History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 439

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“Saint Seiya?”

Both Athena and Hades were curious about Ye Wen’s mouth, and after Ye Wen simply described what this so-called Saint Warrior was, the two finally got a rough impression in their hearts.

“A human with tyrannical strength?”

Hades is skeptical of this so-called tyrannical strength, especially the kind of power called small universe in Ye Wen’s mouth. He had never heard of such a thing before, and simply did not have an intuitive impression: “Oriental, Since it is the kind of power you put forward, it is estimated that you understand it yourself?”

As soon as Ye Wen turned his head, he looked at Hades in one place, but for the question of Hades…

“Actually… I didn’t at all cultivation for the power of the small universe, but…” Ye Wen closed his eyes, and his body was translucent with golden 氤氲, but not Jin Chenxi’s strength, but another power: ” It’s similar to the strength of my current cultivation has several points of, but it can be simulated!”

Slightly raised his left hand, 5 fingers doing a virtual grip, a palm-like energy appeared in the palm, and then Ye Wen closed his palms and made a closing movement, followed by a sharp flick to the side, At the same time, 5 fingers spread out.

“Starlight is extinct!”

A bunch of bright starlights bloomed dazzling rays of light on the Olympus that was gradually brightening, and after these starlights drew a gorgeous trajectory in the air, they finally disappeared, leaving behind pieces of golden The debris remained floating in the air.

Ye Wen did not blow the tricks out of this cottage to any place, but simply shook his hand at the air, but he believed that with the eyesight of the two people in front of him, it was enough to see the formidable power of this move: “Generally speaking , That’s formidable power!”

With his current strength, the imitated tricks will not be much worse than the original version, and may even be stronger-but the exaggerated concept of the speed of light, you don’t need to ignore it!

Hades rested his chin on his hand and watched the golden debris that hadn’t been completely dissipated for a while, while Athena was the first to speak after pondering for a while: “The move is very impressive, but formidable power… “

In the eyes of these gods of Olympus, the formidable power of this move is really negligible, but when 2 people think that this move is only’just’ human level, then it is worth paying attention to.

Two of them who will not think that the move just now is the strength of Ye Wen. After all, whether it is Athena or Hades, they have more or less tried Ye Wen. For the powerhouse from the East, how many Catties and how many taels, 2 people still know a little bit, so the trick just now is really just that’s all for display.

apart from this, the kind of power Ye Wen used just now, two people also carefully observed, and finally found that this power is indeed very interesting, but this power seems to…

“With the human body, can’t bear this power at all?” Hades saw it almost at a glance. With his arrogance and vision, Ye Wen relied on the small universe simulated by the Xuan universe, which is a very rough force. Even Hades, who has only watched it once, can simulate it himself.

The same is true of Athena, and Ye Wen doesn’t think that the power of small universe knowing how to use the theory can hide the eyes of these two people, so for the two gods to see the disadvantage of the small universe, there is no Feel surprised.

“If you exercise strictly to make the fleshy body of the human body to the limit, you can withstand the level of Seventh Sense! And some of the better humans can withstand the 8th sense!”

Ye Wen still divides the formidable power of the small universe according to the division in the original book. Although the division of the so-called Seventh Sense and the eighth sense is very vague, he does not care. Anyway, these things need not be too concerned.

At the same time, according to the settings in the original book, burning the 8th sense small universe may make the user’s own physical body collapse. This is not mentioned in the original article, but there are examples in the first chapter that came out later! It can be seen that the limit of the human body is here-as for some undead cockroaches that burn the eighth sense as a meal, they are open with a halo and cannot be used as a reference.

And the 2 support mountains Divine Beast in Shushan’s own house……Ye Wen of course simply impossible to let them cultivate a small universe, he will also use some other methods to temper their bodies, and after the cultivation success demon, his body was originally They are much stronger than ordinary humans, so the side effects of the small universe can be completely avoided-after going back this time, Ye Wen will also get some star sand and make a few sets of holy clothes.

Therefore, the universal level of human beings will be controlled under Seventh Sense, which is also a relatively safe level. Even if Mount Olympus understands the essence of this power, it will not be promoted among the bottom soldiers. Let the power skyrocket and threaten the Celestial Court.

This is why Ye Wen dared Hades and Athena to perceive this power-they didn’t look down on this kind of thing themselves, and the soldiers at the bottom could not even increase their strength to an extremely tyrannical presence. .

Only with this kind of power, let them arrange the Holy War game, it is more reassuring! Unless Mount Olympus also has a method to increase physical strength like Mount Shu, that means that humans under Mount Olympus have the possibility of becoming a transcendent tyranny. With Mount Olympus These characters of the gods, they will not let this appear.

“Good…if that’s the case, then this so-called Holy War is still spectacular to fight!”

