adapt. Ye Wen’s biggest reliance is martial arts, simply no need to be familiar with it anymore.

At this time, he only needs a single thought to produce 100 Flying Swords, and Myriad Swords Art can also be used (although it still needs a little preparation time, but it is far less laborious than it used to be) In this case, he really didn’t need to waste any more time.

Unless he can comprehend through the found mystery of Purple Qi within a certain period of time, so that his strength has risen to another level, but this is obviously impossible, he has seen it, although he has practiced Hong Qiong Purple Qi (cottage?), but There is no cultivation of 100 to 1000 years, this thing is a passive aura, it can not be used as an active skill at all, and the gods of Olympus can not wait for several thousand years, right? So don’t expect this in a short time.

At present, Ye Wen has to rely on Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, and now his Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror has achieved Great Accomplishment. Ten True Qis have evolved from the universe into 10000 things in the world. Now he can drive Heaven from the first shot. And Earth Origin Qi, it’s up to me to make a single thought. It’s really no different from Divine Immortal in Myths and Legends.

The gods of Olympus are arrogant, at most this level, since they already have the strength to sit on par with their opponents, how dare they be afraid?

“There is nothing to prepare for, and there is no need to be so afraid of those guys now!”

As soon as this remark came out, Xu Xian and Ning Ruxue were stunned, and they immediately understood that their Senior Brother had received more than they expected. It seems that Ye Wen’s strength has improved a lot, even Olin The gods of Pepsi are not afraid anymore!

After I figured it out, Ning Ruxue no longer talked much, but bowed his head like Xu Xian, I didn’t know what to think about!

Ye Wen didn’t know that this random sentence stimulated these two people. I thought that the skill of several people had been almost on par at first. Even though Ye Wen could always take a step before them, they would soon catch up. Although the gap has been Yes, but it is controlled within acceptable limits.

But since arriving at Immortal World, Ye Wen’s strength has risen spontaneously. It’s like sitting on a rocket, directly throwing 2 people farther and farther away!

Fortunately, Ning Ruxue, since she became married to Ye Wen, her competing ideas have long faded, but she only occasionally plays with the little character that’s all, and has the right to be some fun in the boudoir.

Now that Ye Wen has been far off, the only worry is that if he can no longer improve and catch up with Senior Brother, then will it become a burden for Senior Brother in the future? What’s more important is that Senior Brother’s current cultivation base must have become Celestial Immortal. It is said that Celestial Immortal’s lifespan is almost endless, and although he has Earth Immortal’s cultivation base, it’s not immortality, when the time comes , Isn’t heaven and man separated forever?

The situation of Xu Xian was different. He had a good relationship with Ye Wen. After joining Shushan Sect and becoming senior and junior brothers, the cultivation base has been closely following Ye Wen.

Ye Wen is born, he is born!

Ye Wen’s innate Perfection, he soon followed the innate Perfection!

Ye Wen has a fortuitous encounter and Xu Xian fortuitous encounter is also a lot!

Ye Wen smashing void, Xu Xian will soon smashing void!

But at this time, Xu Xian didn’t even complete the Diamond Body in the innate Qiangong Gong, and Ye Wen had already Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror Great Accomplishment, and entered the Celestial Immortal level.

This feeling of being thrown away is not very pleasant. Although Xu Xian will not be jealous and so on because of it, but he is extremely outstanding. He is absolutely impossible to accept the long distance of being thrown away. At this time, he has made up his mind. As soon as Senior Brother left, he immediately secluded cultivation, did not train the Qiankun Diamond Body, and stepped into the infinite body realm, he will not get out anyway.

With such determination, he was so determined that even his wife Huang Rongrong could not be tossed aside!

After a breakfast, several people dispersed in silence, watching Xu Xian and Ning Ruxue both looking thoughtful away, Ye Wen’s eyes rolled, and immediately understood what happened to the 2 people .

Turned his head and looked at the cheerful standing at the side Huayi: “Aren’t you going?”

Blinking, a special innocent expression that didn’t understand: “Where are you going?”

If it is someone else, I am afraid that she was really cheated by her expression, but how familiar is Ye Wen with her? It has long been seen that she was deliberately making a look like herself and cracking a joke that’s all: “Furious, hard-working!”

Pu Chi laughed at once, and whitened Ye Wen homeopathically: “People have been working hard!”

“Oh, how is Five Colored Divine Light practiced?”

“That’s what happened…”


According to Ye Wen’s estimation, as long as Huayi can practice Five Colored Divine Light to the Realm of Five Elements Unite, then it can immediately be promoted to Celestial Immortal. At that time, although its Five Colored Divine Light was just a cottage product, in this Immortal World It can be regarded as the existence of walk unhindered!

If you can make Five Colored Divine Light repeat the chaos and then brew again, then it will immediately become one of the very best experts in Immortal World, and the general Celestial Immortal can’t help it! But this is too difficult to achieve, and Ye Wen did not expect Huayi to practice Five Colored Divine Light to that step.

It’s just that Huayi’s mind is much bigger than he thought. Now that Huayi hasn’t practiced Five Elements Unite, she has begun to miss the deduction chaos. She even thinks that if she can make Five Elements Unite and deduction chaos together. Completed, then it is easier to succeed than practicing Five Colored Divine Light and then deducing chaos.

