History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 441

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“What?” Artemis hadn’t had time to make any more violent response, but Ye Wen on the other side expressed his dissatisfaction first: “In this way, I can neither win nor lose?”

Ye Wen’s words made Artemis’ face look a bit uglier. She wanted to grab Ye Wen’s collar and ask what the hell did the Easterner mean.

Zeus thought about it, it seemed that he was thinking of other gimmicks, who didn’t expect the next sentence almost made Ye Wen vomit blood: “Yes, today’s duel, must score the victory, there is no draw like this The result!” And then faced Ye Wen laughed: “Relax, even if you two have played here for ten years, I won’t try to stop it!”

“Relax your sister!”

Ye Wen found that he had been to Mount Olympus since then, and this thing was moving in an unexpected direction. 4 Next look, Shen Gongbao did not know when he had stood in a very remote corner, hiding far away At the same time, Athena, not far away, was gesturing at herself, her lips kept moving, and she seemed to be talking to him…

“En? With…small…Yu…Zhou?”

Athena’s mouth shape seemed to be saying these words, and it was repeated many times until she could be sure that Ye Wen could understand what he was talking about, and then stopped his movements, and then his hands waved naturally. After a moment, it seemed to inadvertently point to someone.

“Zeus?” Ye Wen looked at Athena’s finger, it was a pair of Divine King Your Majesty with great interest, waiting for the duel show to begin.

“In front of Zeus, use the small universe to fight Artemis? Is it to make Zeus interested in this power?”

Ye Wen can be sure that he really guessed Athena’s plan, especially when he turned his attention to Zeus, Hades standing next to him also deliberately and unconsciously cast a glance at himself. Ye Wen is more convinced of his judgment.

“It turns out…I want to show me this gorgeous power?”

The gods of Olympus favor all beautiful things, and their pursuit of beauty has almost reached the point of morbidity. Almost everything on the entire Olympus mountain is extremely beautiful, even the Demi-Gods on the mountain Male handsome female beauty.

In this environment, the only exception is Hephaestus, the god of flames and craftsmen. When he was born, he was disgusted by the gods because of his ugly appearance, and he directly dropped it from the sky and wanted to throw it to death. — The result is that he did not die, but he limped.

This shows how much the Olympus gods prefer beautiful things, and the power of the small universe does not talk about the practicality and formable power first, but it is very gorgeous when used, it will be quite popular with the gods. And Zeus, who is very persistent about beautiful things, will definitely be interested in this power, and then actively participate in the Holy War.

“Since this is the case…”

Ye Wen’s body began to rise golden 氤氲, this small universe of rays of light is the same as that burned by the golden saint, exuding golden rays of light like the sun, which originally had very light brightness On the square, it became as if it was daylight. Everyone looked at Ye Wen, who was burning gold, and was fascinated. Many gods were still asking each other: “What power is this, it’s very windy!”

The person next to me would answer: “I don’t know, but it’s really awesome. I don’t know if I can learn this hand?”

Ye Wen glanced at Zeus next to him, the Divine King looked at Ye Wen with his eyes shining, and then he would say a few words to Hades next to him, presumably asking for some information about this power .

Things seem to be normal here. Both the effect produced by Ye Wen and the response of the first year of life are changing in the good direction, but who will not forget that this square is vacated for the smooth holding of the duel , Especially Artemis, one of the parties!

“Hmph, but it’s just boring tricks that’s gorgeous!”

The hunting bow in his hand was drawn like a full moon, and he held three arrows in his hand. While aiming at Ye Wen, Artemis was still paying attention to his distance from the other party-as a hunting Goddess, Although she also has a good melee ability, as the most famous divine archer among the gods of Mount Olympus, she is still better at killing enemies in the distance!

The fingers of the tail section of the three arrows were loosened, and the three arrows with a faint moonlight came out of the string, and then they respectively traced completely different trajectories and shot at the three key points of Ye Wen. Throat, heart and perineum!

“The insidious very ruthless woman, aimed at me!”

Ye Wen’s face was black, and when he lifted his left hand, he wanted to release the heavenly sword qi to destroy these three sharp arrows and knock down the Goddess of the Moon.

But as soon as he raised his hand, he remembered that he had to show Zeus the gorgeousness of the small universe. Then the tricks he used to cannot be used indiscriminately. It seems that he has to use some more gorgeous tricks, such as some Saint Seiya’s big trick?

The problem is that he hasn’t practiced anyone’s tricks. Of the few tricks he currently knows, what kind of star debris rotation and starlight extinction he can only make a appearance, at most it has the effect of confusing the enemy, simply has no lethality-he I haven’t summoned the cheats of these 2 tricks, simply don’t know how this trick actually killed the enemy.

apart from this, he was able to use Six Roads of Samsara, but this is pure Spirit Attack, others will only see 2 people staring at each other like a fool, and then one of them is very sad and fell down. Unable to show the magnificence of the small universe.