Athena thought about the entire process of development and a series of miscellaneous things 7 and 8 almost instantaneously. With her wisdom, she soon understood that if this power is imparted to humans, then between humans You can also fight an extremely gorgeous war, even if it is not comparable to the war between the gods, but the sound and light effects are not too bad.

Ye Wen’s previous demonstration has made Athena understand that this power called small universe is good at creating gorgeous effects-when the time comes and what more gimmicks, such as the speed of light when Saint Seiya moves? Anyway, the speed of those tricks is very fast. In the eyes of ordinary people, there is a burst of flashes. There is nothing wrong with the claim that the speed of light is correct.

Athena didn’t know a gimmick that she thought out, but it was inadvertently in line with a certain setting, but just felt that this can be used by humans, and because of the human itself, it can control the formidable power of power to a certain degree. Fits her heart.

“It can not only allow humans to exert their arrogant strength and fight the battle of surging forward with great momentum, but they are also not afraid of cultivating the general powerhouse of Demi-God because of the battle, threatening the gods of Olympus on this land. status!”

Hades thought of this as well, and the slight smile on the corner of his mouth also proved that Ming Sir Wang appreciated this thing brought out by Ye Wen.

“This kind of power is very good, then the main props of that Holy War exist, as long as I and Athena have trained their respective fighters, then you can play this game… As for the Divine King…” Ha Diss thought for a while: “Maybe we can think a little bit and let him take the initiative to participate!”

Athena also knows quite well her own’father’: “As long as we 2 thought of a way to bet and prepared to use a human-led’Holy War’ to divide the victory and defeat, then the god Sir Wang would be very excited ‘S active participation, we don’t need us to specially invite!”

“That’s it!”

The gods on Mount Olympus all knew enough about this Zeus, and they didn’t think their plan would cause Zeus’s dissatisfaction-that boring and explosive old man, could not have more fun on the mountain!

But thinking about this, Ye Wen suddenly thought: “Oh, then, would Zeus choose to reincarnate to the Athena side who defends the earth? Then help the Saint Seiya side to defeat Pluto… This behavior… seems to be the same as What a character does is very consistent!”

Ye Wen, who suddenly thought of this, didn’t know that Wei He thought of the original. If there is such a setting hidden in the background of the original, then it’s no wonder that the Holy War that I don’t know how many times will always end with the Athena side winning.

At this time, the focus of the discussion was already not in Ye Wen, but it was Athena and Hades two main’actors’. The two of them began to discuss the specific background of this Holy War.

The next thing Ye Wen had to do was just insert a sentence from time to time.

Such as: “I think Athena Goddess, who defends the earth, needs to build a Sacred Domain, which can be used as your home base in the human world and also a place to train Saint Seiya!”

“Ming Sir Wang can also open up a small part in his own underworld, where it will also serve as one of the stages and at the same time be your base of underworld fighters!”

“Dark Warrior?” Hades looked at Ye Wen: “Is the Hades Warrior? It’s very appropriate!”

“Neither the Saint Seiya nor the Gladiator need much, just select a part of the elite, and at the same time can divide some levels!”

“Sacred Domain can get some palaces, just like a level, and then the enemies who come to commit need to go through each level. Each palace is seated with a Peak Saint Warrior known as Sacred Domain’s strongest!”

“Underworld can also be arranged in this way, so that it is fun to fight!”

At the end, both Hades and Athena turned their heads to look at Ye Wen, and they both shut up and just looked at him that way.


“It seems that you have a complete idea from the very beginning, it is better to say it directly…”

“Actually, I also got inspiration from your discussion that’s all!” Haha laughed dryly, and Ye Wen realized that she was a little too excited just now. Such words are indeed too noticeable.

“Really?” Hades seemed to believe Ye Wen’s explanation, turned around and stopped entangled with the problem, and then continued to talk to Athena: “The human body is really difficult to withstand this violent power, maybe it can be relied upon. Something else to make the fighters better use this power?”

Ye Wen had to admire the wisdom of these guys. In his words, he didn’t reveal any information about the Saint Cloth. As a result, the two gods thought of this.

Moreover, Athena already has a more detailed idea: “Actually, the proposal that Ye Wen said earlier to divide the saint fighters into several levels gave me a vague idea! Maybe I can give the fighters Provide a kind of armor, so that they can better control this force after wearing it, and the armor is graded, which can also be used to divide the status of the fighters!”

“Well, it’s really a good idea!”

Hades’ reaction was a bit cold. It seems that he did not appreciate this way of distinguishing ranks with armor. Perhaps he thinks that armor is a weapon that fighters fight against enemies. How can they do tricks? Everyone is the best choice. So he has made up his mind to equip his fighters with the same level of armor. As for the status class? You just need to formulate that thing, for example, select the highest-ranking people, and then a part of the people and a large number of lower-level people.

