History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 435

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“Stop! Ares!”

Ye Wen’s fingers were holding the lance’s blade, and he was looking calmly at the opposite side of Ares and composed while handling pressing affairs. His face looked as if it was aubergine, but soon he had to release his hand.

The sharpness is extremely powerful, and the sharpness that is more powerful and several times faster than the one that Ares just shot at Ye Wen’s arm. If he does not let go, then his own arm is likely to be this time. Was abandoned by the attack.

And while Ye Wen noticed, a clear female voice rang in his ears, not to mention whether the sound was beautiful, but the majesty revealed in this sentence, let Ye Wen know the master of this voice, I am afraid it is not gentle The virtuous woman, that sentence is a typical strong woman’s tone.

Two fingers loosened and jumped backwards, the sharp strength swept across Ye Wen, and separated Ares from Ye Wen-after the strength, a lance was crossed Between two people, lance’s spear shaft is black, but the spear blade part emits dazzling rays of light, just like a little sun.

The hand that holds lance is slender and white and tender, it doesn’t look like it would use this weapon, and uses such a violent blow, but Ye Wen does not think that the previous blow was just a bluff, because He was only a little slower, and a sharp mark was drawn on his arm. The sharp mark was not very clear. Although it did not hurt him, it was enough to make Ye Wen be more vigilant to the comer.

“Goddess Athena of War and Wisdom…”

Shen Gongbao saw the opportunity much faster than Ye Wen. When Ye Wen hadn’t moved, the diversion general had already moved back a long way, and Ye Wen fell right in front of Shen Gongbao.

Not waiting for Ye Wen to ask, Shen Gongbao took the lead in telling Ye Wen what he wanted to know: “Ares has been dismissed from the position of War God because of the disadvantage of fighting with Celestial Court. People in Zhouzhou don’t look good!”

Ye Wen knew it when he heard it. No wonder the former War God saw Ye Wen and started playing directly without saying anything. It turned out that the people of Celestial Court lost their priesthood and thought about their position. It is also impossible and calm.

In addition, this person obviously drank a lot of wine, and it was understandable to do something more radical after the wine came up, but…

“Why did Athena try to stop Ares?”

Ye Wen didn’t understand this very much. Although the gods of Olympus were also contradictory, they had to come to the court from time to time, but at least they were consistent on the issue of the camp. They should treat Ye Wen, who is clearly an enemy, Is it just a swarm, right?

Turning his eyes to Athena, he found that the Goddess was looking at himself with a downward looking gesture. The lance in his hand was raised in his hand like that, and he could attack at any time. At the same time, the Goddess is very beautiful and has a very good figure. He is wearing armor and has nothing in his left hand, but that posture seems to be able to take out anything at any time.

While he was looking at each other, Athena was also looking at him. Ye Wen’s appearance was no different from the oriental cultivator she had in mind. She had long black hair, a hair crown on her head, and a blue shirt with white background. apart from this is nothing unusual.

Not strong and looks too weak, completely does not meet the eyes of Olympus Goddess to look at men-but it fully meets the preferences of some male gods with special tastes on the mountain.

If you let Ye Wen know that Athena is arranging herself like this, it is estimated that she will be angry immediately and show him how pure he is!

Just when the two people looked at each other, Athena took the lead and said: “What do you… come to Mount Olympus? You are not welcome here, Oriental!”

Ares has recovered a little at this time. After being stopped by Athena just now, the former War God who has recovered a little bit has been awake. An Li looked there at Ye Wen 2 people not far away. Without the impulsive appearance of a talent, instead, he stood calmly on the spot. Ye Wen glanced at him. Anyway, he felt that Ares in this state was more terrifying.

It’s a pity that after opening Ares, he ruined his image that was finally restored, thoughly: “Palas, there is no need to be so polite to these Orientals!”

Pallas-Athena, this is the full name of the Goddess, but the name of Pallas is not known to ordinary people, and not everyone dare to call it that way.

Athena doesn’t like others to call her by this name, even if this person is Ares, who is also the gods of Olympus with her!

Frowned, Athena responded angrily: “Although we often have wars with the East, we are currently in a state of peace, so we must first ask the other party’s intentions before deciding how to treat these two East Asians from afar! “

The meaning in the words is to tell Ares clearly: don’t want to take the opportunity to wage war!

When Ye Wen heard this sentence, his eyelids jumped, turned his head and looked at Shen Gongbao, and found that the same message was also revealed in Shen Gongbao’s eyes: Is there a door?

From these 2 sentences, it can be seen that the Athena Goddess does not seem to be inclined to wage war against Celestial Court again, although I don’t know if there are any grudges with Ares, and I don’t want to see Ares recapture War God. Title, but this situation is undoubtedly a good thing for Ye Wen.

“As long as this Goddess does not want to fight, then this time there is a solution to this matter!”

