History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 437

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“You are Hades Hades?”

Ye Wen looked at the man with long dark hair like the night sky in front of him. The handsome man could be described by the word beautiful, tall and tall and wearing a luxurious robe. Didn’t expect this looks not so gloomy nor The scary guy is the famous Pluto.

“…” Hades did not answer, perhaps disdain to answer this question of Ye Wen. Think about it too, who dares to pretend to be dignified Sir Wang on Mount Olympus?

Seeing Hades not talking, Ye Wen continued: “I don’t know what happened when Sir Wang came to me so late.”

Hades will come to him in the middle of the night, and he will definitely not just come to chat with him. Ye Wen estimates that it is not related to Sleeping God’s son, or that Pluto himself does not treat the Orientals very much, simply He ran straight to clean up him.

Lifts the head, looked at the stars in the sky, and then looked at the moon that was not covered by a half wire.

“The moon is not dark and the wind is not high! Not a good time to do bad things!”

Although Hades does not understand some of the popular sayings circulated in the East, it is not difficult to understand the meaning revealed in Ye Wen’s sentence with his IQ: “For me, at any time, place or weather, It makes no sense!”


Ye Wen felt a strong self-confidence from Hades. That kind of sullen attitude really made Ye Wen less refreshing-Hades looked at him like a ant, or Hadid. Who do you think looks like this?

“Or go straight to the topic, what is the matter?”

Since Hades had such a posture, Ye Wen didn’t have much interest in chatting with him. He arrived at Mount Olympus but was not in a day’s scene, and found that there was no person or god’s character to please the guys here. All of them are very disgusting guys.

Whether it’s Athena, Artemis, or Hades, it’s an expert look. If you look at their own people like that, it’s all, but looking at yourself in this way, Ye Wen can’t How comfortable will he feel-he is not a miserable wretch.

“Just want to see what it looks like to be an Oriental who can defeat Illusion Technique with Illusion Technique!” Hadith’s expression did not change when he spoke, as if, as he said, it was just pure Let’s take a look.

It’s just that the movements in his hands are not so serious. When the words in his mouth fell, Hades waved his hand smoothly. Then I don’t know when the long sword that came out, a bottom-up cut, The stone bed on which Ye Wen was sitting immediately showed a sharp sword mark.

And Ye Wen, as long as he noticed the change of Hades, he had evaded himself, standing on the right side of Hades and pulling away a certain distance, Ye Wen not at all, what kind of posture, just standing naturally There, watching the cold light 4 shot in Hades’ hand, and exuding the long sword of infinite murderous aura.

“Just now Hades’ sword used almost no power, that is to say, the sharpness of the long sword cut the stone bed into two segments!”

Ye Wen already knows how strong the stone bed is. If he doesn’t need some strength, I’m afraid he can’t easily split the stone bed. Didn’t expect such a solid existence, but he is easily relaxed by the long sword. Divided into two.

“This long sword…”

Ye Wen’s first reaction was the legendary Pluto Sword. In his impression of his poor, mostly self-disciplined knowledge, Hades’s weapon was the Pluto Sword.

However, Shen Gongbao on the side had a complexion greatly changed, watching the long sword expression in Hades’s hand changing: “Dignified Olympus Pluto, even using weapons?”

It turns out that Hades did not use weapons, even if he went to battle with others in person, he was barehanded. This is different from the sea emperor who is good at using Trident and the Divine King who uses lightning as his weapon. Hadi Si is better at fighting with bare hands.

didn’t expect This time when I came to Mount Olympus, I discovered that Hades Hades possessed a very powerful sword-I didn’t know if it was not used in the past, or it was made recently.

If it is newly made, then why should Pluto deliberately build a very powerful blade? Thinking about it, it seems that the role of weapons is only one-used to cut people!

Hades glanced at Shen Gongbao a little, and then ignored him, and continued to focus on Ye Wen’s body, the long sword in his hand was so carried in his hand, as if there was no desire to attack at all.

However, Ye Wen did not dare to relax his vigilance. From the moment just now, it can be known that Hades has almost no influence on the posture before the shot, and it can be said that this Pluto has control over his own strength and body. In the realm of do as one pleases, you can show your strength do as one pleases under any circumstances.

Plus the sword of Hades…Although from what Shen Gongbao said earlier, Ye Wen already knew that his impression was wrong, this Hades obviously had just got this long sword, but since it was used by Hades, then It is not wrong to call it the sword of Hades.

At this moment, Hades carrying the long sword’s right arm suddenly slanted upward, and a sharp sword energy rushed towards Ye Wen. The place where the sword energy passed left a very clear trace on the ground. It is very clear how terrifying the sword’s formal power is.

Ye Wen didn’t panic in the face of this rapidly attacking sword energy. Although this sword energy was powerful, it still couldn’t help him. His hands clasped together on his chest, and then a soft purple came out between his hands. light, Ye Wen right hand immediately became a virtual grip gesture.