Athena is completely different. She has divided a very complete system in her mind. She even connected the palace that Ye Wen said.

Just a sudden question: “Ye Wen, how many palaces do you think are the most symbolic of the palace strength of Sacred Domain?”

“Ten 2…”

“Oh?” Athena’s smile is very strange, as long as you already know that you already have a belly draft in your heart.

Ye Wen doesn’t care either, he already understands that these two are not someone who is easy to deal with, and these little tricks will definitely not hide them. Hades did not respond, but he was too lazy to get to the bottom of the question, because he could judge that Ye Wen had nothing to hide, even if it was a threat.

As for Athena? She would deliberately ask such a sentence, completely out of personal bad taste-Athena’s character is not so flattering, and even has a little belly.

“So what’s it called?”

“Gold Saint Seiya!” Anyway, so much has been said, no matter how much it is: “Then the next level is the silver Saint Seiya, and the lower rank is the Bronze Saint Seiya…and then the soldiers, those who will not It’s called Saint Seiya, and the title of Saint Seiya is only available to those who get what you say… armor can own it, and they are also noble in Sacred Domain!”

Athena smiled and smiled very happily, even her eyes squinted: “It’s similar to what I thought, didn’t expect the two of us to be so close together!”

I don’t know why, Ye Wen was shivered all over, a little chilly all over, and at the same time he was very keenly told him that while he was feeling unwell, Hades even smiled-it was a pair waiting to watch a good show With a smile, it seems that the gods of Mount Olympus like to watch the lively bad character.

In the ensuing period, Athena and Ye Wen were talking. Hades only listened aside. Until the sky was completely light, the sir Sir Wang stood up and said in summary: “So That’s it, my fighters will be called Hades, and they will wear armor called Hades to fight against your Saint Seiya! It’s led by my born…

After that, I turned around and walked away: “The general situation is like this. If there is anything that needs to be changed in the future, I will talk about it later. I will go back and pick a fake underworld suitable for individual development!”-Real Underworld Naturally it can’t be used to make this kind of game, so it is necessary to develop a part of the world separately, basically it is to divide a part of that’s all from the real underworld as the base of the Pluto Army!

Seeing Hades go away happily, Ye Wen suddenly felt that boredom on Mount Olympus was probably not only Zeus, but this Ming Sir Wang was also quite bored, so when hearing such a game, it would look so positive.

Athena watched Hades’s departure as he did, then stood up and said to Ye Wen: “Let’s talk another place!” And no matter how Ye Wen responded, it seemed that he would follow Just like coming here, walking straight ahead.

The armor draped by Athena made a very soft sound, which seemed so clear on this quiet morning, but listening to Ye Wen was an invisible threat.

With the strength of this Goddess, it is too simple to want to walk without making a sound, but she makes a sound intentionally, simply reminding Ye Wen: If you don’t keep up, take responsibility for the consequences!

Finally, an agreement was reached, which could involve Zeus and the gods of Olympus. Ye Wen didn’t want to lose at this time. Not to mention anything else, as long as this plan can be carried out smoothly, the old warlike Zeus who likes to fight will be born to participate in this Holy War, then there will be no attack on the East for at least 200 years.

Even if it is less than 200 years, at least 100 years of history can still be dragged through, and if everything goes well, Zeus is satisfied with this game, then you can play a Holy War every 2 years, so that Zeus has a fixed pastime Entertainment, then for Celestial Court and Shushan Sect, it completely eliminates the threat from the northwest.

Even if it doesn’t help, it’s not a bad thing for Shushan Sect to have a good relationship with Mount Olympus? How many 2 families are also neighbors!

Walking around, Ye Wen found that the 2 people seemed to be going to the edge of Mount Olympus, and after walking for a while, Athena went straight to a war chariot pulled by Tianma, turned and looked at Ye Wen, seems to be waiting for him to get on the bus?

Ye Wen froze and went to war chariot at first. He touched the war chariot with golden patterns on the white background. He was a little puzzled: “This woman is not going to take me to the unmanned place. What’s that?”

Thinking about it, the war chariot in Tianmara did not know when it had stopped. Looking at the dense environment like primitive forest below, Ye Wen became more and more disturbed.

“Here it is, but you should go on your own!”

Ye Wen was looking at it, and suddenly felt a stagnation, followed by a push behind him, and then fell uncontrollably from the war chariot, did not know what Athena did, sent him within the body a This extremely strange and tyrannical force made Ye Wen lose his ability to act for a while.

“Damn it!”

However, with his physical arrogance, even if he falls from a height, there will be nothing, at most it is a little embarrassed! Just wondering why Athena did this, he had already passed through the dense canopy like a parasol. When he saw the scene below, Ye Wen immediately screamed in the heart: “Damn, you are too sinister!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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