History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 438

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“Did you… think of something?”

The long silence, no matter whether it was Ye Wen or Hades, didn’t seem to speak. Until Ming Wang saw a slight change in Ye Wen’s expression, he broke the silence.

“Nothing!” Ye Wen played with the ring of Bethephine in his hand, which is the ring of Persephone that Hades said: “Just because you are not inclined to wage war, then just Wouldn’t it be nice to explain directly to Divine King?”

Hades and Zeus are brothers, even if Zeus is the Divine King of Mount Olympus, but the opinions about Hades cannot be ignored? If the words that Hades just said were true, then there will certainly be Poseidon who is dissatisfied with the war, when the time comes 2 brothers are opposed, even Zeus who is Divine King does not seem to have The reason is to fight against Celestial Court.

“Because there was an agreement!” Knowing that Ye Wen was thinking and so on Hades did not conceal it, and he directly told the things that made Wen Wen curious: “At first, we had an agreement between the brothers. Things happening internally!”

It turned out that when Olympus Divine Race first arrived at this World, it quickly occupied a territory with its tyranny, but then the strength of Olympus Divine Race continued to decline due to intense internal friction. He was even forced to give up part of his territory. This status angered the proud Olympus gods. The gods put down their prejudices and united together, and signed an agreement, saying that in this kind of matter, the Olympics The status of the gods of the Linpes in Immortal World must unconditionally follow the decision of Divine King Zeus.

“Although this agreement itself does not have any special power to restrain us from fulfilling it, if anyone violates it, then it is the traitor of the Olympians, and the Olympians will unite to sanction the traitors!”

Even if Hades is expensive as a Pluto, he is not ready to be a traitor surrounded by people!

“What is the relationship between launching a war against Celestial Court and Olympus Divine Race’s status in this World?”

Hades sneered: “It doesn’t matter at first, but Zeus can force two things together, it’s just a few words that’s all!”

In this way, Ye Wen does not need to ask anymore. This kind of thing is already obvious. It is nothing more than Zeus pulling the military force that shows the Divine Race of Olympus. Limpis Divine Race Such a reason!

As long as there is such an excuse, Olympus Divine Race can start the war with solemnity. Even if Hades and Poseidon are dissatisfied, they can only send their soldiers by their noses and participate in this slapstick war. Go among them.

“So…Zeus, the real reason for his war is…?”

“Everyone or god in this world knows that the reason Zeus waged wars one after another is simply that life on Mount Olympus is too boring!”

Ye Wen chatted with Hades for a while, and originally thought that the reason for the war was because the reason for boredom was just a rumor. Didn’t expect even Hades said that? He even thought that Zeus was constantly consuming these two brother forces, so he would go on waging wars at least. At least this kind of gloomy infighting drama is also in line with his world view.

Hades did not look at Ye Wen, but looked up towards the starry night sky: “No matter how many soldiers die, it is meaningless for gods of our level. The senseless death of soldiers just makes me feel Very dissatisfied, it has no effect on my strength!”

“It’s not just me, it’s the same with Poseidon!” It turns out that the soldiers that Hades kept losing were plainly a group of cannon fodders, plus Divine Race and Celestial Court in Olympus acted differently, they simply did not Sending soldiers to 4 locations, it just shows that this place is my territory and it’s over. Most of the incidents are solved by the prince and prince personally-at the same time, it is considered to go out and hang out.

Moreover, if Hades or Poseidon really wants to be unfavorable to Zeus, then the number of soldiers in the hand does not need to be considered, and it is enough to directly face to face to win or lose. After all, these brothers are not like It is the same as two different forces, separated by a long distance, and there are soldiers and horses led by expert stationed in the middle.

“If you are bored, can’t you find some games to do it? You have to go to war?” Ye Wen doesn’t understand Zeus’s thoughts. Is there any other way to relieve boredom in this Divine King’s head? I think he is also the head of the gods of Olympus, shouldn’t his head be so useless?

Hades did not move his eyes: “Once, Zeus once wanted to select some excellent powerhouses, and then let them go to the extreme north to find something. If they can successfully bring it to him, they will get Divine. King’s award, even if it is a god!”

“What is it?” Ye Wen was curious, what made Zeus care so much, and he did not hesitate to add a god for this?

“Valkyrie of Divine Race in Odin!”

“…” Hades’ words made Ye Wen speechless for a while: “It’s really correct not to let Shimei and Huayi walk together, this old pervert!”

Valkyrie is a Spiritual God in Divine Race in Odin, not a specific god or person.

