History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 436

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The purple glow on Ye Wen’s fingers became brighter and brighter, but the sword energy gathered on the fingertips was not able to be released.

“Huh, it’s you again!”

Although Athena did not mention lance in her hand, it did not mean that she had no other way to stop Ye Wen. At this time, she stood in front of the two people. Although facing Ye Wen, she was talking to the person behind her.

“Aphrodite, Phantasos, what happened here?”

Athena was originally with Zeus in the Pantheon, listening to Shen Gongbao explaining that Shushan Sect would only build a school in that more sensitive place only because of some accidents, and the presence of Shushan Sect would not affect Olympus and Celestial Court’s peaceful status quo, even Shushan Sect does not exclude the West, and there are disciplines from the West in its own school-Shen Gongbao In order to convince Zeus, even Chris and Claire have moved out.

Hearing that Sect in the Eastern Fairyland was willing to accept Westerners as a discipline, Zeus was also very curious!

He also knows some things about the Eastern fairy family Sect. Some of the cultivation methods believed by these sects can make an ordinary person become a tyrannical existence comparable to the main god. The Olympus gods also regard these so-called There is a lot of interest in’cultivation’, but the extreme exclusion of Sect in the East, they simply can’t learn more.

didn’t expect today learned that a Sect is not only not so xenophobic, but also willing to accept Westerners as Sect Disciple to learn the’cultivation technique’ that can make ordinary people grow into gods.

Because of curiosity, I had a few more chats with Shen Gongbao, and the topic started to turn from 7 to 8 and became messy, and gradually deviated from the original topic.

At this time, Athena, who was still in the temple, was starting to get bored. She knew that her’father’ was often like this, and suddenly she would be interested in some messy things. It is best not to disturb him at this time!

So after saying hello, she was ready to leave the temples. By the way, she looked at the oriental cultivator called Ye Wen. From Shen Gongbao’s account, she had learned that this Ye Wen was the Sect Master of Shushan Sect. The very strong “Fairy”, using the analogy on Mount Olympus, is at least the level of the main god.

If such a powerhouse is allowed to run around on Mount Olympus, it may be what is going to happen, so it is better to go out and watch as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, before she left the great hall, she felt a burst of tyrannical force burst, and at the same time she also felt 2 very familiar divine forces. In the tyrannical breath that seemed like a sheathed sword, that look was obviously People are trapped.

Athena, as Goddess of Wisdom, is naturally very smart. She does not need to think more to understand what is going on, and does not hesitate at the moment. She immediately rushed out of the temples and rushed to the right direction. Stopped in front of 2 people before going out.

The beautiful woman, also known as the most beautiful existence on Olympus (there are many beautiful women on Olympus…) Aphrodite, the other is Sleeping God. The son of Phantom Thassos, this guy is extremely cute in his own way, and is good at the method of illusion, so he always looks like a cute girl.

These two people will be in conflict with Ye Wen, but it is not an accident. The most important reason is the former War God Ares-although Aphrodite’s husband is the god of fire and craftsman Hephaestus But, the person Aphrodite has always loved is Ares, so it is not strange that Aphrodite clashes with Ye Wen because of Ares.

On the contrary, it was Phantom Thasos, who would be involved in this matter, which is more troublesome!

Sleeping God Xiupnos is under Hades, and Phantasos is the son of Xiupnos-his only remaining son, and several others fell one after another early in the melee By the way, if Ye Wen kills Phantom Thassos today, I’m afraid Hades will also stand on the side of Ares and declare war with the East.

Ye Wen put his fingers back, and when he saw Athena deliberately rushing over, he knew that this was basically the end.

“This beautiful Goddess seems to want to send me a beautiful dream to welcome me, but I don’t really like this way of welcome!”

In a simple sentence, Athena understood the course of things. It seems that Aphrodite used his ability to gain insight into the love of others, united with the phantom realm of Thassos, and attacked Ye Wen. As a result, Ye Wen I broke the illusion and was about to pack up the two of them.

Thinking of this, Athena also felt nodded pain, which is really annoying.

Ye Wen looked at a few people. Aphrodite was still calm. She didn’t know why the woman behaved like that. It didn’t seem to care that she would shoot!

“It looks like there is something to rely on!”

I don’t understand, but Aphrodite looked towards his eyes and made him not very happy. He can be sure that he hates this woman very much, even if her beauty is rare, and it almost completely crosses the so-called Eastern and Western aesthetics. The beauty of the difference can make people feel the shock from the bottom of their hearts.

But for Ye Wen, this is a cunning jackal with a beautiful skin, and it is possible to pounce on himself at any time.

“Remember that in Greek mythology, this so-called Goddess of beauty and love is not a particularly kind woman!”