With care in mind, Ye Wen gave a direct look to Shen Gongbao and asked the Celestial Court official to negotiate with Athena to show that they did not come to declare war, but to express their goodwill to the gods of Olympus , The excuse used was to explain the establishment of Shushan Sect, because Shushan Sect chose to build a faction within the buffer area that did not set up troops or allow any forces to be stationed. This matter needs to be explained to the relevant forces, so They will come over-of course, this is the apparent excuse that’s all.

Shen Gongbao took the first two steps to briefly summarize things, and then Ye Wen found that Athena’s face had become more beautiful, and Ares’s expression was even more ugly!

It seems that within the gods of Olympus, there have been some disputes due to the matter of Shushan Sect, and may even have begun to consider whether to launch an offensive in advance? Ares obviously wanted to start a war, and the establishment of Shushan Sect undoubtedly gave him the best excuse.

But Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao actually played’to explain the reason to the gods of Olympus and express their goodwill! ‘The banner ran to their hometown, how did Ares happy?

Angry and snorted, he turned and ran towards the mountain. The blink of an eye was gone-it seems that the former War God chose to be blind to avoid depression!

Athena watched Ares go away, disdainfully laughed, and then turned to Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao and waved: “It turns out that this is the case, then I will take 2 people to meet Divine King!” “

Although the words are polite, they are also limited. It seems that Athena has a good opinion of Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao not at all, even if the arrival of two people is just as good for her.

Following behind Athena, along the repaired luxurious and spectacular avenue up the mountain, Shen Gongbao took the opportunity to add some common sense to Ye Wen, but unfortunately Ye Wen did not have much interest in these, but instead Push everything to Shen Gongbao: “How to explain with Divine King of Olympus later, it will be given to General Shen!”

Although Ye Wen already knew that Shen Gongbao was not the Shen Gongbao in the novel, the impression of Shen Gongbao in Ye Wen’s heart could not escape the influence of the novel. Even when he thought of Shen Gongbao, he would unconsciously think of’the world’s No. 1 A lobbyist! ‘This title.

Want to come to Shen Gongbao this kind of thing, that is the most appropriate! In fact, Ye Wen believes that Celestial Court should establish a Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When the time comes, Shen Gongbao will be the minister, which is definitely more promising than doing a general division.

He pushed things straight and clean in this way, but he didn’t feel anything wrong. Anyway, he was not good at these things. It really made him negotiate with Divine King Zeus. When the time comes, he didn’t agree. It’s bad. Ye Wen is completely convinced that don’t look at Celestial Court and give him a lot of benefits. A Shushan Sect looks like a big mountain, but if you really do things like that, Celestial Court will simply hit a person when he’s down , Regardless of his life and death.

“Ye Sect Master, how are you going?”

“I don’t know, but can we stay here on Mount Olympus?”

If you want to observe the situation of the gods of Olympus, then you must stay here. If people don’t leave them as guests, they will drive two people down the mountain after they have finished speaking.

And after going down to Mount Olympus, Ye Wen had no chance to influence Olympus’ decision-making up close-although he still doesn’t know how to influence Olympus even if he stays on Mount Olympus The will of the gods.

“it should be no problem?”

Shen Gongbao feels that they are also guests anyway, the Olympus gods seem to have no reason to chase them away, right? But when I think about it, the custom of the gods of Olympus is very different from that of the East. In addition, the two families have to fight each other from time to time for thousands of years. There is really no need to be too polite with you.

So after such a thought, while speaking has no confidence, I don’t want the last 2 sentences of 2 people, because they are heard by Athena in front.

The wisdom Goddess at this time showed a little bit of his ability, turned his head and said in very standard Oriental words: “If the two are guests of my Olympus, then we will use the best wine and food to come Entertain. But if the two have other thoughts…”

For the gods of Immortal World or Immortals, there is hardly any barrier to communication with each other. It is not that there is only one language in Heaven Realm, but that these so-called languages ​​are no longer a problem for the gods. Problem.

Even if it is Ye Wen, it takes less than a few days to learn a new language, and as his cultivation base gets deeper and deeper, Divine Consciousness becomes stronger and stronger. Learning a new language is only a moment That’s all, so he now learned the language used by God Olympus before he set off, but there was no obstacle to communication here.

However, there are no obstacles that do not mean that you can speak the standard, just like a spell. Although you have learned it, it will inevitably be a bit jerky at the beginning, and you need to adapt slowly to become more proficient.

Athena’s Oriental dialect is so standard that Ye Wen is a little surprised, and it seems that the posture should be used a lot-and the place where Goddess of War and Wisdom can use Oriental dialect seems to only study Oriental culture or These two kinds of military situation are on.