It is said that this Spirit God is a very beautiful young woman image, and it is closely related to war. Therefore, in the world where Ye Wen lived before, Valkyrie also called Martial Goddess. The image is generally wearing gorgeous armor and even having white feathers. Beautiful female with wings.

It’s not surprising that Divine King Zeus will stare at Valkyrie. This old ghost has an unimaginable interest in all beautiful things. In addition to the fall of Divine Race in Odin, it is extremely boring to recruit a group of warriors to find and return. It is possible that the remaining Valkyrie is completely in line with this person’s style.

“So… what then?”

“Then?” There seemed to be a sneer on Hades’s face: “All the powerhouses sent out did not return. According to the sudden dissipation of the blessings that Hera personally gave to them before departure, all these brave men were killed!”

Ye Wen was not surprised, if any guy really caught Valkyrie back, that would surprise him! Valkyrie is also Spirit God anyway, and in the batch selected by Zeus, it seems that not at all the kind of powerhouse that can kill God exists, even there is no illegitimate child of Zeus, how can you complete this difficult task ?

However, sometimes things are not too simple to see, and Hades later broke the news: “But for him, this is what he wants to see!”


“Zeus noticed that all the powerhouses he sent were dead, and immediately rushed to the places where the blessings had disappeared, and then went to find the surviving Valkyrie himself!”

“…” It turned out that this old man had sent so many brave men, but just wanted them to be a positioning system. The real arresting work still wanted to be carried out by himself: “So, did he succeed?”

“No! He failed!”

Hades seemed to think of something very happy: “He finally paid the price for his recklessness and bumped into the enchantment that Odin had arranged before his death. Even the half of the divine force of his body could not be used. , Almost died in the World of Ice and Snow!”

“what a pity……”

Ye Wen didn’t know if it was his own illusion. He didn’t see Hades, the Hades. He thought he didn’t say the same thing, but he really heard it, although it’s not very clear. .

“Since then, he hasn’t thought about other things to solve the boredom. Every 100 years, he started to fight the Celestial Court like a routine, and then watched the progress of the war to relax. Occasionally, it will be Become an ordinary soldier and make friends with some youngsters who participated in the war and so on… Of course, those youngsters are extremely beautiful without exception.”

Ye Wen heard this and suddenly felt shivered all over, and the back ridge was chilling!

“Even sometimes, Zeus will create a avatar, let it come into the world and be born, and then grow like an ordinary child, and grow up to show outstanding battle strength, and finally participate in this war. Go, every time I choose to die in the war, and then the soul after death takes all these memories back to the body of Zeus, just as if he really experienced a worldly war with a mortal body, he will always this way……”

Ye Wen eyelids twitched, and finally understood why Zeus was so keen on waging war, he was simply to find a suitable battlefield that’s all for himself after birth! So that the person can have an unusual experience, and finally achieve the purpose of pastime.

“It turns out that he really wanted to start a war, but he wanted to lay a grander stage that’s all for himself after birth!”

Hades finally turned his gaze back from the night sky, because the distant sky had gradually appeared a glimmer of light, and it seemed that it was going to dawn.

“So… if we can also lay a grand stage for Zeus to use, wouldn’t he have to fight the Celestial Court?”

“En?” Hades turned to look at Ye Wen. Actually, they didn’t think about this idea. Athena once made such a suggestion, but unless let Athena and Hades have two real thing Fight against each other for a battle, otherwise it will be difficult to lay a huge battle stage that will satisfy Zeus.

But the Oriental in front of me…maybe have other suggestions?

Ye Wen did have a suitable suggestion. Since he heard that Zeus was addicted to war games, he thought he could apply that story directly to this world.

More importantly, the main characters in that story can be found here!

Athena, Hades, and Poseidon can also come out to run a dragon kit when necessary. After having these few, you only need to prepare some mass actors, it is enough!

The only trouble is… the lack of an important tool!

“Actually, since Divine King likes to play this kind of fighting game, then we will arrange a fighting game for him!”

Hades did not speak, but his eyes showed a little disappointment. He thought that Ye Wen’s method was similar to that of Athena.

“Of course, this battle game should be realistic enough!”

Ye Wen can actually think that the gods of Olympus are not so stupid that they can’t even think of this method. The main reason why they have been unable to implement it is that the war they can arrange is not realistic! And Zeus, already used to the kind of realistic and huge war, want him to find the “pleasure” from this kind of almost playful war, that is almost an impossible thing.

“It’s realistic…it’s actually a real war!”