Therefore, Huayi started to use 5 divine lights to infer chaos now, not at all, as described in the cheats of the cottage Five Colored Divine Light, directly integrate 5 divine lights into one.

Ye Wen didn’t know about these things. Ning Ruxue knew a little bit when she talked with Huayi in private, but the 2 girls didn’t know Ye Wen very well. They just secretly said: Come on, don’t let the husband look down. Let us!

In fact, Ning Ruxue suddenly felt that she was thrown away too far, and it was also related to the behavior of Huayi. After all, seeing that Huayi has made efforts, she is still groping for her own path of cultivation. How can she not be in a hurry?

Although she has also started to cultivate the innate Qiangong Gong, even because the original sword energy within the body has been transformed into a variant innate Qiankun unrelated sword energy, but the speed of progress is really unsatisfactory.

After today, she is going to find a place for a secluded cultivation and must train the Diamond Body before Senior Brother comes back-inadvertently set the same goal as Xu Xian.

After chatting with Huayi for a while, Ye Wen turned to Shen Gongbao: “General Shen, let’s go now!”

“Now?” Shen Gongbao was surprised. Although Ye Wen said to leave today at the dinner table, didn’t expect what Ye Sect Master said today’s departure is to leave after eating! Is this too anxious?

“Of course it is now!” Ye Wen shrugged: “What else does General Shen have to prepare?”

“No!” Shen Gongbao grinned: “Nothing, Ye Sect Master waits for me to pick up the things and can go together!”

“Then I am waiting for you at the main entrance…yeah, General Shen’s mount…”

Shen Gongbao said he would ride his own mount, but Ye Wen had never seen the white-fronted black tiger, and did not know where Shen Gongbao hid his mount?

“When I arrived at Your sect, I let the black tiger go around by myself. The scenery near Your sect is still beautiful. It is estimated that the beast was having fun!”

Shushan Sect is surrounded by mountains and the environment is quite beautiful. After all, the black tiger is also a mountain forest. I like this kind of environment most. I guess it is where the squat is at this moment.

In fact, Ye Wen guessed right. Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao came to Shushan at once, and Shen Gongbao called his mount again. As a result, he didn’t see him after a while. He had to find it only 4 times. In a mountain forest, I saw that the black tiger, which can be 2 meters long from beginning to end, one meter high, was lying there, and a pair of paws slapped a fox back and forth-use that fox as a ball?

Ye Wen just saw this scene, but it was interesting. The black tiger was so big, but like her own Garfield, she saw Shen Gongbao when she came to realize the status of her mount. She was lying there and selling cute things to 2 people. Not waiting for Shen Gongbao to speak out and stand upright, standing with her front paws on Shen Gongbao’s face and sticking out her tongue to wash Shen Gongbao’s face.

“Mo Yao is not to be fooled!” Shen Gongbao, who only felt ashamed, yelled angrily, only to see the black tiger’s flattering look, after all, he still couldn’t help but punish him, and he had to reprimand 2 sentences after editing that’s all.

At this time, Ye Wen had not taken care of the black tiger. He found that there was no difference between the black tiger and the two guys in his family. It was nothing more than the appearance of being more powerful-but the behavior just now had already changed his prestige. The fierce image ruined a clean.

Going a few steps, I saw that the Small Fox was shaking his head and circling in place, and his body was covered with wounds. It seemed that he was tossed by the black tiger, but this Small Fox was not killed, I don’t know. Should I say that the black tiger has a decent hand or is its life force strong enough?

He took out a medicine pill and delivered it directly to the fox’s mouth. The enticing aroma directly attracted the fox’s attention. After looking at Ye Wen, he ate the medicine pill with his mouth open.

Only after the entrance, the fox’s face became very ugly. This medicine pill smelled very fragrant, but after eating it wasn’t that much. It was really unpleasant and unpleasant-just watch the fox vomit You can know by shaking your head with your tongue.

“Oh, what the original Xiaoyao said was so horrible? It seems that it can’t be eaten in the future!”

It turns out that this medicine pill is a work dissatisfied by Li Xiaoyao. Although its effect is not bad, it tastes too bad! Ye Wen thinks that Li Xiaoyao is full, and a medicine pill can be effective. Whatever the taste? So I brought the medicine pill with me. Just now I saw this fox looks too pitiful, but it was a bit reluctant to take out a good medicine pill to feed animals, so I took one of the “failures” for the fox. .

Anyway, this medicine’s efficacy is not bad-but Ye Wen didn’t expect it to be so bad. Seeing that the fox is still there in circles looking for something to gargle, you can know 2 1.

However, the wound on Small Fox was just a moment of effort, but it was much better. Some of the shallower wounds have already been disappeared, and new fur has grown on the places where the black tiger caught the hair. The moment of kung fu It looks less miserable.

Ye Wen saw that most of it was better, and said: “I will not be caught by this worm in the future, let’s play for myself!”

Turning around, Shen Gongbao had already mounted a black tiger, and the two of them immediately took to the sky and headed west, leaving only a Small Fox that kept chewing leaves to disperse the taste in his mouth. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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