“In this case, there is only one way!”

When the index finger is reached, the glittering golden rays of light on the fingertip condenses the very strong small universe. Ye Wen gathered almost all of his simulated small universes at this point.

If the golden rays of light on Ye Wen’s body just reminded the gods of the sun to think of the rays of light of the sun, then his fingertips that gathered all the power at this time are the sun, and the powerful force has emanated before it erupted. The power of terrifying, the Demi-Gods who stood far away immediately noticed the power of this move, and all of them are complexion greatly changed!

Even Shen Gongbao took a slight step, hiding his half behind Athena, and at the same time secretly surprised in his heart: “It turns out that Ye Sect Master’s strength is so arrogant? Looking at the power of one move, I am afraid Ye Sect The Master has been promoted to Celestial Immortal!”

Among the gods of Olympus, the Twelve Main Gods basically have the strength of Celestial Immortal level, and the Demi-Gods are mostly Earth Immortal level except for a few parts.

Although Ye Wen used the power of the small universe at this time, it was just that’s all, and the root was still the Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror strength within his body. live.

At the same time, the move he uses is relatively familiar, and will not be able to exert its formidable power due to strangeness. It only needs to be slightly changed, so when the golden light on Ye Wen’s finger shrank sharply, then closed After raising the only raised finger into a fist, Ye Wen made a gesture of closing his fist.

At this point, the three arrows had flew to Ye Wen, but Ye Wen didn’t seem to see it, but each minding their own business was doing their own actions-lingering waist, swinging arms, punching fists!

Everyone only felt that they saw a flash, the dazzling rays of light seemed to be pumped into Ye Wen’s fist in an instant, and the feeling at that moment was like this World suddenly lost its light, and then all the light was lost Concentrated on one person, Ye Wen.

This kind of feeling is very short, but it can’t be ignored by everyone. Each of them has such a feeling at that moment, even if it is Zeus, at that moment it feels the only focus of the whole between Heaven and Earth is that Ye Wen doing the punching action.

The fist was thrown out, and the rays of light gathered back on the fist suddenly burst out, but this time was not as gentle as it was just now, but a burst!

one after another golden beam appeared in this piece between Heaven and Earth, either horizontally or vertically, almost countless beams of light instantly weaved into a golden net in that piece of space, and then all this space was given Enveloped in it.

“Lightning…speed of light!”

Perhaps it was intentionally to increase the imposing manner, or to advertise his own tricks. At the moment when the golden beam appeared, all the people present very clearly heard the name of this move, and everyone was seeing the horror. Radiates Death Aura’s golden beam, and the first reaction in his heart is: “Is this strong and gorgeous trick called this name?”

After the thought of everyone, the gorgeous golden light net has gradually dissipated, the gang wind brought by the strong fist wind is gradually soothed, and it slowly turns into a gentle breeze that brushes across the face of the people, and at the same time At this time, all the talents came back to his senses from the gorgeous and explosive tricks, remembering the Goddess of the Moon that should have played against Ye Wen!

After Ye Wen’s move just now, the golden beam almost enveloped the whole square, and the moon and hunting Goddess were naturally enveloped in it. All the gods of Olympus didn’t realize that they had endured the horror until this time. The tricks are the objects of countless male gods yearn for something even in dreams-the moon and the hunting Goddess Artemis.

“His Highness Goddess of the Moon…”

came back to his senses The earlier people immediately looked away from Ye Wen, then turned their heads towards towards Artemis, at this time Goddess of the Moon was still standing in the square, and from the current point of view, this Goddess of the Moon, seems not at all hurt?

As for the three arrows that Goddess of the Moon just shot, where did they go? At this time, no one has paid attention to this problem, only the relatively strong Olympus gods can see what happened in a flash of rays of light.

3 Arrows, when Ye Wen’s fist was swayed, it came right in front of Ye Wen’s fist, and at the moment when the golden beam burst out, the 3 Arrows didn’t know how many beams were hit, and then In a blink of an eye, it turned into ashes, leaving no scum left.

Later, the endless beam almost engulfed Artemis in it, but Ye Wen seemed to be very decent when he made a move. Every powerful beam did not actually touch Artemis, even even scratched it. None… except that.

When Zeus thought about it, he felt a cramp in his stomach. The wine and the food he just drank seemed to have a nausea. Everything was because of Ye Wen. That was too cruel. There was no have tender, protective. The meaning of feelings for the fairer sex means that he can see that punch without any reservation. If Artemis is not one of the main gods of Olympus and is also a very powerful god of military force, maybe You can kill her.

“I declare that the winner of this duel…” Zeus had already strode into the field before everyone came back to his senses, while holding his hands high, while announcing in a high tone: “It is this powerful warrior from the East, Ye Wen!”


Although Ye Wen’s just one trick was remarkable, extremely gorgeous and formidable power is amazing, but Goddess of the Moon seems not at all falling down? And that looks like it didn’t even hurt?