The purple light flashed suddenly, and there was one more thing in Ye Wen’s right hand. If you look at it, you can see that it is the grip of the weapon, and as Ye Wen right hand and left hand gradually separate, between 2 hands Slowly, there appeared a blade that circulated purple.


Ye Wen not at all made any parrying movements, just continued his sword-pulling movement. At this time, the sword energy had already been killed, but it was stopped by Ye Wen’s half-drawn long sword. .

Sword energy and sword blades made a clear sound, and with this clear sound, the silent night sky seemed to sound a dragon roar, Hades and Shen Gongbao were both stunned, followed by purple Even brighter, Ye Wen, who was almost hidden by the glory, drank softly: “it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives, this sword is for you!”

With this sentence, from the purple brilliance, a purple sword energy was shot. This sword energy was extremely fast, and it sent out bursts of dragon roar. Even if you want to ignore it deliberately, it almost attracted all Human attention.

Hades could not ignore this sword energy. Watching the sword energy came to him, the long sword in his hand stood directly, far wider than the eastern long sword and the huge sword body directly blocked this sword energy. After coming down, there was also a very clear sound of clashes.

In the eyes of ordinary people, just before that, Hades was able to catch a sword energy by Ye Wen, and then Ye Wen returned a sword energy, and Hades also caught it.

But in Shen Gongbao’s eyes, everything just now was not that simple!

Although the sword of Hades was very powerful, he did not use his own strength. Most of the sword’s power was due to the long sword.

Ye Wen’s sword this time is not that simple. Obviously, it is with Ye Wen’s own strength. In this way, Ye Wen’s blade should not be as good as Hades.

However, Hades did not see it this way, and moved away the long sword that stood in front of him. Hades looked at the long sword held by Ye Wen again.

“This sword is pretty good, but it’s a pity that there is no such thing as a weapon!”

Ye Wen thought, “I’m not a real weapon!” But I was also curious about what my Zixiaojian was missing: “Oh? I don’t know what my Zixiaojian is missing?”

Hades waved it freely, but the murderous aura with the long sword in his hand was a little stronger. In Ye Wen’s eyes, the sword of Hades became more and more uncomfortable.

“murderous aura !”

After looking at the brand new long sword in his hand, Hades seems to gradually have the interest in talking: “A weapon, if there is no murderous aura, is it still a qualified weapon?” At that time, Hades turned his eyes to Ye Wen’s Zixiao Sword: “Oriental, your long sword, whether it is strong or sharp, is already very good, but unfortunately it lacks murderous aura, so you this Long sword will never become a real weapon!”

Ye Wen does not speak, has several points of approval in his heart, think about the purple Ying sword and Qingsuo sword, although they are owned by the people in the right way, but they are also murderous aura rushing to the sky, even if the cultivation base is high. The person can’t control it. In the end, there are various ways to suppress the magic in killing intent. Finally, the disciples can use it.

Therefore, the weapon used to fight the enemy must be the murderous aura. The stronger the better, the weapon without the murderous aura… can only be regarded as an ordinary tool.

However, his Zixiao sword is different from ordinary weapons. The Zixiao sword itself is simply its own True Qi aggregation. If it is strictly speaking, even the weapon is not a magic weapon.

“This Zixiao sword is not a weapon in itself, so I don’t care about it!”

“Because it is made of your own strength?” Ye Wen’s tricks, impossible concealed the characters of Hades level, when Ye Wen took out the Zixiao sword, he already looked at it Out of the essence of Ye Wen’s long sword.

“That’s right…” To make Zixiao sword stained with murderous aura, isn’t it just to make yourself murderous aura rushing to the sky? Become a humanoid weapon? Ye Wen is not a murderer, so he has little interest in this suggestion.

Having said this, it seems that there is no previous feeling with swords drawn and bows bent, but no matter whether it is Ye Wen or Hades, they have not put away the weapons in their hands, but still look at each other cautiously. —It’s just that Hades looks much easier.

“Dignified Pluto, won’t you come here to discuss the problem of weapons and murderous aura with me so late? I think it’s better to be happier, what’s the matter?”

Hades’s handsome face finally showed a change in expression, and a slight smile appeared: “Oriental, your overly direct character, not everyone appreciates it!”

“For this kind of character that can’t get around the point, it’s not everyone’s favorite!” Ye Wen replied in the heart and cursed in the heart: “Curse me for being a reckless man? You can’t hear me as a laozi What?”

“Hmph!” Hades, who was mocked for a while, snorted and smiled. After angering snorted, he took away the long sword-no one could see how Hades did it, and the long sword disappeared out of thin air. Now-Hades looked at Ye Wen and whispered a few words, then he saw that the ring on Ye Wen’s hand was shaking suddenly, followed by the finger that was about to leave Ye Wen.