Hadith’s gaze changed slightly, and his appearance was obviously a gesture of’waiting for the rest of the post’, sitting there and watching Ye Wen quietly, wanting to hear more from this Oriental idea.

“Since Athena Goddess and you are against the war, then you want to have a certain connection, right? In this war game arranged for Divine King, you two playing the warring parties, there should be no problem, right? ?”

“no problem!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded: “I know what you are thinking, maybe you are a member of the gods of Olympus, absolutely impossible and really fighting desperately. And not only you two, even yours The gods are also impossible fighting each other, right?”

Hades was silent for a moment, and finally nodded!

Ye Wen doesn’t know why Hades is silent. Maybe Hades thinks it doesn’t matter if his men die or not? But this is not what he has to consider, he just needs to say his ideas.

“In fact, things are very simple, you and Athena Goddess and Zeus choose the same way to participate in the war game! So you can fight with each other without any care, even if the last party is killed by the other party, But it was a journey that ended in advance and returned to my body that’s all!”

“Interesting!” Hades hadn’t said anything, but a very clear female voice came from the side. Ye Wen was no stranger to this voice. It was the voice of Wisdom Goddess Athena-Goddess didn’t know when to hide next to?

Ye Wen didn’t notice it, but Hades seemed to have known that Athena was hiding and watching, without even turning her eyes up, and continued to stare at Ye Wen.

Athena did not realize the voyeur at all. After actively revealing her whereabouts, she came straight to Ye Wen and Hades and sat on the empty stone bench.

“Powerhouse from the East, your suggestion is very interesting, how about more?”

Ye Wen didn’t care too much about the fact that Athena was hiding aside. First, Athena was hiding far away. It seems that Athena’s strength is limited even if she is stronger than herself, so she dare not rely on herself too close. If you hide it too close, then Ye Wen will find it without suspense.

At such a long distance, Ye Wen does not think that Athena can launch any threatening attack on herself, so even if he does not find Athena hiding aside, he will not feel anything at worst.

But Hades, didn’t expect Hades’ strength is so strong?

“In fact, it is very simple, that is, you two have divided a part of the divine force to come to humans, and then lead a group of humans in a human form to fight a war…tentatively call it Holy War!”

“In this case, one of the two will play justice and the other will play evil! The one who plays evil will destroy the earth, and the other will be under the banner of defending the earth, and then carry out a Holy War!”

“Well, a war waged for the purpose of defending the earth can indeed be called Holy War… and in this case…” Athena’s face showed a very bright smile, the beauty that almost allowed the horizon to show up Chenguang was overshadowed.

Hadid’s face didn’t change much, but he still saw a little dissatisfaction: “In this case, am I going to play the party that destroys the earth?”

Ye Wen shrugged: “I didn’t say that, you just have to discuss this matter yourself!”

“Since you are a Pluto, you can start a war under the banner of turning all people into undead and turning the earth into the underworld, so… this identity really matches your priesthood!”

After hearing Athena’s words, Hades was just snorted, and then complained with dissatisfaction: “I am also the god in charge of wealth and mineral veins!”


He didn’t really know that Hades had such a god! He only knows that Hades is the Hades, and he is in charge of all the dead and the world of the underworld that only the dead can enter!

didn’t expect Hades has other gods? It can only be said that the fame of the word Pluto is too great, almost covering up the other rays of light on Hades. Let everyone mention that the first reaction of the name Hades is Pluto, and the second reaction is death!

After saying this, Hades turned to face Ye Wen: “I have to admit, Orientals, your method is very constructive! But you overlooked a little…”


“War between human beings, war on the equal terms with the gods, even under the banner of Holy War! Even if there is the support of gods of our level, but the intensity of the war itself, Not enough to satisfy Divine King Your Majesty!”

This is indeed a very important point. It is like a veteran who has participated in the battle of a thousand thousand people and then participates in a battle between a few hundred people. Simply does not think that the two are at the same level.

Let Zeus, a veteran active in countless top wars, participate in such wars, I am afraid he will not find it interesting?

After all, in the eyes of the gods of Olympus, human power is no different from ants!

“Of course, the war between ordinary people will certainly not be attractive, so the main participants in this war will not be ordinary people…”

After hearing this sentence, Athena and Hades finally became interested!

Seeing that both of them looked at themselves, Ye Wen finally revealed the answer: “But a group gathered in your name, after a brutal exercise, strictly selected, a warrior with a powerful force far beyond human… I call them: Saint Seiya!”


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