History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 444

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“This weapon… has a name?”

Hephaestus turned the picture in his hand over and over again, and he found that this drawing was completely different from the previous 2 pictures, because this picture even marked some things and data that need to be paid attention to when manufacturing weapons. With this data, it will be easier to manufacture—obviously, this is not just a picture, but a detailed structural diagram.

“Yes!” Ye Wen’s hand didn’t stop. He wrote the original name of the weapon with the quill pen on the top of the drawing: Azzinoth Warblade!

The weapon of a controversial character is that the original Aethnoth Warblade is paired, but Ye Wen did not explain this, and this drawing is not marked.

“Essinoth Warblade…”

Hephaestus looked a little curious about the name: “Who is this Essinos?”

Literally, the word Essinos does not seem to have any special meaning, so it can only be guessed as a name.

According to their customs, if a weapon is named after someone, then the weapon is either famous for the person, or the owner of the name is the inventor of the weapon.

However, Ye Wen really didn’t know this question, and the drawing he got from the ring was not as detailed as the introduction. Even the source of the weapon was introduced in detail, so he had to confuse it casually: ” I don’t know, I also accidentally got this drawing!”

The psychological side said secretly: “I didn’t lie, I did get it by accident…”

The drawing of Azzinoth’s Warblade was taken out by Summon just now, not at all for Athena and Hephaestus to find out, and then after no one had written down the content of the drawing, the most simplified version of the drawing And drew some data.

This weapon is the item he is preparing to compensate Artemis. As for Goddess of the Moon, he is more accustomed to using bows and javelins. This is simply not something he needs to consider.

In fact, after getting the design of this weapon, Ye Wen’s first reaction was to create a pair of Azzinoth Warblades and hand it over to Huang Rongrong for use.

Huang Rongrong’s blood-deficiency double cut is obviously not suitable for this World anymore, and there is no magic weapon blade in Shushan Sect that is more suitable for her, so rebuilding a pair of weapons is almost an inevitable choice. A while ago he had considered making a pair of slashing swords to give Huang Rongrong. Now that summon comes out with this weapon, he remembered that the right weapon is more than that.

I just thought that the Essinos Warblade is not small in size, and it will not be much shorter than Huang Rongrong. It makes the girl carrying such a big guy with his hands always feel a little awkward-after all, this weapon will not look like As in the game, according to the size of the user to automatically adjust its volume.

Hephaestus and Ye Wen didn’t know what these things were in Ye Wen’s head, but as the best craftsman on Mount Olympus, Hephaestus almost immediately noticed the lack of this drawing.

“Um… this design is not perfect. If you add some special materials, it may produce better results and create a more perfect weapon!”

Ye Wen didn’t speak. Anyway, he gave a simplified version of the drawing. What kind of war blade Hephaestus can make according to this drawing is not what he has to consider. Of course, if Hephaestus can transform Azzinoth’s War Blade into a more powerful weapon, then he will still come over and ask for a look-see if there is any technology that can be stolen.

The god of craftsmen sat there and studied a dozen or so sets of gold holy clothes and drawings of the War Blade of Azzinoth. Athena and Ye Wen sat and looked at each other.

2 No one speaks, as if facing only a ball of air.

Finally, Athena is unable to bear. After all, it is necessary to talk about patience. I am afraid that the only group of Buddhas in the Immortal World can compete with the oriental cultivator.

“It seems that you had a rather happy night yesterday!” Athena’s eyes were curious: “And when she saw Artemis this morning, it seemed that she had no dissatisfaction from yesterday.”

Ye Wen doesn’t speak, it looks like a found mystery.

“It seems that you are much stronger than it looks…”

This profound appearance was broken by Athena in one sentence, and Ye Wen was almost choked to death by his own spit. For the sturdy wisdom Goddess, he was completely speechless: “In fact, I did nothing…”

“A beautiful Goddess with a lot of anger and dissatisfaction stayed in the room with a man all night, and 2nd day appeared in front of everyone with a smile. If someone tells you now that nothing has happened, then you will Believe it?”

Ye Wen: “I believe!”


Athena was speechless for a while, and she underestimated the thickness of Ye Wen’s face, especially if it was really tangled up. The Oriental in front of her could be strive for high and low with Zeus!

“Okay… just when nothing happened!”

Without continuing to struggle with that issue, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, knew when to talk about what topics and when to stop her curiosity.

“We continue to talk about the formation of Sacred Domain!”

“Is there anything else that needs to be discussed?” Ye Wen doesn’t want to be entangled in these corners and corners anymore. Now he desperately hopes that Athena hurries down the mountain to find a place to build Sacred Domain directly. Too.