Ye Wen noticed the change of the ring and immediately transported Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror True Qi. The golden lute rose directly from his body, but he used Jin Chenxi’s strength. A huge human-shaped light bulb.

“Oh?” Hades was surprised. Didn’t expect the Oriental could suppress the ring so that it would not break away from his control: “Oriental, your ability is stronger than I expected!”

“is it?”

Although Ye Wen answered easily, he knew in his heart that in the seemingly not-dangerous battle, he had done his best.

Compared to Hades who just read a few incantations by Serene, Ye Wen almost used his whole body skills to suppress the ring of Bethephine who wanted to abandon him, and he still used almost restrained Bethephine. Ni Chen’s ring of Jin Chenxi’s strength in the Darkness Strength of the deep, this is achieved.

But at that moment, he also remembered that the previous owner of the ring was the Pluto in front of him, because the power emanating from Pluto almost fits perfectly with the ring, as if it were originally one.

Light up your fingers: “You made this ring?”

“Good!” Hades didn’t get the ring back, but he was not angry at all: “This ring of Persephone was originally made and given to my wife, but she doesn’t like it, she always throws it around. , I thought I could never find it again, didn’t expect to see it one day!”

“Eh…” Ye Wen could didn’t expect that he even grabbed Pluto’s engagement ring. For this reason alone, the man on the opposite side could be desperate with himself. But Persephone? After thinking about it, I immediately understood that translation problem that’s all!

“Relax, I don’t want that ring anymore!” dignified Hades, the Hades, failed to withdraw the ring in one shot, he was also impossible, and then shy his face to get the ring from Ye Wen, which would be too shameful. Now! So stiff neck directly said: I don’t want this ring, you continue to wear it!

Although in Ye Wen’s opinion, Hades is stiff that’s all, but such an important thing that the Pluto can say no if not, it’s a bit of a gesture!

After saying a few words, the tense atmosphere gradually faded a lot, Ye Wen had already put away a skill at this time, and the Zixiao sword had also dissipated, Ye Wen and Hades were so far away Relatively chatted.

Shen Gongbao on the side is like a pure spectator. If you are giving him a bag of popcorn and a glass of cola, it is a typical onlooker.

It’s just that even if Ye Wen wants to let Shen Gongbao join the conversation, it seems that he can’t do it. Hades doesn’t seem to look down on this Celestial Court’s water divider. There is almost no Shen Gongbao in his eyes, even after a moment. , Hades said directly to Ye Wen: “Come with me!” Then she ignored Shen Gongbao gorgeously.

Watching Hades turn to the distance, Ye Wen didn’t say much, just followed along. As for Shen Gongbao? Just let him rest himself.

2 did not go far, but after walking through these broken buildings for a moment, they came to a wider place. Hades casually found a stone table that was still intact and sat down, then pointed Refers to the stone bench opposite, the meaning can’t be more clear.

Without being polite with the Pluto, Ye Wen sat down straight.

Hades waited for Ye Wen to sit down and showed his arrogance as soon as he spoke: “You deserve to sit with me, as for the person with you… hum!”

Regarding whether this sentence was regarded as a compliment, Ye Wen didn’t answer it, just continued to sit there and watched Hades quietly, waiting for his next sentence.

“Oriental, your name is Ye Wen?”


“You came to Mount Olympus… is it because Olympus Divine Race and the Eastern World often have wars?”

As Hades, Hades knew a lot of things well, plus his own intelligence was not bad, and it was not unusual to think of this layer. At the same time, Ye Wen was even more surprised that Hades later said: “Actually I am like Athena, I don’t want Mount Olympus to continue the war with the Eastern World, especially the kind that has almost no meaning. War!”

The war between Mount Olympus and Eastern World is simply a farce. The reason for everything happened was that Zeus and the gods were too boring. As a result, they pulled out soldiers to fight the Celestial Court to solve the boredom!

At first, Hades did not feel that this was bad, but he soon discovered that his troops suffered heavy losses in each war-and Zeus, the initiator of the war, simply did not have much. The loss, because Mount Olympus seldom sends soldiers and horses, but only uses some gods and Demi-God as generals to command the soldiers of the sea and the underworld.

As the Lord of Hades, how can Hades endure his troops always being consumed in such endless farce? So he gradually lost his enthusiasm for this kind of thing, so to some extent, he and Athena were in the same camp.

The two people or the two gods are clearly opposed to fighting the Celestial Court again. They do not want such farce to continue indefinitely.

“Oh? didn’t expect Athena and Hades, who are the belligerents of Holy War, are actually comrades-in-arms here? But…does this seem to be more beneficial to me?”

Knowing this situation, Ye Wen began to wonder how he could reach a strategic alliance with Hades. If it is successful, then the threat of Mount Olympus to Orient World can not be successfully lifted? You can return to your hometown earlier!


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