Just when someone wanted to question, Artemis, who was still standing in place, suddenly shook his body, and then the hunting bow held by the right hand turned into dust in an instant, and disappeared into the air with a soft wind. Then, Goddess of the Moon fell straight forward and thumped on the ground covered with hard slate.

Everyone was absolute silence, while a few gods looked at the field with different expressions.

Ye Wen and Zeus glanced at each other and had a very intermittent communication in a flash.

Zeus: Why didn’t you help?

Ye Wen: That is your daughter, I thought you would help!

2 people didn’t seem to think about this situation, but Zeus responded at this time much faster than Ye Wen, and immediately announced loudly: “Since the result has come out, then according to the promise before the duel, the moon and the hunting Goddess Artemi Si, will marry this powerhouse from the East and become his wife…”

“and many more!”

Ye Wen touched his forehead and only felt a headache of 10000 points: “I already have a wife!”

It seems that the gods of Olympus do not allow one person to have multiple wives! Even the womanizer Zeus has only one real wife. This Divine King likes to get rid of flowers, but he doesn’t bring anyone back to Mount Olympus to marry him.

Therefore, Ye Wen can completely use his already wife to renounce this unfathomable mystery’s marriage contract-a marriage contract that Zeus unilaterally forced to throw on his head.

“Oh? Already have a wife?”

“Yes, and I have 2 wives!” Ye Wen doesn’t think Divine King of Olympus would be willing to let his daughter share a husband with others. After all, the god Olympus is extremely proud.



“This is jealous…no, this shameless guy has 2 wives?”

“How can this be?”

“Oh, I heard that Eastern World seems like a powerful man can have multiple wives!”

“God, what a jealous custom!”

The gods of Olympus are extremely arrogant, so most of them will not actively study the situation of Eastern World. Only a few master gods will really delve into it, such as Athena!

“Ye Wen already has a wife?” She turned her head, and Shen Gongbao behind him became the object of Athena’s inquiry. As for the questions of the two wives, she did not feel surprised. She still knew a little about the customs of the East, even if she was not Recognize such a custom.

“Yes, 2 people!” Shen Gongbao met Ning Ruxue and Hua Yi: “The two ladies of Ye Sect Master are fairy characters, Ye Sect Master is really a blessing!”

In the latter sentence, he was just talking about that’s all. He didn’t feel much envy. After all, he couldn’t even understand the lady in his family. He could not stand the blessings like Ye Wen.

“I didn’t think about this, didn’t it say that the Eastern cultivator rarely got married?” Athena was a little bit unhappy about this unexpected situation, because then things seemed to be out of her control.

Although Shen Gongbao did not know what Athena was planning, he could vaguely guess a little, and he was also extremely smart, and he was very happy with this situation, so he knew everything about what he knew. Endless: “A lady of Ye Sect Master is his same sect sister!”

What does mean sect mean, Athena still knows that, for the situation of the Immortal Path Sect school in the east, she has indeed made some hard work to understand in detail, so I understand that the same sect fellow apprentices get along because of day and night The possibility of becoming a couple is great.

“This is it!”

Shen Gongbao did not know whether it was intentional or unintentional at this time, as if he said to himself: “But in our East, it is normal for men to wield three wives and four concubines, so as long as Ye Sect Master is willing, it will be no problem to marry a few wives. …”

Athena didn’t answer the call, but just stood there and looked at Ye Wen and Artemis, the poor Goddess of the Moon, who had collapsed on the ground. No one came to help.

In fact, this is also temporary. At least Artemis’s brother Apollo had already walked down the square, preparing to support the younger sister who had fallen to the ground. Although Artemis didn’t treat his brother very much, he would never meet or speak with him unless necessary, but Apollo was still very concerned about his younger sister.

It’s just that he didn’t have time to end yet. Zeus on the court said to Ye Wen: “Although you already have a wife, this gambling agreement can’t be voided. How to solve it is the two of you. Next Is it possible to trouble you to take care of my daughter?” Zeus showed a smile that made Ye Wen look uncomfortable: “After all, she was stunned by you, and you ruined her favorite. weapon!”

Zeus transported the divine force, and his left hand made a slight lifting motion, and Artemis fell to the ground like this-a click, a sandal-like shoe fell on the ground, it turned out to be a shoe The thin band breaks, so it will fall. As for why it breaks, the reason is still in Ye Wen.

“Oh, it seems that you have to be careful. My daughter loves cleanliness!” Artemis floating in the air flew to Ye Wen with a wave of his hand. Ye Wen only needed to open his hand to move the beautiful Goddess of the Moon in his arms.

In the face of this situation, Ye Wen made a very simple choice-move a large step, hide away, and then watched the beautiful moon and the Goddess hunting were thrown on the ground by Zeus. There was a muffled noise.

After this scene, the whole square became absolute silence! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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