“What is the reason for the formation?”

“It’s strange, aren’t you very good at this kind of thing? Just find a reason to allow those ignorant mortals to build a temple, and now it’s just a slightly bigger temple that’s all… At the same time, there are more buildings!”

Athena did have a suitable abdominal case, so I asked Ye Wen that he just wanted to try out the oriental man to see if he had already arranged everything.

After all, although the Goddess of Wisdom opposed the endless war against the East, she was one of the main gods on Mount Olympus after all, and Ye Wen was essentially their enemy. For the various suggestions made by this enemy, if she She didn’t believe herself without suspicion.

Although she can vaguely guess that Ye Wen is coming to Mount Olympus, and the purpose of constantly making this suggestion is just to hope that Mount Olympus can no longer wage war against the East, but she still needs to be cautious to see Does Ye Wen still have any other purpose hidden in this plan?

The previous temptations, including my own play, also have a reason to want to try it out. It is to see if Ye Wen has a completely hostile attitude towards Mount Olympus, or really wants to be with them. The gods coexist peacefully?

At least in terms of what has been discovered so far, Ye Wen does not have much malicious intentions. What he has done so far seems to be that he really does not want Mount Olympus to continue the war against the East.

Although he did not directly accept the marriage with Goddess of the Moon, Athena can still see that this Oriental is so repulsive of Goddess not at all on Olympus, and indeed does not hold the purpose of being quilted.

If Ye Wen agrees directly, then Athena wonders if Ye Wen really has any evil purpose to achieve? For example, using marriage to stabilize the gods of Olympus, let them paralyze.

Or Ye Wen’s refusal or even a clear line with Artemis would make Athena suspect that this person is actually wary of the gods of Olympus, but the city is not deep enough that’s all!

This is the only situation that allows Athena to let go of her guard a little bit! Ye Wen’s reaction is either that there is really no bad thoughts, or it is deep-shaking, earth-shattering in Ayutthaya, and the acting is also a superb level of terrifying existence. If the latter is true, Athena has no way. , Can only see tricks.

But for now, Athena still thinks that Ye Wen is really not bad, so she is ready to stop teasing Ye Wen. Of course, these two days of joke also made this cautious woman very happy. Athena, who had enough fun, chose to close in due course.

Athena smiled a little: “Although I have an idea, I still want to ask your opinion! After all, this game is designed by you, maybe you will have better suggestions!”

Afterwards, Athena recounted her thoughts. Ye Wen didn’t have a socket, but just sat there and listened to Athena’s narration quietly, until she finished, and she sorted it out again in her heart.

In fact, Athena’s idea is nothing special. It’s nothing more than to show Gods Vestige, and then express that the earth is about to usher in a terrifying disaster. The way to deal with this disaster is to build Sacred Domain to worship Athena, and choose from humans Develop a well-known figure and train it to be a powerful fighter serving Goddess, that is, a Saint fighter of Goddess! ‘

Then, these powerhouses cultivated from humans protect the land they live in and many compatriots. It can be said that this time humans have the opportunity to defend everything they have by their own hands.

This temptation is simply irresistible for mortals who have always lived under the rule of the gods.

“You God Olympus, still know enough about your people!”

Humans living under the strict divine might have imagined such a day, and Athena undoubtedly took advantage of this and gave them an infinitely beautiful vision, allowing them to participate in this game of gods around themselves.

I don’t know why, Ye Wen in this brief moment suddenly remembered the very classic sentence: “Poor mortal, you are just an ordinary piece in my hand. No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t get rid of my control. !”

Or to say: “An invisible big hand is controlling everything!”

At this time, it seems that there should be a special person standing there shouting: “my life will follow myself and not heaven!” “It is only me who can determine my destiny!”

Unfortunately, Ye Wen is now on the side of the gods, even the designer of the game of the gods this time. Or to describe it from another perspective, then Ye Wen is the black hand who is really hidden behind the scenes, the ultimate BOSS, and the Demon King who should be pushed down the most.

“Emotions I own now BOSS template?”

Reminiscent of his past experiences, Ye Wen found that his previous fortuitous encounter was just to make himself a prerequisite for becoming the ultimate BOSS. Until now he finally realized that his identity is actually that big BOSS… shouldering with countless protagonists , The brave, the transmigrator, etc. The mission of confrontation…

At this moment, the gear of fate finally began to whirl and twitch…

“Ah!” He shook his head and drove the increasingly messy things out of his head. Ye Wen didn’t want unfathomable mystery to become a big villain. After all, it’s not so wonderful to find a place and the others to push down a feeling of.

