History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 443

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“Actually… that’s how it is!”

I will tell you everything at the fastest speed, and I haven’t even left a chance to make Artemis soaring, and then Ye Wen’s pair is actually that simple, nothing at worst! A look like Goddess of the Moon in his arms.

“If you can put me down now, your credibility with this remark will increase a lot!”

Artemis wanted to pull the distance apart, but the arm behind her neck prevented her from doing this. Fortunately, Ye Wen had no further action, so she didn’t have to worry too much.


Ye Wen let go of her hand and put down the right hand of Artemis’ lower body, so that Goddess of the Moon could get out of her arms, but when she stepped on the ground, the cold feeling Let her be frowned-she realized that she lacked a shoe on her feet.

But let her speak at this time to help Ye Wen help or pick her up again. It is also impossible, only really strong to stand there unwillingly, and then looked towards the rays of light all over the sun God Apollo.

When Apollo saw Artemis woke up, instead of being as calm as before, he looked a little strange under Artemis’ gaze, and even did not speak so neatly. After taking a few deep breaths, he was able to say what he said. Tongshun: “younger sister, since you are awake, come back with me!”

“Why should I listen to you?” Artemis didn’t have a normal girl at all. The joy of seeing the elder brother came to save himself, and even a little dissatisfaction between the eyebrows, it seemed like he saw something. The same thing that disgusted her very much.

Apollo also seems to know that his younger sister is not happy with him, but at this time he thinks it is not the right time to talk about the matter between the two of them: “I think it is more important to send you back to your palace now. Others I will talk about it later!”

“This is your idea, not mine!” Artemis even turned his head to the side, even the interest of Apollo even looked at it again: “And, I don’t need you to help!”

She has heard from Ye Wen that she knows that her brother is here to avoid being rushed by someone’s “poisonous hand”, and Shicai is also working with the oriental man. Woke up.

Ye Wen stood by and watched the siblings arguing, and suddenly felt bored!

Although he could feel it, Artemis’ aversion to Apollo came from the bottom of his heart, and it wasn’t just annoying, but does this seem to have nothing to do with him?

Turned around, no longer paid attention to 2 guys who were still arguing, walked directly to their palace, and then said to Athena who was watching the drama on the side: “I have a rest first, anyway There won’t be anything about me in time!”

Athena turned her head and looked at Ye Wen who was walking towards the gate of the palace, and suddenly said: “Yes, there are things about the Saint Cloth to discuss with you, and there are also the first batch of Saints. Thing, in a few days I am going to personally choose where to build Sacred Domain, and you will go with me too!”

“When the time comes again!”

Without looking back, Ye Wen waved his hand to express his understanding. He now feels that these Olympus gods are getting worse and worse. Now he wants to ask Shen Gongbao to ask him to use the black tiger. Did the letter arrive at Shushan?

He misses his Shu Mountain very much now. Although the peaceful life will seem a little boring, it is better than staying in this messy place.

Stepping into the great hall, Ye Wen suddenly heard footsteps behind him, accompanied by Apollo’s curse: “You stupid woman, you have made the most wrong choice since you were born!”

This howl made Ye Wen think of a vocabulary: a defeated dog!

Although I don’t know why, I always feel that this vocabulary is so appropriate for Apollo! The kind of heartbroken roar and curse is the most perfect interpretation of this word.

Ye Wen, who stepped into the great hall, then saw Artemis who hurried to his side. The beautiful Goddess of the Moon was covered with a layer of frost, but she was exposed to Apollo’s curse and curse. A mocking smile: “My biggest mistake was to be born with this bastard!”

“As for? Is it siblings anyway? Or twin!” Ye Wen didn’t know how much hatred the siblings had, but he didn’t want to ask, but he saw Artemis ran in and asked casually. : “What do you follow up with?”

“I will stay here tonight!” Artemis looked at Ye Wen, and the expression on his face was still not very good-looking: “I don’t want to see that guy again!”

“You don’t need to see him when you return to your palace!” Ye Wen summoned an attendant: “Where is my room?”

“Your room is here, please follow me!”

Behind the attendant, Ye Wen quickly found his bedroom. It was a very large and luxurious bedroom with an open-air pavilion. The huge bed allowed almost 4 or 5 Ye Wen to lie on it at the same time. , I don’t know what materials were used to make the bedding soft and comfortable. At the same time, the room is equipped with fruit and wine, and there is a separate bathroom for bathing, which has been filled with hot water.

“Wow, it’s a comfortable and luxurious room…it’s better than the place I stayed in yesterday. I don’t know how much!”

He praised casually, then turned his head to look at Artemis, who looked a little embarrassed: “So, Your Goddess of the Moon, what are you doing with me?”