Thinking of this, Ye Wen found that those myths are not all unbelievable. First of all, in some legendary stories, Ares is a somewhat reckless guy. After seeing it today, it is like Olympus Zhang Third Master. Third Master Zhang in the Romance Edition!

Although this Aphrodite has amazing beauty, this woman’s character and scheming…

His eyes turned around, and finally fell on Phantom Thassos: “This is Phantom Thassos? The son of the 2 gods?” He didn’t have much impression of Phantom Thassos. The only recognition is that this is A man who likes to play with other people’s dreams and likes to dress up as a cute little girl.

With a tremble all over, I thought about something that made his scalp numb: “Is that the dream that you laid down for me?”

“How?” Fantasos remained vigilant to Ye Wen, because he still hasn’t figured out how Ye Wen broke his fantasies. The power is so powerful that he can’t resist, and the kind is almost The rays of light that can penetrate into the mind make him feel very frightened.

“How did you arrange that dream?”

Although the whole dream is extremely unreal, there are even many things that make Ye Wen feel awkward, but undoubtedly, the subjects and materials that make up the dream are all familiar things.

The basic environment of the world is completely the impression of the country when watching anime, including school life and family life.

It may be precisely because the material in the dream is all the impressions derived from the illusion, so it will always give him a very strong sense of incongruity.

“Use the more obvious memory in your consciousness!”

Phantasos did not conceal it, or did he know that he simply didn’t need to conceal it? Perhaps in his eyes, Ye Wen is much more capable of illusions and the like than him? So you can easily break your own illusion?

Ye Wen did not say anything, because he was thinking about the skills revealed in this sentence of Phantom Thasos!

Use the relatively shallow memory in consciousness…generally speaking memory is like a ball. The deepest level is definitely the memory that is not usually mentioned, but it is very important. This part of the memory is difficult to be affected, so Phantasos There is no way to use this part of the memory.

For example, the Ning Ruxue he created in the environment is almost flawless, but only the small part of the difference is for this reason-cannot be detected, so there is no way to use it.

“But… you have undoubtedly fulfilled one of my wishes, but this does not mean that I will let you go!”

Ye Wen’s words made several people feel a little bit confused. Athena was all tight and thought secretly: “Does this Ye Wen still have to shoot? Are you afraid of a complete irreversible conflict with Mount Olympus?” “

Lifts the head looked towards this man, for fear that he shot suddenly, but unexpectedly found that Ye Wen closed his eyes, and then the whole person stood there in the same place, and there was no slight fighting intent from all over him.

It’s strange, just listen to Ye Wen: “Slightly punished, next time to provoke me, I will ask you to experience the real Six Roads of Samsara!”

Athena was stunned, and then she was stunned. She turned around and saw that Phantasos was standing there, her face motionless, her eyes seemingly lost focus.

This state was maintained for about 2 3 seconds. Just when Athena was about to reach out and almost met Phantasos, she suddenly saw Phantasos’s eyes restored focus, but one face was covered with horror. At the same time, cold sweat shua shua shed from his face, and even knelt directly on the ground in the next second, his hands gasped on the ground.

“what’s going on?”

The first reaction is what Ye Wen has done, the second reaction is that Ye Wen puts Spirit Attack like Illusion Technique on Phantom Thasos, and the third reaction is impossible!

If Ye Wen has the ability to break the illusion of Phantom Thasos, Athena thinks it’s not unusual! After all, although the environment of Phantasos is strong, it is not flawless, and due to his own divine force, even if it is broken, it is not a strange thing.

But if you want to play Fantasy Thasos all your life, be defeated by this kind of Spirit Attack, which makes her unbelievable anyway, even if the Divine force is slightly weaker, Magic Thasos has been studying this course after all. For 1000 years, I am afraid that the Olympus gods have no deeper understanding than him. Even Sleeping God, Supnos, is not as good as his own son in the simple creation of illusions.

Such a god could be defeated by an Oriental cultivator with Spirit Attack? And looking at the appearance of Phantom Thasos, it seems that it can’t be recovered in a short time. What makes Athena feel incredible is that Ye Wen’s words mean that he still shows mercy?

Ye Wen is indeed show mercy, otherwise it is not the Six Roads of Samsara that is waiting for the fantasy thassos, but the endless reincarnation, until his mental breakdown, from the spiritual death to the end! The terrifying point of Spirit Attack is that it doesn’t take too long to do these things simply, maybe just a few minutes of effort, and it collapsed because of the numerous reincarnations.

“Six Roads of Samsara is really easy to use, but it costs too much True Qi!”

Ye Wen played Six Roads of Samsara quietly, but he was embarrassed to find that he might need some time to regain his luck. Fortunately, after his body and within the body True Qi mutation, he still retains the characteristics of very fast rejuvenation. Therefore, after closing my eyes and doing the expert look for a while, True Qi, which has lost a lot of money, has been recovered, and I feel a little tired. Divine Consciousness has also been relieved.

