History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 442

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“Actually… this is a misunderstanding!”

Ye Wen is not stupid. The strange silence on the square and the many male gods who want to look at him like Dismemberment by Five Horses make him aware of the actions he just made, which caused almost the entire crowd on Mount Olympus. God’s dissatisfaction.


“I can understand those pure men who see me this way. How come those Goddess have such a gaze?”

Ye Wen, who has some leisure time to do some beautiful fantasy, made a start to Zeus: “It was just just an instinctive reaction of a martial artist, performing an evasive action when seeing objects flying at high speed!”

“Is it?” Zeus’s expression is not very good. After all, he always thinks that his children are the most perfect in the world, or that all Olympus gods are the most perfect existence, and he married the daughter to this man. , He didn’t kneel on the ground immediately, thanking him, even evading under the circumstances just now?


I couldn’t admit that I was deliberately killed, because at that moment he thought that it would be more troublesome if he caught it, but he forgot to think about it and there would be a lot of trouble now.

However, in this way, Zeus should also be dissatisfied with himself, wouldn’t he have to marry his daughter to himself?

However, Zeus then showed a very bright smile, while laughing heartily said: “So this is the case, then I just handled it improperly!”

Waving his hand, the innocent Goddess of the Moon again lifted into the air, and then slowly floated in front of Ye Wen-this time Ye Wen had no excuses, only extend the hand to catch Artemis.

“Take care of my daughter… In addition, it is best not to let her see the dust on her body!”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and greeted Hades who had been standing there expressionless: “We 2 find a place, you and me talk about that game in detail!”

Hades did not accept Zeus, but turned his head to look at Ye Wen, and then turned around to go directly to the Temple of Gods-The Temple of Gods is not just a great hall, it is a building with multiple functions, if not today Zeus has planned for a long time, so ordinary banquets will also be held in the great hall.

From this point, we can see that Zeus had long planned to hold a banquet here. The duel between Ye Wen and Artemis could not be avoided simply, but there was a little more surprise that’s all!

Leaving Ye Wen holding Artemis stunned for a while, Zeus and Hades walked all the way to the temples. As for the other gods, they could find a place to continue drinking and chatting, or simply go back. Resting in their respective residences-although for them, things like rest have become optional.

Of course, there are quite a few fiercely glaring Ye Wen before leaving, but Divine King’s purpose is that they can’t go against it, even if they are dissatisfied in their hearts, they can’t show it.

Perhaps the only thing to be thankful is that the marriage thing is not very restrictive to the gods of Olympus. They can expect Artemis to be dissatisfied with their marriage after marrying and fight for some time. When the time comes to them Maybe you can take the opportunity to settle in the atrium of the beautiful Goddess of the Moon?

At this time, no illusionary male god has considered, if Ye Wen really marries Artemis into the door, with his strength can he still let her spy on her? I am afraid that if there is such a thing, killing blood flowing into a river is not an impossible thing.

With a thin layer of fabric, Artemis’s amazing elasticity gave Ye Wen a feeling of reluctance to let go, but he clearly realized that the stunner in his hand may not bring himself anything other than trouble. thing.

Looking at Apollo, who was not far away, the handsome man’s eyes were about to burst into flames. If Zeus hadn’t gone far, perhaps the brother of Artemis would immediately shoot himself.

“Dead Girl Control!”

Turning around and giving Apollo a back, Ye Wen wanted to find someone to ask where he should throw this trouble in his arms, but maybe because of the action he just did, there was no one on Mount Olympus Willing to take care of him, except Athena.

“You can hold the moon and hunt Goddess in this way, I don’t know how many people’s dreams, you should be thankful for this!”

“No, I just feel a headache!”

Ye Wen looked towards Athena’s eyes are full of doubts, he is almost certain that everything that happened today is in the design of this smart Goddess, including Zeus will suddenly unfathomable mystery to marry Artemis to himself-although it is This thing was implemented in the name of a duel bet that seemed normal, but in Ye Wen’s opinion, Artemis was simply a poor worm who knew nothing about it and was confused to be designed as a bait.

And yourself? It was the guy trapped by the bait covered with various traps.

“Goddess who got countless people yearn for something even in dreams is a wife, what are you dissatisfied with?” After Athena made a follow-up action to Ye Wen, each minding their own business took the road ahead Her long dress that was dragged by a helper seemed so unsightly, Ye Wen had the urge to step on it.

“I am a wife!” To emphasize this point again is to let them understand that your abacus succeeded from the very beginning, impossible, let’s not talk about whether the Divine ability of Olympus accept Goddess as one of the main gods of the Moon Marry an outsider with a wife, even if the gods don’t say anything, can Artemis accept it himself?

Athena’s footsteps did not stop at all, even if the road was not easy, and the 7-to-8 turn was a bit confusing: “So… Isn’t it good to dissolve the marriage?”