“I just stayed here for one night, and I will leave tomorrow morning!” Artemis had lost a lot of gas at this time, and even with some of his original dissatisfaction with Ye Wen, he also vented in the quarrel with Apollo just now. Go out, so it’s rare to have a good conversation with Ye Wen.

“It will not affect your rest, just do your own thing!”

“Leave tomorrow morning?” Ye Wen doesn’t think this is a good suggestion: “In that case… there may be a lot of bad rumors…”

“Since the moment I stepped into this palace, those were unavoidable!” Artemis also wanted to start, and the moment she ran into the palace in a rage, she was destined to be a god ‘S identity will be a thing of the past, even if it is not, but it can’t change other people’s views.

Moreover, Artemis, who has calmed down, has realized that almost all of these things are traps done by Divine King Zeus. He rammed into it like a stupid prey, and he personally blocked his retreat. Too.

“What hunting Goddess… simply is a joke!”

Ye Wen did not speak, nor did he go to see Artemis, just stood on the open-air pavilion and glanced at the stars that were almost close by.

“Ah… the dog’s blood is getting…”

Without a word, Ye Wen is thinking about whether he should give Artemis a warm hug like those of the upright and great protagonists, or show that he is actually very gentle with some misaligned actions, and then directly Steal the woman’s heart.

He believes that this woman’s fragile state at this time will be the best offensive opportunity, even if you go directly to home base tonight is not impossible.

“Home run and so on… or forget it!”

Turning around and leaving the room, Ye Wen said nothing, but he didn’t come back that night. He ran to Shen Gongbao’s room to find the guy who suddenly stood in the same camp as Athena.

“Have you expected something tonight?”

Shen Gongbao firmly denied the accusation, but still said carefully: “However, Athena will use some small means, I still guessed some of it!”

“Why not remind me?”

Shen Gongbao laughed: “With the means of Ye Sect Master, I certainly will not be afraid of those little tricks, so why bother in the future?”

“Although this flattery was good, I was still upset!” Ye Wen was angrily snorted, and then asked about the situation of the black tiger.

“Black Tiger is still on the road, how could it be so soon? We need to know that we also flew for a while when we came!”

“Can’t it fly faster by itself?”

Shen Gongbao looked a little embarrassed, and his expression became very unnatural: “Actually, it may be slower if it flies by itself, this beast is a little playful!”

When thinking of Shen Gongbao on Shu Mountain, the black tiger was having fun in the surrounding forest. Ye Wen could imagine what the black tiger would look like when no one was in control.

“You have no way to make it fly faster?”

Shen Gongbao shook the head: “I can’t do anything because it’s too far away!”

If the letter could not be delivered, the communication device that Ye Wen wanted could not be obtained. In this case, it became impossible to want to contact Shushan.

There are no friends to talk about on Mount Olympus. Ye Wen now can only wait for Mount Olympus to prepare the Holy War game properly, and then monitor the progress of this first Holy War— —He wants to ensure the smooth progress of Holy War and avoid all events that make Zeus feel uncomfortable.

If Zeus reincarnated to participate in this Holy War and become the protagonist of Holy War, then Ye Wen would be the great Grandpa who helped the protagonist and sent him to the protagonist regardless of any rewards.

“Didn’t expect, I have such a day too!”

Somehow, Ye Wen suddenly remembered the Huixin Zen Master and Tianyi Zhenren I met in Nine Provinces World. These two people seem to have done similar things, but the protagonist they cultivated is not very attractive. In the end, instead of taking a bite, Tianyi, a real person, died overseas.

Fortunately, after Ye Wen was in the Great Grandpa, It shouldn’t be as miserable as Tianyi, but if Zeus is unhappy, what will happen in the future will be hard to say.

In a wild thought, one night passed quickly. When the sun rose for a while the next morning, Ye Wen returned to his room.

To his surprise, Artemis did not leave!

The beautiful Goddess of the Moon should have just been bathed, with water droplets on his hair, and a little rays of light exuded in the morning sun, making the amazingly beautiful Artemis look even more dreamy.

The long dress on her body is also brand new, and it is estimated that it was taken by the maid, but the beautiful feet were bare, and they stepped on the blanket made of sheepskin and almost merged with the white wool.

“Oh? Haven’t you left yet?”

Artemis didn’t expect the man to say such a sentence as soon as he came back. There was a little anger on his calm face. After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed down: “Before leaving, there are a few things to be done. Tell you!”

“Oh, you say!”

Ye Wen grabbed a fruit at random, and then rubbed it on his clothes that looked countless times more miserable than the fruit (this action caused Artemis to frown again), and then fiercely took a big bite ( Artemis turned his head to the side, unwilling to continue watching).

“Yesterday’s duel…”

“Forget the duel…” Ye Wen wanted to say that he forgot the duel and the gambling contract, because it was originally added by Zeus and was unreasonable, and neither of them fulfilled the gambling contract. Necessary.