After re-eyes opened, Ye Wen looked at Phantom Thasos, who was still kneeling on the ground, and then looked at Aphrodite. The Goddess face, famous for his beauty, finally changed a little, and Ye Wen finally understood this Goddess. The appearance just now was entirely because the situation was not clear-this woman underestimated her own strength and at the same time lowered the guts of Ye Wen.

She didn’t expect that Phantasos, who is a good illusion, had little power to fight against Ye Wen, and Ye Wen dared to attack 2 people so blatantly, even now a few people are standing on Mount Olympus.

Now that I see Ye Wen really dare to do it, Aphrodite’s expression has become extremely wonderful, and he is also unbelievable in his horror, and at the same time it is so unconvincing?

“Ye Wen!”

Athena learned Ye Wen’s name from Shen Gongbao, and according to their habits, called it directly by the name.

“I hope you can stop here!”

Turning his head and looking at Athena, Ye Wen spread his hand: “I hope you understand that this Ye is just protecting himself!”

“Yes, I understand, and I promise, no such thing will happen again!” The head turned to stare at Aphrodite, his eyes full of warning.

In fact, Athena doesn’t have a good impression of Aphrodite. This woman who likes to show off her appearance and also likes to play tricks doesn’t invite her to see her. She usually doesn’t even have any intersections. She had to help Aphrodite come forward.

After all, Aphrodite is also a god on Mount Olympus, can’t he just be slain on his own site?

“Also, I heard that you and the other Shen Gongbao are both planning to stay on Mount Olympus for a while, so let me arrange a suitable place for you!”

“of course!”

Ye Wen didn’t know what was going on in the temples, or even how Shen Gongbao said to Zeus! However, looking at Athena’s reaction, it seems that the 1st Step contact between the two sides is still very friendly. At least Athena has expressed that she is willing to let Ye Wen live in Olympus.

Turning around, Aphrodite, still pale, and Phantom Thass, still gasping for breath: “However, I hope you can find a quieter place for me!”

“Of course!” Athena also glanced at 2 people: “It will definitely satisfy 2 people!”

Athena really did what she said. The residence he arranged for Ye Wen was really quiet enough. He was almost going to the mountainside of Mount Olympus. This complex was a bit run-down, and almost no one came. It was here that Athena found 2 palaces intact for 2 people.

When Shen Gongbao left the temples and found Ye Wen, Ye Wen was sitting on a cold, stiff stone bed looking at the stars in a daze.

“This… this is where Athena arranged for us?”

Ye Wen shrugged: “At least there is still a bed!” While talking, he also knocked hard on the stone bed next to the bottom of the buttocks, hitting it with Ye Wen’s strength, and even no trace left: “Enough A sturdy bed, I’m really curious as to who lived here!”

Shen Gongbao was speechless for a while. Although he also guessed that even if he succeeded in staying at Mount Olympus, most of the gods of Olympus lacked a good impression on the people of Celestial Court, and the treatment will certainly not be too good, but there is no Expecting the other party to be so simple, they arranged a ruined room to add a cold bed.

Fortunately, these things are not so important for the cultivators. It is really not a meditation. It can also be used as a rest.

Looking for a clean place, Shen Gongbao sat directly there, looked towards Ye Wen sitting cross-legged on the bed: “I heard that Ye Sect Master had another conflict with the two gods and hurt one of them?”

“Aphrodite, the god of beauty and love, and Phantasos, the son of Soupnos!” Ye Wen did not take this seriously, and still looked up at the sky: “It just scared the phantom a little bit. Thassos, go back and rest for 2 days and it’s okay!”

“Didn’t expect Ye Sect Master is also good at Illusion Technique!” Shen Gongbao’s praise was sincere. Originally, he only heard that Ye Wen’s melee ability is quite strong, and even Yuan Hong is not his opponent. Master the art of creating fantasy.

Ye Wen is strange. Where did Shen Gongbao hear so clearly: “How does General Shen know?”

“When I came, Athena made a few words of temptation and was fooled by me! It was the thing I heard at that time!”


Ye Wen estimated that Athena wanted to understand her strength more clearly, so she wanted to listen to some news here at Shen Gongbao, but this guy Shen Gongbao was careful enough to estimate that no weak spot was revealed-more critical Yes, Shen Gongbao knew something like that, and he wanted to reveal nothing.

The 2 people said a few words, they were doing their own things, no one talked again, until late at night, Ye Wen, who almost saw the half-night star, suddenly said: “It seems to be going out and turning around. !”

Before the words had finished, a man appeared in front of Ye Wen: “No, the same is true here!”

“Oh, but… what should you call your Excellency?”

“Hades, Hades!”


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