After a few words with Athena, he left the palace where he lived, and Athena went directly to Mount Olympus to show Gods Vestige to those mortals and to wander those poor worms to build Sacred for themselves Domain is gone.

Hephaestus, the god of craftsmen, also left Mount Olympus with the pile of drawings he drew. The workshop where he made weapons was not here. It is said to be on a volcano not far from Mount Olympus Among them, the temperature is so high that humans can’t get close to it. Even the Demi-God on Mount Olympus, only a few dare to enter there.

The volcano has no name, because only Hephaestus came in and out, and he made a huge furnace there, so many gods call Hephaestus the place where he works!

When he heard the name, Ye Wen threw out a sentence: “It might as well be called the heart of melting fire!”

Suddenly Hephaestus turned his head and asked, “What do you mean?”

“It’s not interesting, in fact, it feels like it sounds better!”

But Hephaestus could no longer hear Ye Wen’s words at this time, whispering the heart of melting fire, the heart of melting fire, the heart of melting fire… and then sat on his dark car, not at all. The unsightly carriage took off.

Seeing that the god of craftsmen was so nagging, Ye Wen just scratched his cheek awkwardly: “It seems that I accidentally copied something! But it’s just a place name, it doesn’t matter!”

When he was about to go back in a daze, the attendant came to inform him that Divine King Your Majesty wanted to summon him, so Ye Wen came to the pantheon where Zeus was thinking all the time—in fact, Zeus did not live in this palace, but whatever was called People, or parties and talk to someone, will be here.

Lifts the head, looked at the huge, untruthful palace, and the main entrance, which doesn’t know how tall it is. Ye Wen came here for the third time.

He didn’t really step into this magnificent building for the first 2 times, but just stayed at the door. This time he was finally able to step in here.

But he didn’t have a little excitement, but he was extremely curious about this temple, which symbolizes the highest existence of the gods of Olympus. I don’t know whether this palace is gorgeously messed up, or as seen from the outside. Like that, solemn and simple?

After a while, after walking through the promenade of stone pillar stand in great numbers, as the attendant pushed the huge door in front of him, Ye Wen finally understood the answer.

This is a very simple palace with almost no decoration in it. Even the walls and stone pillars do not have any extra patterns.

There is almost nothing in the whole hall. The only thing that exists is the stone chair that symbolizes the status of Divine King. At this time, the nature sitting on it is the king of the gods of Olympus, Divine King Zeus.

apart from this, there are no other people in this hall, even the past few days have been staying with Zeus, and Hades who is talking about Holy War games is not here at this time.

Zeus seemed to be able to see what Ye Wen was thinking. After a hearty smile, he directly said: “Hades went back to his underworld to prepare for the Holy War. After all, he also needed to make arrangements, even building a fighter for him. Palace!”


Ye Wen was only complied, and then stopped at the stone steps that had few steps, but symbolized the difference in status-he knew that this Divine King looked carefree and amiable as if he didn’t care about anything. But this guy is very concerned about his position as Divine King.

To put it bluntly, such a person has a very high desire for rights. Not only should no one be allowed to meddle with his own rights, but he also values ​​the gap between classes.

So even Hades, who was his brother, had to take the lead when he saw Zeus, saying: “Divine King Your Majesty!”

Ye Wen is not the god of Olympus, so he doesn’t need to be so respectful, but it’s good to show some respect properly!

At least he stopped at this time very appropriately, so that Zeus, who seemed to be looking towards him intentionally or unintentionally, was very satisfied. Divine King Your Majesty thought he was respected, so the following conversation could be a little easier.

“How do you feel about this game?”

To say that Zeus can talk to Ye Wen about the same topic, there are actually just a few. The thing he cares about most now is the Holy War.

“If all goes well, this will be a crying Holy War! In this Holy War will be born countless heroes that will be remembered forever…”

“Oh?” Zeus already knew the flow of Holy War roughly, but he didn’t know exactly how it would develop! He didn’t ask, after all, unknown things are attractive.

Ye Wen also understands this, but some things can be revealed in advance: “At this time, Athena Goddess will be the disadvantaged party. If you want to defend the earth, then the Saint Seiya of Goddess must It takes considerable effort, and… sacrifice!”

Zeus’s expression became more excited, and it seemed that such a war would meet his wishes! And just looking at his expression, Ye Wen knew that Zeus had already chosen the camp.

Unsurprisingly, Zeus, who likes to sing wars, chooses the Athena camp!

And he did not know that Ye Wen even arranged a few very tragic scripts to make Zeus satisfied with this Holy War: “Well, that 300 Warriors may be changed to 3 Warriors? Maybe this will be more powerful?” (Unfinished To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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