Before the words had fallen, Athena felt a chill in her back, and her shoulders exposed to the air would even feel unusually cold. This kind of cold is not the cold caused by the temperature drop in the ordinary sense. It is a This kind of exposure to danger, from the chill that is revealed in the depth of one’s soul.

She turned her head and looked towards Ye Wen, who stopped behind her. The expression of this Easterner at this time was something she had never seen before. The face with a light smile on her face was covered with frost, and her eyes were very scary. Murderous aura, Athena can fully predict that if the next sentence cannot satisfy Ye Wen, then although the war between Mount Olympus and the Celestial Court cannot be judged, there is no suspense in the personal war with Ye Wen. Will immediately erupt.

“Sorry! It seems that I was wrong!” Athena saw some clues from Ye Wen’s reaction and resolutely retracted her previous words. She is Goddess of War. That’s right, but she never fights unnecessary wars. This is also the place where she despises the war madness of Ares.

Turning around and continuing to lead the way ahead, the chill that came from behind has weakened a lot, which makes Athena understand that as long as they don’t talk about those problems, Ye Wen will not immediately face up with the gods of Olympus, Even if he plotted against him a little today, he would not care too much.

To put it simply, Ye Wen can accept some joking tricks, but this has a bottom line! If it touches the bottom line, then everyone just shoots 2 shots and plays directly.

Yes, this is not in the interest of Ye Wen and Shushan Sect, but for Ye Wen, some things can not be reflected by pure interests.

Although he understands that if he accepts Zeus’s will and marries Artemis as his wife following Athena’s arrangement, it will be of great benefit to him personally and to his Shushan Sect, even to the Celestial Court. It is also said that it has considerable benefits, which is why Shen Gongbao has not spoken in this series of events today, and even a little closer to Athena.

First of all, Ye Wen will become a bridge connecting East and West, and because of Goddess of the Moon’s relationship, Shushan Sect is also to some extent the god Olympus himself, then the gods of Olympus anyway It will not launch an attack on Shushan-even if there is an irreconcilable conflict between the gods of Olympus and Celestial Court, it is possible to bypass Shushan Sect and not fight.

At the same time, Shushan Sect will also have an extra layer of umbrella. Even if Celestial Court feels that Shushan Sect has no use value in the future, it will not do anything to Shushan Sect-this point Ye Wen is just a precaution. After all, Immortal World has so many Sect If Celestial Court really does anything to Shushan Sect, those sects will not react unresponsively.

It will even continue to support Shushan Sect because of its connection with the Olympus gods, so that Ye Wen can more easily develop his own Sect.

In short, marrying Goddess of the Moon as a wife is a choice with countless advantages. If it is a man with ambitions, I am afraid it will be accepted without the slightest hesitation.

It is a pity that Ye Wen has no ambitions. At first, he only hopes that he can live a life as relaxed and happy as his wife’s child.

Later, although the step by step stepped higher because of some yin and yang errors, it was always because of some external factors that pushed him.

Even now, he is because the safety of Shushan Sect cannot be guaranteed. In order to allow Shushan Sect to stand on Immortal World, he will be busy running around.

As for Goddess of the Moon in my arms? Although very tempting, Ye Wen does not want to give up his wife for these reasons and marry this woman.

Arriving in front of a very grand great hall, Athena pointed to the brightly lit building: “This is your residence on Mount Olympus, equipped with enough attendants, all your material needs can be Command the attendants to do it!”

Compared with the previous pile of ruined ruins, the general architecture of this palace is simply two extremes. From the arrangement of this residence, Ye Wen can know that the impressions of the gods of Olympus have changed— It may be just a few gods, but it is always a breakthrough. It seems that he has made a big step away from the purpose of his trip.

Shen Gongbao did not say anything after looking at it, went straight into the great hall, and then called a servant to let him take himself to the bedroom to rest.

Athena didn’t mean to go in, and Ye Wen also stayed in place.

“Why? Don’t you want to rest?”

“What I want to ask is, where should I send her?”

Athena looked at Artemis held in Ye Wen’s arms, and the poor Goddess of the Moon fell to the ground twice in succession. At this time, although it was still beautiful, it was somewhat embarrassing.

The white dress has been covered with a lot of dust, and the leg exposed to the air is also stained with a lot of dirt, and I don’t know who spilled the wine, resulting in the short skirt. Soaked in a lot of wine, a part of the wine was mixed with mud and flowed down the smooth leg.

“Of course she is with you. Today you won that duel. The beautiful Goddess of the Moon is your spoils of war. You can enjoy it at will… of course, after enjoying it, she will become your wife, It will also be done under the personal witness of Divine King Your Majesty!”

“Shit ceremony, I’m not interested at all!” Ye Wen looked at Athena’s triumphant look and hated gnash the teeth, feeling that all of her previous words had been said in vain. What about this Goddess pushing onto his bed? is it possible that dignified Goddess of the Moon is over the marriageable age, so the family is extremely worried that she will never get married, and at this time, if you capture yourself, will you resolve the life-long major event of your daughter (daughter)?