Shen Gongbao apparently thought of this layer too, so his face also changed slightly, but then a smile appeared and said to Athena: “This time I came with Xia Sect Master, just to explain some misunderstandings , Naturally there will be no other ideas!”

“If that’s the case…best!” Athena looked at the two people with suspicion in her eyes. Obviously the Goddess didn’t believe the two people, but for now, the arrival of the two people is in her favor. Yes, so instead of turning her face directly with 2 people, she continued to lead the way ahead.

After walking for a while, the three people had already arrived on the mountain, and the road gradually eased. At the same time, groups of buildings appeared in front of several people. Ye Wen 3 looked next, but found that these buildings were scattered and scattered. Very messy, there seems to be no rules.

After walking for a while, he saw 2 temples, a building like I don’t know if it’s an arena, and another building that should… presumably… maybe a bath building?

Shen Gongbao also saw these in his eyes, and felt that this situation was a bit weird. Still, Athena in front explained to two people: “The gods who live on the mountain have very do as one pleases characters. What to do! So these buildings are built wherever you want!”

“But this is not the place where the gods live, it won’t be like that!”

Shen Gongbao laughed a few times and did not comment on the nature of the gods of Olympus! Think of a Divine Race with war as a pastime. It is not uncommon to do strange things. You don’t have to care about those small things!

Ye Wen suddenly wondered: “Strange, why haven’t you seen anyone along the way?”

On this way, only Athena led the way, and two people were behind. At first, it was not uncommon to go up the mountain again, but after walking for a while, I saw countless buildings, and was the most distance from Mount Olympus. The main building of the Pantheon is getting closer and closer, so why can’t I see the silhouette?

Isn’t there anyone else at Mount Olympus? There are only so few gods? Obviously this is impossible, at least there should be the guys who help the gods to lead the soldiers on Mount Olympus-most of the generals are not gods, at most they are Demi-God.

“Because they all avoided it!”

Athena didn’t think anything was wrong, but thought it was normal.


“That’s right!” Athena didn’t look back, just went forward for each minding their own business: “Because of my arrival, they must retreat!”

Ye Wen said in a word, didn’t expect this Olympus god is such a big name, because it is going to pass here, so no one is allowed to appear along the way?

“However… how did you do this?” Ye Wen was very strange. There was a group of hidden experts around Athena. Not only wouldn’t people make them aware of their existence, but the experts would be wherever she went. Go to the clearance earlier?

Athena finally looked back and looked at Ye Wen with your idiot’s eyes: “Just release the divine force a little and they will know that I am here!”

Unexpectedly, it was so simple, Ye Wen seemed a little awkward! Immediately he realized that the gods of the East and the West were indeed very different on this point.

Eastern immortals practiced a certain realm, and they were all introverted, which means that this guy must have no special look on the surface, just like ordinary people, it is considered to be a realm.

But the Western gods pay attention to the earth shook and the mountain quivered in one step, and raising winds, rising winds, and scudding clouds only show that this god is amazing! Therefore, it is not necessary for the Oriental immortals, generally do not pay attention to the appearance, it is likely to appear so often, and the western gods appeared-people did not see it, they must first give you a lot of sound and light effects Things like Dongdong tell you: I’m coming!

It is because of this difference that Western deities are extremely familiar with these things-in fact, the East is also familiar with this set-even to the point where it has become a habit.

Athena just took 2 people to the mountain usually on the way, but the two people unconsciously cleared the road. This method is indeed worthy of praise-at least Ye Wen asks whether to do it or not To.

After walking for a while, the 3 people finally came to a huge and disgusting shrine, stood at the door and looked inwards, only to see a dark, what is the scene inside simply do not know.

Moreover, there are more than 100 meters in this temple, and the thick stone pillar stands there, which makes Ye Wen all admire: “Good majestic temple!” Just looking at the imposing manner of this building, it is no worse than Celestial Court’s Tianmen.

Athena stopped at the door, then turned her head and said to 2 people: “You two, who came with me?”


“Just explain some things, there is no need for 2 people to go in!”

Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao froze, but didn’t expect to let only one person in? However, this is not the worst for Ye Wen, which is more in line with his wishes. Although I don’t know why Athena did this, Ye Wen gave Shen Gongbao a glance: “General Shen, I will leave it to you!”

Shen Gongbao returned one: “I knew Ye Sect Master would let me go!” After that, he didn’t seem to panic at all. After sorting out his gown, he was ready to go in with his head up.

Before going in, Athena turned her head to Ye Wen: “As for your Excellency… It is better not to run around!” Then she turned and entered the temple, and the entire silhouette fell into the darkness.


shrugged, Ye Wen, who didn’t care, turned around and was going to find a place to kill time, but when he was going to the corner outside the temple, he suddenly felt the earth shook and the mountain quivered for a while It was dark, and when eyes opened, he saw Ning Ruxue staring at him with an angry face.

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