But before he finished speaking, Artemis interrupted his words: “No, I will not forget that duel! Especially when you destroyed my weapon in that duel… and I Shoes…”

“Weapon…” Ye Wen’s lightning speed fist directly blasted Artemis’ hunting bow into dust. That hunting bow is Artemis’ favorite weapon. In addition to hunting bow, it can also become The javelin, her personal weapon, accompanied her how many years she did not know how many years, and killed many unknown enemies and prey, so she was destroyed by Ye Wen. If you are not angry, it is impossible. “Okay, I will compensate you for your new weapon!”

“As for the shoes… Did you break it yourself?”

Although Ye Wen’s lightning speed boxing is extremely fast, and the strong rays of light almost make it impossible to see everything in the field, but it can still be seen with Ye Wen’s cultivation base, otherwise he will not even see the enemy’s position Clearly, how to use this trick to defeat the enemy? Can’t you just rely on the four random beams to make indiscriminate attacks?

He saw clearly, but Artemis saw that he was surrounded by light beams. The first reaction was to conduct a temptation. Only her foot took a step. A beam of light forced her to take back her steps. It was only because the movement was a bit slower and was hit by the light beam, so the shoe was damaged.

“And, that shoe… seems to be just a very ordinary pair of shoes? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get another pair?”

“How can it be the same? Those are my Olympus property, I want you to compensate now.”

Artemis’ reaction made Ye Wen sigh: Offending a woman is really the worst thing. Even if you are as proud as Artemis, it is really a headache for you to compare yourself with you.

“Okay, weapons plus… a pair of shoes!”

“Okay, then give me the shoes first, and I’m going back now!” It turned out that Artemis was waiting for him here, and it was also the reason for standing barefoot on the wool carpet.

Ye Wen looked at the appearance of Artemis and made up his mind to embarrass himself, but this problem was really difficult for him.

“Since you said that…”

When I flipped it over, a pair of fine-heeled sandals appeared in Ye Wen’s hands. These white thin-heeled sandals were originally bought by Huayi. Because I bought a lot of them, I also put some in his hands. It just happens to be used.

After handing it to Artemis, Ye Wen waved his hand: “Shoes have already been paid to you. Goodbye, beautiful moon and hunting Goddess! As for the problem of weapons, you will be given later…”

Watching Ye Wen turn around and dig into the bathroom there, Artemis stared at the high-heeled sandals in hand-how should I wear this thing?

Although the structure can clearly see how to wear, but why does the sole look like this?

Goddess of the Moon 100 was puzzled, and then tried to wear it, and almost injured his ankle after only one step: “Is this awful guy deliberately taking out this strange thing for me?”

Taking off his shoes angrily, and then putting on the shoes that the maid had prepared for a long time, Goddess of the Moon left Ye Wen’s room and returned to his palace to rest. But she still brought the pair of high-heeled shoes in her hand. In her words: Since it is already my thing, it will not be thrown to that guy even if it is useless!

“Ah~ how do you feel this woman’s character has changed?”

Soaking in the warm pool water, Ye Wen didn’t understand the reason why such a huge change happened before and after, he was not interested to know anyway!

After taking a bath and putting on the clothes the servant prepared for him, Ye Wen saw Athena, the god of fire and craftsman who had been waiting for him.

Athena took this god to find her purpose, it goes without saying! So the two sides did not talk too much nonsense, and almost immediately from the moment they sat down, they went straight to the topic.

Ye Wen did not use his ring to summon the drawings-first of all, this summon is random, he does not know if he will summon to the required cloth drawings.

Secondly, the precision and perfection of the drawings produced by summon is simply art. The holy garments made according to this drawing are also perfect. For such a perfect thing, he does not want to take it out yet.

So, relying on Hephaestus to make some low-quality cottage products should be a better choice-anyway, what Ye Wen has to do is to paint the appearance of the holy cloth, and then how to make it? Then it’s not his business!

With strong painting skills, Ye Wen painted the appearance of ten or two sets of gold holy clothes in just half a day. Hephaestus looked at the delicate golden body armor with his hands shaking, and kept sighing. The author: “This is simply the most exquisite work of art!” And his mind is constantly calculating how to make these holy garments.

After finishing these holy garments, Ye Wen photographed the shoulder of the artisan god very timely: “These exquisite and magnificent works of art must be made with your hands. I believe you are Olympus The only one on the mountain can do this!”

“Of course, no one can make such exquisite armor except me!”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Wen suddenly remembered that he owed Artemis a weapon: “Yes, you also know that I destroyed the Goddess of the Moon weapon, so I need you to make more for me A weapon!”

“Oh? What kind of weapon is it?”

Ye Wen thought about it, and then painted a weapon on a blank piece of paper, a bizarre weapon with a middle grip and two sharp edges, and the overall appearance looked like a crescent moon. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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