“In short, she will be at your disposal tonight…even if you are not interested, she will stay with you today!” Athena shrugged. “At least I won’t tell you where she lives.”

The words hadn’t settled yet, a sudden male voice rang out from the darkness, and then a man who radiated the rays of light comparable to Ye Wen’s ability to use the small universe on the square appeared in front of two people.

“Apollo? What are you doing here?”

Athena didn’t think it was Sun God Apollo, which surprised her, especially when she thought that this guy has always been very concerned about Artemis (a little too much), I am afraid that Artemis will not stay here in Ye Wen Overnight-Even if Ye Wen is really not interested in Artemis, he will not do anything while Goddess of the Moon is in a coma, he will not agree.

“Just to pick up my younger sister and go back to her own palace to rest!” Apollo’s expression has not changed from beginning to end, although the whole person looks very sunny-the sun is like 10,000,000 with power generation equipment hanging around. Big light bulb-but the expression of expression is a bit gloomy, and the whole face is covered with frost.

“Are you talking about me?” Athena is also Apollo’s younger sister, but on this Mount Olympus, basically everyone is a family, and normally almost ignore these relationships. The younger sister in Apollo’s mouth is generally his twin younger sister, Goddess of the Moon Artemis.

Athena naturally knew this, and at this time, she was just fooling around: “Dear brother, it seems that I don’t need you to take me back to my palace to rest. Look, I am sober now!”

“I’m talking about her!” Apollo was not interested in entanglement with Athena Hu, and very simply pointed his finger to Artemis who was also held in the arms by Ye Wen: “Oriental, when are you going to hold ?”

To be honest, Ye Wen held Artemis’s hands very honestly, simply without any overtaking. It’s just that when you hold it horizontally, this hand will be more or less cheap. If Ye Wen had only a preliminary understanding of Artemis through vision, then today, he has a better understanding of Artemis’ structure through his hands.

“If you are willing to take over, it would be best!” Ye Wen put his hands together and sent Artemis to Apollo. Someone is willing to take over this trouble, he is too happy to be too late!

It is a pity that Athena would not agree: “Apollo, are you going to disobey Divine King’s will?”

“Divine King’s will cannot be disobeyed, but if this Oriental disappears from Mount Olympus, then that will not be realized…”

Apollo flashed suddenly in Apollo’s eyes, a long bow suddenly appeared in the empty hand, and then a ray of magnificent light flashed on the right hand, a glorious condensed arrow burning with golden flames Ya appeared in front of Ye Wen.

Even before he responded, the arrow of light burning with golden flames had arrived in front of Ye Wen, and Ye Wen, holding Artemis in his hands, was very impulsive to use the shield in his arms. After all, most of the trouble now comes from this Goddess.

However, he is not inferior to that degree, and in a sense, Artemis is also innocently implicated, so he has not done so.

I lifted my foot, it seemed that I just moved a small step, but whether it was Apollo or Athena, I only saw saw a flash. I originally held Ye Wen who stood there Artemis disappeared, and then suddenly appeared in Behind Apollo.

“Do you think I’m bully?”

Your hands can’t move, it doesn’t mean that Ye Wen doesn’t have any battle strength. Let’s not mention that he can put his energy out, and then around to denounce the enemy into Qi, or Zixiaojian, even if he really can’t use these. He also has legs as a natural weapon.

Even if Ye Wen hasn’t really practiced any leg technique, but martial arts has achieved his realm, any kung fu is have the words at hand, even the kung fu that is not originally a leg can be displayed in another way.

With a flick in both legs, Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror burst into strength and then used Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms to force the method.

Ye Wen first kicked the left leg with a kick. He wanted to have a Kang Long regret, but when he was halfway through this move, he suddenly felt a sharp blade of oppression coming from behind his head, and it was mixed with terror. Enthusiastic.

“Is it…?”

With a move in my heart, I already thought of something. At the same time, my legs changed, Kang Long retracted with regret, and at the same time, the whole body jumped, and it became the support of the left leg, and the right leg flicked backwards. Dragon Moving it’s Tail was thrown out.

Ye Wen flicked out with one leg, and also used the strength of Bi Xuebing. Although this move Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail didn’t throw out a frost giant dragon, but the cold chill made Apollo and Athena all covered. A shivered.

Just listening to the bang’s crisp sound, the arrow of light that Ye Wen had stepped away from did not know how to get around behind Ye Wen, at this time it was just kicked by this move Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail, the condensed Light and heat exploded in an instant, causing Ye Wen’s clothes to be burnt out a lot.

At this time, Ye Wen was amazed by the magic and tyranny of Apollo’s this arrow, and then realized that after he kicked out with one leg, the whole person bowed his head and his chest, and he also held the person in his arms. In a very awkward position.

At this time, Artemis opened his eyes wide and looked at Ye Wen who was close to him. .

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